Emergence 2009: Student NetLogo Models


Biology 361 = Computer Science 361
Bryn Mawr College, Spring 2009


Pages include a link to download the model. To download/view a model click on model name, chose File > Save Page As, then save with the .nlogo file extension.


Langton's Ant variants

Evan R.: Rotator01

Evan R.: NoAnt

Evan S.: Oscillation

Joceyln: LangtonMod

Kathy: KathysAntTeamwork

Marwa: Stars1

Sahitya: LangtonsAntmod1

Stephanie: SSVmodel

1D Cellular automata variants

Evan R.: OneRule

Evan S.: rule106

Joceyln: rule_127

Kathy: Rule61_103

Marwa: Rule127

Sahitya: Rule105mod


Exploration, barriers, and learning

Evan R.: ToxicColorAvoid

Evan R.: RandomFill

Evan R.: RandomFillBarriers

Evan R.: RandomFillOscillate

Joceyln: learningmodel

Kathy: BarriersQuadrants

Sahitya: exploringbarriers

Stephanie: learningmodel2

Marwa: PercentVisited_Barriers


Towards semester projects

Evan R.: Evolve04

Evan R.: Evolve05


Final projects

Evan S.: tippingpoint1

Evan R.: Selective

Evan R.: NonSelective

Joceyln: LearningModel3

Kathy: Genotypes

Marwa: Decision Making

Sahitya: evolution10-1

Stephanie: MotionComparison


Models created using NetLogo.


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