The Fall

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Waves of damp darkness
Cloud my mind and my being
Filled with sand and fog.


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I don't think I thought too

I don't think I thought too much about what the greys or the inverted text/background meant in a conscious way, they just seemed right. Like adding a spice to a recipe, it had the right flavor.

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After more thought

I think maybe I wanted to demonstrate the darkness to be originating from outside of me, while the lighter but still dark and grey sand and fog is filling me on the inside. Which is kind of how I felt at the time. But I think I wasn't really aware of those connections in a conscious way until you asked these questions and I thought about it more later.

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I'm curious about your use of

I'm curious about your use of color or shading in this piece.  Piece because it is slightly more than a poem.  You talk about darkness and fog in writing.  The image seems to be speaking to the spectrum of gray colors.  It reverses the tradition of printing darker text on a lighter background.  Does this imply that the writing is a light for the reader, for you?  Is your mind the dark background from which the poem arises?  Or does the lightness of the text signify the writing's distance from your mental state? 

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