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Please join us here to read and exchange about the journey our 360 Program, "Learning and Narrating Childhoods," is taking to Ghana over spring break.  We are 16 undergraduate women from Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, two faculty members, a Bryn Mawr College alumna, and two colleagues from Northern Ghana's Titagya Schools.  Our destinations are Titagya Schools, in Dalun, and the University of Ghana, Legon, near Accra.  We will be learning with young learners, teachers, community members, university students, and faculty.  We are exploring how languages, lives, and futures interact as children and communities grow and change.  

This picture is from our joint field trip earlier this semester with Parkway West High School students to UPenn's Museum of Archeology and Anthropology's "Imagine Africa" exhibition.  There we explored and interacted with representations of the continent in order to participate in a renovation of the museum's exhibition of African art and technologies.  Now as we set off to visit and volunteer in Ghana, will will continue revise imaginings with new experiences and future possibilities.

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Open Discussion Area

Welcome! This is an open space for Diablog participants to share thoughts, ideas, questions, links, and connections related to our ongoing explorations of education, life, and change.  If you wonder about something, come across a relevant book, article, video, or image, or come to a new realization, we want to hear about it.

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Introduction to Empowering Learners: Theory and Practice of Extra-Classroom Teaching

This student-authored handbook is the product of a Bryn Mawr College Education course entitled “Empowering Learners: Theory and Practice of Extra-Classroom Teaching” (Table of Contents), created by Alice Lesnick and Jody Cohen (with support from the Math Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia) and taught by Alice Lesnick ( As a Praxis course ( at Bryn Mawr, the course included a substantial field component in which each student engaged in and reflected on a form of

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cultures of ability

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What do you think of this quote?

Words of wisdom from our beloved friend Ram Dass, Love Serve Remember

"When I don't know what to do, I surrender."

And a practice - 

Say to yourself, aloud if possible:

"I am loving awareness.
I am loving awareness.
I am loving awareness.
I am loving awareness...."

Repeat slowly as many times as needed. Then a few more just for good measure. 
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Ed Autobiography Selections

Please post here, tagging with your group's name.


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NPR story about addiction to games as cultivated by gaming companies

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