To Philippe Petit

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Another Icarus

But this one has friends and a sweet girl
Willing to plan with him
The father is not onscreen yet
And yet, he can't be too far off:
The garden, for instance, who paid?
The dentist bill?
The girl not so much accomplice 
As companion on his way.
The thief.
-- by Alice Lesnick, 2012


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When asked why...

"When I see three oranges, I juggle; when I see two towers, I walk."- Phillippe Petit

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I LOVE this quote!  Is it

I LOVE this quote!  Is it from the film?

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I have not seen the film, nor read his book, although I hope I will. I've seen the quote a few times while stumbling through the internet.

Here is another good one attributed to him:
"I'm afraid of animals with too many legs or no legs at all." (

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