Déjà vu and the Brain, Consciousness and Self

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UGH! I Just Got the Creepiest Feeling That I Have Been Here Before:
Déjà vu and the Brain, Consciousness and Self

Julia Johnson

We have all some experience of a feeling, that comes over us occasionally, of what we are saying and doing having been said and done before, in a remote time - of our having been surrounded, dim ages ago, by the same faces, objects, and circumstances - of our knowing perfectly what will be said next, as if we suddenly remember it! (Dickens in David Copperfield - chapter 39 (1))

It happens to me and it has probably happened to you. It is sudden and fleeting, leaving as unexpectedly as it came. While the experience is striking in its clarity and detail, it is difficult to recapture or recount. Generally, it is left unexplained and is described in a vague sense, often simply as, "Wow, I just got the strangest déjà vu." Because it is so difficult to research and seems to have no deleterious effects on daily and long-term nervous system function, déjà vu has been left largely to the wayside of neurobiological investigation. In all of its ambiguity, déjà vu is still a perplexing phenomenon that has not yet been fully explained. The value of truly understanding the source of déjà vu and its circuitry is in uncovering one of the many keys to the role of the conscious self in the functioning of the brain.

What is déjà vu and how does it work? Déjà vu is considered a common phenomenon. Surveys show that about one third of the population has had the most common form of déjà vu sensations (1). Due to the subjective and often indescribable nature of the associated feelings, it has been difficult, to determine who is actually experiencing déjà vu. In general, however, déjà vu is "any number of hard-to-explain sometimes upsetting occurrences of unexpected recognition, in which the person involved has trouble identifying an antecedent for the events and/or places which seem so strangely and intensely familiar (1)." Déjà vu has been defined as "familiarity without awareness (13)." While the situational cues of a déjà vu are familiar, there is a definite lack of awareness about the specific source of the memory.

Arthur Funkhouser (1) defines three types of déjà vu in an attempt to more clearly delineate between associated, but different, neurological experiences. These are déjà vecu (already experienced), déjà senti (already felt) and déjà visité (already visited). Déjà vecu is the most common déjà vu experience and involves the sensation of having done something or having been in an identical situation before and knowing what will happen next. These sensations are often felt through several senses: seeing, hearing, taste, touch and proprioceptive perceptions. The experience is often incredibly detailed and is usually connected to very normal activities. Although the episode itself lasts from only a fraction of a second to several minutes, it can often be remembered in minute detail long after the episode has occurred. One experiencer says, "There came this strange, almost physical up-welling of visual experience, a visual warping, and at the same time an eerie realization that everything happening now had happened before, maybe many times (11)."

Déjà senti is different from déjà vecu in that the episode of recollection feels more like the recovery of long sought after information. The sensation is one of satisfaction at having retrieved a memory although the memory was not actively sought. This form of déjà vu does not involve any feelings of premonition and the episodes quickly dissipate from memory. Déjà senti has been strongly associated with the partial seizure experiences reported by temporal lobe epilepsy patients. The extended nature of these episodes has allowed for more detailed descriptions of the feelings associated with a déjà senti event. "It was as if one of my dreams had simply been sucked out of the actual, physical environment and set to playing again in every detail (11)." Déjà visité is a more rare event in which a person visits a new place and feels that it is familiar. It is associated more with spatial dimensions while déjà vecu is associated with situations and processes. Déjà vu experiences can be in one of the three forms described above or can be a mixed version with a combined déjà vu effect [The above from (1)].

What causes a déjà vu episode? There are several possible explanations for what is occurring during a déjà vu experience. One possibility is simply the occasional mismatch made by the brain in its continuous attempt to create whole sensical pictures out of very small pieces of information. Looking at memory as a hologram, only bits of sensory information are needed for the brain to reconstruct entire three-dimensional images. When the brain receives a small sensory input (a sight, a smell, a sound) that is strikingly similar to such a detail experienced in the past, the entire memory image is brought forward. The brain has taken the past to be the present by virtue of one tiny bit of sensory information. It is this mismatch of past and present sensory information that causes the sense of disconcertment and unease associated with a passing déjà vu [The above from (2) and (3)]. This theory provides a satisfactory explanation for the physical effects of déjà vu. These appear to be similar to the effects of mismatch between sensory input and corollary discharge signal information to the brain. It does not, however, seem to provide sufficient answers to individual (even my own) accounts of déjà vu, where the memory image pulled up is not necessarily from a true past event.

Another explanation for déjà vu is that there is a slight malfunctioning between the long and short-term memory circuits of the brain. Somehow, specific information shortcuts its way from short to long-term memory storage, bypassing the usual mechanisms used for storage transfer. The details concerning this shortcut are not yet well understood. When this new, recent piece of information is drawn upon, the person thinks that the piece is coming from long-term storage and so must have come from the distant past (6). A similar theory says that the error is in the timing of the perceptive and cognitive processes. Sensory information is rerouted on its way to memory storage and, so, is not immediately perceived. This short delay causes the sensation of experiencing and remembering something at the same time, a very unsettling feeling (2). One other explanation is that déjà vu is actually the process of remembering memory connections, of following the impulses and synapses (4). All of these neurobiologically based explanations for déjà vu seem plausible and intriguing and perhaps there is some overlap or combination that accounts for the different experiences we call déjà vu.

Other explanations for déjà vu have been given by psychoanalysts, such as the manifestation of wish fulfillment. Here, déjà vu is the subconscious repetition of a past experience, but with a more positive ending (2). The realm of parapsychology proposes that déjà vu is a chance for reincarnates to get a sneak peak into a past life. Most scientists scoff at these "magical" explanations for neurological events, citing that they break many of the laws of nature (6). Some, however, point to more recent findings in physics, such as the possibility of particles that can travel backwards in time (tachyons), time loops and multiple universes. They say that these may give cause for more non-traditional ways of seeing causality and for the possibility of neurological "time travel" (1). This means that, maybe, just maybe, understanding déjà vu as a means of seeing into the past or future cannot be so immediately dismissed. It is certainly food for thought for the rising debate, anyway.

It is important to note the level of consciousness involved in a déjà vu episode. There are common threads that run through many déjà vu experiences. "When you are in the midst of such an occurrence, you are conscious that everything conforms with your 'memory' of it" (1) and "I know exactly what is going on around me when it happens. (9)." This implies that the participation of the entire brain capacity is not required to produce a déjà vu experience. Perhaps more importantly, there is a significant role played by at least a portion of the conscious person and the I-function. "It was like being in a long-running play, complete with the sense of being 'on' and standing

What is this role of the self in déjà vu? "To what extent is it possible for the core awareness to preserve ... images and emotions before they're swallowed up again and sealed tight? (11)" One epileptic déjà vu experiencer claimed that he could consciously recapture the feelings and notions associated with déjà vu simply by writing down the images that appeared during the experience. Later, he found that the memories had not vanished as before but could be brought back to a conscious level simply by reading the notes. The experience was brought back to him as if it was a conscious daydream (11). The striking implication here is that part of the conscious self, the I-function, is intimately involved and may be communicating with the processes of a déjà vu.

Perhaps to some, déjà vu is not worth its research weight in synapses. It may seem to many to be just an oddball, quirky brain trick that we learn to incorporate into our daily routine. Investigation into the implications of this neural event, however, seems to lead towards more in-depth knowledge of ourselves.

Quite a few of us who have "already-seen" would dare to see even more---would actually follow that dangerous, disappearing, inbound road consciously and witness for the first time what is usually jamais-vu and hidden, and I mean the steady dark frolic of neurons and the ghost that is called ego (11).
A better understanding of déjà vu may lead us closer to an understanding of the complex relationship between ourselves and our memories. It may light a path for a clearer view into how we incorporate ourselves into our memory and into how our memory is incorporated into our conscious selves. How can this be futile?

This Has Happened

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05/11/2005, from a Reader on the Web

Dear Sir or Madam, I have read your article regarding de javu on the Internet. I experience that starnage phenomenon very often approximately twice a month. That caused me to find some information or explanation about it. Your hypothesis regarding the time delay in processing of the visual information looks quite reasonable. There is one thing I would like to note. In that article you said that the phenomenon is exclusively visual. However, when experience de javu not only my visual sense remembers the situation but also all my other senses are at work (I remember sounds, tastes and even smells). I would like to hear your comments on my case since you are a specialist in this field. Sincerely, Galymhzan T. Koishiyev Kazakhstan, Almaty k_galimjan@ok.kz

08/24/2005, from a Reader on the Web

Thanks for referencing my MGH post. I took that work quite further and developed a formalized theory for seizure control based on my own research. This work culminated in a trip to Prague in 1999, where I presented a paper on my research at a neurology/epilepsy conference in Prague. That paper was subsquently published in 2000 in the British medical journal "Seizure." If anyone is interested in a copy I'd be happy to email it to you. While the seizure frequency has subsided quite a bit over the last ten years, I still have the experiential seizures a couple of times a month. I'm more than willing to discuss any questions anyone might have about this or related subjects. Thanks! John Benak jbenak@austin.rr.com

10/03/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I have experienced a deja vu and it was very strange.When i do a definite action i have the feeling that i have done it before.It also heppened to me to know people who i have never seen before(to have the feeling that i know them).But the strangest thing happened when i was in the States for the summer the previous year.(I am from Europe and i have never been in the States before).It happened during my visit of Six Flags.The moment at which i heard the music and saw the entrance of it i felt something.It was something like fear.........something very strange.I did not know where was this coming from.I had that strange feeling all the time we stayed there but i was trying to interpret it like a great exitement that i am there.At the time we were about to leave it happened.I was there waiting for my friends to come.For a fraction of a second i felt i am somewhere above the others.I could hear vopices but they seemed very apart.I was stared and moveless.I was looking at a small bench almost unnotisable.There were many trees around it.What i remember is vouge because it was so strong and i was so upset after it.I felt that i am sitting in that same bench with somebody and i can almost say that i pictured myself there.The feeling was very strong.I even knew the time (i can say it was a long time ago when people were wearing these funny renessance clothes ).Then i could feel only how my friend took my hand and the whole scene disapeared suddenly.I remember being very scared after that.My friend kept on asking me if everything was all right.I was left without answer.I deceided to try again .I went to the same place but this time i could remember nothing.Everything had disapeared.It looked so normal.But the feeling of fear was left.I dont know if it is normal to be afraid.I have always been afraid of the dark and unknown and i was always trying to prove to myself that whatever it is happening it has an explanation.But now i feel afraid more than ever becauser there is no explanation on what happened.I am not afraid of the feelings that i am repeating an action (because i calm myself down by saying "ok maybe i dont remember when i have done it") But how to calm myself with what happened.I felt not only that i have been in a place where i actually have never been before but i pictured myself there, i felt the time separating my moveless body from the bench i was sitting maybe in some of my past lifes.I hate the idea of the past life.I am afraid to know that there is something beyond.Can you give me some explanation to what i have experienced(scientific)? Thanks

10/07/2005, from a Reader on the Web

Hi, I have just read your article about Deja Vu's,My name is Timothy, I am currently 18 years old and am having a real hard time with deja vu experiences. I have had the casual experiences throughout my life, even in childhood, but these experiences would come and go in a matter of seconds. This brings me to my "problem". For the past 2 or 3 months I have been experiencing deja vu everyday, literally. Not just once a day either. Sometimes I might have the experience throughout the whole day. This is driving me insane. I have been looking and searching everywhere for some type of answer but have found very little. When I experience deja vu, I get a fearful feeling along with the feelings of familiarity and confusion. I get this feeling of fear from the deja vu itself and from past experiences with deja vu. In past experiences when I would have frequent deja vu's, a tragedy (such as a death of a friend or family member, or even the 9/11 attacks and the Tsunami) would occur. So I started to see these experieces as a sort of warning. So now every time I have a deja, I get really afraid and almost paranoid, fearing that soon I may lose someone dear to me or that some type of catastrophe will occur. Over these past months, only one distant family member has died. Yet the deja's continue to occur. I am wondering if there is some sort of way I can control how the deja experience effects me. I don't expect you to have any answers for me, but I am hoping that maybe somehow you could try to help me and possibly help stop these things from happening or at least lessen the occurence. I deeply thank you for listening. Sincerely, Timothy J.

10/17/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I have alot of dreams that you could say come true but they are really insignificant (i.e. I had a dream I hit the ground really hard and someone shouted "God D*** It!! about a week later I was playing a football game (I'm a highschool athlete by the way) and I was running the ball and I got tackled and the exact same scene, though only a few seconds, occured which I realized right away. I'm not really expecting an explanation though it is welcome I just happen to notice alot of people write so I thought I would.

10/18/2005, from a Reader on the Web

To Timothy and the other deja vu'ers writing here...research is ongoing regarding deja vu / deja vecu...if you would like to help with it, I'm also beginning to post some links (at http://myspace.com/espiralli), including those to Art Funkhouser's article "Three Types of Deja Vu" and to the Deja Vu Survey.... Timothy, you are what I refer to as a "perpetual", meaning someone who has gone from the usual fleeting dv incidences to a continual state. Don't be frightened - it doesn't mean catastrophe...it's a different form of consciousness, and one that you can become accustomed to and that can be beneficial to you and to others if you do not succumb to doubt and fear. Art Funkhouser's survey includes the choice of "continuously", and in so doing I suspect it will eventually clarify that there are many functioning perpetuals "out there"...which may in turn eventually help to clarify the true meaning of deja vu / deja vecu, elevating it out of the realm of "dysfunction". That will take time, and your help, and the help of many other deja vu'ers, perpetual and otherwise. Together we change the status quo. Espiralli

10/19/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I find that the article about déjà vu provides an excellent overview of this intriguing phenomenon (or, better, phenomena). I am trying to collect data about déjà vu and it would be a great help if persons who have experienced or who are currently experiencing it in any of its forms would fill out a questionnaire I now have up on the Internet at silenroc.com/dejavu

Many thanks and best wishes, Art Funkhouser, Bern, Switzerland

11/18/2005, from a Reader on the Web


12/02/2005, from a Reader on the Web

i am a 21year old indian girl doing my B.E in electronics n communications.i stay in the hostel(india).my parents are in england.its been a year or so when i was travelling by bus alone,i felt voices ringing in my ears that sounded very familiar n that i hav heard b4, n all of a sudden my hands felt numb n cold n i felt weak. it stayd on 4 abt 2 mins n den i cudnt remember wat it was. wen i reachd hostl i narratd dis 2 my friends n again i felt the same but it was mild den. then it came once or twice after dat n i consultd a doctor n he said it might b dejavu n i need 2 do an EEG n a cat scan after my xams since iam busy wid my xams. but nowdays thi dejavu is disturbing me frequently on the mornings of every xam n even during the xam...its not true dat dejavu is only prominent in the sense of sight coz in my case it is the hearing. pls help me.

01/22/2006, from a Reader on the Web

Hi, I've had many expierences on, the feeling of reliving a moment, where I know I've been in the same place before, and that evrything and everyone is where they should be, and say what i knew they were going to say. But there is something else that happens often. It happened more when i was younger but still happens to this very day. This may sound crazy, and i'm not making this up, but say today i think of a movie or a song i haven't heard in a long time (briefly), and i wont say anything about it. I wont even try to listen or look for the movie that briefly popped into my head, but usually a day or two later its on tv, or on the radio. I mean i know it doesnt sound right, or sounds lame...but it's eerie. Its almost as if I have a sense of something that i want to see, and somehow it appears. Its never rapid, and its not in my control. And i wasnt reading the tv guide, it just happens. How is that possible? its not just one time or me even trying to make it happen it just does. What would your answer be to this? Like any explanation? Deja Vu happens to me once in a blue moon, but i can remeber the last time i had it, probably a year ago, and the time delay sounds relevent but, couldint it be possible that our dreams, and daily life can connect on another level? not magic or any of that but what if we are just reliving our lives in a constant pattern, where we've done this before, and that deja vu is an echo through time. I know there is no evidence, and i'm just thinking and typing but any answers or response would be extremly intresting, and helpful. thanks again -tom

01/30/2006, from a Reader on the Web

greetings! i am also one of those who often experience this sense of deja vu. the delay in the visualization and conduction to the brain is somehow reasonable. however, howcome my other senses can also experience it at the same time. especially my hearing. there's also one other thing i want to share with you and the readers. when i was a kid, i always thought that i've been in a place where my parents and i were riding a yellow bus. we were having a trip along a rocky mountain with sculpture of different faces on it. it was only in highschool that i realized it never really happened when i saw that particular mountain on the television. the twist is i've never gone to any other country other than philippines. what could this particular feeling be...? thank you very much. my this help you explore more discoveries regarding deja vu.

01/31/2006, from a Reader on the Web

Throughout my life I've experienced feelings of deja vu', but one particular incidence was of great importance. For me, the sensation is not "just visual", as some have written, but the totality of the entire experience of what is going on, including sounds, words, smells, everything. In fact, I've felt that I've known exactly what someone is going to say and have deliberately not said anything in a desire not to disturb the moment. One day while having a deja vu experience, one of the people I was with an was very aware and they asked me if I was O.K. I said, Yes, and that I'd just had this deja vu experience. His reply was, he'd observed my pupils dilate, my muscle tone slacken and my cheeks flush! For the 1st time in my life someone had witnessed physical changes that accompany this mental state. Although I've never come to a complete understanding of why this experience occurs, it is totally random, I can confidently say it's nothing mystical, but definately physiological.

02/03/2006, from a Reader on the Web

Dear Sir, I have been having these so called "Dejavu" experiences right from my teen years and they are still persistent now, at the age of 30. I don't think that any reasearch is advanced enough to explain this phenomenon yet. Though it was scary at first, I eventually leart to like and even enjoy such experiences, as its just a part of life.

02/13/2006, from a Reader on the Web

I have been experiencing deja vu for almost my entire life, but today I had the most vivid of all: I was watching a TV show, one that I have never seen or heard of before, and then the feeling started, I saw that before and I actualy recited three lines before they were spoken on the show. Unfortunatley now I cant remember much. My question is if deja vu is caused by some temporary mulfunction of the brain, how could I have known the future ?

02/23/2006, from a Reader on the Web

Dear Madam / Sir! Deja vu... I anwered my professor during a lesson when he asked the students: "..what do you think is de-javu?" Answer given: "..if I can explain our brain in simple terms as a computer..the eyes, ears (and feeling) - the input devise see under certain circumstances "something" - which information is then send to our Microprocessor to interprete and to send this info the "concious" mind and in the same time to the memory from which we can draw when we are in "muse"... But some time our "microprosessor" has a little malfunction and gives this information to our memory only (or first (more likely) and the "concious mind" receives it from there first.(or double with time delays in x. 10-x seconds(?)) So, we "think", we have seen this already, we have been there...heard - can in fact foresee whats happens next - because our "computer" is to fast - but can be tricked." We had a long, long quiet moment in the classroom. I have sometimes (2-3x year)this feeling and mostly accours when I come home, had stress in work... and hungry (think "feast of the tibetan Monks and others) It seems that your own body energy which drives us plays the trick. Our brain contains light, which is a certain frequency,-visible. We are in fact moving (more or less) antennas in a light (protons...photons...)surrounding atmosphere, our head being at least 170 cm above ground and moves with ~1300 km/h through the air. So we are quite exposed to "field" out there. In situations where our energy "balance" goes to one side we can expirience this. To some "it happens", others are able do it.. I am not a fan of a sect or simmilar, I just took long journeys (by reading and trying to conclude) through history and as engineer I can say I stay by impirical methods first - so I don't loose the big picture. B.T.H.O.T.G.A.O.T.U. best regards Manfred Kraus, Durban South Africa


Additional comments made prior to 2007
I just read your article on deja vu. I was hoping you would consider my case and offer insight. I might loose my credibility by disclosing this bit of information, but I began experiencing deja vu on an evening while I was smoking marijuana. It was so severe and frightening that I thought it was a sign that I was about to die. From that point on into the next two years, I would have "episodes" several times a day. The following year it dwindled to once a day and eventually once every couple of days. It was so disturbing to me, that I stopped smoking and got my life straight. After dealing with it for so long, I thought I was loosing my mind. Some times it would be more severe than others, but was always the same "I've been here and done this" feeling. A year ago my sister died while I stood beside her hospital bed. I had deja vu several times that day, but only a handful of times since then. Prior to that I was still experiencing it every few days. Deja vu had controlle d my life for years, and that day it disappeared. I feel relieved but without any answers. It may have been initially caused by drugs (I've never tried anything but pot), but it stuck around for as long as it wanted and took off one day without a notice. There has got to be something more to it! Do you have any possible explanation?
I've lived with it for so long that I feel that I own the subject. I would appreciate anything you could offer on my particular situation. Thank you ... Angel, 13 August 2005



Hello, I have just recently been thinking about my past deja vu experiences as well as any precognitions, but deja vu more due to a topical class that I am having today for discussion in an English School (maybe a little heavy for ESL).

When I have a deja vu experience it feels like I had dreamed it and that it is a memory. I rarely have these experiences though I have had them since childhood. I mean rarely by maybe one or two a year. Sometimes more or sometimes less. Though at present I have had a hard time recalling any of these experiences. I know that once it was in a discussion among four or five friends and we were talking about something. Another time it was in another country but again in a group setting. And there is a vague memory of an early experience going somewhere with a friend. Now when these happen, I'm never afraid or alarmed but surprised actually and intrigued by the possibilites of life and consciousness or subconsciousness.

I wonder if there is a possibility that I actually dreamed of the future but with my mind or brain not having anything to associate the dream with the experience is in my subconscious waiting for the arrival of the future. This leads me to believe that perhaps there is a destined path or a predetermined future, but perhaps it is just a physiological weakness common to mankind...? ... Charles Osburn, 6 March 2006



ok my names ricky de lacruz but im just saying this is all very weird to me becuz i have 5 to 6 deja vu's a week and i dont know...its not just dreams i have either i mean like ive had all three of those different deja vu's and they're cool and all but its all confusing...cuz i dont just dream it now and feel it now i predict some things...i dont know if im just putting the obvious together and saying a date and stuff but i dont know like i use a feeling in the pitt of my stomach to make decisions and it works most of the time and i mean thats alot 90-100% the other 10% is school haha but yea im amazed by the feeling and i love it but i dont know I want more ... Ricky De La Cruz, 2 April 2006



When I was 17years ols - 36 years ago - my parents & I were arguing while in my room. I was hit in the head/face and knocked out by my father. When I came to I noticed the onset of an intense deja vu. At the time I didn't even know the term, and really didn't know what was happening. As my parents spoke to me, I could tell exactly waht they were about to say. I could see their actions before hand. For my part I kept silent. After about 15 minutes of this I became fairly scared and announced - speaking for the first time myself - that I couldn't take it any longer and so I wanted them to leave, to break this off. My mother left the room. As a 17 year old by my room was most often quite a mess, with things and clothes all over the floor. Among the items was a Marine Corp knife my father had given me years before. It was in its sheath on the floor in front of where I sat on my bed. I saw it there and also saw in my mind my future actions as though seeing them from my own eyes as I would see anything from my own perspective,I did not see these actions as though from an outside observer. I saw each step of the next few seconds as a separate step. First, while still seated on the bed, I saw myself reach for the knife. Seeing this, I felt compelled to act it out. I did not feel I could stop it from happening. As I fullfilled this image by following through, I saw the next step I was about to do. I saw myself pick up the knofe and unsheathe it.So I di it. As I picked it up and unsheathed it, I saw myself approach my father who was standing above me, watching. So I did that. As I unsheathed the knife and approached my father, I saw myself put it to his throat and tell him to get out of my room. So I did that. As I did, I saw myfather grip my wrist, take the knife from me, and put it behind him and walk away safely. Then he did. All along I felt calm, reassured that nothing would happen. This more or less broke the spell. But then for about a year I would experience deja vu at least two or more times a month, which would last as long as I wanted them to - five minutes at a time easily. I could stop them by doing what I have called 'changing the script', or simply deciding on what I knew was an incorrect scenario. As I knew A would say to B such and such, I would decide , for example, that A would get up and leave. As this was not 'scripted' it would bring the deja vu to an end. This lasted about a year or so and since then I still have deja vu, but nothing like that. Mostly, as afar as I know, I have them as anyone does - infrequently and only in a flash ... Kim Emerson, 21 April 2006



There are a lot of paranormal things I have been experiencing. I need to get them out there and be known, for some reason, and if I don't I don't know what to do.
I am a 22 year old, female, college student, majoring in criminal justice. I have no real interest in psychic, or paranormal happenings, but apparently they have an interst in me. I didn't realize that what I experience as deja vu is very uncommon. I've recently started to research this subject just for my own personal interest. I am having a hard time writing this comment because the recent urge to tell someone about my experiences is almost overwhelming. I consider myself an intelligent, well educated person, who is level headed, and so what I am about to say makes me very anxious. I know that there is something amazing (I can't think of any other word) going on in me, and every day it seems to intensify. I believe I've always been in tuned with my sixth sence, but for the past six months it has just exploded. Deja vu is a big part of it, but there's more to it. For me, deju vu happens at times of change in my life, but really it happens all the time, but I seem to be more aware of it at those specific times. The following happens as an "either-or" kind of thing. Deja vu is either like I'm reliving an actual experience for the second time, or it's a reacuring dream. I have deja vu of having deja vu. The moments last for about 10 seconds, but they hit like a ton of bricks, and it takes a few breaths for me to calm down and shake it out of my system. I can feel the deja vu coming on, and then I can literally see what is about to be said, heard, felt, inhaled, done, etc. It is so crazy, and emotional, and strange, and I'm amazed as to how long I've been able put those moments aside and go on with my life. I can't put this aside anymore. It's impossible to explain in words the vibes, and feelings I have been having. I have been always able to sence when something big is going to happen, either personally, individually, or globally. My sister and I share these feelings, which we just discovered a few years ago. My sister and I also seem to share this very real, and very apparent mind connection (telepathy??). We have lived 3 hours away from eachother for over 7 years, and we talk maybe twice a week, but we always seem to be experiencing the same concerns, thoughts, motives, emotions, etc. We call eachother at the same time often, and like I said, we only talk two or three times a week. Really random things that come up in conversation turn out to be the thing that will solve one another's problems. I don't know, it's hard to explain, but I need advice. I need to tell someone who knows something in this realm in the chance that they can point me in the right direction. I'm really not this scatter brained usually. My experiences go so much deeper, I wish I had more time and space to write about them, but maybe someone will get my drift!
Thanks for your time ... Evann, 24 April 2006



I'm another person who has had multiple deja-vu experiences, including two particularly "deep" experiences where I actually said to myself "this woman is about to say this" and she then said exactly what I predicted.

So I am one of those who finds the "standard" explanation completely untenable.

I suspect we have precognitive experiences from time to time in the dream state, then remember them when the events take place as deja vu ... Matthew Cromer, 4 May 2006



I was interested to come across your review of deja vu. It may be of interest for you (and your readers) to be aware that in my book 'Is There Life After Death'(Arcturus in the UK and Chartwell in the USA - available in bookshops and on Amazon). In this book I come up with a totally original explanation of deja vu. I propose that we are all existing in a three-dimensional 'recording' of our own life - a recording of a life that was once lived for real but is now on permanent re-run (like the film Groundog Day). In the book I attempt to explain the hard science behind such a seemingly bizarre suggestion. The sensation of 'living this moment before' is brought about by a 'judder' in the replay mechanism like a jump in a DVD recording. Recall what happens to Neo in "The Matrix" when he perceives his 'deja vu'. What is happening is the 'reality programme' was being amended ... Anthony Peake, 25 September 2006



I started searching for info on deja vu specifically to see if there are any theories/hypotheses on more than one person sharing a deja vu experience simultaneously. It looks as though one of your readers in Nov 2005 also had the same question. I have always had a passing interest in deja vu because it seems so unnatural and mysterious but fleeting. There was an occasion during a phone conversation that I stopped to announce I was "having a major deja vu", only for him to say he was too. The sensation of reliving a moment is startling enough but to share it was altogether another matter. If you've come across any sources that have explored it, I'd greatly appreciate knowing. Thank you ... April, 25 October 2006



Hello there, I am a 15 year old guy who has experienced deja vu. This has been happening to me for about 2 years since i can remember which was at the age of 13. It is very sudden and it always happens sometime later in my life. Its mainly me seeing the image I dremt about, or sometimes a sound. But when it occurs, I know its deja vu and I know I've seen or heard this before. I am aware that I have seen this in the past, but I am also aware that it was definitly in a dream I had. Unfortunatly I can never remember the dream until it happens and I see it when I am awake. Another unfortunate thing about it is that it is always an insignificant experience. I would really like to know if there is some way to trigger these experiences, and maybe some sort of way to expand what I see into the future. Thank You, and hope to hear from you. =D ... Adam Bridges, 8 November 2006



I have always had deja vu to a degree, coming and going...Two years ago, deja vu lasted almost three months, non stop, went to bed with and woke up with it. My doctor is aware of it and suggested a mental health issues. I do not believe it is a mental health issue...It comes and goes, sometimes a few second, few minutes, few hours, all day...I am 49 years [old] ... Robert, 15 November 2006



In referrence to de javu, I have my own theory. Recently, within the last year or two, I have had feelings of de javu quite often. What I find strange about them is i know why i feel so familiar with a persons face, conversations, situations, and settings. I have very vivid dreams and remember most of them, definetly more than most people. I've come to find that most of my "de javu" instances are portrayals of scenes had in previous dreams. I believe that somehow, we have de javu because we have dreamt of situations, conversations, etc. Since most people tend to have little or no memory of most of the dreams they have, this could explain the reason they do not know why they have that sense of familiarity. I know for a fact that most of my feelings of de javu are related to previous dreams I have had, even some which I have had when I was a young child.


I also can say that I have had precognitive as well as clairvoyant experiences. On these "psychic" abilities, I believe most people have or will experience some situation where these are apparent to them. However, other people seem to possess these qualities moreso because they simply understand how to control or grasp these concepts easier than others ... HM, 24 November 2006



My best friend passed away in November last year and ever since then I have been experiencing frequent deja vecu. I was doing research on deja vu, because initially that is what I thought it to be, however I knew my experiences were somewhat different from your "typical" deja vu. It feels as though I am reliving certain moments of recent happenings all over again. Once I get that flashback, I try recount to where it was when it happened, to see if maybe I am confusing it with something else and then I get a huge Shock, because I have a memory of the exact same thing that happened a while back, I remember conversations etc. I then came across an article posted in the New York Times about deja vecu and it seems very similar to what I am experiencing. I went to a therapist and she said that it is related to PSTD and the mind can manifest or distort memories. However, I am not yet convinced and these flashbacks are very real to me. Please help, as I find this to be hugely distressing ... T, 26 January 2007



I know this seems to be an old site but it is intriguingly interesting. I have had those common deja vu experiences as does everyone, but lately they have been getting weird, lasting for up to 5 minutes maximum. Every time I say something it brings me straight back to the deja vu. I even deja vued once that I was having a deja vu ... Cayla, 1 February 2007



Hi, i do not see much point talking about my experience here, but if someone is willing to explain the Deja Vu I had today to their best knowledge, it would be much appreciated. Please e-mail me at steviedeee@hotmail.com and i will tell you what i felt and percieved. Thanks! ... Steve D, 27 February 2007



i have dejavu and im pretty sure i ben and done that same thing b4, im pretty sure because sometimes i could tell what my friends gona say b4 he does when im having a dejavu. but the weirdest one i had was yesterday. i was in another country for more then a year and i had a really weird dream i was with my friends and we went to pick up someone else from an apartment and we weere making fun of him cuz he came out looking real goofy and when i woke up i told myself not to forget this dream because it seemed so real and so i could find out if dreams come true. About 8 months later me and my friends went to the apartments because one of our friend lives there and thats when i had the dejavu he came out wearing shorts and being real goofie and we started making fun of him and thats when it hit me that i really had ben through this and this is what i saw in my dream that seemed so real ... Turk, 3 March 2007



The answer to deja vu is simple. It's God. Scientists and philosophers just can not explain certain things. That's why it is the way it is. Have some faith. It is simply God's way of telling us he is greater than we are and smarter we humans ever could even possibly get ... Christina, 16 April 2007



serendipity (i have been here before) yes, perhaps you have. but how? it may be a memory from your life in the spirit realm. is it a clone of another experience?


is it an aspect of spiritual reality? in other words, is it a look into the spirit realm? perhaps there is a certain significance bearing upon your personal search for something, a reminder perhaps, or an opportunity to relive a certain experience and to try again. but it is startling and the important part may be that it is a very awake and conscious experience. serendipity is super real. there is no doubt whatever that it is not imagined. i can only speculate and guess and ask questions


about it. however i hope i have made a positive contribution to the study. i may have further insights, so please keep in touch with me. fond regards and read me on "BLOGGER" by google ... Doug Rosbury, 20 April 2007



I have just finished reading your DÈj‡ vu and the Brain, Consciousness and Self.


Personaly I thought it was fantastic.. I have always thought that Deja Vu was somehow important and I totaly agree with you that the study of deja vu could reveal so much about yourself. So I thought I would discribe my feelings when I come accross a time of Deja Vu.


I am a 22 year old Male and I have had plenty of Deja vu already.. some weak and some strong. The way most people describe Deja vu is a little different to how it comes to me, most people have the feeling they know what is going to happen next or that they have been there already. But when I get Deja Vu (this is going to be hard to explain so bare with me) like you said its unpredictable when its going to happen but when it happens i dont know what is going to happen next its only when i see what happens i know in my head ive seen it befor e.g i cannot predict what someone is going to say or do, but when they say or do whatever it is druring the Deja Vu its more of a reminder.. also when I have Deja Vu im more relaxed than most people.. normaly someone who encounters Deja Vu stops and says they are having Deja Vu and tries describing what is happening to someone else, I used to do the same.. untill i turnned about 19-20 I just started "going with the flow of it" keeping the moment to myself and analysing it after it had finished.. some people believe a dream can be interperated into real life such as a pot of gold could mean you win $20 on a scratchy.. and so forth, I tried this method on a few of my Deja Vu times and found that some were quite acurate and some way off key. The other thing i have noticed about myself is that when i dream my sleep feels very short and dried out but when i dont dream its like im dead... I have no clue weather dreams and Deja Vu are related but they could be. both unpredictable when u get them and some dreams can even be extreamy familliar. well its late and i got work in the morning.. i hope you reply with thoughts on what i have said.


and sorry about the bad grammer and spelling. but i was never one to study in a class room instead i would be Day Dreaming :D


I hope you can make some sence of all this.


oh and the other thing I was going to mention is that I have a terrible memory.. its actually that bad i have "conditioned" myself into a few things i would normaly forget or lose. such as my keys wallet and mobile phone have to either be in A. wallet and keys in right pocket and mobile in left or B. on my bedside drawer. haha... odd how someone with such a bad memory has alot of Deva Vu ... Ashley Parker, 16 June 2007



Interesting articles on Deja Vu. I've been trying to research it as a particular incident happened to me in 1991 that I still think about on a regular basis. I was on a aquisition trip to England for the company I was working for. I had never been there before. We were driving, in a limo with 4 other peers, to a business location near Norwich. Suddenly I felt a warmth, like taking a hot shower on a cold morning, come over me with an extreme sense of calm. I looked out the window at the fileds & village homes and felt like I was home or in my old neighborhood? I certainly didn't say anything to my peers as I thought it pretty strange. It only lasted about 2 minutes. I immediately started to try to analyze it. Never said anything to anyone about it until 10 years later. I had become interested in tracking my lineage. After much research, I found that my 10th great grandfather was born, raised, & married within 10 miles of where I had had the experience. Coincidence? I don't know. It was real to me ... R. George, 20 June 2007



okay i have been having deja vu a lot lately. It is about stuff where i have never been and people i have never ever seen before are in my dream. Then a fews weeks or months later my dream occurs. I don't understand how people i have never met be in my dream so vividly and then i meet them and they look exactly the same ... Caitie, 23 July 2007



One person asked, "How can two people have the same exact Deja Vu episode at the same time?" Well, I had the same experience. I told my girlfriend about what I just experienced and she said she also had just experienced, the asked me, "what did it have to do with Rex?" was floored because my just occurring episode had Rex (one of our friends) as part. So, 1st we had simultaneous episodes and 2nd, we ad a common link to the content, in this case Rex. Any comments or thoughts? This certainly suggests something more than individual brain function ... Jim, 25 October 2007



man!!!i still cant figure out what causes this ''deja vu'' thing..its creeping me out..i mean,its not gestures or anything,its the real thing,everything is moving except you.first,im watchin a movie,and then,i stopped or paused for a sec. and looked at the movie screen,then there it was,deja vu, and it really is getting on my nerves and thats not the only one..there are thousands of times that i encountered somethn like this..some PARTS of this deja vu thing,i HAVE already dreamed of,yah know,before it happened,i just realize it when im done doing that certain action,pissing me off man.i dont know how to stop it ... Nicole, 29 October 2007



hey every1 check this dajavu must be connected to epilepsy because ive had both at the same time . Il talk through it. When i was younger i was walking down the street then i noticed this guy . I swear right then everything came back to me like it was watching tv or a film over and over again you know . Then i thought this has happened before. Right then i had a feeling in my stomach, i ran home dazed got down on the sofa and had the seisure the worst one ive had ever and ive had over 40 seriously. I also had an elusion then on the sofa of a rainbow-coloured parrot. This when i was like 8 iam 16 now and i dnt have then hardly now. Ive also heard epilepsy goes back to jesus times (on this picture i seen it had it annoted that a kid on it had a seisure . Email me your experiances . Because its all an interest of mine badboy_tomo_2006@hotmail.co.uk ... Mr. T, 15 November 2007



Julia wrote an awsome article on deja vu. i think people shouldn't freak out about it i am very happy that i have deja vu cuz sometimes it helps me realize what's around me. there's been numerous times that i've had a dream (usally with houses)and i'm in this place for a while and unusual events start to happen. Then later on usually days or weeks i'll see that same place that i thought would have ever existed. Sometimes when there's alot going on and i'm really busy during the week i'll have deja vu every day. There's also those days when i can remember my dreams and it actually happens. i think it's pretty awesomed ... Claudia, 13 December 2007



Hello, I'm 18 years old...I'm from Italy and I've experienced several strange dej‡-vu...I mostly don't remember what they were about, - I just know I had a dej‡-vu but not what were the words or actions I considered familiar at the time - but I happened to remember one of my last dej‡-vu clearly enough...besides,some weeks ago, I had another and it was like I had foreseen all that was happening...still, according to my dej‡-vu I should have said a particular sentence that in reality I didn't say...pretty weird ... Maurizio, 5 January 2008


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Strange feeling

Hey there,
Sometimes, I feel that the things, events, news or my surroundings, they happened before that time. Like, if i am reading a newspaper, suddenly, I get a feeling that I already know the details or the news itself. I was using Facebook and I saw 2 posts, and I got a feeling that I already saw the same posts, from same up-loader, in the same manner before. I don't know how to explain that but sometimes, I also come to know about the very next moment that what will be happening in next moment. However, i never test my guess. Is that something normal or not?

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for the researchers

I want to add my experience to researchers of this matter. Probably some of these posts are not 100% true, and this should be taken into account when researching.

I have had only few experiences of Deja vu when I was younger, and lost it when I was about 20 years old. Now I am 43, with no more such experiences.

Here is my story ... In situations with other people, suddenly I felt like someone pressed a button and from that moment first I felt scary, then I knew exactly what is going to happen in next few moments and what he/she will tell. The situation was weird, because it looked like time was slowed down so I could think about situation that is going on, and in parallel, about what will others do and that I must not alter the moment with anything or it will stop. I have not been in such situations before in my life, so I should not know what is going to happen, no way.

What if that was not really happen, but brains can communicate with each other so we can read thoughts? In addition to this theory, I can tell that very often I suddenly and unwillingly think about someone I have not heard or seen for a long time, and that person gives me a call, or sends me a message or I see him/her right after that. Also, I often think about some song, turn on radio or TV and it is playing, sometimes at the same position as if I sang it to that moment. The last is not in connection with deja vu, but maybe it will help someone who investigates the functions of the brain.

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Six Second Delay

We are living six seconds in the past meaning that we only get to experience the physical moment of reality six seconds later as if being the actual moment of conscious awareness.
With other words when you consciously experience the moment when you slap your hands you have already done so six seconds ago only to experience it now believing it to be the actual moment of occurrence.
When you switch on the radio in your case the music that was playing at that precise moment was only meant to be experienced six seconds later but for various reasons and out of excitement the moment jumps the queue to be experienced immediately and then once more six seconds later.
This is a long theory which needs a lot of explanations to grasp the true realities of our existence.
Feel free to contact me.

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Strange Feeling

I've read most of the comments and the article itself...

What i want to to say is that a few ears ago i had very strong deja vu feelings if i can call them like that... i'm new in to this and i would like to get some help from people who experienced the same feeling like me or experts in domain...

Moments before something to happen i would know exactly what is going to happen but for some reason i couldn't tell to anyone because then it wouldn't happen anymore... this it was in the beginning when i would have those feelings one each 2-3 months but then they became to happen more and more often and they where so strong that i would know exactly what is going to happen, and in one day i was with my best friend and and i had one of those feelings knowing exactly what is going to happen i send him to the door and said to him to wait there for a couple of seconds because my parents are going to enter on the door from the yard(I couldn't guess the time when my parents are coming home as they where in a holiday and i didn't had any knowledge of when they are coming back home, he also knew that) and it happened exactly as i said... he was shocked... this is one of many times when it happened knowing exactly what is going to come....
For some reason i lost this sense if i could call it like this... for more then 2 years....
If someone knows how i could get this back or to give me more informations about this please contact me on
I live in London, if you are up for a chat i would be happy to do it.
Thank you,

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I also have recurring dreams

I also have recurring dreams extremely frequently as i do premonition type dreams and i also experience all of the things i have during the day when i am wide awake as well.

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Hello. I believe that the

Hello. I believe that the parapsychological and the physics based explanations seem to explain my cases. How ever none of the above article explains why my deja vu lasts for hours or even days. I was born with premonitions, visions, psychic abilities of all kinds, deja vu, the ability to have any interaction with paran ormal/supernatural intities except speaking with them, etc. But the older i get the stronger more frequent and longer lasting all of this becomes. Your article does not explain any of that. I know nothing about what is going on with me. Please write back to me at my email address or feel free to text me @ 863-326-3867 if you or anyone you know can help me better understand.thank you.

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Idk what to think?

I am 22 and I am a weed smoker I have been smoking daily for the past 4 years. Lately I have noticed a change mainly and only when I'm high from smoking I get déjà vu but in a very scary fashion... I tend to feel like I'm loosing consciousness and then it happens I fall into these what feel like a dream instances I can see everything that is about to be done or said but I fall into what I would call a very heavy zoning out.... (Please bear with me when I say this) it feels like I am going through a dream but I am so far zoned out that I am totally quiet I'm my mind (like I can hear my friends talking to me for the first 5 seconds but can't respond and their speach will carry on kind of like a heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy feeling) and have this horrible sence of danger like I'm dying or going to die, it's like falling into a deep trance you can't get out of until it's done I loose all sences my body is numb, and it feels like my body is going through the motions of what was happening in the moment of my déjà vu or the dream I had prior to the moment. But I have no control to stop ( kind of like I am just witnessing the events instead of living them in my head but my body knows exactly what to do with no control) my actions the only way I can stop is by trying so hard to break the actions that my body is doing on its own that it remembers from the dreams.. I have had 2 of these instances ( most recent being today) in the last 2 weeks and each time my heart feels like it is beating out of my chest it got so bad today after having my déjà vu moment I felt like I was going to die during and after the episode so I called the permedics they said my heart rate was 130-150 so they took me to the hospital. I was in the waiting room for 2 hours before seeing anybody so the episode had passed but I am starting to get very freaked out. They took a second look at me and all my vitals were ok and my blood was too they asked what had happened and I told them but they would just look at me as if I was crazy. I asked if I would receive any medication all the doctors said idk. I am looking for help it feels more like all this is happening until it gets to a moment where I am not going to be able to break the trance and ultimately hurt myself or die.. I no longer want to go to my friends house because of this and it has only happened there and now that I have gone through 2 of these instances I can rember at least 1 dream where the same thing happens but with a worse ending but it has not happened yet and I am afraid of that instance coming up or to have this feeling again... If anybody can help me I am open to all suggestions or help..
Thank you Elijah

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Is it strange?

The worst even if its pops out I cannot control it. If I could then I wouldn't be scared when I have it. Wouldn't you too? Is strange I have it only with 13 years old I can't stay calm when someone tells me its normal I have only came here in one year or more and it comes randomly in cases that I never felt before and its scary because it cold be about something bad. Is a feeling between "I have felt this" in situation I have never had and " this is scary" I have it with my friend in school and with a my family. I don't know why now, why me? I fell strange and sometimes I fell fulfillment and terror and I stay kind of paralyzed when my body has that feeling. Can someone give me a definitive and explanatory answer that can help me answer my questions. Because right now I don't feel that even this document can tell me why...

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Is it strange?

I have only 13 and I had been in situation that this has happened to me and sometimes is scary, because, I don't really know why me? I only came in here one year and I'm having this random feeling in different days and times. When I'm with someone or a situating I HAVE NEVER HAD in my life it just pups out that feeling. But is it normal with my age? Is just strange and I feel like I don't have a definitive answer even if my parents say tat is just normal I don't feel like it. Why now and why me?

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Deja vu everyday...

It's the strangest thing... Curious, almost. But at least twice, maybe three times I get such strong deja vu's I feel sick to my stomach and I'm almost dizzy. Another comment mentions they remember scenes after a deja vu and I also get the same. Its a really odd feeling and they occur almost everyday.

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Reoccurring experiences

Hello, I am a 21 year old college student and I started receiving deja vu experiences this past summer. I was hanging out with friends and was peer pressured into smoking marijuana. I then began to have horrible nightmares every night for about two months, then the ability to predict future experiences started occurring. I would have panic attacks and my heart felt like it was about to explode out of my chest. I was always aware of the fear of death was coming my way because I thought I was a lunatic. At one point, it was so bad that being alone made me even more terrified so I started being around people who makes me feel comfortable and safe. That was a huge relief because I was able to talk to them about what was lingering on my mind whether they experienced deja experiences in modern day. Nevertheless, I still have the experiences but it is something that I have to learn to deal with and control in due time.

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My experience

I had a lot of experiences with dejavu. Some of them i feel it at a specific moments , some i dream them prior to the incident and some when im HIGH ! yeeah that's what i meant.... but not that high i suppose but good enough.. maybe because i just stuck to MJ :) Anyways the weird part is that i have even experienced it even before i started experimenting with MJ, and the most freakiest part is also that sometimes when me and my best friend are high we both experience deja vu... whenever we felt that we had experienced the same situation we would simultaneously say "DeJaVu !" in sync. Those used to be the best times i've ever had so far with MJ. After sometime the dejavu experiences decreased in intensity and frequency and now none us of get them :( , i do get small episodes but nothing in comparison with the earlier incidents.
I used to ponder a lot on this and could not find any suitable answers. Only theory that was sound was that me and my buddy were developing resistance to the THC in MJ and hence could not stimulate any mutual dejavu experiences.
I would be happy if someone could relate or give any useful insight related with my topic.
Please feel free to contact me via e-mail -
for the uninformed MJ does not always stand for Michael Jackson.

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Evolving Human consciousness to Multidimentionality..!

Humanity becoming multidimensional, experiencing quantum realities..parallel realities...moving beyond linear reality perception..There's much more to life than seeming limited mundane existence..

We are multidimensional..We are Souls...eternal travelers..having a limited 3D physical human life experience with many personality Roles that we've taken too much seriously and forgotten our True Essence in the process, as unique aspects of the infinite CREATOR..!!

Kryon is explaining those Akashic Records/[past, present/future records] in our DNA, and there's a mentioning of Dejavu here at 24 mins.. It's great to listen to Kryon on youtube to learn more about what's going on with evolving Human Consciousness..Nothing to Fear..!! Thank you!!

Kryon--- The Akash Awakens Orlando 2013

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deja vu

Omg! I have been experienced this for the longest time. I just started this year now it's like I get I all the time. When I get deja vu it can last for hours! I feel like I already lived the day and I already know what's gonna happen next. When I get deja vu I immediately know when I'm getting a text/call from who and what it says. I already know what people are gonna say and do it's sooo weird!

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I experience this everyday

Three weeks ago I hit my head and had a minor concussion then two weeks after that I hit my head again but not bad jus with my phone. And about a week ago I started having dejavu ever since everyday almost all day. And I feel like I'm not myself anymore oh and in the nigh I wake up with my left arm and leg shaking. Don't know what this could be. I am very scared and feel like I will go crazy.

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Hi everyone,its very common in my case in most instances id dream of something going on in the tv but ive managed to control this by not looking at tv at a consistent level for about three years and this has helped however death and sadness gives me a sick feeling (nautious and giddy in most cases also disoriented).It poses as a distraction sometimes because you might still not forget the nihgtmares for some weeks.Modern science has linked it to anxiety among other conditions,it is also to be noted that all the sick feelings and hyper energetic states we find ourselves in sometimes have also been listed as enxiety symptoms. Thank you.....

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Changing a Deja Vu

I've changed a deja vu when I was little. I was talking to my grandfather. He was putting his pennies in his piggy bank. I was suppose to say something to him but I decided not to because I wanted to change what would happen, so I remained quite. After a few seconds I cheered for myself saying, "yes I changed it haha!" in my head. Next thing I know i feel pulled out of my body I think I'm not so sure but I could only see darkness then light rings come towards me, the speed increases till I come back. I think it was some sort of vortex that I went through. I felt pulled out from my back and the thrown back into my body by the front. I can't describe it well. I don't know how to explain it. I would like some kind of explanation because that was a freaky experience. I never tried changing my deja vu ever again. I'm commenting now because it bugged me that I had a whole day of deja vu's. I want them to stop.

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Deja vu = the result of the mechanism of time (called "omniplan"

There is also quite a different scientific explanation for
the phenomenon of "deja vu". It originates from the so-called
"omniplan" - means the mechanism that controls elapse of
time. According to this mechanism, each one of us
relives some sections of his or her life a few times.
But each time a new experience erases the memory
of the previous one. What only remains is the feeling
of deja vu. More details on the "omniplan" in item #C3
from my web page

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I experience desa Vu many

I experience desa Vu many times a year but this was extraordinary.Three days ago i saw a strange dream in which I was taking the results of a test,in school.I kept it in my mind because i knew we were about to be tested.Today I saw exactly the same image and exactly the same low mark written in the same way.It does not connect to any other explanation of the phenomenon and I really need an answer.

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Uh, any ideas what's happening?

Okay, so, I'm only 13 and almost every day I expirence this déjà vu. Sometimes I have a dream and it could be totally random and have nothing to do with the next day. Then, on the next day I may be watching a show I've never heard of that hasn't been spoken and I have never seen the actors before or heard their voices. Then, in one scene there was a close up of one of the actors and I felt like I saw that in my dream, and I didn't, because I remember almost all my dreams. This happens to me like almost everyday. For instance, yesterday, during guidance we went down to the gym and we were playing ultimate frisbee and the frisbee was heading towards me and my friend walked in front of me to get the frisbee and I stopped myself. I thought I had already been in this event. Although, the rest of the day seemed like I never lived it. Just that one moment, and I was like.. "déjà vu..". Then, today I was watching this movie I've never seen before and there was a close up to this actor as he was talking and I looked down at his braces as he was talking and I felt like I already seen this movie because that looked familiar.. But, the rest of the movie I didnt see before. I didn't even know that actor existed. Could it just be my brain making connections? Like the other day my friend told me I had perfect teeth and I remember my dentist saying I need braces.. Could this just be my brain recognizing the braces in the actor adn connecting them to the day before when I thought about braces?

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Many theories have emerged to

Many theories have emerged to explain the sensation of déjà vu: a wrong image that we see a "bug" in the neurons ... Now U.S. researchers think it is rather a phenomenon that involves recognition memory. It is that which makes us recognize a friend on the street or a song on the radio. For scientists, it allows to associate names with objects or even sounds.

To check that this memory was involved, the researchers conducted several experiments. They gave volunteers a list of famous names. Then they showed them photographs of stars, some of which were in the list. And surprisingly, when people do not recognize the character, but his name was on the list, they emphasized that they were familiar. Scientists have obtained the same result with names and photographs of monuments (Stonehenge, Taj Mahal ...). Finally, they had the same thing, not with words but with geometric figures and places after having a similar provision.
prénom bébé
This experience shows that perceptions of similarity are not errors but are actually based on real associations, the brain not found. So when you have a sense of déjà vu, it may in fact that you "already read" or a similar description "heard" about a place near your brain and make the connection. Or you may have already seen a similar geometric structure (a round table on the left, right rectangular cabinet, etc..) That tell your mind that you know this provision ... So the next time you have that feeling, do not look in your visual memories, but explore the other boxes in your memory. You may be able to trace the origin of your deja vu.

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What you say makes sense, but

What you say makes sense, but what about the group of people that say that they see 'snapshots', where everything lines up exactly with their deja vu? There was an explanation of this on another site that I wanted to include here but, couldn't re-find it..
Instead, as an example, think of sitting in a bus and looking out the window, at a street with many cars rushing by as the bus drives in the other direction, and then there is an instant where everything seems to snap into place, and you feel that you have seen it before (as with all deja vu's) and that everything is in its right place.

You know this blue car was meant to be that far from the grey car in front of it, that the tree above them was going to be blown by the wind into that particular angle, that those people on the sidewalk would be in the exact places that they were in that one instant.

Its a very detailed instant, and I feel that the familiarity and association explanation doesn't really explain it enough for situations like this,.. doesn't explain it enough for me because this is what almost all my deja vu's are like.

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About 18 years ago now i and my family took a trip to a place called COTTONWOOD Lake in the mountains of COLORADO, The trip went well and proceeded as it should. We crossed and older wooden bridge located near the lake and i had a vary dim memory of being there before. It had to have been back in the 50s when i was about ten which was confirmed by my mother a few days later in Colorado Springs when i visited her.I had totally forgotten it which wasn't unusual for me because of EPILEPSY now well controlled. What happened next was what really made me stop and think about. We left the lake about an hour later and drove to a place called Chalk Cliffs which was South of there several miles, We spent the day there and by evening we were driving out of the canyon at the far west end of the chalk cliffs. We pulled along side a camp ground to take a look at all of these people around a fire in the camp ground sitting in chairs and having a rather good time. All of a sudden, i could see myself in a chair looking out a a car sitting along side the fence where my car was now sitting with its head lights on.It was now dark and as i sat the rte i could not make out what type of care it was but only that it was gray in color, like my car was .then a min later it felt like i had popped back into my car and i could see a kid looking at us from his chair, the one i had been sitting in a few moments earlier.it sounds really weird i know but it sure gave me a start because of all the detail in it. There were people of all ages sitting around the fire that night, I found out later i mite have been there my self many years before this time...thanks Ron Reed

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Deja vu

It seems like everytime I get/feel deja vu there's always something about the experience that's totally new. An example being just after I turned 21 I went and played a lil texas holdem poker tournament, it was in the basement of a bar sortof near where I live and in the middle of the game I felt it. I know I'd never been there before I was never old enough to be legally allowed in anyplace like that. I think I was looking down at my chips on this old cafeteria style table I was seated at and for a couple seconds I got kinda lost in the wood grain on top of the table as I panned up everything seemed really familiar. There was a noise like a guy from another table droped and shattered his glass or something. That sound and all the background chatter of all the people in there (all strangers to me) and whatever song was playing, the lighting, the wood grain on the table, and even the temperature or feeling of the room. Its more the feeling I have though, not so much anything weird about the situation. It does kinda seem like I knew something would happen before it happens but its not like I could actually call it, or give a warning before it really happens.. What's really weird is sometimes I get the deja vu feeling but there's something different and I can even almost pinpoint what that is. Like I'll be feeling it and it'll all seem right just like I "remember" it, it's like say I'm there and the whole experience feels eerily familiar but instead of the oldies song that's playing on the radio, I thought "last time" there was a rap song playing. Is that deja vu?

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Deja vu

It seems like everytime I get/feel deja vu there's always something about the experience that's totally new. An example being just after I turned 21 I went and played a lil texas holdem poker tournament, it was in the basement of a bar sortof near where I live and in the middle of the game I felt it. I know I'd never been there before I was never old enough to be legally allowed in anyplace like that. I think I was looking down at my chips on this old cafeteria style table I was seated at and for a couple seconds I got kinda lost in the wood grain on top of the table as I panned up everything seemed really familiar. There was a noise like a guy from another table droped and shattered his glass or something. That sound and all the background chatter of all the people in there (all strangers to me) and whatever song was playing, the lighting, the wood grain on the table, and even the temperature or feeling of the room. Its more the feeling I have though, not so much anything weird about the situation. It does kinda seem like I knew something would happen before it happens but its not like I could actually call it, or give a warning before it really happens.. What's really weird is sometimes I get the deja vu feeling but there's something different and I can even almost pinpoint what that is. Like I'll be feeling it and it'll all seem right just like I "remember" it, it's like say I'm there and the whole experience feels eerily familiar but instead of the oldies song that's playing on the radio, I thought "last time" there was a rap song playing. Is that deja vu?

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Deja Vu

My last experience is totally unexplainable. I was in the army in Louisiana on a 15 miles march. I was at the end of the company when we scaled a ravine and entered densely vegetative area. There were two paths and the entire company, probably about 240 men had taken the path on the right. For some reason I felt that the path to the left was the correct one. I don't know why but I felt that I had been there before. I went to the right with the rest of the men and about a half mile into the march, we had to go back and take the left path. I was correct and have no idea why.

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I found the article very informative and nice seeing as it didn't dismiss any of the possible explanations outright, like other articles I have seen.
I have not yet had the time to read through all the comments, but I would like to add something for now.
I have had many de ja vu's since I was young, my first was at 8 or 9 years old. There are periods where they occur more often, and times when I do not get one for a long time. I used to experience the feeling of fear that the dejavu is a warning, as someone else also mentioned, but because of it repeatedly being harmless everyday things have come to not have fear during one, though I always am trying to figure out what it means. After close to 12 or 13 years thinking it over, (I am 21 now) I haven't been able to figure anything out, but I get the feeling that its connected to dreams. Right before I got my first de ja vu, I began to dream of 'black' every night, like my dreams were occurring but were being blocked out by my mind, in a similar way to how whenever I had a near-death or traumatic experience, such as near-drowning or electrocution, had also been blocked out by my mind to protect itself from shock. The 'black' image covered up those memories as well, leaving only the part of my memory right before the incident began as 'viewable'. Maybe we view bits of future events in our sleep but our mind blocks out the fact that we know it so as not to have a conflict with memories of past and memories of future, or a logic problem ("i cant remember this because it hasn't happened yet") Which would explain why the people who experience de ja vu always 'remember' right before or during the event they are remembering, because it triggered the blocked memory. It may seem like an odd idea but, I'd be happy if anybody gave this idea some thought and shared their thoughts with me.

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Im wondering.. Like i was studying and i saw that exact thing that happened, that i had seen before but don;t know where i had seen it. Like just 1 picture. It felt like a broken piece of memory that wasn;t completed yet.

I was study at the school fresh and i never went there before, it was my first day. I flash poped which like reminded me i saw that image somewhere but i never been the that school before. Like i read other post but they said " theory suggests the brain may process the sensory input as a memory, and therefore during the event one believes it to be a past memory, yet it is only a memory-in-progress, which is how the brain perceives life. In a survey, Brown had concluded that approximately two-thirds of the population have had déjà vu experiences"

Like a pass memory. WEll mine wasn't. I just wanted to share this to people like me.

I really don;t know if it's normal or not

Email me back when u can please

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This i see which are not related to my real life

I usually see few clips for friction of seconds. probably once or twice a day. Those clips are not related to my real life but whenever i see that view i feel very good very satisfied. I see a yelloe house with lots of tree and sometime i see and find myself in some coastal reagion nearby the sea. This thing happens to me since my childhood. Sometime i realy get irritated that why do i see such things which are not at all related to my present life.What can be this. Is this thing related to my previous birth. Please help me in this regard.


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Deja Vu

Not sure if this is very relevant im 26 years old now and have experienced deja vu several times. I have never had it last the fraction of a second but rather always an entire day from how i woke up to each and everything through-out the day till i go to sleep. Ive never once felt scared confused or disoriented. Ive had EKG's MRI's etc to determine if i had any type of siezure which was a no. According to the doc's my brain has never experienced any type of siezure or anomoly. I can also remember most of these instances with fluidity. My own family had doubted these experiences until i was able to say what they were going to say before they said it. Not just in one instance but any instance. I do not believe in psychic phenomenon or time travel theory therefore i do not believe that those are scientific explanations but rather mystic which is udderly ridiculous in my opinion. One thing i do know is ive had these my entire life although several studies show between 15 to 20 something i have experienced them at least since i was around 6 years old which is as far back as i can remember. I have no clue why it happens. If it was a form of epilepsy there would be some sort of reaction on the brain for sure however as said EKG's and MRI's have shown that this is not the case. I know not how this deja vu stuff occurs nor why however i do know that there needs to be more extensive research into the phenomenon "deja vu". Ive read several forum and it seems fear confusion and dissorientation seem common however ive never experienced these feeling during my deja vu experiences. Perhaps some insight from other would be useful to me or perhaps input from researches. Im more than willing to answer any questions regarding my experiences however im also reluctant to do so as i would rather have a true scientific outlook rather than mystical. I see that one person has experiences that are continuos but mine are only continous for the time that it happens not each and every day. Say i wake up tomarrow and have a deja vu experience it will last all day as others have until i go to sleep. Even as a child i never experience fear anxiety confusion or dissorientation from these experiences nor have i been bothered by them but rather intrigued. Perhaps my story can add to more research and outlook to help explain this very strange phenomenon.

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Seeking some insight.

Very interesting take on Deja vu. For years I've been curious as to causes, but have never thought of looking it up until today when I had a Deja vu experience which is a fairly common occurrence in my world. Typically, or always actually, my Deja vu is of the "vecu" variation. It is almost always associated with situations, words, or text. I will get the feeling that I've seen, written, spoken, or been in that exact situation before. Yet I have no idea of when, or any memory of the "earlier experience", or lack thereof. Only that I feel like that exact thing has happened to me before. It will typically be somewhat short, probably minutes. Although I don't keep track because the experience, while peeking my interest and giving me a surreal feeling for the moment, doesn't bother me in the least bit. I also sometimes experience what seems to me, from what I've read so far, would be considered Jamais vu. Where words will seem very odd to me, as in, I can't make sense of them for a moment. Every once in a while, I'll lose the ability to spell incredibly simple words, which may or may not be related. Those are rare, however.
Some of it I can attribute to a really horrible memory. Things have to be part of my current routine constantly, in order for me to remember, with some exceptions of course. I constantly battle with remembering words, which aside from being annoying, really takes a toll on me socially. Other times words will come without aggrevation and online thesaurus. I often have to dumb down my conversations, or just stop talking from being unable to think of a synonym quickly.
Only reason I mention memory, is the two seem related. (For my experiences at least).
The experience that I'm most interested in gaining insight to, is one that horribly frightened me the first time it happened. I'm almost certain that the catalyst is marijuana, and risidual effects of marijuana. The first few times I smoked it, I was fine. Got high just like everyone else. Then, one night when I was fifteen I smoked some marijuana, I layed my head down. When I picked my head back up, I felt like the seconds just before were really distant, as though it was a dream. I even said, "I just had the wierdest dream." What I didn't realize, was that this was going to continue until I was no longer high. Every few seconds, my movements, words, others' movements, and words were all distant, like a dream or like they happened long ago, or never happened. But they did happen, seconds earlier. It's a feeling of detachment that I cannot describe. I honestly thought that I was going to die, or perhaps never existed because everything tangible felt so distant directly after me perceiving it. It was such the most uncomfortable feeling. Luckily, the feeling did go away with the high. At first I thought that I had been laced, and tried it a couple more times. Different marijuana, with different people, etc. So I feel that I can narrow it down to that.
Every once in a while, I'll get the feeling again randomly but it will only happen momentarily. So I think it had risidual affects, albeit much less constant. The next two times I tried smoking weed, when it happened it was much less of a shock because I was aware that it would eventually go away. So in short, I no longer smoke pot, ever. Hehe
Anyways, sorry for book, but does anyone know what that may be, or had a similar experience?

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Deja vu

I am writing about this because my daughter is experiencing this. I too dealt with this for many years. I only have this situation on very rare occasions. She has had them frequently. I did not see where someone has explored stress as a viable option. Mine happen so infrequently that I can definitely say it is in high stress situations that brings it on.

I see some of the comments have a lot of stressors is there any scientific study about stress and this phenomenon?

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Predicting the future

I've had many accounts of deja vu, but I can only actually remember one incident, and that was the first time I ever experienced deja vu. I was really young at my grandmothers house playing with a toy car outside on her front porch. I looked at the mail slot and it hit me. I vaguely remembered a series of actions and if I kept on doing those actions, the deja vu kept on for a few seconds. It scared me to the point where I ran to my mom in tears. Now I'm 19 and although I do remember having a decent amount of experiences of deja vu, I can't really remember them in that much detail. It's usually me remembering myself doing a set of actions, and I'll continue to act it out as far as I can remember, or I seem to remember the actions of something else and it seems like I can almost predict what someone or something is going to do for a few seconds. I don't recall having deja vu any time recently, it seems to have died down compared to when I was younger.

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Deja vu happens to me every

Deja vu happens to me every now and then, but it used to happen all the time. Sometimes once a day. Then, one strange thing happened to me. I had had a dream, it wasn't very vivid, but it was vivid enough to remember it. Then, a month later, I was at my school and the dream came into reality. It was kind of scary because I knew I had had a dream about it and there were several incidents in that one moment. I don't know. It was really strange.

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I'm 17 but my deja vu is extremely weird. It can happen anywhere from a few hours later to five years ahead and I clearly know what will happen. It's normal but, for example, I can have a dream about talking to someone and they say something to me and it happens and I reapeat what they say to me as they say it. I don't know if it is really deja vu but some dreams of deja vu I have that I CLEARLY remember that I have changed don't end up well. I sound like a lunatic but I honestly mean it. I had a clear dream about a bus crash in Alabama a few years ago and even knew about a plane crash before it happened. The worst part is not being able to tell anyone thinking you are crazy. I sound extremely crazy, trust me I have heard crazy. I cannot change what will happen and what I currently know. if I do bad things happen. I know how I am going to find out how my mom dies. I know something bad is and will happen this December but it won't mean the end of the world. I can't say it or it leads to things worse. Please don't say I am crazy or weird I have heard it from so many people throughout my life.

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A Problem

My Deja's have turned into something that allows me to see the future but a pararel world version, is this normal. I dunno wtf it is but its kinda weird.

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Death in deja-vu

Hello folks I too have had experiences dealing with these phenomina, but though as it occurrs simply the only deja-vu occuence I have had that is worth talking about started out as a bad dream. It had all started with me having conflict and disgruntlement with my folks/ parents I fell asleep in my room around 6:00 pm which is very early and would not awake until later the next day like around noon. Although during that time I dreamt I had died, and details of that I can explain. The result of me having so much conflict at home landed me in a shelter or The salvation Army to be exact. I was late going in one night places of where I slept were full that night and had to relocate to a duarm. While there in the dream as i remember sleeping peacfuly, while I was asleep in natural life awoke the next day had words with a man and stated fighting upon fighting he cuts me up and as soon as he cuts my throat and I stagger out of the duarm I hit the floor. All sight, touch, taste, smell, sound, were there as I had awaken noon the next day I was shaken up eternaly feeling my neck as if though it had happened. Now later on all that of what I had dreamed of happened Feb.18, 2010. I thought I died in my dream but in all that i thank God I am still here today. so that is how deja-vu had affected me and somtimes still comes and goes. April 3, 2012

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I have had this all my life. The most vivid one was dreaming while i was living in Germany in the 1980s.
Of course i forgot the dream, until one evening many years later after i returned to UK, about 5'o clock i was shopping with my twins, a boy and a girl, on the "restaurant street" (where there are many take aways and restaurants) in Rusholme, and i had the rememberance of that exact moment, me standing holding the children, one on each hand, and i just stopped, as the whole dream flooded back into me, and i knew i had dreamt this, and when i had dreamt it.
Now years later i know that it was not a dream, but that i had somehow gone into "my?" future and not just seen it, but actually LIVED it.

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The "Deja Vu" token is spreading again. Experiencing it all week.

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I experience deja vu at twice

I experience deja vu at twice a month, deja vu is a feeling that a present situation is happened before, or in your dream. You'll know that it happened after the situation, not before the situation. I Felt deja vu 2-3 seconds after that it stops.

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Two People One Moment Replaying

I really don't know what to think about all the information I've read about Deja Vu, because of a deja vu moment I had a few years ago. I was sitting on the edge of a fence together with my sister's exboyfriend and we expirenced deja vu at the same time!!!! I really don't know what think of this all, I mean, normal deja vu is already weird and people already seem to have a good explination for it, but expirancing it at the same exact moment as some one else isn't just weird! There must be more to this, right?

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So confusing

Im 17 and I started to have de ja vu when I was probably like 11, I still remember my first one, yet I forgot all of the other that followed it, and boy did I have alot. I usually have it 1-2 a month, but sometimes i get like 2 a week, althought its rarely. I know its de ja vu as soon as it starts, althought as u said its visual, and I cant seem to know the future of the de ja vu, or whats going to happen next in the de ja vu, until it happens ofcorse. It can take from 10sec to 30sec for the de ja vu, and I always wondered if its some glitch in the brain or could it be something I had in a dream, ofcorse when the de ja vu happens I always get strangest feeling that I had it before in a dream, not in reality, but from the point that I can seem to know what will be next in the de ja vu before it happens, i thought that the glitch was the right answer. But still it feels like 100% that I had it in a dream before but yet its always so confusing like the mind is playing tricks on me.

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Don't be afraid.

Hello all,
I read this article, as well as the comments following it, and I can offer one piece of advice that may assist you in maintaining your sanity. Simply put, I do not believe that Deja Vu should be feared or intentionally ignored. It is a tool, a weapon against the uncertainty that most people face while living their day to day lives. We have an advantage, and with focus and determination, you may hone this ability to benefit your life and the lives of those around you.
I have been experiencing this phenomenon since early childhood. At first, it was frightening, and as most people would agree, maddening. However, as time passed, and the sensations continued to increase in frequency and duration, I came to the conclusion that if I accepted it for what it was, it may become more useful. And it has.
Perhaps the dreams we have warn us of possible dangerous encounters. Try looking to your surroundings when an episode occurs. There may be something you were meant to see, something you were meant to change. If nothing sticks out as odd, don't sweat it! As we know, the sensation will come again.
To those who would prefer to be left out of this intriguing experience, you may be able to block it from happening through concentrated will. You could try audibly pronouncing your intentions before bed. Concentrate, and state that you would prefer not to experience Deja Vu anymore. Continue to concentrate until you feel comfortable that your wishes will be satisfied. Remember, the more you believe that you are in control, and the more you believe that you will get what you ask, the greater the chances that you will sleep soundly.
However, I personally believe that this experience is meant to help us, not harm us. Certainly the most obvious proof of this is the fact that you are NOT the only one dealing with it. Not only that, but it would seem that more and more people are reporting incidents. These two points could bring an interesting theory into play: This could be the next stage of human evolution. We are a young species, relative to our universe, and thus, we should expect to encounter many, MANY oddities and unanswered questions.
Our natural reaction to the unknown is fear, as is necessary. Fear walks hand-in-hand with caution, our life preserver. Remember though, at one point, men were afraid to cross the ocean due to the risk of "falling off the edge of the world." We only fear what we do not understand. The truth concerning Deja Vu is convoluted and mysterious. However, I firmly believe that we are stumbling into something that was as inevitable as it is useful.
Embrace it and grow stronger, or refuse it and let it pass. The choice is yours: Will you dodge your sweeping fear and face what comes with your head held high, or will you eradicate your connection with the unknown to maintain complete control of your sanity? The risk is worth the reward in my opinion.


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Control your fears, don't let them control you.

Hello all,
I read this article, as well as the comments following it, and I can offer one piece of advice that may assist you in maintaining your sanity. Simply put, I do not believe that Deja Vu should be feared or intentionally ignored. It is a tool, a weapon against the uncertainty that most people face while living their day to day lives. We have an advantage, and with focus and determination, you may hone this ability to benefit your life and the lives of those around you.
I have been experiencing this phenomenon since early childhood. At first, it was frightening, and as most people would agree, maddening. However, as time passed, and the sensations continued to increase in frequency and duration, I came to the conclusion that if I accepted it for what it was, it may become more useful. And it has.
Perhaps the dreams we have warn us of possible dangerous encounters. Try looking to your surroundings when an episode occurs. There may be something you were meant to see, something you were meant to change. If nothing sticks out as odd, don't sweat it! As we know, the sensation will come again.
To those who would prefer to be left out of this intriguing experience, you may be able to block it from happening through concentrated will. You could try audibly pronouncing your intentions before bed. Concentrate, and state that you would prefer not to experience Deja Vu anymore. Continue to concentrate until you feel comfortable that your wishes will be satisfied. Remember, the more you believe that you are in control, and the more you believe that you will get what you ask, the greater the chances that you will sleep soundly.
However, I personally believe that this experience is meant to help us, not harm us. Certainly the most obvious proof of this is the fact that you are NOT the only one dealing with it. Not only that, but it would seem that more and more people are reporting incidents. These two points could bring an interesting theory into play: This could be the next stage of human evolution. We are a young species, relative to our universe, and thus, we should expect to encounter many, MANY oddities and unanswered questions.
Our natural reaction to the unknown is fear, as is necessary. Fear walks hand-in-hand with caution, our life preserver. Remember though, at one point, men were afraid to cross the ocean due to the risk of "falling off the edge of the world." We only fear what we do not understand. The truth concerning Deja Vu is convoluted and mysterious. However, I firmly believe that we are stumbling into something that was as inevitable as it is useful.
Embrace it and grow stronger, or refuse it and let it pass. The choice is yours: Will you dodge your sweeping fear and face what comes with your head held high, or will you eradicate your connection with the unknown to maintain complete control of your sanity? The risk is worth the reward in my opinion.


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deja vu

i saw a very familiar man that was all dressed in black staring at me today! i started to panic, then i told my friend and he said: what black man! then i looked back, he was gone! its a mystery at hand

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Is it possible?

Deja vu, to me, makes me feel like it is almost a warning or a clue. We have done or seen or felt or heard or somehow experienced this before. Is it possible that we, as individuals, never experience our own death. Some how our consciousness shifts/moves/transports/teleports/absorbs/melds/ or whatever to a different dimension at the point of our death, so that we never realize what has happened. Only people left behind are affected by our death. We are in some kind of a multi-dimensional loop, and occasionally the dimensions collide/connect/rub together and we get the feeling that we know as Deja Vu. When I get that feeling, I wonder if I am about to die, or have died recently, and wonder the next few days if it actually happened. Maybe?

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Deja Vu

Dear alan you are watching too many movies. Teleports?

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in response to 01/22/2006, from a Reader on the Web

I have the same thing occuring to me from time to time.
One day i'm for example driving and while driving i start to think about a specific movie or episode of a show that has not been aired for a long time. After a few minutes i'm already thinking about something else. Then within the next 2-3 days this movie or specific episode shows on tv. I don't even watch alot of tv..
This sort of stuff happend to me numerous times and i can't seem to find out why.

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Very often I find myself

Very often I find myself experiencing extreme deja vu, to the point that it physically affects me ( I get goosebumps, my eyes well-up, and my sideburns tighten up) because of how intense. I get the feeling that I'm remembering some remote dream from weeks, months or years ago, and every action and word is following some cosmic script that I can recall just milliseconds before every line. I feel my mind go into a daze as I mentally take a step back, listening to myself speak from some third person perspective because the whole event is just so surreal. It almost never comes with significance though, because every event has happened during some argument with my parents or conversation with my friends.

While I have no idea if it is some sort of memory dysfunction that is an electrical echo in my brain, or if I have actually dreamt this, but on a few separate occasions I was actually able to announce what was about to happen before it happened. My best friend experiences very similar events and I can remember an occasion where he announced exactly what our architecture professor was going to say as she right before she began lecture.

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Re-occuring Deja Vu's All The Time

I don't know why but it seems like everyday I have deja vu. Everyone always looks at me and says that it hasn't happened before. I don't get frightened because I am the type that likes to explore the unknown but I've noticed that this deja vu happens pretty much everyday. Like the feeling I get is like I'm there watching what happened, just like what was explained in the article, and I just get that premonition feeling like I'm aware that its never really happened before but its just that feeling that I know that everything was that way. Its hard to explain but I would guess the people who have had the same experiences as me would understand. I wish I could get more insight on this. It doesn't exaclty bother me to have Deja Vu because it's mysterious and not something that usually occurs often but I still do wish I could know more about it or why it happens all the time w/ me.

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