Girls playing with the Boys, and Boys playing with the Girls

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Women, Sport, and Film - 2002
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Girls playing with the Boys, and Boys playing with the Girls

Zoe Meyer

On the athletic field, in the gym, or on the ice, there have always been standards for the athletes to follow. These standards range from what type of athletic equipment is not only necessary but appropriate, to who can play when, where, and how. This last standard is the one that is being challenged the most; can men play not only on women’s teams, but can they also participate in female dominated sports without being taunted? The same goes for women, can females, without fear, really participate in traditionally male dominated sports? Although the social costs to the individual participating in the non-traditional sport are many, the benefits, if played well and correctly, can be and are quite plentiful as well.

For men, this desire to participate in traditionally female dominated sports is not quite as great as it is for females. This is because, honestly, men have a wealth of opportunities for athletics, whether it be professional or not, for every one chance women have. But, in the case that a male does want to participate in a female dominated sport, he will have a hard time being accepted, not necessarily by his female teammates, but by the society watching the sport. Traditionally, male athletes are supposed to be in rough and tumble sports. They are supposed to be hard bodied, passionate about the game, and willing to play no matter what the circumstances. Most female sports, even the female counterpart of a male sport, is less rough and tumble and less aggressive than male sports. For a man to participate in one of these sports he is likely to get laughed off the field, taunted with jeers of “homo” and suggestions that he is “not man enough” to play with the “real men” in traditionally male dominated sports. This can not only be damaging to the male playing, but it can also be damaging to the women playing. The jeers could become aimed at the women on the field or the ice and they could hint that women are not only incapable to play, but that since they need a man to join their team to help them, they obviously do not belong anywhere but on the sidelines.

This previous example is probably a little extreme, but the ideas behind it are quite real. Imagine a man walking onto the deck of a swimming pool, ready to compete in synchronized swimming. The expected first impression would be, “what the…?” because men are not supposed to be synchronized swimmers. There may not be jeers taunted at him, and he may not get made fun of, but he is not looked upon favorably by those watching the event. If, however, he is looked upon favorably, in whatever female dominated sport he is participating, the benefits could be plenty. Imagine the publicity the team would get, not to mention the only man on the team! The endorsements for athletic equipment, shoes, and many other things could support him for the rest of his life after just one year of playing. Being the only man on a professional or Olympic level team could potentially lead to more opportunities for endorsements and such than being just another member of a men’s team. This may seem well and good, but when a man “makes it big” playing for a women’s team, there is always the question and suggestion that he should then go play with the big boys. With this in mind, it is easy to see that a male’s opportunity for continual benefits from playing on a women’s team are slim. Again, this is something that is not very common for men at the professional level, or even at an amateur level because of the fact that men have more opportunities to play than women.

Women, on the other hand, often want to participate in, not only traditionally male dominated sports because, at least now there are female counterparts for them, but they want to “play with the big boys” as well. For a female to “break into” a male sport is probably one of the most difficult parts of actually being an athlete. The main argument that is used almost regardless of the sport for women participating in traditionally male dominated sports is that the female body is not made to correctly function while participating. Also, the idea that the women will lose their femininity if they play with men is another reason to keep them off the field and out of the ring. For women to be taken seriously in a male dominated sport they have to not only be the best female in the ring, gym, or wherever, they also have to be the best overall athlete.

Traditionally, women are thought of as more fragile, and less aggressive than men. With this in mind, it is clear the reasons why it is so difficult for women to participate in male dominated sports. The costs to a woman playing with a man in the ring or on the field are more numerous than simply getting laughed at and called names. Usually, to really see the extent to which women can take playing with the boys, the men will usually play their hardest, if not harder in an attempt to push the women to their limits and eventually make them quit. Also, since the woman is in a male dominated sport, the chances that there are other females out there helping “the cause” are very small which makes it even harder for her to be taken seriously.

The benefits for a woman in a man’s sport however are probably some of the greatest out there. She will not only most likely be the star and the sweetheart of the team, but she will also most likely get the most attention both in and out of the game. Also, the endorsements for a woman playing with men are unimaginable, especially with all the feminists behind her and supporting her, she will most likely never have to worry about money again. The one problem with all of this though, is that she will probably have to be defending her sexuality constantly from those that think all female athletes are gay. However, if any woman can get through the taunting, and succeed in a male dominated sport, then she truly will have “made it” in the world of athletics.

For men and women to participate in sports not traditionally dominated by their sex is probably a lot more difficult at first than would seem worth it, but in the end it could be a major stepping stone into the world of athletics as well as the rest of society. The costs to both seem, at first, almost insurmountable, but once they have become versed in the ways of the sport, the benefits out rule it all.


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08/01/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I am an african american FEMALE, who plays football. I started at the age of 5 when i played on a 6 yr old BOY TEAM. when i first started yea, it was harsh but as i got older boys became scared of me and girls didnt even look at me unless they were my friends because they knew who i was!!!! I was the best player on the team amd recieved a lot of MVP's. people shouldn't discriminate agaist girl(women) because girls "some" girls r as tough as boys. sure i had lil boyfriends and i still did girl thing but dont juge a girl by what they look like, because i could be the prettiest girl but also the "one who knows how to take care of business! till' this day noone messes with me or even THINKS about "tryin'" to pick on me even though i may not look like a football player i AM one! Sincxe i am omly 13 i still have lots to accomplish and i say yeah to ALL the girls who think they can handle the sport!!!!!!!!!!!!1 P.S- on my team after the games boys couldn't even tell i was a girl until' i took my helment off becouse i was that good, i am not afraid to brake a nail and i am not preppy i am "a football playin' female repin' all da guhs!!!!!GET THAT?!?!?!?!?

01/05/2006, from a Reader on the Web

I am 14 years old and so into football... many people see its as strange (mostly females) but many other people (mostly males) think its cool. Its not that i wanna play with the "big boys" as your article states. I just like to play football. I am not trying to prove myself in anyway.. i just wanna play. What i'm trying to say is i disagree with the argument why females play male teams.


Additional comments made prior to 2007
i have been a very athletic girl since i was about 5 and i have always wanted to play football with the boys. yet its hard b.c of the trouble u get with ppl saying names and stuff . i believe girls should have the right considering its against the law to judge ppl of their sex. if they are just as good as the boys or better and can keep up with the competiotion then heck yess they should play with them and show girls are jsut as equal as boys!!! ... Reader on the web, 3 April 2006



there is no way that a girl can play football especially in the Texas 5A district I mean they would get killed. Plus I have played football with a girl and its weird it feels like u have to go easy on them or something.their also very dramatic and they might hurt themselfs ... Brennan Deuel, 15 May 2006



I love Football I have loved it forever! But I can't play on the team. I am in 8th grade and I am 14 I think that I can make up my mind if I want to play!! But the school sead that they don't want me to get hert! Give me a break I love football I can thow better then all the boys in my gym class. The boys think that I am not good enoph but give me a team and a football and I will show you what I can do! Even my dad sead that I am really good at home I have my own football and half the boys at school don't. So why can't I play?!?!?! ... Stephanie Garnett, 18 October 2006



i am 13 years old and i love to play football but my school wont let firls try out for football. i am really disappointed that i cant try out. i have also been told a number of times that i am a great thrower and sometimes a good chatcher. i would love to start playing football ... Falysha Raymond, 19 October 2006



WOW, what a great artical, congrats! all of it is so true...personally i think boys and girls should be able to participate in whichever sport, whenever and with who! it would be fantastic to see one day, during prime time, on a prime television station, a male dominated sport being played by females and gettin gthe same amount of surport as male sports do today ... Brooke, 9 November 2006



i am a 16 yr old girl that plays rugby and wrestles, because im interested in it and enjoy contact sports, Iv only been playin for two years and was introduced to it through my highschool. I wasn't treated differently by my friends and have continuously practised with the boys rugby team and wrestled with guy in practise. Im not particulary gifed in athletics, but just do it for fun and to stay in shape, and society has changed to accept females in contact sports ... Reader on the web, 5 December 2006



hey ya i think its so ture what the girls wrote we should be aloud to play football caus im a female and i love to play football iv been playing since i was 5 im 16 now and i still play. no girls think about messing me with and well u get know know alot of guys and they are cool about me playing with them they love it one year i didnt play cuz i broke a arm and they missed me ... Lee-Anna, 6 February 2007



I agree with the first person because most girls are tough like boys! I want to play football but the coaches are against it! I also love wrestling to but thier is no teams and of course the coaches won't let me try out! Any ways I soooooo agree with u! P.S girls are just as tough as boys! ... Elizabeth, 10 April 2007



Hi i am a female,some people think tht football is a game for boys only but is not,i am an african i love playing football but here in Cameroon most dont play i often play with the boys so i get stronger ,y dad supports me but my mom dont even think of it so i am pleading with any one who reads this which can help in any way to jon my fellow girls play should just mail me please ... Taka gina lor, 21 July 2007



I am 18 years old, and am currently coaching an all boys hockey team. I have been playing hockey from the time i was 5 and couldn't be happier. Yes i was playing on a all boys team for 12 years, but i think that it made me better at the sport becasue, i was challenged. I loved playing the sport and made some amazing friend threw it. I tried playing for a girls team but i missed my "boys". yes they do get pissed when they realize a girl just knocked them on thier butt but on the other hand it gave me more confidence as a girl playing a boy sport! MUCH LOVE! ... Stephanie, 12 November 2007



Im 14 years old and love to wrestle!! when i say i want to wrestle with the school!! they told me no cause i was a girl!! theres a couple of wrestling teams in the town that i live in!! but my parents say the only way i can is if i wrestle with the sschool team!! if there are other schools that r like mine i think its bull that they wont let u!! im already one of the girls that most people look at like o dont mess wit her!! ive wrestled before but now that im older i cant wrestle wit the clubs! but i hope i have a chance wit sumthing!! ... Page Slater, 13 November 2007



I have played soccer fo rthe last 8 years of my life and girls have been on my teams for my whole soccer "career" i dont see the problem with girls on my team i also wrestle and do cross country on my cross country team my best friend is tougher than i am when it comes to a pace and this is my first year wrestling and last year there was a girl on our team that lost only one of her matches and i have lost all of mine so anyone has no right to say that girls arent as tought as the men. i'm only 12 years old and i have many friends that play way harder in many sports that i play i think girls can play any sport they want to ... Austin, 6 December 2007


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thank you! im a 16 year old

thank you! im a 16 year old girl that has been playing football for 9 years.

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i think they should

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firls dont have the muscles

firls dont have the muscles to handlrd getting tackled by football players

Serendip Visitor's picture

girls can play

girls are strong enough dude it doesn't matter if they play guys should understand that

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All girls are strong enough

All girls are strong enough to do anything they/we want as long as we work for it. Im stronger than half the guys in my class!

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Girls that are the same

Girls that are the same height and body mass as boys are shown to have more muscle

Neuroticcheeze's picture

You're kidding right?

Serendip Visitor's picture


There is such a thing as women strongmen, ya know? And that is (usually) a stereotype anyway.

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mm hm about that

so you are saying that you think girls are weak and cant do a thing ?
well, you thought WRONG
you know how houses are built
by strong men AND woman drywallers, carpenders and such my mom has helped with all of
the houses my dad has built includin ours
when my GIRL soccer team moved the goal and that thing weighed a ton
we moved it all the way to half feild
and then we scrimaged
and today at 4:15 we are going to kick them to the moon and beyond!
Yeah Bitch!

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can't spell

dude you cannot talking crap about us girls and you can't even spell the right word.

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I'm a girl and I play

I'm a girl and I play football. I can handle getting tackled just fine since I play defense. Don't judge until you know.

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EXCUSE ME? I happen to be the only girl in my baseball team and I happen to be the best. I ride horses (and NO you do not just SIT on the horse) and I have to lift 100-200 pound people onto them, so don't you DARE say that women don't have the strength to be tackled. I could beat you up if I wanted to.

Yes I am a girl. 's picture

Umm excuse me. I play

Umm excuse me. I play football and I have been tackled by a 145 pound kid so don't even say that a girl can not handle being tackled cuz I just as well have taken a lot of hits and didn't cry once. So stop being sexist against girls playing football.

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let them play

i am a linemen and i am in 8th grade i weigh 234 LBS teehee

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Seriously just because guys

Seriously just because guys have more testosterone in there bodys than girls does not mean that girls can not play. I am a full hearted football player and believe in aggression and will fight any one as i plead... Ive knocked a boy down and made his nose bleed. Was playing soccer and pushed 7 people down and put 1 on crutches. Tell me a girl cant play football well just watch what some of these young women can do now days.

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Also Female

I agree - I have beat up 3 boys in my 8th grade class so far. Everyone in the grade knows not to mess with me.

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I played back in 5th grade (am a girl. and proud of it.) and I dominated on the field. Typically, the other team wasn't aware they were playing with a girl, til I took off that helmet. While it was nice seeing their reactions, it did cause problems at times. We even had one team forfeit because they wouldn't play against a girl.

Frankly, I don't play to "be with the big boys". Nor to try and show others up, or to try and be cool. I play to play.
Unfortunately, I've had bad experiences with the school I attended after 5th grade. The coaches and other members weren't fond of the idea of a girl being on the team, and made it absolutely miserable. Despite that I loved the sport, they ruined it for me, making me not even want to play it with how horrible they were making it. Wouldn't give me a play book, torn and massive jersey because they didnt have any others (note, replaced with a brand new one a week or two later when I went to get my helmet fixed.) It was heart breaking, having to tear myself away from the sport because of the pride of the others.

I now have to resort to playing in gym - and even earned a nickname for myself. I'm still good at it, as I'm told, and would love to try and get back onto the team. It's just dealing with all of the sexist people who think "the girl" will cry when she gets hit, when she's used to making others cry.

:/ It's a sad world out there.

adiva joans's picture

i know how you feel

i understand were ur coming from.......ifeel the sam way ...just because am a girl they same i cant do it ..........but i know when i put my mine to som thing i can do it.....................the coach gave mi a try am i perfrome better than the great is that

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Let them be on the same team!

I'm 12, and a girl! I do totally agree on girls playing with boys. Okay yea, girls were meant to be fragile, and all that stuff, and boys were meant to be tough, and strong, but come on, give me a break! If girls try, and work hard enough they can make it, and play with boys in sports! I know that girls might get hurt, and stuff, but still. Also, I've played Football with the boys, and all, and I'm pretty decent player! I love being defense, yea, I get hurt, but it doesn't really hurt at all! Seriously, this thing is quite stupid to say that girls can't ever play with boys, cause they might get hurt, but if you look at the comments, and look at the odds, some girls are really meant to play with boys and girls! Also, just cuz we're the opposite gender, wanting to play on the opposite genders sports, you can't obviously say that we can't! If a boy wants to play with girl sports, let him! If a girl wants to play with boy sports, let her! I think this whole argument was meant to be kind of religious if you ask me, but I truly think that girls, and boys are able to play in each others sports, and play on the same team, so yea!

Serendip Visitor's picture


i totally agree wit u

Serendip Visitor's picture


football is awsome

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Co-ed sports teams

I am a 14 year old girl and have been robbed of every single opportunity. In the 6th grade my teachers were giving us an assembly about athletics the next year. I raised my hand and asked if girls were allowed to play football . The guy football coach said no because we had volleyball during the football season. I play Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Tennis, and Track & Field, and I am one of the fastest STUDENTS in my school. Right after the coach said that my science teacher yelled out, "Now how many of you boys would want Lizard on your football team?". More than half of them raised their hands. I may be a girl, but don't think I can't play a stinkin' "male dominant sport". They used Powderpuff in high school as an excuse. I'm sorry, I don't want to play with a bunch of woosy girls trying not to break their nails.

Serendip Visitor's picture

i think that girls should be

i think that girls should be able to play on boys sports because i have played with girls on my teams and they keep up with the guys just as well

Serendip Visitor's picture

but you got to remember

You always got to remember that boys can be very cruel. When the games on the line and its a girls fualt they lose they could be bullied for life. Boys try to go ouand be the best, they tend to to get very violent verbaly and physicaly. Should girls and boys play together? No, sorry but thats my opinion.

Darryl Johnson.....

Tyler's picture

boys and girls can be very

boys and girls can be very cruel. ive gotten bullied from both sides. when i messed up in even the slightest thing in a team it would make my life miserable. thing is even when i didnt they would still bother me. if a girl makes a mistake or not on a football either way she"ll have to deal with some sort of bullying in most cases. im only in 6th grade so i cant play tackle until next year but i plan to just like all the boys that plan to. it took them awhile to accept that though. when i first told one of them he said i couldnt and said pointless arguments like "why are there no girls in the nfl" and " boys are tougher than boys" which i can refute easily. then he got one of his friends, it spread and they wouldnt leave me alone. they were either uncomfortable or angry and it showed clearly which one they are so i started playing during lunch. i was a little shy to ask and still am but once i did i was fine. at first i was pretty bad but i got better. eventually they accepted me. they stoped asking if i was really going to do it and other questions. one day i found out for sure when i was trying to get somone out ( we play two hand touch for now so nothing bad happened) one guy came up and shoved me. it sounds like a stupid way to know but mind you we cant tackle yet so thats about as physical as we can get. it doesnt sound like a warm welcoming but it put a smile on my face cuz im glad they know its okj and i wont cry or scream or complain or something stupid like that. they actually dont get mad at me when i mess up or dont catch it. theres no negativity aymore. any girl that can handle the comments at first and wont take something stupid personally should get accepted in due time and usually will.

p.s sorry this was so darn long :)

aleisha's picture

i use to play

i played footy with the boys for 5 years and of corse i had to stop cause of the dam law... but i loved it and wish i could still play... i think if a girl who wants to play with the boys team they should... most girls who play have the mind set and in my case i was stronger than most of the boys i played against!!

andy's picture


i agree i do wrestling and jujetsue and cheerleading and i love it im freinds with most of the guys but im still a girly girl and no one messes with its not like i dont have boyfriends likeother girls and wat not but i love being able to show that boy arent the only sex that can tacle other guys

skater's picture

no they shouldnt

i seriously think it wouldnt be best if girls played on boys sports teams. dude girls are not as strong as guys(who r beast at sports) and girls could get seriously injured by big tough guys. its best just keeping them seperate seriously whats the point of combining?!!!!!!

kaite jackson's picture

i think that if a girl wants

i think that if a girl wants to join a boys team then she should. i feel the same way if a boy wants to join a girls team. there is no reason that we shouldnt let them. we are all equal and so what is a team was originally meant for a girl or meant for a boy. people who dont let a girl or a boy on a team is a sexist pig. and it P.Os me that they will not allow it.

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The real "Misconception"

I've read most of the responses and it seems to me that guys' main answer to all of this is "form your own team" or "you're not strong enough". Sure, this is true for a majority of girls but for some it is not. I am a sophomore at my high school. I played baseball when I was seven and then switched to softball. I have been playing softball for 7 years now (8 if baseball is counted). As a freshman last year, I easily made the team. I was the 3rd best hitter (.380 BA, pretty good considering we got our asses kicked every game) and the 2nd best fielder. At my school, our softball program quite frankly, sucks. Both the coach and assistant coach are horrible. The head coach is inexperienced and nobody new is entering the program this coming year. I feel like I've been robbed. I know I am not the greatest, but I am willing to work my hardest to improve.

Now, when you look at our baseball team, well they're really good. I also play on the girls' basketball team, and the boys' skill level far surpasses the girls'. Why is this? I believe it is the coaching. From a young age boys in sports are taught to be rough and competitive, in girls' sports we are taught to play our best and try our hardest. Very different philosophies on learning. The reason why it is so hard for a girl with previous softball experience to play on a baseball team is because it is not equal. Boys are pushed very hard when girls were coddled. Boys were taught different batting mechanics than girls. All of these things, they make it so difficult to transfer over, not to mention just being socially awkward. I am seriously considering trying out for the boys JV team this coming season. I just don't know if the odds are fair. I know that I could play at their level if I had been taught better and pushed truly to my fullest potential. And I'm not weak, petite girl either. I am about 6' 0.5" and weight 156lbs. I am quite thin and have no fat on my body and a decent amount of muscle. I just think that with this unequal opportunity to learn and grow as a player in many sports, yes, of course women have no chance.

tara avery's picture

i am 13 and i played football

i am 13 and i played football for my old school i want to play for my new school but the coach said no lil girl is playing on his team well it aint his team last time i checked and jus bc i am 99 pounds dont mean anything so i am goin to go to spring and summer traning and show him who i am and tht i CAN play football

rosie's picture

look some sports are made for

look some sports are made for men if it realy bugs u that much form a girls team

Kim's picture

I'm quite fed up with being

I'm quite fed up with being told how boys are "physically superior" to girls,and we shouldn't be allowed to compete against them in sports where there is physical contact.
I wrestled at school between the ages of 13 and 16, against girls(officially) and boys(unofficially). I was just as successful against boys as I was against girls, because at that age girls have stepped ahead of boys in their development and are generally bigger and a bit stronger.I never understood why mixed matches were not allowed as the strength difference was not a factor .I always thought that boys were actually at a disadvantage because they were self-concious about the erections they would usually get when wrestling with a girl. It never bothered the girls that this happened; we regarded it as a compliment. The boys would invariably try to hide it though, which put them at a disadvantage.
I'm now 17, and have taken up boxing. Once again, i'm very frustrated that I cannot compete against men, as there are relatively few girls to fight. Although the size difference is not a factor(in boxing you fight against opponents of the same weight), the same arguement is used to discourage mixed bouts; testosterone gives men a natural advantage in strength and stamina. In this case I have to agree that this is true, but it gave me an idea. In boxing there is a strict rule against hitting "below the belt". This rule is meaningless for girls; it is obviously to prevent blows to mens' testicles. But it is these very organs that give the men their physical advantage over us. Wouldn't it make sense to allow mixed fights, but include the groin in the target area? Surely this would be a fair and simple way to equalize the sexes, not only in boxing, but in other contact sports. I would certainly be willing to participate in such a match, just to see if this is a realistic solution. What do others think?

Neuroticcheeze's picture

You're mental

That is utter rubbish, Just think how you're trying to dish it back at us... 2 wrongs doesn't make a right. I am just as fed up that bloated ego girls like you keep saying.. "Girls are stronger than boys"... It gets you nowhere!!

Serendip Visitor's picture

Mixed fights

I'd fight you.

Serendip Visitor's picture


I was on school hockey team and we were playing another school, i'm a forward and i saw a girl with the puck now everybody on my team were surprised. Our defencemen were like what the hell so they let her hold the puck until she got the shot off on the goalie. When the play was stopped (because the goalie covered up) She screamed at our defencemen and said " COMON HIT ME AS HARD ASY YOU CAN WIMP" then while she was skating to her bench she passed our bench and shouted at us saying we should body check her hard. Now everyone on our team were mad and the wanna to give the girl a good one so when the girl came back for her shift everbody on our team wanted to be on the ice so our coach but our toughest defencemen on the ice and when she got the puck all i got to say is i think she was knocking on deaths door, because our two defence plowed her so badly she had a broken shoulder a torn acl and a fractured nose, blood all over the ice, and what happened our two defencemen got suspended and the girl was rushed on a strecther to the hospital and she was crying, her dad now is trying to sew the league so ya girls you have passion but we are not young anymore so please stop saying you are better then half the boys because YOU WILL NEVER PLAY IN THE MLS,NHL, NBA , NFL and all

Snow's picture

why do you boys think we

why do you boys think we can't take you? because guess what we can. I have a friend who tackled a cop and knocked him out cold . and we r only like 15 sooo ya!! we kick a** all the time so deal with it loser!

Brianne's picture

I am 14 im a freshman in

I am 14 im a freshman in highschool. I love football!!! So i signed up recently and im goin to our first workout in a few weeks. Football is my favorite sport!! Ever since I signed up i have been discriminated against! And I hate it. Just because im a girl doesnt mean anything!!!! I can play just as hard as the boys. I can be just as tough as the boys can be. I have grown up with so many guy friends that being around guys like that doesnt bother me.

victoria peinado's picture

I LOVE the game football:D

I LOVE the game football:D but ever since i said that i decided to play ive been told
: the coaches wont give you pads or you dont have the balls?
ok really WOW! i kno i dont but i have ovaries and i aint scared! let them hit me haa'
i really wanna play but SAN MARCOS, TX football boys say no?
are they scared that maybe a girl can show themm up?
EVERYBODY needs some competition ! lol:b

cassie atkinson's picture


i agree the same thing is happining to me all the guys r trying to git me out of trying out for football and the coutch is saying that i wont make it

Okay's picture

It's not so much about your

It's not so much about your "girl power" confidence. You may be the strongest willed person ever, toughest personality, maybe you're even above average for girls your age in physical strength? My thing is, it doesn't matter how strong or tough you are you can still be injured in any sport so by all means play. If you can play your position as well or better than others then you should get the spot but even with all this said, for you at 14 years old to be playing a sport like football possibly against guys who can bench 2 or 3x your body weight you could be seriously injured. Even if you're 150 pounds, a 150 pound healthy male will naturally be stronger, so imagine yourself catching a football at the 105 pounds you probably are and being hit by someone who is... lets say 6 ft 3 250 pounds. You'll see the difference when they have to blow the whistle every time you touch a football because you're laying on the field and you don't know what day it is.

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girls playing hockey with boys

Hey so I'm 12 and I have been going to camps with boys since I was 6. This year I'm going into a camp where you shoot and skate and exercise with boys and at my age all the boys are getting bigger and meaner so I was a bit afraid to start but you know what you don't even notice that their there, you just work out and practice the skills you need and you have to remember I'm here because I want to get better and I want to show those boys that girls can play hockey with boys.

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Okay, many girls have been saying that if they have enough determination, work hard enough, show what they are capable of, etc. This doesn't really mean anything to say that girls can be as good as guys. If girls are saying that they are capable of being as good as guys if they push themselves, this proves that guys are NATURALLY more athletic in general, because if girls need to work harder than the guys to be good, this means that if the guys worked extra hard too, they would still be better. So pushing yourself isn't really valid reasoning for an argument that girls are as good as guys, so they should be able to compete with guys.

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girls in "male" sports

for me it is clear we girls can play most sports together with boys - even those that include touching - as we do not mind beeing touched some "intimate" spots ! Most i LOVE it and answer same way !!!! lol (

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all depends on what sport

all depends on what sport they are good in

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Football and girls

I played football. i dont see why boys think girls cant do things boys can do cause some girls can do it way better than the boys. yeah football is a very tough and rough sport but if a girl trys she can make it. there is no since in people puttting other people down just because they want to do what they want to and be who they want to be what is wrong with people these days??

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Football and girls

in my opinion, if a girl wants to play football, like i do, then the head coach should let them go for it. im a junior at christoval high school and coach jackson won't let me play because of my sex. Wrong? VERY!!

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i agree

im a male @ Christoval and i completly agree w/ u girls

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I totally agree. I am wanting

I totally agree. I am wanting to play football with boys a lot and they wont let me join! girls can be a lot tougher than boys in a lot of sports.however, i do agree about comments about ingury and fatigue. sure girls might get ingured, but most of the girls that whine and complain dont play sports at all. there are two different types of girls in this conversation. girls that want to play sports with boys and girls that dont. guys think of most girls playing on a team will just wear them down or make them feel softer. we can do all the same things that you can. I am hoping that one day society wont be so judgemental on somebodys gender when it comes to rough sports. most girls that wanna play with boys are better than all or at least most of the boys at there school at the sport that is mostly played by boys. The couple of things that might be uncomfortable is like changing in a locker room and stuff like that. girls can be just as tough and athletic as boys. people just need to learn to accept that.

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I say boys and girls should

I say boys and girls should be able to participate in any sport they want, no matter WHAT the dominating gender is. Screw football being a "boys only" sport, I know some girls who are really good at it, and I'm decent myself! Everybody should respect what people want to play, if a boy really wants to play volleyball, heck, let him play!!! If a girl's into football, onto the team she goes! Yah, they need to pass try-outs, i know, and they might not! but people can at least LET THEM TRY!!! This article is well spoken, but I also agree with those who BLAME GENETICS.

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