Education 225, Progressive Education

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(Formerly) Traditional Students in the Revolutionary System

Sky Stegall

An exposition which supports being a revolutionary mentor or teacher, and talks about the challenges encountered by such a nontraditional approach.

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The Importance of Team Teaching/Collaboration Among Extra-Classroom Teachers


Caitlin O’Keefe


The following treatise explores the concepts of team teaching and extra-classroom teaching.

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On Becoming an Effective Praiser


Xuan-Shi, Lim

This paper presents instances of praising in tutoring and offers tips for making this strategy effective.

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Empowering Lessons

Lindsey Giblin

Impressions from a student about the Empowering Learners course offered in the Bi-Co Education Program.

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Social Stigmas and Fears in Art Education

Justine Garcia

A dissertation on education in art, encouraging students to self-expression, and effective critique.

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Don’t Let Formal Education Get in the Way of Learning


Rachel Francois

A great paper on adding a cultural perspective in the traditional education system in order to make the curriculum interesting to students.


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Ethnographic Bifocals: Using Ethnographic Methodology in a Teaching and Learning Environment


A discussion about using ethnography techniques in classroom environment. One important element when noting these observations in class is to not add the assumptions that immediately then to follow.

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Corrupting Rationality: Exposing Emotions in Our Language

 Margo Schall

This essay, which is written with emotion, talks about employing emotion in education - a step which needs to be done in order to improve teaching and learning. 

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TLI Through a Theoretical Lense

Laura Hummer

"This paper addresses the Teaching and Learning Initiative (TLI) and attempts to frame some of the underlying pedagogical themes imbedded in its work through theory." 
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Critically Examining Ideals and Compromises in Teaching and Mentoring

by Emma Cohan

A statement on balancing traditional with progressive methods of teaching and how one can decide for the better path when he/she finds him/herself at crossroads.

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