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Morning Radio Sonnet

Morning Radio Sonnet
by Alice Lesnick

I must be getting old.
This morning I listened with deep feeling 
To a story of research chimps held by the NIH
Now recommended for retirement to
Sanctuaries, where they would be let to forage for food,
Build nests, live in groups (of at least 7), and
Go outside when they want to. I want that these chimpanzees 
Should retire in a state of grace
Like my grandmother after she stepped down from Met Life
(Her first paying job) – a position she held for 12 years 
After my grandfather died young. 

She retired to Glen Cove to live with my cousins:
Kept house in their house,
Met them with milk and cookies after school;
Volunteered in the hospital gift shop where she got me
jewels and chocolates when I came to visit.

I would visit the research chimps and tell them:
We are sorry for your loss.

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article of interest re: Lareau

This Wall Street Journal article, called Family, Inc., is about families using approaches from the business world to structure homelife -- complete with family mission statements and meetings.  A new take on concerted cultivation??

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Class Notes 1/31

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"The Lesson of Grace in Teaching" AKA "Your accomplishments are NOT what make you a worthy human being!"

As I read your thoughtful writings about your goals and backgrounds, I thought of this recent article a friend shared with me: It's about breaking with the tyranny of perfectionism!

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Jane McGonigal to speak at Swat Nov 14 7:30 with thanks to panelist Harry Smythe for letting us know!

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Facebook Autobiography Excerpts

Dear Students,

Please post your excerpts in the comment section right below (within this forum). Thanks!

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Discussion Forum

This is the discussion forum for Education, Technology, and Society: Altering Environments.  Please use it to continue and start conversations, raise questions, and share resources. 

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The Breaking Project has many angels without whom it would not have come into being and could not be sustained.  To each and every contributor, thank you for entrusting your work to the Project and by doing so sharing it with other learners and seekers.  For editorial vision, skill, and help, thank you to Ann Dixon, Emma Wipperman, and Melinda Canter.  For giving breath to the spark (believing in the project more constantly than I always could at first), thank you to Xuan-Shi Lim, E. Catanese, Rob Goldberg, Alison Cook-Sather, Darla Himeles, Paul Grobstein, Angela Henry, J.C.Todd, Jody Cohen, Anne Dalke, Alfie Guy, Howard Lesnick, and Pat Sharpe.  

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