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Brain and Behavior Institute Critique 2007

The goal of this Institute was “to bring together college faculty and K-12 teachers to discuss current understandings of brain function in relation to behavior ... and the implications of those understandings for classroom teaching and education generally”.

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Brain and Behavior Institute Summary 2007

Monday July 9, 2007

One of the first things that we did today was get to know one another. Paul did this by simply polling the class to find out information like; urban schoolteachers v. suburban schoolteachers, and who teaches elementary, middle, and high school. The teachers then had a better sense of who was in the Institute with them. They all agreed that the mix of K-12 and all the diversity that they brought was a good thing and beneficial.
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Computer Science Institute Critique 2007

This year was the first year of the Computer Science Summer Institute. It lasted one week with tens presentations in five days. For the first attempt at this Summer Institute it went fairly well, but there are several areas that could have been improved.

I will begin with the Program Outline . It states:

The Institute will consist of lectures and demonstrations, including hands-on computer laboratories, together with discussion periods aimed at exploring computing technology and its impact on education, both inside and outside the classroom.

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Starting Paper

I can’t say that I have had the most wonderful experiences with science and math education. Some how my interests prevailed over experience and here I am; working in both Physics and Mathematics. This is not the case for many other people. Some claim they’ve been turned off to it because of a teacher or something very similar. Or perhaps a bad (or even scarring) experience that left them kissing these areas good bye. I take comments like this very seriously because I want to be the one who teachers these subjects in the future. In so doing, I realize the power I may have over a student that could help push them away from science and math forever; or at least have them decide that they would not want to continue education in these areas.
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