Self Evaluation

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When I began this class I was just beginning to look at gender from a feminist lens. I had only ever discussed gender within the realm of literature and so this course was really like a window into a wider conversation about gender; one that took place in spaces other than a literary book. I think I am much more able to think critically about gender in a broader way because of this. I have been learning to pay attention to the classroom structure more, the ways in which certain classroom structures can be problematic or the ways in which is it useful for provoking discussion or creative learning.

I think there have been many classes where I spoke a lot and a couple classes where I sat back and did not say much at all. It took me time to adapt to the class structure after it changed mid-way through the semester. After a couple classes I became comfortable and began to participate regularly. I liked the idea of collaborative work both inside and outside the classroom. I love the use of serendip; I feel like it is very well integrated in the classroom, especially because we hear each person’s posts again and can discuss them. I felt as though I could have participated more online than I did.

I loved most of the reading for this course, but I had challenges . One of the ways I definitely grew as a reader was in the types of this I read; I found mediums like comic books and blogs had the capacity for communicating in ways were traditional language formats failed. Certain language struck me as interesting in its disruptive nature and ability to refuse particular norms.

I think my comments were somewhat split; some comments were more about things that I had come across on my on and some were a response to something someone had said in class or online. I enjoyed class interactions online because they were always continued into the classroom. I think some posts I wrote I definitely put more effort in than others, especially when I really considered what I was saying and how I was saying it. I am still working on how I write what I am writing; I found this semester that the way you wrote something mattered immensely in how it was received and interpreted. Other comments I put less effort in, but found that sometimes those postings were just as useful because they represented my initial thoughts and reactions. It is much easier to explore why I think what I think by looking at some of my writing that is not as carefully constructed. I have definitely learned that even the smallest comments or ideas can inspire a lot of interaction and discussion.

I noticed a pattern between my papers in that I hold an interest for unifying forces and spaces of separation amongst people. My first paper focused around the construction and interactions of sisterhood in the nineteenth century, while my second paper talked about the inclusiveness of using a secular comic based on Islamic religion. The third paper focused on Jimmy Corrigan and the aspects of masculinity that are perceived as being exclusive to men. My final paper explored languages potential to be violent and ability to disrupt. Again, I engaged in a discussion that focused on bringing people together in the classroom to include more voices.

            I think that this class has enabled me to know more about myself as a classroom learner and apply what I know to other classrooms.