I'm Through with White Girls (2007)

I'm Through with White Girls

Anthony Montgomery, Lamman Rucker, Lia Johnson.

Courtney Lilly
Jacob Pinger
Chris Adams, Lia Johnson, Camilla Rantsen

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Jennifer Sharp

Directed by Jennifer Sharp

Having recently been involved in a disastrous string of relationships with white women, a hip black comic book artist must confront his own fear of commitment after vowing to exclusively date women of his own race. Jay is a hip black comic book artist whose experiences dating white women have left him wanting more. Realizing that he's in desperate need of some serious change, Jay launches "Operation Brown Sugar," and subsequently begins dating a beautiful "Halfrican-Canadian" writer. Now that race doesn't factor into Jay's dating habits anymore he feels like he may have found the love of his life. But while he may not have to worry about ending up with the wrong girl, Jay is about to discover that he may be in danger of letting the right one slip through his grasp.

~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi (NY Times).

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