Week 3 of our dialogue-->now called DiaBlog!

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Thanks to all for all our rich discussion, so far (see, below, our discussions from week 1 and week 2, about the surprises of our first visit together, and the need to be "certified" in life). Let's try, this week, writing even more directly about our own experiences. What is something in your life right now that you are passionate about learning or doing -- in or out of school? (If you'd like, find something on Google Image that represents your area of passion, and include the URL to that picture in your post.) In this way we can get to know each other better and also begin to think about how our passions connect with our educations. Enjoy!


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I love your picture of your

I love your picture of your family i love my family too .i'm passionate about a lot things so i cant really pinpoint what i like the most but you have a beautiful family.

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The picture really reminds me

The picture really reminds me of my family. Since I am the only child in my family, my parents really have deep influence on my attitude towards life and education.  Both of my parents were born in small poor villages in China. Their access to edcuation helps them get out of poverty and end up being doctors. I learned how to be strong, how to gain what I want without depending on others through their life experience. They are the very first, and also the best teachers I've ever had. I know that everything I own now, including the chance of studying abroad in the States, all comes from their hard work. I know that without them, I would not be "me". I am trying hard to be good enough, to achieve my dream, not only for myself, but also for my parents. 

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You have such a cute family!

You have such a cute family! I'm sure your mom is incredibly proud to have raised such wonderful children. And I'm impressed by your mindfulness in wanting to think about, each day, why you are here, getting out of bed (sometimes way too early :) to go to class and learn about so many new things--I know that I sometimes forget to be grateful for this opportunity, so thank you for reminding me.

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How touching! the picture is

How touching! the picture is so heartwarming

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I am passionate about....

I am passionate about learning math in school. I think its kind of fun to know different types of equations to get a product.. Math is really part of everyday life. You need to know math to do just about anything.

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math fun?

Hi, would you say more about how math is fun for you?  I struggle to find the fun in math and would like to learn where to look!

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I am very passionate about

I am very passionate about math as well! it makes sense to me and I've always look at math as a game. It's rare to find someone else who gets excited about math so seeing your post made my evening!

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Coool. I love maths too. I

Coool. I love maths too. I love the fact that you can solve a problem through different methods. It helps to have more than one option and that applies to life too. I love creating my own word problems and breaking down the textbook's explanations. My students always preferred mine:)

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I Also love math and the fact

I Also love math and the fact that you can also evaluate a problem in various ways, and how it plays a role in our everyday life and makes things less difficult once you master it. Also i love the fact that you can make math fun and if you have fun with math and do fun activities the students will most likely remember it even better and bring it up in out of class discussions.Like if you had mini games at the close of each class or lesson the students would be even more interested in learning the work because the students would want to win a prize or extra credit points, and everybody wants to be a winner so every one would try to be the best in the class, while at the same time they are learning and improving grades, and making school academics even better.

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I'm passionate about reading and cats

i am passionate a reading and cats. i am passionate about reading because it give me peace of of mind, love reading books that have something to do with cats or that is all about college. Cats are my favorite animal and i don't like seeing them hurt or hated by others.

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I think that your passion fir

I think that your passion fir reading is a good thing. In life by readying it help further your education. An with that education you can help people. Or in your case cats.

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I read alot too.I have been

I read alot too.I have been reading since I was little and I love it. I also have a cat that I have had since I was in 4th grade named Kibbles. I love that cat with all my heart. And reading too . :)

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Hi James!I'm really

Hi James!
I'm really passionate about reading (and cats!) too! When I was in middle school, I could spend hours curled up with a book. Now that I have a bit less free time on my hands, that's not quite so possible, but it's still wonderful to be able to escape into a different town or city, or even world!

Because I love reading so much, I also love writing. For a long time I wanted to be a writer, but now I think I want to be a teacher (I enjoy interacting with groups of people and I think teaching writing would be a great way to merge some of my interests). Do you enjoy writing? Have you ever considered becoming one? Often, people who love to read have pretty strong imaginations – the perfect start for a writer!

And about cats: When I was eleven, a stray cat gave birth to three kittens in a neighbor's abandoned garage. My family and I took them in and I spent every day from May to July sitting in our bathroom (the temporary home for the kittens) doing homework or holding cat food in my hands to get the kittens used to human contact. By the end of July, two of them were ready to be adopted out to a kind and loving family, and the third (who'd been the most scared of them all!) became a sweetheart, whom my grandparents took in. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Maybe you could follow your passion for animal rights and work for an activist group or an animal shelter! 

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Oh I love cats too, my

Oh I love cats too, my grandma had lots of them. They are so cute. Do you keep any?

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Yes I do

but my mother only lets me have only one cat, wish i could keep at least three.

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I am passionate about

I am passionate about becoming a veterinarian and obtaining my degree at UC-Davis (University of California Davis Campus).

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I'm from California, so I

I'm from California, so I know UC Davis. It's an AWESOME school! The campus in beautiful they are renowned for their vet program. Good for you for a having a goal and a plan to achieve it. Hopefully I'll see you on the other side of the country soon! 

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I am passionate about being a

I am passionate about being a veterinarian too! You seem to know exactly what you want to do and where you want to go-- so stick with it and I know you'll get there!

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To gfeliz

That's awesome! Thanks for the encouragement and I hope that you achieve all that you are passionate about as well.

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Can a passion keep you motivated?

Can my passion for Art keep me motivated to consistently pursue being an artist no matter the hardships and obstacles that happen to be a deterent for my success?

I think about this all the time, I ponder if my zeal is strong enough to retaliate against life's struggles and if I am truly thinking about becoming an Artist
or just being half-arsed and thinking this is ok, "If i make it".

It scares me to think that I am not as serious as I want to be for me to reach my goal, because passion is not something you can hope to attain just by loving it a lot,
I believe it is something your born with, something you love automatically within you. So if I am not as "Passionate", Then does that mean I am not as serious, or stern?

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Marvin,  I'm very passionate


I'm very passionate about art, too, and for a long time I considered applying to art schools as well as liberal arts schools for college. I ended up applying only to liberal arts schools because I'm also passionate about a lot of other subjects. The liberal arts college allowed me to continue studying all of my passions.

A few of my friends are going to art school right now though and they love it. I think a big part of their passion is that even when they don't love the huge amount of work they have to do, they push through it because they know they won't be as happy trying to spend their life doing something that isn't art. I wouldn't say this love is "automatic," though. And I don't think that your uncertainty means your not as "serious." I think it just means that maybe you need to keep your options open. Take art classes, and other subjects. Maybe you'll find you love doing biology as well as art – and then you realize you could combine your interests to become a science illustrator or a nature documentarian. There are a lot of different ways to combine the things you love. You just need to stick with them to figure it out!

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i agree i thinking only you

i agree i thinking only you have two ways go go with what you love is childish you can have your cake and eat it too

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passionate about art


I'm passionate about art too.  And I think that passion for art is not necessarily the same as "making it" in that field.  I love painting and feel pretty motivated about doing it.  I also love teaching, though, and this is how I make my living. 

I'm curious about what kind of art you do...

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At the moment I have a

At the moment I have a Diversity of things in art that I love, Drawing, painting, sketching, mostly anything I can make with my hands.

But my main is Drawing, because I inspire to become a comic artist. Maybe this is what I am having trouble with, not being able to choose what type of art im friend's with or my "Main" Passion.

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Marvin, Your question


Your question resonates strongly with me.  My partner is a visual artist who struggles with this every day, so I asked him what he thought about how passion relates to one's ability to 'make it" as an artist.  First, he made the point that his own passion for his art waxes and wanes over time, so he's not always feeling passionate about it, and he sometimes even feels like it's something he should just let go of.  However, he also says that one of the ways he deals wth that is to keeping pushing for feedback from other people, and kind of chippping away at it when it doesn't feel as good as it usually does.  Most importantly, he says, he keeps his eyes open for positive results, and celebrates even the smallest ones.  This keeps him going, even when his other responsibilites make him feel like he has little time, or seem more important.  Finally, he says that comunity is important, and that you shoulld try to find ways to connect with other artists when you can, but never beat yourself up when you can't.  

It's hard to make a living as a visual artist, and it may be a good idea to have a "back-up" plan that allows you to still pursue your art,  For example, my partner works as a designer and screen-printer during the day, so there is always a creative component of his job, and then works on his personal art at night or through the weekends.  Though his day job is not always fun, it at least allows him to keep art in mind.  

I hope this helped, at least to let you know that all artists sometimes feel as though they are not working hard enough.

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What I am passionate about is

What I am passionate about is the fact that I live a good life. Most teens are not as fortunate as I am. I find it to be a blessing that I am. Another thing that I am passionate about is music. I absolutely love it I don't have an interest in making it , but I like listening to it a lot.

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Do you play background music

Do you play background music while studying? I do. In fact, I cannot study without it unless I am writing an essay and trying to think through the words. Music is my life. Its my sleeping pill too. Just like you, i am not interested in going professional. What genres do you fancy?

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I agree! music is great to study to. I'm a lot like Utitofon in that i can't write without music in the background. a great website is 8tracks.com--there are tons of study music mixes for everything (and some great 4 hour long mixes for studying!). 

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I am passionate about

I am passionate about studying law and the human mind. I want to try and help people with their problems. By doing this I think I can change the world in some type of way. I believe that the world needs people that are willing to help others if we want to make the world a better place.

melal's picture

I'm also considering about

I'm also considering about studying law. Same as you, I really want to help people with their problems and make some difference to the world. Actually in my home country, there are a lot of people do not have any ideas about laws and how to use laws to protect their own rights. In some small local courts, people erroneous judgements happen all the time. Thousands of people were put into jail mistakenly, living the rest of lives hopelessly, thousands of families lost their loved ones because these misjudgements. Under such situation, justice cannot be prevailed. I want to help people in my home country learn more about using laws to protect themsleves, and also make the society operated in a more "healthy" way. 

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Passionate about relationships

I'm passionate about my relationships....

I have a new (my first!) grandchild (the cutest pumpkin in this picture!)

and I am of course in love w/ her (how could one NOT love such an adorable being??)
and thinking-and-working hard to (re)create the world she will be growing up in, in
hopes of making it a better world than the one  I grew up in...

also: I spend a lot of time trying to make my work intersect, in positive ways,
w/ the sorts of relationships I want to have w/ my colleagues...as one of them
said this week, "I'm afraid of being too busy to respond to the core of the other."

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My Life

I believe that I am very passoniate about writing songs and poems about my life and all my feelings. Sometimes when I am writing I begin to cry because I am trying to get rid of the pain and the hurt that I have been keeping to myself most of the time. I am always trying to keep all my feelings bottled up inside of me, but when I write I think how much I want to get away from the pain and the hurt that I have been keeping to myself. When I write my poems and songs it helps me to not think about it for that second. I never thought that I would get this far in my life.

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quote for the day, from class

"You've got to learn to be taught." 

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Oh dear! That is so nice. I

Oh dear! That is so nice. I respect your talent. It really helps to have an intellectual outlet for one's emotions. I used to write poems too. Many of them about my experiences. Maybe you could bring one to our meeting and I'll show you one of mine too. Take heart you are not alone.

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Passionate about basketball

Cab Calloway

I am passionate about basketball. Basketball is my favorite sport and i never go a day without playing it or doing something that involves it like watching it on television. Basketball involves education by, to play basketball for school I have to keep my grades up in order to play on the team.  I do my best in every class so that i can play on the team.

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What you've said reminds me

What you've said reminds me of a story called Money Ball. The story is kind of frustrating in a way that one student, once accepted by Stanford University, decide to be a professional baseball player. However, the process is not quite smooth and he just ends up being a mediocre player, then a coach... Then, somehow, he gain a huge ephemeral success... Finally, he ends up with nothing but the dream he hold firmly. Personally, I'd say it would be so great to have one's passion and to hold it firmly :)

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Cab, I'm so impressed when


I'm so impressed when people are so motivated in and interested by sports--I've never been much of an athlete, but I have liked playing soccer, volleyball, and basketball when I did those as a kid. It sounds like for you, basketball is a motivator both on and off the court--that you love it when you are in the game or watching it, but that in your academic work, you know you need to study hard to stay on the team. I think sports and academics can really be compatible, both in this way, and in helping students to learn teamwork, focus, drive, and dedication. Not to mention, it's terrific exercise! I have heard of studies that say that student athletes are more likely to perform well in school, because they are more organized in general about their schedules and getting everything done. Do you see this in yourself and your classmates? Do you think there is a way to encourage it for those who spend a lot of time in athletics, other than threatening being cut from the team if you don't keep up academically?

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I am passionate about

I am passionate about learning math in school because I believe that you need math to get a job. Outside of schhol I am passionate about learning how to live how to help others. I am passionate about learning alot of things inside and out of school.

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I think it's great that one of your passions is helping others! In high school, I was a huge volunteer, and I loved tutoring the middle school kids nearby. The best part about it was that it was mutually beneficial. I got a chance to help others and make them happy, but it also made me happy as well. Also, it's great to meet new people through volunteering--I met some amazing students and mentors that I still talk to today! 

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In reading this, I'm not sure

In reading this, I'm not sure if you're passionate about math or about being financially successful. What is it that you love about math - that it's a challenge, that it represents logic, that it has a definite answer...? Or do you just love it temporarily because you believe it is going to get you somewhere? If the latter is true, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I'm just wondering.

It touches me that you are passionate about helping others, because I know it is easy to become apathetic when you are focusing all your energy on school. How does this manifest itself - in a plan to become a doctor, nurse, etc.? Or in participation in political action? I'm interested in how you have learned to "help others" and would love to hear more about your passions!

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I love math but I love math

I love math but I love math in a really hesitated way. I love the process that I can unfold something abstract gradually and I can explain something really complicated and explain it to others. However, I am a slow person and I would be even slower if I feel uncomfortable, thus when I need to figure out something immediately, maybe in front of a bunch of people or at a test. Some people are really sharp and some people just can't do things quickly; however, the fact that I am a female and I am a slower learner really hamper me to be on the way. I am passionate about math but I am worried about the fact that I might not be clear enough to handle it.

I can still remember how my teachers "designed" those questions in a really hard way and just given limited time for us to work on it. I still remember how frustrated I am when I can't pass a quiz but so many boys can just crack it easily. I always keep that what I am dealing with now is not really math. I have to take something more advanced. And the process is really painful. I hate to take the stigma but I can't stop worrying about that.

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