Sleepwalking Experiences

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Welcome to Serendip's forum for sharing sleepwalking experiences. "Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder effecting an estimated 10 percent of all humans at least once in their lives. This widespread phenomenon varies in its intensity and frequency. While most sleepwalking incidents are short and not dangerous, some can involve self-injury and are much more dangerous for the sleeper. Also, most interestingly, the disorder seems to stem from many different sources, not from one definable cause such as a chemical imbalance." (Howard, 1999)

This forum is a place to share sleepwalking experiences, thoughts, feelings, treatments, and experiences. Serendip does not offer special medical expertise, but rather a gathering place to talk, listen, think aloud and be heard.

Thanks for visiting, and please join in.

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My Husband

My husband has had two sleep walking incidents that I am aware of so far. Alcohol was involved with both (beer) The first time he went to the garage and peed in the recycling bin I went out to see what the hell was going on, he looked at me with this blank stare kind of like a zombie. I asked him if he wanted to come to bed now and he walked to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet for a few minutes and went back to bed. Tonight I came to the kitchen to find him with his undies down eating half a plain bagel pissing in a tupperware container that was still in the drawer. I am getting annoyed with this and kind of afraid as we have a baby sleeping in the other room... I don't want him going in there and peeing on her. I did tell him about the recycling bin incident and he laughed like it was a joke. He needs to lay off the booze and start taking care of himself as he has a daughter now. How can I get him help when he refuses counselling etc.. I just don't know what to do anymore.. He needs a good kick in the ass.

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take photos

Take photos of him during the next incident, then show him. Might get him to realize he needs help.

Hypnosis works great for sleepwalking, btw. But he seems like he's the type of person that would laugh at hypnosis.

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i need help

My girlfriend has a history of sleep talking but not necessarily sleep walking. Until tonight. She had a few drinks and went to bed. In tge middle of the night, she got up, sat on the coffe table and peed everywhere. I woke up in the middle of this and tried to syop her, to eich she replied that she did not pee. Sge went to tge bathroom and finished peeing and came back to bed. Sge was nit aware of any of this. Should i tell her sbout this event or save her the embarrassment.

Serendip Visitor's picture husband just did the husband just did the same exact thing, except he peed on the Tv. I woke up and watched him do it, then he got mad and said he didn't pee, and walked to the bathroom to finish.

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Sleep walking peeing

Save her the embarrassment. Let her know she walked in her sleep but no need to embarrass her about telling her what she did.I did this 2x in a week an my wife started calling me ill pisser. She even told a friend at work (where i used to work before leaving). I continue to tell her to stop joking and poking fun b/c it was truly embarrassing and out of my control. Hope this helps.

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Peeing while sleeping

Ok so this has happened to my dad like 3 times. The first time was when he went to the middle of our room next to a dresser and a cupboard and unzipped his pants. I was still awake so I said "dad what are you doin" then he looked at me with this dazed look then zipped up his pants and went back to bed. When I asked him about it he had no memory and he had been drinking that night. The second times was when he spent the night at my momshouse . He had drinken all the times he done this. Anywho so whike I was sleeping I wake up to my door being open and its my dad. I say "hey dad" he doesn't answer then he pulls his you know what out and I yell DAD and then he wakes up and goes OMG I thought I wqs in the bathroom sorry.
The third times was when hegets up goes into the closet and starts peeing I get up and yell DAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING then he looks at me and goes OMG again and then gets towels and cleans it

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Sleep peeing

I am embarrassed to say but twice in the last week I have peed in my sleep. Most of the time I make it to the toilet no worries... I have all white furniture in my room and one night I sat on the ledge of my bed and did a wee and last night I sat on a bed side table and did a wee. Not cool. My mum said my dad used to do it a lot and she blamed his drinking but I don't drink... She feels guilty now. Just don't want to keep peeing all over the place like he did. How do I stop lol paint my furniture black? So I don't mistake it for the white toilet ??

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Attacked by sleepwalker

My husband has sexually assaulted me, sometimes quite violently, several times while asleep. We have visited family doctors, sleep specialists and psychiatrists for help and everyone just directs us elsewhere. They tell me that I should just leave when this happens, but escaping an unawake attacker much larger than myself is very difficult. Does anyone know of medical professionals who can actually help with this? Is there a good/fast way to wake someone ip under these circumstances?

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Just like the other visitors on this forum, I too have done some weird & embarrassing stuff after falling asleep from having too much to drink. I always remember everything up until bedtime. But after I fall asleep, I turn into someone else and I have named her Debbie. My husband tells me all about her and I hate her. Here's what I know about her:

*1st time she made an appearance I wasn't even 21 & at a friends house and he was the only person that I knew there. We all partied, had a good time but by morning, my friend took me aside and said "Did you f***ing pee at the bottom of my stairs last night?!" I was floored he was even asking me this and replied "Hell f***ing NO!". He said his friends told him I got up at some point, popped a squat and sure enough the floor was wet. I seriously thought his friends were a bunch of dicks and convinced him they were lying and that was that. But the next instances will prove me wrong.

*I have 3 brothers, the oldest has 6 kids and I was at his house. Got piss drunk with his wife and was falling all over the place (not in front of the kids, they were either in bed or at a friends house). I wake up the next morning naked from the waist down and a little throw pillow covering my "woo-who" area. Sat up and immediately stepped in a wet spot on the floor and said "What the F***?!" Immediately I hear laughing and look over and see my sister in law cracking up. I rush my pants on while she told me I had just stripped down, popped a squat, peed, and laid back down. I guess her covering me with the pillow woke me up. Got out of there before all the kids woke up. I was mortified!!

*When I 1st started dating my husband, (you'll have to ask him why he married me) he woke up one night to me violently manhandling the blinds on his bedroom window. He says, "What the HELL are you doing?!" I replied in a really bitchy tone, "Trying to open this F***ing door, I have to pee like really bad!". He directs me to the bathroom but goes back to bed and I close the door behind him. He hears a loud sound and comes back into the bathroom and sees that I was peeing in his bathtub but fell backwards and hit my head on the tile wall.

*After we got married, my husband woke up to me turning on the closet light, I walked in & closed the door behind me. He was convinced I was going to pee so he came in after me but said I had taken off my shirt and was twirling it around my head like I had just won a soccer game. He tried to direct me to the bathroom but I just went back to bed instead.

*I initiated sex a couple of times without any memory of the romp the next day.

*The night of my bachelorette party, my friends paid for a hotel room after a night of barhopping. I woke up naked from the waist down. Mortified, I was convinced I peed somewhere. Tried playing it off to one of my friends (to get the story), jokingly asked if she raped me and luckily, all I did was get out of bed, dropped the panties (in front of everyone) and crashed again. Never found the "wet spot" (wink, wink!) so I was relieved. Some people would be embarrassed about just dropping the panties but when you know you are capable of much worse, that's nothing!

Beer, that's what did it to me each time. I no longer drink it and haven't had any problems since. I can see why the significant others are so bothered by this. I too would hate having to witness this weird stuff from a loved one and then having to clean it up because they're too wasted to comprehend what they just did! Luckily, my husband hasn't had to clean up pee yet and finds my antics funny. But, it takes a patient person to put up with this crap. The person doing this either needs to quit drinking or party at home with someone who doesn't mind babysitting their asses all f***ing night.

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I'm guilty.

I have woken in odd places over the years, unfortunately I sleepwalk. On several occasions I have found wet clothes in my closet on the floor, bathroom rug appeared to be wet. I blamed my pets lol 2 nights ago I was caught urinating in our bedroom closet by my girlfriend. She asked "Are you peeing in the closet" apparently I responded "yes its okay, I have a thingy?" LOL I have no memory of this. This morning I woke up in the living room & I immediately searched the entire house for wet spots. Luckily none but I know it will happen again. Very gross & a little scary. Not sure what I can do to stop this. :(

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almost 2am should I tell him in the morning

My husband just pee'd on the side of the bed, lucky for him he mostly missed his work boots. I asked him while he was pee'ing if he was ok and he said yes but he has always talked during sleep episodes. Anyways I knew by the gorilla way he climbed back in bed he was sleep walking. This is the first unusual pee incident, though the sleep walking is getting worse. About a month ago he was fumbling around the wrong side of the room looking for the door, as I tried to talk to him he said he had to Lee. It took a few redirections but I finally got him into the bathroom. We got to bed rather late, I have been trying to get him to bed earlier as he wakes for work very early. And he does drink though usually not a lot and I don't think he had more then a few last night.

Still I know he needs more sleep and less beer, and maybe keeping the door open so he can find his way out. But hOw or should I tell him what he did

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Don't know why.

I've recently done this twice in the past few months. It is the strangest of things but I must get up from bed naked and walk around. But that isn't the weird part, when I awaken from the sleep I find myself standing or lying down in the kitchen or my own home. I was told that I did do this last night and that I was stood there for an hour. This was really embarrassing for me as one of my friends flat mates caught me doing so. She was very confused as to what I was doing at 8 in the morning, naked in her living room. I was told that I did cover up so I must of been aware of the situation but I really, really do not want it to happen again.

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Peeing in mothers suitcase while sleep walking drunk

So the morning started out pretty normal until my mother woke up and went to grab some clothes from her suitcase only to find that everything was soaked. At first no one had a clue as to how it happened, not to mention it didn't even seem like urine at first. I drank ten beers, two glasses of wine and a sex on the beach the night before the incident. This was the first time I've ever urinated while sleep walking after drinking so much; it must have been because of mixing alcohol because there were been many times I've drank so much and never has this happened to me. I have to admit it's quite embarrassing but at the same time hilarious. I felt better about the incident by simply owning up to the fact that it happened and laughing. This is a pretty rare occurrence and I don't expect it to happen again. One thing is certain, never again mix drinks. Auto-pilot doesn't always work as expected. LMAO

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Not just once

This keeps happening to me. It's been going on for about a year now. I've read articles that it's related to a vitamin deficiency but it seems more like mental issues. Sometimes I remember that it happened but can't tell if I was dreaming that it happened. I drank too much a few nights ago, remembered seeing pee run on the floor but couldn't find any puddles the next day so I thought it was a dream. Well... I just found where I was. In the closet, on a tote full of clothing. It's way too embarrassing. I've talked to my friend and mom about it and it stopped for a little while but it happens every so often. Not sure if it's my mental state or what I had to drink that contributes to it. One time I peed ON my boyfriend while we were crashed out on my couch. Laundry baskets, carpet, and couch cushions seem to be the most common spots. Stop drinking is the only solution I can think of. That or get therapy. Haha

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Same thing

Same thing literally happened to me last night. Only instead of a suitcase it was my bottom dresser drawer. I woke up to my husband screaming at me and when I realized what I was doing I grabbed all the clothes and immediately put them in the wash. It was really embarrassing but at the same time scary because I was totally asleep while it was happening!

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Boyfriend Sleepwalks and does unusual things

My boyfriend and i have been together for almost two years. Lately he has been getting up and doing really odd stuff. It started him just going to the bathroom. then he started talking; gibberish at first. Then he started making complete sentences. He started to insult me while he was in this state. He started disappearing in the night, multiple times with his phone. He would come back and pass right back out. He would have full conversion while he is sleepwalking. Lately, though, he has been leaving with his computer. I followed him and he was watching porn. He turned and looked at me and said wish you would be like this.

Am i causing this? He told me that he goes to sleep in bed and wakes up in bed. He doesn't remembering doing anything. He tells me all his stress, he doesn't drink or do drugs. He sleeps like the dead. Am i the reason he is sleep walking?

Some of the stuff he has done in his sleepwalking state, makes me not like the way I look or even want any physical attention? It just keeps getting worse. How can I get him to stop?

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That really sucks. :/ But no,

That really sucks. :/ But no, of course you're not causing it. It has nothing to do with you.

He sounds like a jerk, but that aside, you're going to have to prove to him that he's sleepwalking. He's a jerk for not listening to you about that; he could conceivably do something like get in his car and try to drive. I don't mean to scare you, but that happens.

Is he on Ambien? Ambien does sometimes cause sleepwalking; if he's on Ambien, he should probably discontinue it and try another drug like Lunesta or Rozarem instead.

I'm so sorry he said those things to you. I don't know all the things he's said, but I wanted to say that the porn-related comment may not have had to do with what you look like. I hang with a lot of guys, talk to a lot of guys, and end up interviewing them about their attitudes on this stuff. Guys' affinity for pornstar women often has FAR less to do with looks than with sexual attitudes and appetites. Women in porn are always wanting to have sex, willing to try exotic sexual activities, etc.; from what I've gathered, many guys wish their partners would be more sexually open and would desire sex more often. Don't feel like he's saying you're not attractive enough, because that may not be what his unconscious sleepwalking brain meant to say at all.

Clearly, though, his sleep-talking comments are doing nothing to help your desire to have sex with him.

He sounds like a jerk, and I can't shake that vibe. Maybe it's time to move on, especially if he's too inconsiderate to believe you about the sleepwalking.

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Same problem

He doesn't believe me, blows it off like nothing. Alway after drinking he becomes insulting and aggressive in his sleep I even tried to take video to how him. I get scared and I have no idea what to do

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if he doesn't believe you or care that he is hurting you, then he is a selfish asshole and you should leave him. bottom line.

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Hi, I'm 16 and started sleepwalking within the past 6 months. I've read that sleepwalking can be caused by stress or sleep deprivation. I've looked on my life and have found nothing to be stressed about. I also get roughly 8 hours of sleep each night. It started with just talking, saying nonsense words. Soon I was saying words. Then my friends started telling me that I was walking around and hitting my space heater and opening and closing my door, while talking. I was just told by my brother that three days ago (Thanksgiving), I was sleep walking. He woke up to find me standing near some stairs, holding onto a small rocking chair that belongs to my 4 year old cousin. He asked me what I was doing; I said "shit fucker!" and smashed the rocking chair against the stairs. Then I went over to the pool table, took a pool cue, and started hitting the table with it. After that, I walked up the stairs, knocked on the door twice, walked down the stairs, and got back in bed. My brother told me that I also continued to talk and roll around in my sleep. This (to my knowledge) has been the most...aggressive of my sleep walking. I have no idea why I've started sleepwalking, and I'm thinking about consulting a doctor. I've read that sleepwalking occurs mostly in children, so I'm confused as to why I'm sleepwalking. Nobody else in my family sleepwalks, I don't take any medication, and I don't have any (mental) illnesses.
Thanks for reading :)

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Stopping Night Drinking

I am a college student and I live in a dorm by myself which makes my experiences very scary ones and I've realized that most of the times that it has happened that I had been pretty drunk before I feel asleep. Both bad instances happened when I was drinking a lot of craft beers but I don't sleep walk on the cheaper ones for some reason.

So last light, like I said, I had gotten pretty drunk at a club off of craft beers and although I can remember every bit of the night until I fell asleep I found myself outside of the residence hall that I live in at 5 AM. I remember falling asleep around 3 AM but do not recall anything at all from walking outside. It was reaaaaally sketchy because I didn't have my ID which I swipe at the door to get in so I had to knock on the door for the receptionist at the front to come to the door. I was able to give her my information and stuff but I felt extremely nervous with it being 5 AM and the fact that I was wearing only flip flops, jeans, and a T-shirt when it was probably 50 degrees outside.

Another instance that happened probably a couple months ago dealt with me being the drunkest I have ever been in my life. I don't recall what I did but I do know that I did it. I woke up the next day and took a shower and stuff in the community bathroom and then came back to my room and grabbed something that was sitting in my disc shaped chair and I noticed it was completely soaked. I got down on my knees and smelt the soaked chair and at first it didn't really have an odor so I thought I might of just poured water or something on it in my sleepwalking but I blotted out the wetness with a towel and it came out yellow so it was definitely urine.

Both of these experiences really sucked and I feel like if something like this happens again then I'm definitely going to stop the heavy drinking which is a benefit all together even though it's fun and stuff. However, I could just heavy drink on game days and stuff just because I wouldn't be going to sleep while I'm drunk which I think is the cause of my sleepwalking.

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sleep walking

I have always sleep walked, when I was younger it was stuff like waking up in the bath, or nearly peeing in the corner of my brothers room, then it nearly stopped altogether, and was minor stuff like sitting bolt upright and trying to talk to people (but not making sense). The thing is I don't know whether I did carry on doing it as I never remember when I sleep walk unless I get woken up half way through, the only reason I know it happens is cus people tell me. I had a girlfriend for a year and she would tell me when I did weird things. Recently (I'm now 20) I've been sleep walking more severely, possibly due to the fact I've started drinking a lot more recently (I've been doing research on sleep walking and it says that alcohol can induce sleep walking). I've woken up randomly on the sofa and walked into one of the people I share my house with's room. The last 2 nights that I have gone out drinking I have woken up with puddles of water on my floor and I had no idea why, but I smelled the puddle this morning (I went out last night) and it is urine, so basically I got out of bed and went to the toilet on my floor. I am worried that I will start doing more severe things, like something which could hurt me or the people I live with, what should I do? Thanks. Oh also this probably isn't the right place to ask but I've been getting really aggressive recently when I get drunk (like really aggressive) and I think I need to see somebody about that too, I'm not usually an aggressive person when I'm sober. Any replies would be appreciated :)

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Sleep Walking

I've slept walk when i was 6 . I was upstair asleep on the top bunk , i managed to get down from the bunk bed , walk down the stairs , unlock 2 doors and go outside and nearly broke into my neighbours house this all happened while i was sleeping .

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His First Time. . .

This is the first time it's happened - I was sitting in the lounge and I heard my boyfriend get out of bed and walk into the study. I yelled down the hallway and asked him what he was doing but he didnt respond, so I walked to the study only to find him PEEING ALL OVER THE DESK!
I'm so glad I found this website because it freaked me out a little bit to be honest. I asked him what he was doing and he just looked at me with glazed over eyes and kept going. . . . . .
The best part was having to clean it up because he fell back asleep! Definately going to marry this one.

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Same thing

I've commented above about how this same thing happened to me. I woke up to my husband yelling at me because I was peeing in my second dresser drawer. Apparently my first response to him yelling at me though was "well if I would have gone in the bathroom you would've been mad at me". Not sure where I got that idea from or why I would say that. Super embarrassing and kinda scary.

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Selective sleepwalking

I have been with my Boyfriend for almost two years now, and almost everynight we sleep in the same bed I sleepwalk, talk, panic or scream. The weird thing is, no-one else has ever noticed it, neither my mum, elder brother, best friend (whom I practically lived with) or extended family and friends. Only on one other occasion have I been told I was whimperinng in my sleep, and that was when I was waiting for my boyfriend to arrive with friends - I love him a lot, but this can't be normal??? We don't have any issues so why am I only sleepwalking with him?

This is my experiences with sleepwalking, if anyone has experienced similar would be good to know!

Also, I do sometimes wake up remembering what I sleepwalked/talked about so he's not lying, before someone points that out

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I did the same

When I was younger, I got a new bunk bed and I started sleepwalking and talking in my sleep. We got rid of my bunk bed and I slept on the floor for a while. I ended up one night trying to climb up my desk (how I usually did when I had a bunk bed) trying to reach the "top bunk". When I got a normal bed, I stopped doing anything in my sleep. I just slept. So don't worry, it's not just you that sleepwalks at certain times (I know a boyfriend isn't quite the same as a bunk bed, but....)

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Sleepwalking & Urinating

I have begun to have similar experiences over the last few months. I will either have a foggy memory of the event or none at all. It always occurs after drinking beer and apparently shortly after going to bed. Last night I peed in a bucket in our laundry room. This must stop. Time to get sober.

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I'm a 25 year old female. As A child I suffered with sleep talking and screaming uncontrollably in my sleep. However when I started to drink as an adult I began to sleep walk and peeing, always after drinking. The first time I walked into my parents room and peed in a draw. once i left the house walked to the end of street knocked on my friends door and she had to take me home. I have probably had 15-20 incidence of sleep walking and sometimes peeing in the past 9 years, the true figure is unknown though, as these are only ones ive been told of as i never have any recollection of them. However recently it happened 3 times in a month. I have a 2 year old son and I'm scared I might try to take him somewhere. Recently on holiday I left the hotel room walked down 2 flights of stair and was standing by the swimming pool when my husband found me. He had luckily woken up and found me gone, but then had to leave my son asleep alone so he could come and find me. I've decided to stop drinking but sociable sensible drinking is a large part of our lives and its going to be very hard but it's not just for my safety it's also for my sons.

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Confused, is this normal?

I went to a party, and I have only recently began drinking (I'm a lightweight) but decided to get totally drunk. Now here's where it gets blurry I think I may have got involved in some sexual activities and then sat on a chair. I have no memories after sitting in this chair until approximately 4 hours later where I can only describe as i woke up mid pee, yes MID PEE. I was really disoriented. I still am to be quite honest. Oh but it gets weirder, after wondering around the house I found my friends who then informed me that I had just been rude to them and had been behaving strangely for the past couple of hours and had been walking around in circles. I have zero memory of this. As a child I often sleep walked, I believe that this was a case of me reverting to old habits. Do you think I was sleep walking? Do you think it was the alcohol? should u be worried? And has anyone experienced anything like this (waking up mid poo/pee) before? Btw not sure if this is relevant but I'm 17 (yes I'm rather young to be drinking, sue me)

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Any suggestions?

In the last 25 years, I've had 3 alcohol-related sleep-peeing incidents, always when I couldn't get to my usual bathroom either because I was in a strange place or because the bathroom was occupied. Now, if these were chronic and/or utterly random alcohol-related events, then the obvious solution would be not to drink, but it is neither chronic nor random, so giving up alcohol is not really the very first thing I want to try. I've noticed that it happens when
- I've been drinking, and not necessarily even excessively
- I have a full bladder, for example after drinking beer rather than wine
- I'm disoriented when I wake up to go to the bathroom

I'm going to try a few measures like leaving the light on in strange bathrooms, locking the front door of where-ever I'm staying (yup - I'm a wanderer), peeing before going to bed, etc. Any other suggestions? I'm wondering if I shouldn't just leave the bedroom light on as well.

Again, it happens pretty rarely, but is utterly terrifying when it does happen, because on 2 of the 3 times, I've ended up wandering around in strange surroundings in the dark and in my underwear. On top of it all, I'm usually in a half-awake, half-dreaming state, so everything I see is somehow overlaid with whatever it is that I am dreaming, so I'm just aware of my surroundings enough to feel lost and in trouble, but not lucid enough to figure out where I am and how to get back to where I need to be. Put simply, the issue is not quite so much peeing while sleepwalking (although that is incredibly embarrassing) but rather sleepwalking due to needing to pee.

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TV Question


I work at a TV development company in NYC called Crybaby Media. Currently, we are interested in talking to people with sleep disorders for a new show we are developing.

If you suffer from sleep walking, sleep paralysis, night terrors, or any other sleep disorder, I'd love to chat with you. Feel free to email me at

Let me know if you're interested in talking!


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Walking up the stairs

I'm 13 years old, female. Last night I feel asleep on the couch while watching a movie. My parents got home around 11:30pm and said that they had woken me up and I had got up off the couch and walked up the stairs all by myself. The werid part is I don't remember doing this at all! This has happened to me before, I don't understand, am I sleep walking?

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Sleep peeing?

My husband of almost two years has been sleep peeing. After reading some posts, I guess I'm lucky he pees in the bathroom but its in the sink and bathtub. I don't know what to do. I always wake up but does that mean I need to follow him in the bathroom and wake him up? This is just crazy! I only want two kids, not a third adult child I have to babysit. Help! Btw, he doesn't drink at all, so it's not that.

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Sleep Peeing

My boyfriend has sleep-peed a couple of times. I've woken up to him "going" in our desk draws and once in a corner bin. We were kind of worried about it, but went to a film festival recently and watched this film about sleep peeing: really made us laugh. Also watch the movie Sleep Walk With Me it's great.

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my boyfriend sleep pees too!

SOOO my boyfriend sleep pees too! lol, We have lived together for about 5 years and it seems to only happens when he drinks but it does occasionally happen when he's not drinking. it hasn't been for a happening while, ( we hardly ever drink anymore) he sleep walks and pees in my clean white laundry basket on and in my dresser as well, and on the end of the bed on i woke up in the nick of time before he peed in my rabbits cage. when he lived at home in highschool he used to pee on his brother they shared a room, e would pee on his brothers bed. and its not just him its his whole family and not only peeing his brother also pees and his sister will turn on the flat iron and straighten her hair. My bf smokes cigarettes and once i even found him in his car outside our home!!! And thats what worries me the most, i can deal with re doing the laundry and cleaning my dresser up after him, but not him sleep walking out of the house into his car. It worries me for his safety :( any tips on help would surly be appreciated!!! Thanks :)

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sleep walking

i am 38 male i sleeo walk at least once or twice a month i often get up for a wee in different places the most resent thing i have done is walk down stairs bring up a kitchen chair trying to get into the loft how can you help i also wake up with no clothes on

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pissing in the papasan chair

This weekend my friend got into a fight with her boyfriend and ended up getting kind of drunk and passing out in my bed with her feet on the pillows. I woke up to her wondering all around my room, i asked if she was okay but got no response, eventually i yelled at her still asking if she was okay again and than she sat on my bed and said "YES" then got up took off her pants and sat in my pasan chair and began to piss. I got up turned on the lights and yelled "Dre your pissing in my chair" and she just looked at me with glazed over eyes and slightly smiled, Than she puled up her pants and fell back asleep half way off my bed. ya good times.

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Peeing while sleepwalking

After reading a lot of these comments, i thought i'd add mine.
I have peed next to the toilet 2 times,
on my bedroom door once,
on my desk chair once,
in my trashbin ( next to my chair ),
and ... 2 times in my bed -_-* Sooooo embarresing to wake up like that.

Anyways i have noticed if i get drunk on whisky i have almost no flued in my body,
so i don't need to pee in my sleep. While with beer there is always to much flued inside you.

I like whisky so i think i'll stick to that for now, only a few beers in the beginning for me now so i can pee it all out.

haha crazy stuff happens i guess, lucky i found this post. Some good info in it.

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Me too

My fiancé is really mad at me cause I peed in our dresser last night but prior to that I peed in her drawer a few weeks ago, it seems to happen only when drink so I feel I need to lay off the sauce a bit

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It's me again

It's me again ...
It happened again guys ...
Yesterday i drank some absinth and,
i woke up with a hangover looking on the ground and see no pee lol so i thought i was safe.
Then i went to turn on my computer and ...
My whole desk, keyboard, computer, books, everything was wet from my pee !
The power was out and my freezer defrosted ...
I just cleaned everything and got the power back on.
But damn ... i mean wtf ... this has got to end !

Not only that, but i remember telling some really akward stuff to people ^^

I think no more drinking for me :(
It simply has got to end !

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Drunk Pissing

So I get drunk only like 1 night in two weeks, but when I drink a lot I always go to bed and start pissing everywhere. Never on my actual bed, but I've pissed anywhere from right next to my bed on the carpet to all the way downstairs and in a corner. Possibly the worst time was when i got up (i dont remember any of this) and pissed into my drawer with white tshirts, needless to say I did a big load of whites the next day..Why can't I find the bathroom when I'm drunk sleepwalking? If I can find a drawer to piss in why can't I find a toilet? Is there anything I can do to prevent pissing everywhere? Obviously not drinking would do the trick but i want to figure out a way to solve this

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my son pees at night

my 5 year old sleep walks, he has since he was about 2, but he only recently started trying to pee in weird places. Ive managed to get him to the washroom most times but he always seems to try to pee in the fridge. tonight i managed to get him out of the fridge but his pants came down and he peed on the kitchen floor. he woke up about 30 seconds later with his underwear down and pee on his legs standing in a big puddle not knowing what had happened. He has also tried to leave the house while sleep walking. i dont know what to do. im going to talk to his doctor and hopefully get some input from her...

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any help?

hi there, i struggle with my sleep. i had problems as a kid. and all was fine.... now in my thirties its ridiculous, ive locked myself outside, i have walked outside several times, walked the dog. had counselling, affected so bad i gave up. please help x

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Got drunk and pissed on the carpet.

Was drinking beer, playing with the dogs and watching TV alone late on Friday. I went into the bedroom to go to bed, but decided to go have another beer. For some reason I just decided to take a leak right next to the bed. I don't really know what I was thinking, I just needed to relieve myself then and there, so I did. I kind of felt like one of the dogs, marking my territory or something.. My wife woke up and asked what was going on. She went back to sleep, not angry, but I think she is worried about me. I am so ashamed today, I really don't even want to leave my room. I am off drink; that was a little too out of control for me.
Thank you for this blog, this is not something I would even discuss with my doctor.

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drunk (pissed)

My husband drinks quite often , and he keeps waking trying to find the bathroom in our bedroom and he has almost peed in the closet twice and by the wIndow at least 3 times,
i redirect him to the bathroom and off he goes and then comes back to bed
In the morning, he doesnt remember it at all!

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Sleep walk peeing son

My son who is 6 does this. It isn't quite as frequent as it used to be, but it is bad enough that we are going to have to replace carpeting. It isn't ever the same place, and it is always on the floor. He seems to be walking to where he thinks the bathroom is and just peeing. We have tried waking him up in the middle of the night and taking him to the bathroom, and sometimes that helps, but not always. We have no idea what to do, but this problem is going to end up costing up thousands of dollars in repairs! Help!

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Sleep peeing!

My 6 yr old sleep walks at least twice a week and pees in various places, our bed, garbage cans, on our rugs, kitchen floor, tub, and various other places. We have a difficult time wakin him up. I have been big on making him go potty before bed, if I see him up we pick him up and take him to bathroom. Sometimes works! Lastnight almost pee'd on our decorative bed pillows! He does not take medicine, we limit his intake of fluids at night.

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drunk sleep walk peeing

For some odd reason i have no idea why but every once in a while when i have some beer with friends and i go to sleep, I will sleep walk and pee in my shoes. Ill slightly remember my experiences but ill look for a certain pair of shoes and pee in both of them and make sure it holds my pee with out spilling.

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me too

i ve share the same problem as u and my shoes seems to get it all the time plus on top of that i chart at my girlfriend while being asleep ,it s really stressful as i m scared i might get physical with her !!
she actually recorded me as i have non-recognition of the event !!
i need help , but before seeking help i need to stop drinking !!
it s killing me pfff