Maeve O'Hara HS Mathematics Teacher

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Maeve O'Hara
HS Mathematics Teacher
A.B. Mathematics Bryn Mawr '08

I graduated with a degree summa cum laude in Mathematics from Bryn Mawr in '08.  I have been working as a Mathematics Teacher at Bodine High School for International Affairs (a special admission school in the School District of Philadelphia) ever since.  While at Bryn Mawr I was active in the Education department, creating programs with the TLI and serving on the founding committee for the then Social Justice Pilot Program.  During my four years teaching, I have traveled to Mali and Nepal with students to build a school along side villagers through a program called buildOn; I have started a glee club after school at my high school; and I have integrated technology into my classroom through a Classroom for the Future grant.  I look forward to being back on campus for this conference and collaborating with all of you!

Subject Areas of Interest:
  • math

Education Areas of Interest:
  • math content-specific pedagogy courses
  • social justice education
  • education in high need schools
  • urban education
  • interdisciplinary approaches
  • global/international education
  • retention
  • support structures
  • organizational culture