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also some quotes

...from yesterday that I don't want to forget:
"Just because they have life doesn't mean their life stops."
"What do I get by telling others that they are stuck?"
"Nobody's homework is done."

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Diffracting "that's called privilege!"

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Monday's plan

here's the map to show you where we're going. and here's the plan:
we will gather @ the BMC campus center by 1:10 to walk together to Ashbridge Park
1:25-1:30: sara.gladwin, ekthorp, sarahj open our shared event
1:30-1:45: eetong, graham locate us @ the site via some history
1:45-2:00: hira, smacholdt share some poetry
2:00-2:15: froggies315, srucara supply food to fuel each of our wandering off on our own...
2:15-2:20: sara.gladwin, ekthorp, sarahj call us together to close the event, and we return to campus
before and after the day (on-line and/or in class):
rachelr, mturer reflect (lead us in reflecting?) on what happened....

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Planning Our Collective Ramble (Dec. 3)

We have agreed to share a collective ramble during class time next Monday, December 3. We will gather @ the Mill Creek restoration site, in Ashbridge Park (a 10-minute walk from campus); and design the day along the lines of the "dynamic structure"  froggies315 proposed, dividing into groups of 2 or 3 each to
1) open and close the wander
2) locate us @ the site via some history
3) and also via some poetry
4) supply food to fuel our wandering off on our own
5) lead us before and after the day (on-line or in class) in reflection about what's happened.

In a comment to this post, please indicate which group you want to join. Attend to the comments before yours, and distribute yourself evenly...let's see if this works! We need to agree who will do what by classtime on Wednesday.

Thanks for working so ecologically!


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Metaphorizing Silence

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Dinner Together in the City?

Dear 360'ers--
Barb, Jody and I would like to invite you to have dinner with us, to celebrate the conclusion of our
shared work together this semester (not to mention plotting some on-going connections and elaborations….?).

We're proposing that we do this @ 5 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 17, @ my place in center city.

We're going to order in, so please tell us what you'd like to (or cannot/will not) eat.

Getting yourself there would involve taking the R5 to Market East, then walking south
four blocks to 903 Clinton, 2R (it's just above 9th Street, between Pine and Spruce).

Let us know if you'd like to--and can!--make it?
Hopefully, and happily,
Anne (for us 3)

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Expectations for Final Projects

In the final projects you are co-creating for our 360 on Women in Walled Communities, we are expecting multi-pronged, cross-disciplinary endeavors that involve both collaborative and individual components, including
    • a public demonstration, 1-3 pm, Mon, Dec. 17, of a tangible project that you have created together,
    • which builds on the particular skills, knowledge and experience of all students in the group, and
    • draws in some way on the Education, English and Criminal Justice knowledge you have acquired over the course of the semester.

In the final e-portfolio of your work, due on Serendip by 12:30, Fri, Dec. 21, we will expect critical reflection about the ways in which your final product brought together the different angles of vision (individual and disciplinary) listed above:

    • how did each of the three courses/disciplines inform your final project?
    • how did completing the project push your thinking in each of these disciplines?

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Restoration (Week Ten)

Feeling the burden of finding a place, close by, for our final collective ramble, I forsook the Friendship Bench once again, in order to explore Ashbridge Park. I think this is our place!

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Leaving the Bench (Week Nine)

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