Genetics – Major Concepts and Learning Activities

This overview summarizes important genetic concepts and provides links to suggested learning activities. Part I provides an outline of key concepts needed to understand how genes are transmitted from parents to offspring and how genes influence phenotypic characteristics. Part II recommends learning activities to develop student understanding of these key concepts. This activity is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

The attached file has the key concepts and suggested learning activities.


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2013 revision

In the 2013 revision, this overview has been expanded to include a broader range of learning activities that support the Next Generation Science Standards, including the Disciplinary Core Ideas of inheritance and variation of traits and Scientific Practices.

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Biology of Human Genetics

Thank you for your care and support of science education with a hands-on approach.

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August 2012 revision

This overview of genetics concepts and learning activities has been streamlined and clarified to increase the focus on major concepts and relevant activities.

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