Girls playing with the Boys, and Boys playing with the Girls

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Women, Sport, and Film - 2002
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Girls playing with the Boys, and Boys playing with the Girls

Zoe Meyer

On the athletic field, in the gym, or on the ice, there have always been standards for the athletes to follow. These standards range from what type of athletic equipment is not only necessary but appropriate, to who can play when, where, and how. This last standard is the one that is being challenged the most; can men play not only on women’s teams, but can they also participate in female dominated sports without being taunted? The same goes for women, can females, without fear, really participate in traditionally male dominated sports? Although the social costs to the individual participating in the non-traditional sport are many, the benefits, if played well and correctly, can be and are quite plentiful as well.

For men, this desire to participate in traditionally female dominated sports is not quite as great as it is for females. This is because, honestly, men have a wealth of opportunities for athletics, whether it be professional or not, for every one chance women have. But, in the case that a male does want to participate in a female dominated sport, he will have a hard time being accepted, not necessarily by his female teammates, but by the society watching the sport. Traditionally, male athletes are supposed to be in rough and tumble sports. They are supposed to be hard bodied, passionate about the game, and willing to play no matter what the circumstances. Most female sports, even the female counterpart of a male sport, is less rough and tumble and less aggressive than male sports. For a man to participate in one of these sports he is likely to get laughed off the field, taunted with jeers of “homo” and suggestions that he is “not man enough” to play with the “real men” in traditionally male dominated sports. This can not only be damaging to the male playing, but it can also be damaging to the women playing. The jeers could become aimed at the women on the field or the ice and they could hint that women are not only incapable to play, but that since they need a man to join their team to help them, they obviously do not belong anywhere but on the sidelines.

This previous example is probably a little extreme, but the ideas behind it are quite real. Imagine a man walking onto the deck of a swimming pool, ready to compete in synchronized swimming. The expected first impression would be, “what the…?” because men are not supposed to be synchronized swimmers. There may not be jeers taunted at him, and he may not get made fun of, but he is not looked upon favorably by those watching the event. If, however, he is looked upon favorably, in whatever female dominated sport he is participating, the benefits could be plenty. Imagine the publicity the team would get, not to mention the only man on the team! The endorsements for athletic equipment, shoes, and many other things could support him for the rest of his life after just one year of playing. Being the only man on a professional or Olympic level team could potentially lead to more opportunities for endorsements and such than being just another member of a men’s team. This may seem well and good, but when a man “makes it big” playing for a women’s team, there is always the question and suggestion that he should then go play with the big boys. With this in mind, it is easy to see that a male’s opportunity for continual benefits from playing on a women’s team are slim. Again, this is something that is not very common for men at the professional level, or even at an amateur level because of the fact that men have more opportunities to play than women.

Women, on the other hand, often want to participate in, not only traditionally male dominated sports because, at least now there are female counterparts for them, but they want to “play with the big boys” as well. For a female to “break into” a male sport is probably one of the most difficult parts of actually being an athlete. The main argument that is used almost regardless of the sport for women participating in traditionally male dominated sports is that the female body is not made to correctly function while participating. Also, the idea that the women will lose their femininity if they play with men is another reason to keep them off the field and out of the ring. For women to be taken seriously in a male dominated sport they have to not only be the best female in the ring, gym, or wherever, they also have to be the best overall athlete.

Traditionally, women are thought of as more fragile, and less aggressive than men. With this in mind, it is clear the reasons why it is so difficult for women to participate in male dominated sports. The costs to a woman playing with a man in the ring or on the field are more numerous than simply getting laughed at and called names. Usually, to really see the extent to which women can take playing with the boys, the men will usually play their hardest, if not harder in an attempt to push the women to their limits and eventually make them quit. Also, since the woman is in a male dominated sport, the chances that there are other females out there helping “the cause” are very small which makes it even harder for her to be taken seriously.

The benefits for a woman in a man’s sport however are probably some of the greatest out there. She will not only most likely be the star and the sweetheart of the team, but she will also most likely get the most attention both in and out of the game. Also, the endorsements for a woman playing with men are unimaginable, especially with all the feminists behind her and supporting her, she will most likely never have to worry about money again. The one problem with all of this though, is that she will probably have to be defending her sexuality constantly from those that think all female athletes are gay. However, if any woman can get through the taunting, and succeed in a male dominated sport, then she truly will have “made it” in the world of athletics.

For men and women to participate in sports not traditionally dominated by their sex is probably a lot more difficult at first than would seem worth it, but in the end it could be a major stepping stone into the world of athletics as well as the rest of society. The costs to both seem, at first, almost insurmountable, but once they have become versed in the ways of the sport, the benefits out rule it all.


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08/01/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I am an african american FEMALE, who plays football. I started at the age of 5 when i played on a 6 yr old BOY TEAM. when i first started yea, it was harsh but as i got older boys became scared of me and girls didnt even look at me unless they were my friends because they knew who i was!!!! I was the best player on the team amd recieved a lot of MVP's. people shouldn't discriminate agaist girl(women) because girls "some" girls r as tough as boys. sure i had lil boyfriends and i still did girl thing but dont juge a girl by what they look like, because i could be the prettiest girl but also the "one who knows how to take care of business! till' this day noone messes with me or even THINKS about "tryin'" to pick on me even though i may not look like a football player i AM one! Sincxe i am omly 13 i still have lots to accomplish and i say yeah to ALL the girls who think they can handle the sport!!!!!!!!!!!!1 P.S- on my team after the games boys couldn't even tell i was a girl until' i took my helment off becouse i was that good, i am not afraid to brake a nail and i am not preppy i am "a football playin' female repin' all da guhs!!!!!GET THAT?!?!?!?!?

01/05/2006, from a Reader on the Web

I am 14 years old and so into football... many people see its as strange (mostly females) but many other people (mostly males) think its cool. Its not that i wanna play with the "big boys" as your article states. I just like to play football. I am not trying to prove myself in anyway.. i just wanna play. What i'm trying to say is i disagree with the argument why females play male teams.


Additional comments made prior to 2007
i have been a very athletic girl since i was about 5 and i have always wanted to play football with the boys. yet its hard b.c of the trouble u get with ppl saying names and stuff . i believe girls should have the right considering its against the law to judge ppl of their sex. if they are just as good as the boys or better and can keep up with the competiotion then heck yess they should play with them and show girls are jsut as equal as boys!!! ... Reader on the web, 3 April 2006



there is no way that a girl can play football especially in the Texas 5A district I mean they would get killed. Plus I have played football with a girl and its weird it feels like u have to go easy on them or something.their also very dramatic and they might hurt themselfs ... Brennan Deuel, 15 May 2006



I love Football I have loved it forever! But I can't play on the team. I am in 8th grade and I am 14 I think that I can make up my mind if I want to play!! But the school sead that they don't want me to get hert! Give me a break I love football I can thow better then all the boys in my gym class. The boys think that I am not good enoph but give me a team and a football and I will show you what I can do! Even my dad sead that I am really good at home I have my own football and half the boys at school don't. So why can't I play?!?!?! ... Stephanie Garnett, 18 October 2006



i am 13 years old and i love to play football but my school wont let firls try out for football. i am really disappointed that i cant try out. i have also been told a number of times that i am a great thrower and sometimes a good chatcher. i would love to start playing football ... Falysha Raymond, 19 October 2006



WOW, what a great artical, congrats! all of it is so true...personally i think boys and girls should be able to participate in whichever sport, whenever and with who! it would be fantastic to see one day, during prime time, on a prime television station, a male dominated sport being played by females and gettin gthe same amount of surport as male sports do today ... Brooke, 9 November 2006



i am a 16 yr old girl that plays rugby and wrestles, because im interested in it and enjoy contact sports, Iv only been playin for two years and was introduced to it through my highschool. I wasn't treated differently by my friends and have continuously practised with the boys rugby team and wrestled with guy in practise. Im not particulary gifed in athletics, but just do it for fun and to stay in shape, and society has changed to accept females in contact sports ... Reader on the web, 5 December 2006



hey ya i think its so ture what the girls wrote we should be aloud to play football caus im a female and i love to play football iv been playing since i was 5 im 16 now and i still play. no girls think about messing me with and well u get know know alot of guys and they are cool about me playing with them they love it one year i didnt play cuz i broke a arm and they missed me ... Lee-Anna, 6 February 2007



I agree with the first person because most girls are tough like boys! I want to play football but the coaches are against it! I also love wrestling to but thier is no teams and of course the coaches won't let me try out! Any ways I soooooo agree with u! P.S girls are just as tough as boys! ... Elizabeth, 10 April 2007



Hi i am a female,some people think tht football is a game for boys only but is not,i am an african i love playing football but here in Cameroon most dont play i often play with the boys so i get stronger ,y dad supports me but my mom dont even think of it so i am pleading with any one who reads this which can help in any way to jon my fellow girls play should just mail me please ... Taka gina lor, 21 July 2007



I am 18 years old, and am currently coaching an all boys hockey team. I have been playing hockey from the time i was 5 and couldn't be happier. Yes i was playing on a all boys team for 12 years, but i think that it made me better at the sport becasue, i was challenged. I loved playing the sport and made some amazing friend threw it. I tried playing for a girls team but i missed my "boys". yes they do get pissed when they realize a girl just knocked them on thier butt but on the other hand it gave me more confidence as a girl playing a boy sport! MUCH LOVE! ... Stephanie, 12 November 2007



Im 14 years old and love to wrestle!! when i say i want to wrestle with the school!! they told me no cause i was a girl!! theres a couple of wrestling teams in the town that i live in!! but my parents say the only way i can is if i wrestle with the sschool team!! if there are other schools that r like mine i think its bull that they wont let u!! im already one of the girls that most people look at like o dont mess wit her!! ive wrestled before but now that im older i cant wrestle wit the clubs! but i hope i have a chance wit sumthing!! ... Page Slater, 13 November 2007



I have played soccer fo rthe last 8 years of my life and girls have been on my teams for my whole soccer "career" i dont see the problem with girls on my team i also wrestle and do cross country on my cross country team my best friend is tougher than i am when it comes to a pace and this is my first year wrestling and last year there was a girl on our team that lost only one of her matches and i have lost all of mine so anyone has no right to say that girls arent as tought as the men. i'm only 12 years old and i have many friends that play way harder in many sports that i play i think girls can play any sport they want to ... Austin, 6 December 2007


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hockey?!?! HELPPP!!!!

Okay, so i'm thinking about trying to play girls hockey. I iceskate in winter and have a blast doing so. I don't have hockey skills or backround...Is there any skills I have to know?? I really want to play, but dont want to bring the team down beacus i suck....Please help advice, tips, anything!! Thanks!

Kelly 's picture

Miranda, How old are you and


How old are you and what state do you live in?

My daughter plays hockey and couldn't even skate when she stated. Most teams have learn to plays teams.

Don't worry about bringing the team down. Go for it.

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girls shold play with boy


Serendip Visitor's picture

Why?? when we have our own!

To be honest with you, do you really want ride the bench and contribute nothing to that championship ring? Or do you want to play for an all women's team where you can be the football player you always want and not to mention a hero to your peers? There is too much drama we women face playing football. Right now, the world thinks Lingerie Football is FOOTBALL. You got to be kidding! I play full contact football just like the NFL and uses college rules when we go overtime with women only. I don't want to sit on the bench and get a ring because I was the girl they “had” to let be on the team because of the law. Please! Yes, we maybe faster, bigger or even stronger.....Football are not only a physical challenge but more of a mental challenge. Pushing yourself and thriving to be the best is half the battle you will face every time you step on the football field. You have to understand the fundamentals of football and even be able to react faster. I'm pretty sure you can take pain......when it comes down'll play 4 yrs of football in HS and what about college? There are no scholarships out there for us to get. And forget about the NFL.....Women coaches, I can see that in the future. As for, we playing in the NFL......I just wish they consider a Women's NFL. That will be HOT!!! You can get drafted right out of HS! Mind you, NFL never an HS player drafted before....NBA, yes...never NFL. Now that's another hurdle we have to climb.

Don't ever give up your want to play football? Reach out to a women's team where you live....they are also looking for good women/girls. They do have football camps for girls now with the Play 60. You'll be amazed how you're not the only one who wants to play! Good luck.....hopes one day to see you on the big screen!

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hi any one want to be my

hi any one want to be my friend i'm new on the 12.8.10

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Hey just as long as your not a sex offender if you are stay away from me and don't talk to me.

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Guys hurt guys all the time in sports like football. And sometimes really badly. Why should it be any different for girls? They can get hurt. It's not like they wouldn't be asking for it, seeing that they're on the team.

So girls get hurt easier than boys? Maybe they can't handle the pain as well as boys? Give me a break. There are some guys out there that are even more "fragile" than girls and they play those sports. Come on, get real.

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i agree

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Girls should play with boys

Psyke!!!!! They shouldn't. I mean boys can't hit girls. So all u girls out there, stick to tea parties!

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Girls shouldn't play boys contact hockey

Psyke!!!!!! Bro u need to shut it lol u think all girls are the same. Well there not. Me and a shit load of other girls love to play hockey with guys! U get knocked down alot but it's still fun and it doesn't hurt

P.S there's lots of hot guys also

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dude thats just wrong. first of all i dont no one girl that has tea parties and second i could prob play football just as good as u

Serendip Visitor's picture

This is SO not true. girls

This is SO not true. girls can do anything guys can. so stop being so damn sexist and get that girls can do anything they set there minds to.

Serendip Visitor's picture

girls cant do anything guys

girls cant do anything guys can. for one girls cant pee standing up (off topic but true) also girls and guys bodies are differnt. Girls have more flexability causeing an unfair advantage in some sports. If girls want to play boys sports, they should make a girls team. they shouldnt be allowed to play with boys. Girls would want to play with boys to tuch them cause their desprate. so girls shouldnt play with boys

Serendip Visitor's picture

Hell yeah they can

I am a football player for my school, i am a girl i am the only one right now and i am also the only one on the wrestling team for my school too, girls are just as good as guys and be just as good no one is better than another person and it is bs if other people think it is. If guys think women are not able to do something then that is making other women who are intersted afraid of it. Everyone can do anything they set there mind to. Girls can do somethings good guys can do somethings good but everyone can do something that they love and i believe in all of them every single girl who has the power to be in a male dominated sport like me.

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Hey I Agree with ur point of view.

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so we can play football

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you guys should all check out

you guys should all check out this website i found for girls who like sports. it's called and its really cool!!!

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ok, so i play baseball. ik ur all talkin bout football but idc. ya, im rly good at football but i dnt wanna play cuz we had a girl on our team last year nd the coach dnt play her jus cuz she was a girl, nd she was good too. so i mite as well not waste my time with that. we dnt have a school baseball team, so i play for Davenport East PONY league. im a 13 year old girl nd im the only girl in the league. my team treats me good, but i feel like i have to b the best for them to accept me. but my bf colin thinks otherwise. he's on another team in my league, but he thinks that they all like me:) my mom supports me all the way nd so does my brother kyle, who got me started with it in the first place. i have only played for two years and my papa nd dad were thrilled that i caught last year. my brother pitched nd i caught for him. now i moved to right, because i messed up my knees catching. some ppl think that girls shuldnt play baseball b cuz they mite b distracting to the boys nd that they shuld go play softball. i also play volleyball, basketball, nd run track. i quit softball b cuz i didnt have time. i wuld do soccer, tennis, swimming, bowling but im jus too bussy. nd sadly, my mom wnt let me play football. so i think that girls shuld b able to play with the boys, b cuz im jus as tough as they are. nd also, ppl say that boys dnt play their best cuz they dnt wanna hurt the girl. well, the guys in my league do. nd they dnt realize that my team has a girl until i take my hair out of my ponytail, or they hear my team yelling my name :)

Some Person's picture


I'm incredibly passionate about football, specifically tackle football. Any of my friends could tell you that. There's just something about running out on that field with your number and helmet, the white lights cutting sharp lines through a black sky. Unfortunately, my school does not have a football team for girls. They are considering it, but it will end up as lame-ass flag football. The sad thing is that there are so many other girls I've talked to who want to play football. Hell, I'm not asking to play with the guys. I'm simply asking for an actual tackle football team for girls. For girls, my school only offers non-contact sports like tennis, golf, volleyball, the usual crap. The one closest to a hardcore sport is softball, and even that's watered down.

Another sad thing is that my school's football team sucks major ass. Seriously, the varsity captain is late to all of their practices. WTF?! We suck so bad that other schools call us the "Brokeback Mountain Lions". (Actually, that's pretty funny.) Our guys honestly suck, and they would admit that, too. I'm pretty sure that the hypothetical girls' football team would be more respectable, because we would actually WIN. There are girls in my school who genuinely want to play, but they can't because there isn't a team for it. Sadly, it isn't in our time.

I also face the issue of my parents being scared. Hell, even if I were playing against other girls, my mom would be like, "UR GONNA GIT PARALYZEDLOLOLOLOL". No one realizes that if a girls' tackle football team were started, some other girls and I would work so hard to actually be good at it. The guys' team is lazy, and I debate why some of them even bothered joining. I look at them and think, "They don't know how lucky they are." Me? I'd join just to play. I don't have any feeling for those other sports, and I know I would work my ass off if I had a chance. As long as I had good teammates who are willing to work with me, I would wear myself out. Sadly, that is not a reality. Even if I joined the guys' team, we would DIE against the other high school teams. One good player won't change the fact that my school's team sucks.


bballgirl53's picture

playin basketball wit boys

I am a girl and when i go to the gym there r not many other girl that want to play basketball. The guyz always call me over and ask me if i want to play. I like the guy who always asks me soo of course i say yes. not to be a showoff or anything but i am a great bball player. I can make all mi three pointers and some awesome shots that is y they always ask me to play. I am always the only girl. Even tho it may be emarrising if u miss a basket it is fun and u make many friends. i have made 4 new friends that i love.. all boyz of course. and i think mabey a boyfriend from one of them bc we have many things in commoiun soo yeah itz good to play sports with boys and they love it when u know about the sport and can play with no questoins!

Anonymous's picture


I'm a boy and i wrestle in folkstyle wrestling, i don't think girls shouldn't be able to play, but i think there should be an all girls league. It can be very uncomfortable wrestling otherwise

Anonymous's picture


I have actually done folstyle wrestling for 3 years in high school, going on my fourth as a senior and I love it. Multiple matches I have attended I have been left without wrestling because coaches on the other team allow their male wrestlers to refuse to wrestle a girl. If I were a guy and had to wrestle a girl who just showed up I wouldn't wrestler her either. BUT I show up after doing every stair climb, buddy carry, push up, pull up, and sit up that every guy does in that room. I do not make excuses and have been through more pressure in that sport than you. I deserve to show talent I have and if I beat you...good. Do as you do if I were a guy, learn from it. Stop thinking girl, my coaches put it "your not a guy, your not a girl, your a wrestler. Get out there and get it." So if you loose from me its because im a wrestler.

Mei-Mei's picture

I was on the wrestling team

I was on the wrestling team for two years, until my knees gave out. That's it, THE wrestling team. Same goes for THE football team. There is no justification in not letting a girl play on these teams unless there are teams specially put aside for girls. Same goes for guys who want to play volleyball or cheer or dance.
P.S Powderpuff is NOT the same thing as football. I wouldn't be caught dead playing it as long as my school has real football.

anonymous's picture

Unfair (comment)

Well I think that you are awesome for wanting to join the volleybal team! It is such a shame that they won't let you though :( I think that men and women should play wateva sport they bloody want to!!!!!!!!!!!! But even though I am a GIRL, I thinnk that it is much easier for a girl to fit in to a guys sport than the other way around. It is unfair and I think that people are very discriminative on that factor!!!! Like could you totally see a guy being accepted in playing netball???? (Even though I like loooooooove It)But then when ya look at it the other way around..... could you see a girl playing footy??? Well I have and let me tell ya, it is much more harder for a guy to fit into a sport like netball for example. It is not the girl's problem, because they think it's great for a guy to play that sport and join in!!!!! But so many men think that ur all "pussy" and crap and it isn't fair!!!!!
Bring it on peoplzzzzzzz!!!!!!!! Wouldn't there be much betta competition????
And wouldn't it bring more of a chance of meeting some awesome partners??? You tell me! Cause I have met awesome people throughout my time of playing sports!!!!

tasha's picture

shouldnt play

i personaly think women cant play with guys and viceversa because guys are very rough and when playing with girls they wont play to their best because they are nervous about harming the girls and wo,en will ocasionaly at the time of the month will not be want/able to play so there will be people misssing from the team at several times of the month, plus girls are generaly more fragile

Sandy's picture

---shouldn't play

Ok I am one who thinks that all guys and girls should play wateva they want to! But I do see your point cus even when it is that time of the month and you are playing sports, you want to sort of have a break and chill. Guys are pretty rough but it is more fun seeing a joint commitment in a team rather than judging everyone by perceptions of gender, race, religion, shape, size etc. Otherwise the whole world is going to be a heck of a cold world!!! But then it is our jobs as girls to encourage that men play their best even when there is agirl on the team. I mean, I hav seen my fair shares of gials kicking ass, and I think that there should be room for them.

Anonymous's picture

Don't you wish you could play like a girl?

Well, if guys have such a problem not being able to play on the girls teams, then why don't they say something about it?

Really, if guys want to, then they should do something about it instead of complain.

On the ice, there is no such thing as girls hockey or guys hockey. Your just a hockey player. Same game, same rules. Yah, there might not be any checking in girls hockey (and I can tell you that every girl out there wants to check) but we still push each other around a lot.

Plus, girls hockey takes a lot of skill when you can't just check someone. You've got to be fast, intelligent, and you've got to want to play.

No one is playing to prove anything, they're playing for the love of the game and to get better. Yah, if an opportunity comes to prove something, why not add that in too? But seriously, girls just want to get better, and why not play with boys? They've got the NHL and everything, so, why not play with the people who might want to be in the NHL someday?

I've played boys hockey, and, to tell you the truth, it's more fun to play with girls. You actually play the game instead of everyone rushing up the ice trying to get a goal an call themselves super stars and saying "Hey dad! Put me on the ice I want to score a goal!" when you're up 10-1. Yah, that's not really the point of hockey, specially when you're fifteen years old.

If you're a guy, and want to play with the girls, then do something about because I've seen no one do anything about it. See, that's where girls are different. We actually do something about it.

Don't you wish you could play like a girl?

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girls in sports

I am a guy who absolutely lives, breathes, and sleeps football! I am in no way segregational to girls, but girls playing male sports is like a girl trying to justify using the mens restroom. That's obviously not accepted so why can girls be accepted in girl sports. For you girls who think ur the just no i hate seeing girls play a guy sport and that most guys will purposely stay as far away from u as possible. They've been told not to rough house girls and now all of a sudden your supposed to tackle them? Since when has that been acceptable in out society? It hasn't!!! So think ur cool scoring when all the guys dont wanna touch you but what accomplishment is that playing against casper? Girls hinder boys oppurtunities in male sports and have a huge advantage with feminists and boys forfeiting so they dont have to play against girls... They have boys and girl sports for a reason lets keep it that way

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--Girls in sports

Oh well don’t you think that you’re cool! I am the first freshman at my high school to be an all varsity tri-athlete. I’ve been playing water polo for 6 years and I love contact sports even though I’m a runner. Football is a "mans" sport, but if there is a girl who is better than most of the guys on the team, she deserves to play! I love the sport itself, and I’m going to be trying out this summer and skipping cross country because the coach came up to me, and wants me to join. Don’t get butt hurt just because there are girls who are better than you. You have the high school guys who live, and breathe football and don’t complain about anything cause they love the sport and are really good; then you have the lower crappy varsity/JV players who suck butt and are still cocky. Girls don’t have an advantage either. I played a quick game with our freshman team, and they didn’t know who I was till I took off the helmet! And now-a-days, if a guy saw a girl on the team, I thought he would purposely tackle her just to have one person down... get your game plan a bit more organized love. Oh, and guys don’t purposely stay far away from you... I'm with the most gorgeous boy alive. TAP THAT!

Serendip Visitor's picture

Nadia, you rock! Show them

Nadia, you rock! Show them what a girl can do on the football team! My friend used to be stronger and better than a boy who was a football player and wrestler, but she wasn't allowed to do either because she was a girl.

Nadia's picture

Haha Thaaanks

That's exactly my point! You guys should seriously protest, or meet with the principal and the coach with your parents to convince them. I live in southern california and CIF regulations state that if it's okay with the coach, parents, and district... It's fine. So try that (:

Anonymous's picture

Girls playing football

I think girls should play what they want 2 play even if its a guy sport!!!!!!!!!:)

Texas Chick's picture


Your article iz stupid i wanna play football next year but itz not to prove myself to anyone itz not to show i can itz not for female rightz (yez i am a girl) you know wat... screw female rights! screw men! (*giggles*) i want to play because i know i can. because i want to. because i want to kick some boy booootttaaayyyy! im the biggest kid in my grade and the strongest at that! im 12 and i am 5'10 and weigh 210 pounds! i can run like the wind and even though i have ashma it dont freakin matter to me i say let me play... losers if they dont... losers if they do! and the only thing bad iz that if i make d team... they coul bench me the WHOLE season... oh and a plus i have a flat chest and have NOT started my period so thatz a pluz!


Tanya's picture

Why's it such a big deal if girls and boys play sports together?

Why does it really matter if girls and boys play the same sport?? I mean it's not like were gonna kill each other or something. Everyone acts like it's a life or death sitchuation... I mean sure people do laugh at people when they play for a guys team or a girls team but it really isn't that big a deal.

Anonymous's picture


i really accept dis point...............its not a big deal.....the world has to change......why others matter wen girls nd boys be friends................wen we have no ill feelings why to do with plz change......guys................

Shabalabadingdong's picture


People make me sooooooooooooooooo mad sometimes!! I went to the football try outs early in the morning and they sent me home and said i couldnt play.... >:(

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Tilte IX

they have to let you at least try out it is a law. Tiltle IX says that they have to let you try out and give the same chance as everyone else. So go to a google or something, get a print out of Tilte IX and show it to the team manager, you can sue the team.

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um hello girls can do

um hello girls can do anything that they want to

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agreed! 100%

agreed! 100%

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not always

not always

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Girls playing on a guys Football team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a girl and my 2 friends and we want to play on the guys Football team and we are strong, powerful, and we have been playing Football with our familys for like ever. We want to know how can we convence our principle and football coaches to give us a chance to play.... So please please help p.s. we are in High School

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The only girl on the team

Im 17 and I live sports. Football is the best thing in the world to me. I finally decided to join the team for my senior year and well so far so good. The guys are like brothers to me and the seem to accept me so far.They might just be thinking that I will never make it but I will be on the team.I even think coach dont think I will make it. Well I have the support of the ones that matter. So next year if your in Murrieta go to A Vista game on friday and watch me Be AWESOME

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I have been playing boys hockey since i was six years old. i like it better because there is checking. on girls teams you have to waste time getting the puck when on the boys teams you can just knock the person over and get it much quicker. also checking makes u watch people and not look down at the puck. i've only gotton hurt a few times and nothing serious. mostly getting elbowed in the head or something,,,but that's not even checking, girls can do that too. i think girls should be able to check too. if they could it would probably eliminate the wimpy players and add more tough aggresive girls. people say girls aren't tough enof to take a check,,well if they're not they should do figure skating or something!!! i probably would have played on the girls team a long time ago if they could check. but they can't. also, the boys play a much faster paced game which is always more fun

girls should be able to play on boys teams if they want. the thing that has brought up the biggest argument is the locker room...ok no girl is gonna go into a room full of teenage boys in like a thong and a bra. settle down! i wear a t-shirt and shorts and so duz every other girl i know who plays on a boys team!!!

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it makes no sense because

it makes no sense because they should be playing with there own kind (female), it's really sexisum if they get to play on the guys teams but the guys dont get to play on the girls teams.

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Heck Yeah

I am 12 and have been playing hockey since I was 9. I hate it when boys argue over who wants to play with me in try-outs. If they would just see me play they would want to play with me! I think the boys don't want girls to play on their teams for one main reason: Its different! They want to be able to say whatever they want, do whatever they want and when they're with a girl they don't feel they can do that.

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i agree with the checking in

i agree with the checking in girls hockey thing! i play on a all girls team and we check all the time except then were sitting in the box! if a girl is too scared to get hurt by getting checked then they shouldnt play hockey at all hockey is a contact sport and everyone that plays knows that! so why is checking a problem with girls?

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The School Can't Stop Me.

So, I am the 1st girl ever to try out for my highschool wrestling team and the school didn't like it. They told me I should play basketball or cheerlead. No offence but I don't like either one. I fought against the school for six months about this before entering my freshman year of high school. Which, is this year and I played soccer in the fall on an all girls team but got hurt the first game and was put out the rest of the season, but worked on making myself stronger for wrestling. One the first day of try-outs for wrestling the coach looked at me and told me I would never make it through try-outs, but I wanted to prove him and the rest of the team wrong. Coach took it extra hard on me to make sure I didn't make it through but I never gave up. I worked three times as hard as the guys, did everything extra that coach had me do, and after each day go out and run six miles to keep in shape. One the last day of try-outs coach had use wrestle everyone close to our weight and then he would pick the team. So, after wrestling everyone (whom I beat) he had us go to the gym and wait till he picked the team. While in the gym every guy came to me and told me I would probably make the team, but when coach came in the give out the line up I was not on the list. I didn't not cry or say anything untill someone else did. This person was a good friend (Kyle*). Kyle said to coach "Sir, why is Darby's name not on here? You know she is better then most of the guys on here." Coach said "Kyle, I will not allowe a girl to be on my team and get hurt." After this I worked everyday to get better and went to every open mat. So the day of the teams first practice coach came to me and said "Darby. I will allowe you on my team if you promise never to cry and to know you wont be treated differently then the boys." So from that day on I have been part of the wrestling team. My record is 18-2 and better then all but two guys records on my team. So, to any girl who was told they couldn't do something cause they were a girl go out and show them you can.

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Nothing will stop girls

You go girl! I plan to do just what you did, but in a different sport. I hate people telling me I can't when I know I can.

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the school invited me with welcoming hands

my name is koree...i am 16 years of age and i wrestle for wheeling park high school.. i have been wrestling for almost 6 years and my second year i went down to junior states and pined my first two kids in the first 5 seconds of the match.... then i was going for firsteveryone was so amazed that i had made it that far.. and truthfully i was too but i was detrimed to do my best well the match started of good 2-4 was the score i was up by 2 then everything went wrong... he did a trip that was elegal and broke my arm i had to have two plates and two pins put in my arm it took me 8 months in a cast to this is my first year back and my high school welcome me back with welcoming arms happy to have me as the only girl wrestler on the team...this year the season has been better then ever yes for all of u that ask as a girl i do have to work harder then the guys but that dosent matter when u go out for a sport... if u go out then u better be ready for anything the coaches have to throw at im always ready for anything and i think that its not far if your school wont let u wrestle or play football....fight and fight and sooner or later the will give in..keep ur heads up and keep in shape and whenever ur on the feild or the mat..wrestle or tackle like its ur last game or match bc u nvr no when its gone....good luck to all the girls they wanna makw a difference..and just to say not all school are against us girls!!!

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girls can play in their own

girls can play in their own leagues. playing professional football or college football is not a realistic dream for girls. throwing a ball does not make you a good football player. speed, strength, and aggressiveness are key parts of making a good football player. males dominate in all those subjects. there are exceptions yes, but the only women fast enough to play are olympic sprinters, and the only ones big enough to play weightlift or do other sports like that. find a combination of the two and maybe there is a possibility. some girls are better at football than the average male, but the nfl is not made up of average males. it is made up of the most elite male football players in the world. be satisfied with the womens football leagues and stop complaining.

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