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More Photos!

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Dalun Arrival

Sunday, March 4 into Monday, March 5, Dalun, Ghana

 It is midnight here.  The power went out a few minutes ago while I was checking in with my husband and kids back home.  So I am writing by the light of the Mac.

 Today was filled with light – from the sun, from the smiles of children and their welcome, and from the kind, gracious welcome from our hosts here.  Also from our students, whose warmth, flexibility, mildness, and sweetness have been abundantly evident.

But I am getting ahead of myself!  I will start from our arrival in Accra and meeting Sumaila and Safianu, our local guides.  The plane had left DC three hours late, so Sumaila ans Safianu had a long airport wait for us.  After we cleared Customs and as we headed into the reception area, I noticed many people holding signs for their groups.  How would we know our guides?  Then Ntshadi said to me, “Alice, there.”  And I saw a young man smiling, holding out a sign that read, “Professor Alice Lesnick.”  That amazed and deeply pleased me, both because it felt right – like the title finally fit (at least better than it fits most of the other things I do) – and also completely ridiculous – by what pretense would anyone profess anything at such a moment?  Instead, there were joyful hugs and expressions of shared appreciation.  Then, to baggage, taxis, hotel.  Ghana!

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Friday evening in Accra

We enjoyed delicious stews and fufu al fresco at our hotel. A recent BMC alum from and now living here stopped by to day hello! The air and breezes are soft.

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Greetings from Accra

We arrived after a delayed but easy flight to be met by our local guides. A taxi ride through the city to our comfortable hotel. Sights, sounds, and smiles too many/much to set down right now. This group is traveling beautifully! Paying games in the dc airport and taking turns writing and drawing in our group scrapbook are two standouts. We are freshening up before we go out to dinner together. Tomorrow we ride the bus North. Amazed and grateful, Alice

Airport arrival

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