Chlamydiah Affects women and their unborn child

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As the most reported Sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the United States of America, Chlamydia has become the most complicated STD to exist. Chlamydia is a common STD that is caused by a type of bacteria called Chlamydia trachomatis, (it is important to note that Chlamydia trachomatis can damage a woman's reproductive organs). Chlamydia lives in vaginal fluid and in semen. It is known to be a “silent” disease because the symptoms are usually mild or absent. It can take a long time for an individual realize that they have this disease. Chlamydia symptoms usually appear within one to three weeks after being infected. Those who do not have the symptoms may have an abnormal discharge (mucus or pus) from the vaginal or penis, or experiencing pain while urinating (Chlamydia, 1). Affecting approximately 2.8 Americans per year, Chlamydia has played a significant role to why pregnant women and their unborn children have complications once born. In this paper I will explore how Chlamydia affects pregnant women and their unborn children, but first I will introduce how this “silent disease”, Chlamydia, is transmitted and how it can be treated.

Chlamydia is transmitted through sexual contact with an infected person. It can be passed during vaginal, anal or oral sex. It also can be treated, but because the symptoms are mild many people do not know that they need to be treated. There for the Chlamydia spreads through out the affected person body. Chlamydia treatment involves antibiotics, either a single dose of “azithromycin” or a week of “doxyclcline” (twice a day) (Chlamydia treatment, 1). Azithromycin is an antibiotic that is apart of the macrolides drug class. This medicine kills bacteria in the body by affecting peptide activity and decreasing bacteria’s ability to make protein. It comes in either a tablet or liquid suspension form. Similar to azithromycin, doxyclcline also decrease bacteria’s ability to make protein. It is apart of the “tetracyclines” drug class. Both antibiotic serves the purpose of killing the bacteria, however because many women are not aware that they are infected with this “silent” disease, complications appears in their reproduction system.

Chlamydia complications typically affect women more than it affects men. In women, untreated Chlamydia infection can spread into the uterus causing damage to their fallopian tubes, uterus and surrounding tissues. In the case of pregnant women, Chlamydia poses risks to the mother and the baby. A woman can experience an ectopic pregnancy- which is when a fertilized egg implants in a fallopian tube or elsewhere in the abdomen rather than in the uterus, making it impossible for the pregnancy to continue. This condition results in a miscarriage and can cause the death of a mother (Chlamydia in Pregnancy, 2). Chlamydia complicates pregnancy for woman and their unborn child. However, if the pregnancy continues, the baby conditions can also become complicated.

A baby who is exposed to the Chlamydia trachomatis in the birth canal during delivery may develop an eye infection or pneumonia. As the baby passes through the birth canal, he or she will come into contact with the woman blood and vaginal fluids. The baby can get conjunctivitis after being exposed to their mother infected vaginal fluids. The baby usually has symptoms of conjunctivitis, which include discharge and swollen eyelids (usually develop within the first ten days of his/her life). Symptoms of pneumonia, including a cough that gets steadily worse and congestion, most often develop within three to six weeks after birth (Chlamydia in Pregnancy, 1). It is evitable that one-quarter to one-half of the babies who are infected by their mothers “untreated Chlamydia”, develop conjunctivitis a few days to a few weeks after birth, and five percent to 20 percent develop pneumonia a few weeks to several months after birth (Chlamydia in Pregnancy, 3). An unborn child can also face others issues due to the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis.

In addition, Chlamydia has also been inked to with premature delivery, resulting from the “infection stimulating the rapture of a woman’s uterine.” This means that if a woman has Chlamydia she can give birth to the baby well before its due date. It is also possible that if a woman’s baby contracts Chlamydia from her, the baby can also develop infections in the genitals, lungs and also the ears (Pregnancy Problems, 1). Pregnancy complications get worse if the baby catch’s Chlamydia form its mother. Chlamydia affects a woman’s unborn child drastically once the baby is born into this world. In fact between 20% and 50% of babies born to infected mothers will contract the infection. In severe cases blindness may occur and a child can have respiratory disease for a long time if not treated.

As the silent disease, Chlamydia tends to strike many pregnant women. The problem is that if they do not get treated than their unborn child will more likely have life complications once born into this naked world. Is this fair for the unborn child? NO! It is not unfair for a child to have medical problems because of their mother’s past actions. More women should get tested; the problem is that since the disease takes a long time to appear in woman, it is too late to treat the organs that have already been damaged from the Chlamydia. Chlamydia is significant to why women have “Pelvic Inflammation Disease” (PID). This disease is a serious infection f the reproductive organs. The bacteria can infect the cervix, fallopian tubes, and urine canal in women. PID can cause scarring of the fallopian tubes, which can block the tubes and prevent fertilization from taking place (Chlamydia, 2). If fertilization can not take place than the woman’s reproduction system is damaged. A woman can face the hardships of not being able to have a baby. If they can, imagine if a baby is infected with the Chlamydia that his/her mother has given them, they are bound to have some type of medical problem once born.

More than three million cases of Chlamydia occur in the United States each year! Although Chlamydia can be treated, it cannot undo any damage that may have already occurred in a woman’s reproductive system. If pregnant, Chlamydia not only affects ones body negatively, but there child too. Why would a woman want to put their child through the many horrible conditions expressed in this paper? If Chlamydia could not be treated, then I could see why many children can face the various problems that they have once they come in contact with Chlamydia, but it is curable. Women across the world need to get tested for Chlamydia; it is one way to stop the harm of their reproductive system. If pregnant, they will not have to worry about the negative affects that Chlamydia has on their unborn child. Although it is a sneaky, silent disease, it is curable. So ladies save your child from the horrible conditions and your reproductive organ systems, get tested!


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chlamydia during pregnancy

I know for a fact, that you cannot catch chlamydia from a toilet because you don't wash well enough. You contract it from a person that is infected. Please, young ladies, if you think your partner is faithful, think again. Don't do damage to an innocent being. You cannot keep getting treated and avoiding the real problem, your partner who keeps infecting you. If your partner fucks you once, shame on him. IF HE FUCKS YOU TWICE, SHAME ON YOU.

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Due In 4 Days With STD

I'm Due In 4 Days and Just Found Out I Have Chalamydia. Is There Any Way I Can Get It Cured Before My Baby Gets Here?

Please Help.

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I tested positive, got the call yesterday. And tomorrow I will be 16 weeks. Long story short, I'm going to be a single mom. I was with my bd for 3 years (me being his first and only partner) and we broke up for 6 months. I was with someone else, who cheated on me and gave me the STD. I'm not sure if he gave it to me a year ago or just 2 months ago, since I slept with him again after my bd left me (I was already 9 weeks pregnant at that time). Should I tell my childs father to get tested just to be safe? We're not on speaking terms, but I don't know if he even has it or if the other guy got it after he and I broke up.

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the other side...

my mother was infected by this std when she was 8 months pregnant with me. although she took the medication to rid the disease it still had lasting effects on me. i am 20 years old and blind in my left eye with major issues also in my right eye as well. when i was born the doctors said i would by blind by 18. i had to have corrective surgery when i was only 4 years old to correct the laziness in my left eye. i've had severe asthma since i was born also, but i will say that it was much worse when i was younger. to any mother-to-be that is reading this, please please please take into consideration the LIFE LONG effects on your child. please make good decisions while carrying your child. this has not only effected my body, but my entire life as a whole. i cant drive, i cant read books because of the strain it puts on my eyes, ive been picked on and made fun of, and my relationship with my mother is always questioned in my mind. please dont do this to your baby, and this is coming from the other side of the fence.

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Hi, I was 7 weeks pregnat

Hi, I was 7 weeks pregnat when I tested positive for chlaymydia it was my first knowing that I hAd that disease and also my first time being pregnat.
So I was very nervous and scared during my pregnacy scared that this STD could affect my pregnacy will I got treated
The same day I found out in went to the doctor 3 weeks later
And found out I had a miscarrage my baby ultra sound showed 6weeks and I knew I was 10
The doctor told me I had miscarryed and my baby had heartbeat. I was very sad and lost at the
Time I didn't really no what too think I was just heart because I had so many plans for my Baby not knowing was it a girl or boy.. I was under alot of stress and still is now I just next go around I have successful and healthy pregnacy I was told too this take my vitmans so me and boyfriend will try again in a month or two ...

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I am 14 weeks pregnant and

I am 14 weeks pregnant and just found out that I have Clamydia. I am going to pick up my medication in the morning. Could my baby already be effected by this?

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please can you give an

please can you give an update? i am 16 weeks pregnant and just found out i have it. are there any complications so far?

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Hey did you ever find anything out yet cause I'm scarf that I might be pregnant and I have chlamydia to

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im 7 months pregnant and have chlamydia!!! what can happen?

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Im so worried

ive been trying with my fiance for 3 years to get pregnant and now that im finally preg im more nervous than ever that somethings going to go wrong. I had chlamydia a long time ago and i feel it never went away. is it most likely that im not going to carry properly? please help.

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Hey I've just been tested positive for chlamydiah and I'm also due in 4 days.
What can I do?
And is there a chance it can get cured before I give birth?
Please help. Thank you.

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Did anything happen to ur

Did anything happen to ur baby?? I'm pregnant to and I'm 17 and idk if I have chlamydhia but I feel I do ..

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I'm 5 months pregnant and I got positive doctor gave me an antibiotics but I'm still scared for my unborn child.What is going to happen to my unborn child.Is she going tone OK? I wonder if that virus will be back again even tho I got treated?

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Im in the same condition that

Im in the same condition that that you were in while pregnant,Just Wamted to ask you how did everything turn out qith your baby.I am due January 11.&Im worried about somethinq beinq wronq.

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your child can be born with eye infection

javiensmommy's picture

Can the infection be

Can the infection be permanent.

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help im scared

Can some one email me its not letting me type my question in . Please help me give some answer im scared

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To everyone asking questions about the risks to their unborn child/pregnancy etc, you need to speak to a doctor or qualified medical practitioner not complete strangers on the internet. You do not know these people who are giving out advice especially the one who says you can catch it from a toilet - hello???? It's a sexually transmitted infection - the clue is in the name. You wouldn't walk up to a stanger on the street and accept their advice so go and speak to someone who is trained and in te right position to tell you the truth.

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me n mine

Well.I've been cured for it abt 3 times while I was bd had an on going affair I dint find out abt until the last...long story short, my kid is five Now ...complains about back pain and itchy vagina... Help! Does she have it????

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hey im 23 weeks and a half

hey im 23 weeks and a half pregant iv got told from the doctor iv got Chalamydia,they gave me tablets to get rid of it but could this harm my bab on anyway ?
shes due in july .

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Pregnant with Chlamydia

My wife has the same situation as you. 23 weeks and just got the news from the clinic that she is positive for Chlamydia. The news I'm seeing looks good. There is an antibiotic that will cure the Chlamydia with just one dose. There is only risk to the baby if the baby is exposed to the infected female fluids on the birth canal during child birth. I've read nothing yet that says that there is any risk to the baby if the disease is cured before birth.

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Please respond

I'm 7 months pregnant and I've been positive for chlamydia off and on my whole pregnancy what is the percentage that my baby would be blind

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Im 9 months pregnant and found out i have chlamydia a week Before im due what can happen to my baby i took the antibiotic

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i want a baby

I am positive chlamydia over a years. i would like to know the high risk percent in not getting pregnant because of chlamydia. Now i am 2 years married but still not pregnant. after a simple tested shows that no eggs produced. Is it because of damage to the fallopian tubes, uterus, and surrounding tissues? most important things CAN I STILL HAVE A CHILD?

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chlamydia in children

please help! i have been tested positive for chlamydia i have been totally faithful to my partner of 11yrs & have full trust in him that he has been faithful to me, whats bothering me is weather my 4 young children have this? my first baby was born in 2004 at 28weeks he survived but has suffered with throat infections, breathlessness. Could it be that he has chlamydia,do GPs test children i need to know that my children have not got this who do i need to contact? please help.

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std and pregnancy

ive had the infection before and my doctor gave me the pills to clear it up i have gone on 2 have 2 healthy boys im also 31weeks pregnant my pregnancy has been fine up untill now iv recently found out my boyfriend of 4years has slept with somebody elsa. Im goin to get tested as soon as possible but what affects could it have on are unborn baby if i have cought a infection from him already

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I had a chlamydia test done when i was 3mths preggo and came out positive. I took antibiotics and got tested again. The results came out positive again. My doctor gave me the antibiotics again. Im scared that the diseas wont go away. My ultrasound said that my baby was in perfect condisions. Should I still worry about it? Is there anything else that cures the infection?

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I had chlamydia and Im 4 months pregnant. I believe you should talk to your sex mate, and tell him to get clean.. Before having sex with him again. Do you wait for a week before intercourse.? You have to take the medicine correctly.

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Just Found Out

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant, and today at my doctor's appoinment i found that i have Chlamydial. I am really worried, for myself, My partner and my unborn child. I don't know how except this. i am really worried. I took Zithromax that my nusre suggest i take, and an also and antibiotic for my partner. I'm scared for my unborn child, or if im gonna have to go through a preterm labor!

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I'm curious because I'm in

I'm curious because I'm in the same situation. i tested positive for chlamydia but i don't no if my girlfriend has it or not. everyone says its a strong chance she does but the part about it is that she is 10 weeks pregnant and hasn't told her mom about it AND she hasn't even been to the doc yet for her first visit. she suppose to be going whenever she gets medicaid but she doesn't know when she'll receive it but I'm really just scared that it will effect the baby since she hasnt been to the doc but what I wanna know is can the doc be able to tell if the baby will be affected with it or not? Or do you just have to wait until birth to findout???...

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Chlamydia testing is now so easy

I fully agree.

The problem with clamydia is that most times you won't even have any symptoms, so you don't get tested.

Or if there are symptoms, some people even feel embarassed to go to their doctor to test for STD-s.

The NIH recommends that every woman over 25 gets tested for chlamydia every year. There are now chlamydia tests and STD tests available to order over the internet, so discretion is no longer an issue and there is no excuse, especially if planning a pregnancy.

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I would like to know the high risk percent in not getting pregnant because of chlamydia ?

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i have this diseas and i am

i have this diseas and i am very youbng by me being 14 i know that i shouold be worried but i have went n got treatment i was wondering will i still b able to have children

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My Name Is kayla And Am 15 I

My Name Is kayla And Am 15 I Have The Same Question Because Am Cured Already But Im Cutious And This Comment Was In 2009 Wow So I Just wanted To ask You do You Have Kids Can I Still Havr Kids In the Future .?

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im really worried

when i first found out i was pregnant they told me i also had chlamydia so they gave me a treatment and i thought everything was fine from there, about 2 months later i went to an appoitnment and they told me i still have it .im really scared for my child but also i want to know will the treatment affect my baby in anyway?

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whats the chances of loosing my baby

i am 6 weeks pregnant and i just found out that i have chlamydia im getting my medications tomorrow what are the chances of loosing my unborn child Ive been with the same person for 6 months does he have it also we did conceive a baby when having the std i guess its still possible to have the baby

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hello i have a problem and i need an answer im close to 5 months and i have had this disease my whole pregnacy do you think my baby will be blind or have a disablility ???

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i am diagnosed with chlamydia and im worried

my doctor found out that i have chlamydia he has given me antibiotics for it but it keeps coming back and im also 7 months pregnant i wanna know how does it affect my baby when it's born and if it can be treated so he won't have it anymore for the rest of his life

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I'm pregnant

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and i just found out that i have chlymidia I'm worried abouut the effects it may have on my child. If i'm treated for the disease and its cured will my unborn child be effected in any way?

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when I found out that I was

when I found out that I was preggo. I got a regular checkup with my obgyn that was going to be treating me through out the nine months. He discovered that I had chlamydia I was treated for it. So my next appt he didn't say anything bout it so I'm guessin it went away, so now I had my baby and she's bout to turn two weeks old and her eyes been watery and running with pulse every since she was born. so I'm wonderin was I cured from the std and did I pass it on to my baby?

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What do I do? This is my 2nd time being diagnosed with Chlamydia

Hi, thanks for your blog.

I have a question: In March '07 I was diagnosed with Chlamydia and my doctor gave me antibiotics to get rid of it. A year later, I went for my pap test and took a Chlamydia test; which came back positive.My doctor suggests my partner take antibiotics as well...

Could it be that my STD was never treated and I have carried it out for a year unknowingly? And if so, what could be the consequences ? Is oral sex the culprit?


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i went to the doctor and got

i went to the doctor and got tested for chlamydia and it came back positve i received some antibiotics for it and i still have it i know by now my fallopian tubes are probly damaged but is it still posible for me to have a baby i really need to know

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chlamydia on the unborn child

what does it do to the unborn child

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Their some way to protect

Their some way to protect from Chlamydia?

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Yes there is you have to use

Yes there is you have to use condom you and your sex partner, but never have sex with many people they might be infected.

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Keep your self clean wash and

Keep your self clean wash and use condoms and also the Chalamydia it self is just a bacteria that can be picked up by many other ways not just sleeping around, like if you dont wash right you can even pick it up from using public restrooms

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