Contributed Breaking Projects

Breaking Glass

Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus, Jan 22, 2012

The process of individuation which one can experience in mid or post mid-life involves the total breakdown of the persona. It cracks and crumbles, no longer able to contain all that is going on in the psyche. And presumably, or so I have read, after the breakdown and fragmentation, one becomes whole.


Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus, Jan 22, 2012

How do you write about the drama that is occurring in the inner world - the rich and complex landscape of dreams, active imagination and synchroncities?

Making Amends: Ringing the Bells That Still Can Ring

Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus, Jan 22, 2012

I couldn’t take my eyes off the words as they appeared on the screen. It was as if they were written in a secret code I had seen my entire life but only now, in this instant, could I decipher.

Brandy Snaps and Battlefields

Clare Mullaney, Jan 31, 2012

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What if, like the brandy snap, our own breakages prodded our supple shaping not just to the end of a spoon, but to those around us—those who too are afflicted with burdens birthed of deviation?

Breaking My Heart

Julia Lewis, Aug 15, 2012

Breaking into the reader’s mind is the beginning of any piece of writing.  It might be as violent as a rock through a window or as subtle as habituation to an alarm clock.  The form of writing that specializes in breaking is poetry.

A Series of Breaks

Katrina Obieta, Aug 29, 2012

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Although I do not have to let the fact that I am a twin dictate my life or who I am, it is important to realize that I am still part of a whole—me and my twin. I can initiate a series of breaks—breaking away from her, breaking free to be my own self—but it only has the paradoxical effect of making us even closer together, a whole.

Human Geology

Rachel Clark, Aug 31, 2013

First we have the Earth, where disruptive earthquakes make it a dynamic planet. If we zoom in on the humans that inhabit the planet, we see that they too must bend and break according to stress to be dynamic beings. . . . 

Feels of Time

Van Le, Sep 1, 2013

Rumour has it that time goes in a cycle . . . 

Breaking Esem 2012: Reflection

Van Le, Sep 2, 2013

Breaking Down Limitations

Molly Mac Dougall, Sep 10, 2013

Unfortunately, breaking a stigma is not that easy. One friend that I told about my ASD told me I was lying. She argued with me, telling me that she knew I was joking and that there was no way I could possibly be Autistic, that I was far too “normal.”