Cloning: Right or Wrong

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Cloning: Right or Wrong

Julie Kwon

With the advancement and expansion of technology science has been able to achieve new wonders. These improvements and discoveries in science have allowed the human race to explore and learn more about the world. One such phenomenon is cloning. Cloning has opened the doors to explore human beings in a way that was once never possible. With cloning the human body, as well as other organisms, will be studied. Cloning and genetic engineering will both come into play to improve scientific knowledge, but is cloning beneficial?

Cloning attempts has occurred as early as 1952, and the first successful transfer of embryonic cells occurred in 1970 (1), (5). Ian Wilmut, the scientist famous for the "Dolly" cloning experiment has paved the way for a completely different thought. There were other organisms that were cloned but what made "Dolly" unique was that instead of cells being taken from an embryo "Dolly" was created by using DNA from an adult ewe(3). The process of cloning was discovered to be simpler than what was thought. The first step is to take the cells from the udder of a Finn Dorset ewe and place them in a culture with low concentrations of nutrients causing it to starve and ultimately stop cell division and active genes (3). While this is occurring an unfertilized egg cell is taken from a Blackface ewe with its DNA filled nucleus taken out leaving a nucleus free egg cell that will later produce an embryo (3). Next with the aid of an electric pulse the cells from the udder of a Finn Dorset ewe and the unfertilized egg cell with no nucleus is fused together to begin cell division which will later turn into an embryo which will be placed in the uterus of another Blackface ewe(3). Eventually the Blackface ewe will give birth to a new genetically identical Finn Dorset ewe(3). With the creation of "Dolly" the doors of human cloning has opened the controversy and complications of cloning.

The cloning process is not yet perfected nor one hundred percent accurate, in fact, it took Ian Wilmut more than 277 attempts before the successful creation of a "healthy viable lamb" (1). Furthermore, Ian Wilmut explains that mistakes where made in his procedure and there is uncertainty whether a fetus or adult cell was used in his steps of creating "Dolly" (1). Cloning of humans will be a much more difficult task and a huge risk where a number of things can go wrong causing malformation and diseases in the human body (1). It involved a slightly different process where a somatic cell must be taken from the female. These somatic cells will be harder to work with because they are specialized cells where genes are "turned off" and unable to turn back "on" (1). In addition, the "human clone" will be a "time-delayed identical twin" (1). Because of these complications and imperfections the government has taken action with the proposal of the Cloning Prohibition Act of 1997 by President Bill Clinton (1), (4). With this bill there would be no "implantation of cloned cells into the human (1). President Clinton believes that "any discovery that teaches upon human creation is not simply a matter of scientific inquiry but also a matter of morality and spirituality" (1). In addition to the actions of the President the National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC) agrees that no human cloning shall take place because at the present time it is not justified to produce a human child by the cloning procedure used to create "Dolly" (1), (4). The NBAC stresses that there is potentially a greater risk with human error as well as having numerous failed attempts before creating a perfect clone (1), (4). They are concerned about the psychological damage and the disappearance of individuality if human cloning became a common practice (1). Both the President and the NBAC find it morally wrong and currently inappropriate to put human cloning into practice.

There are numerous ways where cloning will further aid in scientific development and help the advancement of scientific knowledge of humans. Human cloning can allow rebirth of deceased humans, cure diseases especially those related to genetics, and discover new data and ideas (2). It can prevent endangered species from disappearing as well as allow healthier human beings(2), (5). It will allow doctors to research and determine the cause of spontaneous abortions as well as research rapid cell growth of cancer cells (1). (2). New organs that genetically match the recipient may be produced as well as allow regeneration of nerve tissues and other damaged tissues, and further study in genetics, human body development, and medicine (1). (2). (5). Agricultural and livestock can also be improved where scientist can alter clone organisms with preferable better traits or ideal characteristics (2). All this will allow the people of science to have an in depth research of the human body.

What is the downfall of human cloning? One would be the world lack of genetic diversity (2). The world will become an ideal living environment with "perfect people" that are all genetically alike (2). It may also instigate fraud and bad practice as the Black Market gets involved in selling stolen or defected clones (1). Because cloning is generally a new process and still in it's early stages there would be many uncertainty and risks (1). The procedure may actually cause more deaths in human beings where physical harm can be done to an embryo as well as a child. Because a perfect human being can be created, humans that do not have the desired character traits will not be socially accepted(1), (4).

"Opponents and supporters of human cloning agree that at the current time the technology is not safe enough to use on humans" (1). With the facts given it is evident that human cloning should not be practiced in the near future. Looking at both the advantages and disadvantages you observe that the advantages will further aid development and advancement of science and the disadvantages show that it will greatly affect moral and social issues. Though human cloning will improve the science society and the human race there is a far greater risk involved in cloning humans. Furthermore, with the active involvement of government prohibiting human cloning and the controversy surrounding this issue it is an unjustified procedure to practice. Therefore, unless technology has improved to perfect the cloning procedure as well as an understanding of the moral issues behind human cloning is observed there should be no human clone present in our society.

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Comments made prior to 2007
your document 'right or wrong' on human cloning really helped, It was straight to the point and easy to understand ... Kiara, 24 February 2006


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Cloning is wrong because you

Cloning is wrong because you are playing the role of God. You arnt making life for PROCREATION like we are supposed to, we are cloning humans for parts.

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no ones tyring to be "God",

no ones tyring to be "God", just tring to save lives. want people to die of cancer, miss-tested drugs or cosemetics? i dont think "God" would want that, do you?

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No Clones!

Cloning people is just plain wrong. Every person in the world is supposed to be different, and thats just how things are. It's amazing that there will never be another copy of me, and thats how I want it to stay. Forget about this God crap. Yes, I am christian and believe what I want, but who wants to be remade? What's it really gonna help with? Yes, it could help people who are sick, but a clone will be a person too. Cloning would basically be using the clone as a product. The clone is going to have a life and feelings, too. After all, they are human. So, stick to cloning fruits, not humans.

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yes but remember you dont

yes but remember you dont have to clone the whole thing, only the parts that are needed

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right on! you read my mind

right on! you read my mind yeah!!!!!

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Why don't we move on in the world and see things differently than our ancestors did. Cloning could be a fantastic thing, but we have to be very careful of how we use it. It doesn't matter if there is a god or not, it's our world to live on so lets make th most of it and use the technology we have.

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couldnt agree more. cancer aid, drug and cosmetic research, and if someone is unable to have a baby (but adding charateristics from mother AND father)

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Okay, I have yet to see one

Okay, I have yet to see one post on this site that is actually tangible. Everyone on here that has made a post has either argued that "This is wrong because my God says so", or "Cloning is not wrong because God doesn't exist". Get yourselves off of the topic of God, and make the decision for yourselves, not because "This isn't how we're supposed to be, or God would've made us this way."

Just forget about God for a moment and make this an informed decision. I believe that cloning is wrong due to the fact that we're starting to "customize" our children. How intrusive and invasive is that? We start creating designer babies, making them faster, stronger, etc. This swings their own natural selective options to your own biased will. You want your child to be able to be smarter than anyone else, do it naturally and TEACH THEM. We today are trying to cheat the genetic code that makes us who we are. The genetic lottery will soon die out, and we'll all be living in one big "Stepfordian" novel.

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i hate people talking about god because he is of opinion (not saying there isnt one) but science isof fact. though i dont agree that cloning shouldnt be should be legal, just as medicine, like cancer aid and drug research

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finaly! someone with sence

im doing home work on cloneing and im sick of the word god! im basing my essay on your comment.
thank you

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gamertag: xAndrew72x

well cloning is/should be researched
i belive in god he made us for a reason n stuff like that but if he didnt want us to clone things n stuff he would of made cloning impossible or somthing
im all for cloning but not, reproductivly
wats the point of it? there r natral clones n e ways "twins" identicle just 1 cell that cloned itself as it was matureing n stuff

im doing a research/ benchmark on cloning pretty hard not that much info

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Reproductive cloning of humans is wrong.

First off, I don't understand how God factors into this argument. I for one am an agnostic.

Reproductive cloning of humans is very wrong and is quite useless. Why would anyone want to be cloned? Why would people want "perfect humans" to be brought into the world?

Reproductive cloning to save endangered animals should take place because cloning animals doesn't have the social/moral effects that cloning humans would have.

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i dont believe its ok to

i dont believe its ok to clone HUMANS but on the other had i do believe its okay to produce identicle parts FROM humans with Therapeutic cloning, also known as Somatic cell nuclear transfer or research cloning. stem cells to produced skin for example. Its still cloning but not in a inhumane way. what would be the poinbt in cloning a human anyway?

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People is not perfect so cloning neither

yeah, I agree with "cloning: Frankenstein". I read that book and i am making some research for my essay. It is true what about if scientists create a monster, i mean humans are not perfect how do we expect a perfect "cloning" from people that are not even "Perfect".What about individuality? We have to let life to fulfill its cycle. We cannot avoid death.

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Can anyone on this site spell? I think that proves that both extremes on this issue need to do some research. Basing an argument on religion is just as illogical as basing one on anti-religious notions.

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cloning: frankenstein

I am researching cloning to compare it with frankenstein. for those of you who think that is a big weird green monster, you are wrong. Viktor frankenstein created a monster, out of peices of corpses, who was nameless. this monster was basicly like a clone. he was shuned from society because he was different. then he killed and destroyed because he wasent happy. whose to say this wont happen with human clones? what if they cant control their emotions like us? after all they arnt exactly like us. so i think cloning is wrong. wether u believe in god or not, its just wrong. we dont know if we will be able to control them so why risk it?

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Think about it deeper.

I'm doing a report to but you guys are not a real big help. I believe in god but this isn't about god. Seriously i would hate to see you guys in a fight about abortion. I don't think cloning is right even if it would be cool to have a copy of yourself. But we dont know if they could turn out be more geneticly inhanced, of use the unknown part of their brain. It is unfair to the clone too because its against human rights. i'M IN MIDDLE SCHOOL, AND I'M HAVING DEEPER THOUGHTS THAN MOST OF YOU GUYS. THATS SAD.

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Reply to 'Think About It Deeper'

Really? i thought my father was lying about the decline of soceity..but i guess not...Good job who ever you are in middle school..Show these older people kids are the FUTURE!

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maybe we should ask

maybe we should all ask ourselves about cloning "just because we can, should we?"

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Isn't the debate about god rather off topic? whether he exists or not, i think cloning is wrong, imagine what these children would be thinking, they would have to live up to peoples' expectations all the time, normal kids don;t have that kind of pressure and are free to make their own personalities. The adult the cell came from will always be thinking, 'well I wasnt like that,' and, 'oh she's different to me'. and if you bring back someone from the dead they're gna have a completely different personality to the previous person and then youll jst be disappointed. it's too much pressure on the clone. But i am all in favour of cloning organs.

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God indirectly made GAY porn

God indirectly made GAY porn then, and charls manson, and shitty bands like "fall out boys"

evolution <3
logic <3

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cloning is wrong! no if , no buts, no maybes. we know it so stop acting as though it is not.remember that this clone will develop feelings just like you and I. we are becoming too inhumane as a society evolving from inhumane treatment.

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yes i totally agree lol

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what the heck god made us so

what the heck god made us so stop dising him and shut up he didnt make gay poeple we did he made us and we got gay not him

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if u say God doesn't exist...tell me y r we living?what is the purpose of this life,this world?we jus eat 2 live,find shelter to survive,have babies so that this world doesnt end.but have u ever thought y?whats the purpose of surviving?its only cuz God made this world 2 test which humans will believe in Him after showing them the billion which will ignore the signs.Thus,He shall reward and punish after death.God made life and u really think He cant control them?

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I am not sure

well i am not at all sure. but i like the idea of cloning and its possiblities but what if we do get human clones and start treating them bad like salves or something. shouldnt we think about their welfare. they might become secound calss citezens. i am sure after a while someone is going to uses clones for war and all the crape that cames with it.

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okay, you want to hear about

okay, you want to hear about cloning and genetic engineering gone bad?
Research the genetically modified bacterium "Klebsiella planticola".
This bacteria almost ended all terrestrial life on Earth. It was approved for field testing, and just in the nick of time, a professor at O.S.U. discovered that it had the potential to kill off all plant life on Earth within 4 years. Do a little bit of OMNISCIENT research. That means looking into not just the beneficial factors, but draw backs as well. Don't just wait for somebody to drop the research in your lap, do it on your own..

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God? What the hell does he have to do with cloning?

Seriously, what the hell does he have to do with it? I personally don't believe in god (I'm an atheist, deal with it) but whatever you believe is up to you. I'm just angry that many of the reasons people are against cloning is because they believe that people are "Playing God". I don't have a problem with a belief in God, it's just when this "faith" begins to block scientific progress, I get kind of angry. Cloning happens in nature people! Before, people had absolutely no problem in letting scientists genetically engineer animals and plants (it's called hybridization people) to make better plants, more adaptable livestock, etc.

*sigh* I just wish people wouldn't have opinions on something they don't understand... (some of you do, but a lot of you don't)

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Like you said alot of people

Like you said alot of people have opinions of stuff they have no understanding on. You are an athiest.

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keepin control of ther

keepin control of ther situation is haveing the ability to dosomething and being able not to do it we dont have to do everything we can

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You guys are funny

Well, I'm writing a paper on cloning, and I just want to point out that it seems that very few people here have actually researched cloning. For those against cloning, and the fact that you don't want identical people, does that mean you're against identical twins? Should we just kill one because they are alike? All for the sake of being different and I right? Wrong. Of course, I'm no advocate of human cloning. If we perfect human cloning, we might be able to create a "superhuman", as in physically strong, talented. Ethically, I think it is wrong. However we should clone for the advancement of medicine, such as stem cell research. People say that we are killing people by killing embryos. Wait until you get a terminal illness or another incurable disease, then you will think twice about saying killing embryos is wrong. Just my 2 cents.

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Okay okay, everyone brings up good points, cloning is great to have for people that need the organs. Cloning would solve alot of problems. But the bad side is that cloning could cause so many problems. It would cause genes that 'died' to become one again. It would cause defects. Some things weren't meant to happen.
On the subject of God. He did create this world, he created everything, he created Man, Woman was created so Man wouldn't be lonely, to have a mate. We might not see God, or Jesus, but We have faith that he will provide us with guidence.The Bible is not only the only proof that God is there, And Jesus Christ. Everything around us is proof, we wouldn't be what we are today if it wasn't for God, He gives us so many blessings that we can't even count them. There is a reason that there is no Human cloning, I might not know the full reason, I mean our faith wouldn't Wax stronger if it wasn't for all the problems that we have today. We have the Free Will to make the right descion. Without these problems then who would we rely on? we are just Humans, and this world is crashing down around us. If you can't see it then your blind or Ignorant. If you say there is no god, then you are lying to yourself, there is like a 1 out of Infinity that something like the creation of Earth would even begin, some say its a conwincedence, I know better. God is there, He is there for all of us.

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cloning is wrong

our economy doesnt need this rith now and what is the point of it anyway all we are doing iis wasting our money!!!

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i'm 12...

i'm 12 and i am on both sides with "God" AND evolution. WE, ALL OF US had to have come from SOMEWHERE, right? but i dont belive that God made us evole i think science did that to us. but cloning is benificial like it could lead to teleportation and what it said at the top.

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a lot of u seem to questions

a lot of u seem to questions things u dont understand,and the things that do seem very clear to you are in fact not, Cloning or no cloning technology is going to get more advanced one way or the other, If cloning can replace my heart when i have a severe injury than fine, but if it creates a whole bunch of other problems it should be thought through better, With great power comes great responsibility

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Cloning? plz tell me ur kidding

i think cloning is tottaly wrong.....although there are some benefits i think it just fighting against nature and beliving that it is possible to do things above the knowledge givin to us. cloning is not bringing back originals that god made its just making human like freaks in labs.
i also think that cloning animals is the same as abusing them...i mean common they never asked for any of this and how would you feel if you were told 'ya dude, do you noe ur a dang clone'
think back pplz =D

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Cloning is the future

Cloning is useful to help rid the world of diseases and can be used to benefit society in many different ways. God aside there is nothing morally wrong about taking cells to create a new being. Cloning can regenerate body parts to replace things like hearts and kidneys. Cloning also has the potential to make great people last forever. If it helps to save lives more lifes than it hurts how could cloning possibly be regarded as wrong.

Lei's picture

part of our debate... hehehe

too many comments..hahaha..we're goin' to have a debate and cloning is one of the possible topics..actually,,i don't know whether cloning is wrong or's a science, yes. cloning is natural at some points, like asexual reproduction. it can also be genetically created. people do cloning because they study and learn; and needed by the society. a thing will never be done unless someone needed it. the Creator of all mankind does gives everyone the freedom of what they want to do and wisdom to think. i think God will stop anyone from doin' some actions if He knows it'll caused no good. and if you notice that God doesn't respond immediately, maybe He has a greater plan for it...just wait (patience) and believe (faith).. =D

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cloned people are just sick, human-like, auto-piloted creations

cloning is wrong. yes, i am religious and i believe in God but im putting that aside right now since that has nothing to do with actual cloning. but some people say (like a lot of the people here) that cloning is the best thing in the world, because you can bring loved ones back to life. But if you actually cloned a loved one, it would not be your relative or friend at all, but a sick, human-like, auto-piloted creation of scientists.

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It is unfortunate that the

It is unfortunate that the term "cloning" refers to three very different procedures with three very different goals. It is also unfortunate that the first thought many people have when they hear the term is of horror movies which have showed the creation of human monsters or of armies of superhuman soldiers with subhuman brains. The reality of cloning is very different.
Embryo cloning: This is a medical technique which produces monozygotic (identical) twins or triplets. It duplicates the process that nature uses to produce twins or triplets. One or more cells are removed from a fertilized embryo and encouraged to develop into one or more duplicate embryos. Twins or triplets are thus formed, with identical DNA. This has been done for many years on various species of animals; only very limited experimentation has been done on humans.
Adult DNA cloning (a.k.a. reproductive cloning) This technique which is intended to produce a duplicate of an existing animal. It has been used to clone a sheep and other mammals. The DNA from an ovum is removed and replaced with the DNA from a cell removed from an adult animal. Then, the fertilized ovum, now called a pre-embryo, is implanted in a womb and allowed to develop into a new animal. As of 2002-JAN, It had not been tried on humans. It is specifically forbidden by law in many countries. There are rumors that Dr. Severino Aninori has successfully initiated a pregnancy through reproductive cloning. It has the potential of producing a twin of an existing person. Based on previous animal studies, it also has the potential of producing severe genetic defects. For the latter reason alone, many medical ethicists consider it to be a profoundly immoral procedure when done on humans.
Therapeutic cloning (a.k.a. biomedical cloning): This is a procedure whose initial stages are identical to adult DNA cloning. However, the stem cells are removed from the pre-embryo with the intent of producing tissue or a whole organ for transplant back into the person who supplied the DNA. The pre-embryo dies in the process. The goal of therapeutic cloning is to produce a healthy copy of a sick person's tissue or organ for transplant. This technique would be vastly superior to relying on organ transplants from other people. The supply would be unlimited, so there would be no waiting lists. The tissue or organ would have the sick person's original DNA; the patient would not have to take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of their life, as is now required after transplants. There would not be any danger of organ rejection.

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15 year old kids view

errrm would just like to counteract the whole god thing... maybe there is a 'force' out there that created everything but the first law of science is energy is never EVER created from were did your god come from?

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Thoughts of a Teenager

im a GCSE student, and im doing courswork about human cloning, and wether it's right or not. and, i may only be 15, but i have my own thoughts too.

first of all, i agree that God does NOT exist. its great you have someone to believe in, but i myslef believe we weren't made by God.

but i also believe cloning is wrong. i'm for theraputic cloning, but cloning to get another one of us?? not because it'll get 'anoying', but because by doing so we will become a 'perfect' world, and thats not what we need. also, we wont move onwards in the world as much as before. we wont be able to adapt to our new world if it changes. and cloning would mean more people, right? there are already too many people in this world. more than there ever has been. so why do we need more? cloning is just a way for humans to prove we can do what people believe God can do. and humans in general do what they can without thinking properly of the consequencis. we all do it, so dont deny it.

thats what i believe. as i said i am for theraputic cloning, but otherwise i am against it. i also dont agree with what they do while cloning on animals. they have just as strong a right to be living. we use them as puppets, throughing their lives away. whats the point??

i'm not saying i hate those who agree with it. youre not evil, just human. some agree, some dont. thats life.

im only 15, yet i have a strong belief. surely you do too? i would like to hear what you think. it will also help with my coursework.

ANONYMOUS from london..'s picture

reply to a teenager.

Yes i am also a student, 15 case study.

your veiw of god is too influenced by others, not 'him' or 'her' or even someone.
i bevive god is refered to as force, keeps thing changing 'evolution' or studies faults then influences people to 'change'. abit like mother nature only bigger.

Yeah I agree human cloning 'can' be wrong but also it has great benefits and there are pros and cons to everything, so we must use human cloning to the best of our ability without abusing our privlage of modern technology.

phanomanon's picture

well, we think reproductive cloning is wrong because because it is creating a damaged version of a living organism(which is just rude!) but theraputic cloning is fab because people benefit loads and it cures diseases!!!!!!!!!!!
Would you really won't another you?(we like being unique !!!

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Heres a real religous person talking.

I would have to agree that people do make people in a way...but God made the man and woman in the first place so they could actually God still "made" people...but anyways cloning is unethical in most make a clone you have to kill an embryo by taking out the nucleus and put it in another one...and this whole cloning process isn't perfected, not even close...when dolly the sheep was cloned 277 embryos died and only one attempt was successful...ONE of by what some of you are saying, it doesn't matter if 277 people die, "let science do what it wants"...if u r religous like u say u r then how could u stand to let embryos(future people) die?...dolly developed arthritis and lung disease and died at a very early we also won't care that people(clones) are dying at early ages or have to live with many diseases?........on another note...will these clones have soles? will they go to heaven as "non-cloned" people do? i don't one does but God himself...y mess with natural reproduction? its not worth all the arguing and debate.

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You really don't know what you are talking about. Go re-take high school biology then maybe you will understand more about what cloning is.

Anonymous's picture


I have read all the comments...

How do you KNOW there is a God? You don't. You just have faith in the fact that he may be real. But, you do not know. Which means, you shouldn't base your reason for something being wrong on religion. Freedom of religion is a beautiful thing, we shouldn't restrict scientists because of our religion. I believe in God but I still think we should let scientists clone whatever they want.

You are aware that a clone comes out as a baby, correct? Which means, like any other baby, it's environment determines if it fits in with other beings. Clones are just genetic copies of a previous being. So, unless the first thing was born a psycho killer, the clone wont come out as a psycho killer UNLESS they grew up the SAME EXACT way.

"Humans don't make humans"...WHAT?!? Thats called SEX. When 2 humans, a man and a woman, love each other very much, they get married and the man puts his sperm in the woman's egg. That process makes a baby. TADA! Humans making humans. God may help but God would also help the petri dish create a baby too!

What I'm saying is, if you're going to disagree, please back it up with something TRUE and don't base it on your religious BELIEF.

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i dont really get it

wouldn,t it be good if you needed a kidney and scientists could clone 1.
but killing a feotus is a bit harsh.

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The concept of human cloning

The concept of human cloning does not necessarily refer to making an identical copy of a human being, but it can refer to making copies of certain cells, which can lead to improvements in the research of cancer and other diseases. It is not pointless. Cloning can save many lives and also improve scientific knowledge and understanding, but unfortunately this comes at a cost, as there is a very low success rate.

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