This discussion/worksheet activity can be used to introduce your students to DNA structure and replication or to review these topics.  The first version of the Student Handout provides a review for students who are familiar with DNA structure and replication.  The second version of the Student Handout includes explanatory material and can be used to introduce students to the double helix structure of DNA and the process of replication. You may want to use this discussion activity together with the extraction of DNA from green split peas using the instructions available at http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/labs/extraction/howto/ (see Teacher Notes available at http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/sci_edu/waldron/#dna for additional advice on procedures for the extraction).

The first and second attached files have the first and second versions of the Student Handout and the third attached file has the Teacher Notes.

DNA SHO1.doc514.5 KB
DNA SHO2.doc595 KB
DNA TN.doc1.39 MB


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please consider me as one of your client. i need more minds on and hands on activities for my students to improve and increase their learning retention.

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