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Questions for midcourse feedbacok

1. When you tell people what this course is about, what do you say?

2. What is working for you in this class -- fostering your learning, growth, voice, freedom, curiosity, skills?

3. What is not working or could work better in relation to your learning, growth, voice, freedom, curiosity, skills?

4. What can you, we, Maddy and I do about this?

5. What are your goals for the second half the term?

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Class 10-1 -- Placement Group Work

Placement -- updates, what is your plan for this week in your placement?  

To Discuss in your placement group:  WHAT WILL YOUR FIRST WEEK LOOK LIKE?

What technologies can you explore to add value to your placement and help build relationships.

Can you try something you haven’t tried before?

What are your expectations for self, group members, placement partners?  How will you communicate these?

How will you know at the end that your week working in your placement has been successful?

Put this on your googdoc and share with us.  Bring back to big group: one intention you have.

What do you expect of your group members?

What ideas/questions are you investigating with your placement experience?

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Mission: Possible! Ed 255's jointly authored top 3 (or 4) priorities for inquiry



Our class wrote these together.  Feedback welcome!

1. Creativity and Structure. What are the relationships between learner- driven inquiry and organization, creativity and standardization, and how do online experiences interact with/inform/reflect these relationships? (EMERGENCE)

2. Access and Social Inequality. who has access to the Internet and who doesn’t? where? and to what (including e-labor and e-waste)? How do different people/groups create and use access?  What do we need to know to think well about this and how it impacts high access spaces? (POWER)

3. Human Development.  How do our growing/changing bodies and brains interact with and get shaped by networked experiences?  Opportunities and opportunity costs? How is identity  shaped and changed by (and shapes and changes) online, networked experiences? (IDENTITY)

4. Institutions and Communities?

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9-15 NYT artice on Minecraft: Obsession and Ed Tool!

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Reimagining the Disrupted Classroom

Reimagining the Disrupted Classroom, by Katie McCormick, Bryn Mawr College, 2013

Introduction and Description of Context

This proposal was inspired by my work this semester at El Centro de la familia.  I spent Tuesday mornings working with a group of mothers whose children attend a preschool program at the center.  The mothers, all of whom are recent immigrants to the U.S., participate in informal English language classes while their children attend preschool in another part of the building.  The reason for this setup is three-fold.  First, it helps enrich the educational experience for the preschoolers because it gives parents the tools they need to support their children’s learning and academic success.  Second, it benefits parents by helping them develop their English proficiency, addresses parenting and  work-related skills, and focuses on computer literacy.  Third, it removes the legal barrier of running a preschool without certified teachers by keeping parents onsite during school hours. 

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article of interest on Minecraft

Why Minecraft is more than just another video game

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Maine to Georgia

Maine to Georgia

by Alice Lesnick, 2012

you know this game

you are in a new place  

there’s a lull and you look around, a little up the street line  

could I live here?  the answer must always be yes

yes in a rented room in bangor, pa

where dad and uncle irving went to live during the depression

and a kite was ruined before little brother could fly it

no work for grandfather in nyc, grandma wrote her mother every day to testify

that life went on

even there

yes in downtown seattle

where you sashayed first, a loaf of bread under each arm

and a pack of cigarettes in your sexy jeans

the girl ben franklin as a young anarchist no date to keep

no one else’s time either

yes along the AT a drowsy summer day by pen mar park

where the pavillion (a pavillion!) is already set up for a wedding

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