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Life is not really so difficult if you just follow the instructions.

Welcome ... Serendip is a gathering place for people who suspect that life's instructions are always ambiguous and incomplete. Originating in interactions among neurobiologists, computer scientists, business people, and educators, Serendip is both an expanding forum and a continually developing set of resources to explore and support intellectual and social change in education, in social organization... and in how one makes sense of life.

Please join in ... The Place of the US in the World Community: A Discussion

Bridging is a current theme throughout Serendip: The Two Cultures addresses the science and non-science two culture gap; Building Two-Way Bridges: A Conversation about Gender and Science challenges us to rethink how we teach science; The Physical and the Spiritual: A Conversation about "How to Get Through the Veil" explores connections between science and spirituality.

AllLearn.Org is a partnership among Oxford, Stanford and Yale Universities that offers a free library of extensive online resources, as well as a wide range of online courses with interactive components that are available to Serendip users at discounted prices.

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Change ... as always. A complete list.

Measure for Measure: An Artistic Exploration of Eating Disorders, Body Image, and the Self, by Janna Stern

Culture as Disability, a previously published essay by Ray McDermott and Herve Varenne in a new web version

War is a Bad Metaphor, a contribution to the on-line forum The Place of the US in the World Community: A Discussion

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Online discussions: Emergent Systems, Time, and "The Science of Culture/The Culture of Science."

Is "Brain = behavior"? Explore the enhanced Time to Think interactive exhibit.

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