Food, Energy and Body Weight

This analysis and discussion activity reinforces student understanding of cellular respiration and helps students to understand the relationships between food, energy, physical activity, and changes in body weight. 

The first attached file has the Student Handout and the second attached file has the Teacher Notes. The Teacher Notes provide background information and instructional suggestions and explain how this activity is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

FoodEnergyWtSHO.docx27.83 KB
FoodEnergyWtTN.docx358.44 KB


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2014 revision

The 2014 revision has improved the clarity of parts of the Student Handout and Teacher Notes.

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May, 2011 revised version

The questions in the Student Handout have been revised to clarify the relationships between food, cellular respiration, energy and body weight and the Teacher Notes have been expanded with additional useful information for class discussion.

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