Michelle's Self Evaluation

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For this class, I always tried to at least comment on one thing throughout the class.  Most of the time, I really appreciated what others were talking about and what they had to discuss about.  I assumed both a passive and active role in the class.  I was always interested in what topic we were talking about, especially since it was all new, but a lot of the times, it was sometimes too new for me and I enjoyed it more when I could learn from my peers.  I think since this was my first feminist studies class and becuase I am a first-year, I offer a new perspective and questions that could help other students reassess their original thoughts of feminism.  

I really enjoyed the articles that we read throughout the year.  The novels were a little harder to process but I think this class helped me to assess novels better.  As a reader, I learned to look at things from a feminist perspective, which interestingly helped me to see how traditional gender roles could be broken and how patriarchal structure could be reconstructed.  I also enjoyed that there were non-traditional forms of reading that were assigned.  Persepolis and watching documentaries were refershing forms of "reading."  It was helpful to learn how to assess those forms as well.  

My written posts were half responses to other people's comments and half my own comments.  Sometimes, I would be a little late on weekly postings but I always made sure to do it.  I feel like I always put in a good amount of effort into my web postings.  I talked things out with Anne if I needed help developing an idea and went to the library to do further research.  I do feel like sometimes I could go a little further with my investigation on some of my web postings and maybe add just a little more of my own opinion, but other than that, I feel like I research my topic and write what I've learned and how I feel about it.  I really like that we can write about what moves us and not on a prompt.  It really helped me to develop my own ideas in my own areas of interest which made writing the web events a lot more enjoyable.  I feel like this has made me bolder in my writing and my research.  I am more open to looking into things and being curious.