Genetics Review Jeopardy Game

This game reviews genetics, with 25 questions of varying levels of difficulty. After you open the game in the PowerPoint attachment, click on slideshow and then view show to operate in full screen mode. Clicking on a number in the game board brings you to a question. When that question has been answered click on the yellow box in the lower right corner and you'll be brought back to the game board screen.  Spaces for questions that have already been answered will now appear blank, just like on the TV show.  

One way to organize this game is to divide your class into groups of 3-4 students, with a spokesperson for each group and a system for rotating among the groups.  Each group in turn can choose a category and point value, and you will show the question.  The group has a set time to decide on their answer.  If their answer is correct, they earn the points.  If their answer is not correct, the first spokesperson for another group to raise their hand can answer the question to earn the points.

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Biology - Genetics

punnett squares

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this is the power point

this is the power point jeopordy ! (:

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