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Dialogue—Communicating Disapproval with Students: A Spin-Off Piece in Response to On Becoming an Effective Praiser

Amanda Fernandez

Empowering Learners


Fernandez shows deep thinking in her piece about how to appropriately convey disapproval to students.

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Cross-Cultural Connections in the ESL Classroom: Forging Respect and Shattering Societal Barriers

Riley Diffenderfer

Empowering Learners


 The author responds to an earlier paper in this handbook, focused on transcending cross-cultural barriers in mentorship and teaching.

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A Collaborative Outline for the Bi-Co Teaching Assistant (TA) Handbook

 Empowering Learners: Spring 2010

Field Group Project Part 4:

Sarah Choyke, Candace LaCrosse,

Linnea Segan, and Alexandra Funk


As the title suggests, this handbook is about teaching assistantship at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges.


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Three enduring questions/areas for focus/reverberation

 Aaron Weitz

Empowering Learners Final Project


This essay examines the concept of coping in education, the use of digital technologies in class, and the importance of diversity and how it is helpful in mentoring. 

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Exploring Boundaries: Fences, Not Walls

 David Harris


This paper takes on the idea of boundaries in education, and why they should be viewed as fences rather than walls.

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Fostering Student Learning through Creativity

 Mary Encabo


This essay looks at the importance of creativity in the process of learning.

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What is the Teaching and Learning Initiative at Bryn Mawr College?

A case study of a campus initiative to build relationships and dialogues about teaching and learning among faculty, staff and students (

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Empowering Teaching Assistant by Expanding Duties and Responsibilities

Joanne Townsend

A reflection on how teaching assistantship can be improved to benefit the students, the professor and also the T.A.

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Taking the Time


Becky Strattan

This essay focuses on the concept of ignorance and how one can overcome it by being aware of other people's different points of view than one's very own.

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