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Evolution in the media: the translation of our story in The New York Times

 One of the most significant ways in which I have learned from our class this semester is through its manifestation in other realms of my life.  As new themes evolved in our discussions, their appearance in my life outside of class has progressed into my social life, other class discussions, and I have even noticed their presence frequently in the newspaper.  I think it speaks to the nature of the course that almost every conversation we have had has followed me outside of the classroom and I know others feel the same way.  Even though, at first, I thought it was just a random coincidence that all of my classes were connecting and every day when I ope

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Young Adult Fiction


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Humans, Trees, and Education

 “Life on Earth has been generated over billions of years in a single branching tree- the Tree of Life- by one algorithmic process or another” (Dennett, 51).

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Evolution in the Classroom

 Hannah Lehman

Evolution of Stories and the Story of Evolution

February 9, 2011

Evolution in the classroom


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