Applied Neurobiology:
A Brain Wider Than the Sky
... and Why It Matters

Paul Grobstein

Snake River Association for Neuroscience
Jackson, Wyoming, 29 September 2006

graduate workgraduate and post-doctoral work               1974-1985 University of Chicago              1986-present, Bryn Mawr College
Vietnam    Afghanistan, Iraq
Society for Neuroscience foundedNobel Prize, 1973: Lorenz, Tinbergen, von FrischNobel Prize, 1981: Sperry, Hubel, Wiesel"Decade of the Brain"Nobel Prize, 2000: Carlsson, Greengard, Kandel

Learning more and more about less and less can be, to varying degrees,
  • personally satisfying
  • helpful in dealing with existing problems
  • the grist from which is created both things that have never existed before and new directions to explore
The brain as an explorer/creator ...

and its significance for understanding what it is to be human in real life
  • education
  • mental health
  • social and political action
  • science/philosophy

Applied Neurobiology

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