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Taking Information Seriously: final paper/ event

Apocalipsis Rosario & Sadie Mahmoud

ENGL 257: Gender & Technology, Final Web-Event, April 26, 2011

Taking Information Seriously


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GIST Entanglements

 Originally for this webpaper, I intended to write about how the films Tron Legacy, Teknolust, and Conceiving Ada incorporate themselves into and challenge the theories discussed about the intra-actions of gender, information, science and technology. However, such a focus could manifest itself into a thesis/ dissertation, and I unfortunately do not have the immediate time to achieve that project on a quickly approaching deadline. Nevertheless, I am happy to have settled down into analyzing and theorizing how GIST intersects indirectly using Karen Barad’s concept of entanglements.


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By: Sadie Mahmoud & Apocalipsis Rosario


MARK, early forties    Social scientist; sociologist & psychologist

PEDRO, late thirties   Life scientist; geologist

MARY, mid twenties    Informational scientist; librarian

DAVID, early fifties      Humanist



Online video chat, taking place 5 days after the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Each character interfaces with a screen, on which he/she is able to see and interact with the other characters.



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STOP! Take Me Out the Box!

 Apocalipsis Rosario, ENGL 257: Gender & Technology, WebPaper 1, February 11, 2011


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