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Ghana - Summer 2013

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Carnegie Foundation Inside Teaching Websites

With thanks to Marsha Pincus! 

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Journal Posts for Tuesday, 3/6, following Marsha Pincus's visit

Please use this space, and Marsha can find us and join in!

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Icy Pond

In the middle 
In the mud 
Winter stillness is
A canny 
Animating melt
Dozing open

-- Alice Lesnick

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Week 4 Blog posts, comments, dialogue

Here goes!

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lines and colors of menacing lullaby, a child
trapped inside a wooden sub
my brave painting --

ribbons  cuts   and    writings.
watchful eyes of a figure at the top
turn to loops, now

also small gently pillared dwellings,
mini mausolea maybe

now when the cradle starts to fall
the magnets pull it to

now somebody sings a yellow song
now a swirled one
now a baby bounces

when the wind blows
the artist breathes

-- Alice Lesnick, 2012

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To Philippe Petit

Another Icarus

But this one has friends and a sweet girl
Willing to plan with him
The father is not onscreen yet
And yet, he can't be too far off:
The garden, for instance, who paid?
The dentist bill?
The girl not so much accomplice 
As companion on his way.
The thief.
-- by Alice Lesnick, 2012
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