Girls playing with the Boys, and Boys playing with the Girls

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Women, Sport, and Film - 2002
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Girls playing with the Boys, and Boys playing with the Girls

Zoe Meyer

On the athletic field, in the gym, or on the ice, there have always been standards for the athletes to follow. These standards range from what type of athletic equipment is not only necessary but appropriate, to who can play when, where, and how. This last standard is the one that is being challenged the most; can men play not only on women’s teams, but can they also participate in female dominated sports without being taunted? The same goes for women, can females, without fear, really participate in traditionally male dominated sports? Although the social costs to the individual participating in the non-traditional sport are many, the benefits, if played well and correctly, can be and are quite plentiful as well.

For men, this desire to participate in traditionally female dominated sports is not quite as great as it is for females. This is because, honestly, men have a wealth of opportunities for athletics, whether it be professional or not, for every one chance women have. But, in the case that a male does want to participate in a female dominated sport, he will have a hard time being accepted, not necessarily by his female teammates, but by the society watching the sport. Traditionally, male athletes are supposed to be in rough and tumble sports. They are supposed to be hard bodied, passionate about the game, and willing to play no matter what the circumstances. Most female sports, even the female counterpart of a male sport, is less rough and tumble and less aggressive than male sports. For a man to participate in one of these sports he is likely to get laughed off the field, taunted with jeers of “homo” and suggestions that he is “not man enough” to play with the “real men” in traditionally male dominated sports. This can not only be damaging to the male playing, but it can also be damaging to the women playing. The jeers could become aimed at the women on the field or the ice and they could hint that women are not only incapable to play, but that since they need a man to join their team to help them, they obviously do not belong anywhere but on the sidelines.

This previous example is probably a little extreme, but the ideas behind it are quite real. Imagine a man walking onto the deck of a swimming pool, ready to compete in synchronized swimming. The expected first impression would be, “what the…?” because men are not supposed to be synchronized swimmers. There may not be jeers taunted at him, and he may not get made fun of, but he is not looked upon favorably by those watching the event. If, however, he is looked upon favorably, in whatever female dominated sport he is participating, the benefits could be plenty. Imagine the publicity the team would get, not to mention the only man on the team! The endorsements for athletic equipment, shoes, and many other things could support him for the rest of his life after just one year of playing. Being the only man on a professional or Olympic level team could potentially lead to more opportunities for endorsements and such than being just another member of a men’s team. This may seem well and good, but when a man “makes it big” playing for a women’s team, there is always the question and suggestion that he should then go play with the big boys. With this in mind, it is easy to see that a male’s opportunity for continual benefits from playing on a women’s team are slim. Again, this is something that is not very common for men at the professional level, or even at an amateur level because of the fact that men have more opportunities to play than women.

Women, on the other hand, often want to participate in, not only traditionally male dominated sports because, at least now there are female counterparts for them, but they want to “play with the big boys” as well. For a female to “break into” a male sport is probably one of the most difficult parts of actually being an athlete. The main argument that is used almost regardless of the sport for women participating in traditionally male dominated sports is that the female body is not made to correctly function while participating. Also, the idea that the women will lose their femininity if they play with men is another reason to keep them off the field and out of the ring. For women to be taken seriously in a male dominated sport they have to not only be the best female in the ring, gym, or wherever, they also have to be the best overall athlete.

Traditionally, women are thought of as more fragile, and less aggressive than men. With this in mind, it is clear the reasons why it is so difficult for women to participate in male dominated sports. The costs to a woman playing with a man in the ring or on the field are more numerous than simply getting laughed at and called names. Usually, to really see the extent to which women can take playing with the boys, the men will usually play their hardest, if not harder in an attempt to push the women to their limits and eventually make them quit. Also, since the woman is in a male dominated sport, the chances that there are other females out there helping “the cause” are very small which makes it even harder for her to be taken seriously.

The benefits for a woman in a man’s sport however are probably some of the greatest out there. She will not only most likely be the star and the sweetheart of the team, but she will also most likely get the most attention both in and out of the game. Also, the endorsements for a woman playing with men are unimaginable, especially with all the feminists behind her and supporting her, she will most likely never have to worry about money again. The one problem with all of this though, is that she will probably have to be defending her sexuality constantly from those that think all female athletes are gay. However, if any woman can get through the taunting, and succeed in a male dominated sport, then she truly will have “made it” in the world of athletics.

For men and women to participate in sports not traditionally dominated by their sex is probably a lot more difficult at first than would seem worth it, but in the end it could be a major stepping stone into the world of athletics as well as the rest of society. The costs to both seem, at first, almost insurmountable, but once they have become versed in the ways of the sport, the benefits out rule it all.


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08/01/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I am an african american FEMALE, who plays football. I started at the age of 5 when i played on a 6 yr old BOY TEAM. when i first started yea, it was harsh but as i got older boys became scared of me and girls didnt even look at me unless they were my friends because they knew who i was!!!! I was the best player on the team amd recieved a lot of MVP's. people shouldn't discriminate agaist girl(women) because girls "some" girls r as tough as boys. sure i had lil boyfriends and i still did girl thing but dont juge a girl by what they look like, because i could be the prettiest girl but also the "one who knows how to take care of business! till' this day noone messes with me or even THINKS about "tryin'" to pick on me even though i may not look like a football player i AM one! Sincxe i am omly 13 i still have lots to accomplish and i say yeah to ALL the girls who think they can handle the sport!!!!!!!!!!!!1 P.S- on my team after the games boys couldn't even tell i was a girl until' i took my helment off becouse i was that good, i am not afraid to brake a nail and i am not preppy i am "a football playin' female repin' all da guhs!!!!!GET THAT?!?!?!?!?

01/05/2006, from a Reader on the Web

I am 14 years old and so into football... many people see its as strange (mostly females) but many other people (mostly males) think its cool. Its not that i wanna play with the "big boys" as your article states. I just like to play football. I am not trying to prove myself in anyway.. i just wanna play. What i'm trying to say is i disagree with the argument why females play male teams.


Additional comments made prior to 2007
i have been a very athletic girl since i was about 5 and i have always wanted to play football with the boys. yet its hard b.c of the trouble u get with ppl saying names and stuff . i believe girls should have the right considering its against the law to judge ppl of their sex. if they are just as good as the boys or better and can keep up with the competiotion then heck yess they should play with them and show girls are jsut as equal as boys!!! ... Reader on the web, 3 April 2006



there is no way that a girl can play football especially in the Texas 5A district I mean they would get killed. Plus I have played football with a girl and its weird it feels like u have to go easy on them or something.their also very dramatic and they might hurt themselfs ... Brennan Deuel, 15 May 2006



I love Football I have loved it forever! But I can't play on the team. I am in 8th grade and I am 14 I think that I can make up my mind if I want to play!! But the school sead that they don't want me to get hert! Give me a break I love football I can thow better then all the boys in my gym class. The boys think that I am not good enoph but give me a team and a football and I will show you what I can do! Even my dad sead that I am really good at home I have my own football and half the boys at school don't. So why can't I play?!?!?! ... Stephanie Garnett, 18 October 2006



i am 13 years old and i love to play football but my school wont let firls try out for football. i am really disappointed that i cant try out. i have also been told a number of times that i am a great thrower and sometimes a good chatcher. i would love to start playing football ... Falysha Raymond, 19 October 2006



WOW, what a great artical, congrats! all of it is so true...personally i think boys and girls should be able to participate in whichever sport, whenever and with who! it would be fantastic to see one day, during prime time, on a prime television station, a male dominated sport being played by females and gettin gthe same amount of surport as male sports do today ... Brooke, 9 November 2006



i am a 16 yr old girl that plays rugby and wrestles, because im interested in it and enjoy contact sports, Iv only been playin for two years and was introduced to it through my highschool. I wasn't treated differently by my friends and have continuously practised with the boys rugby team and wrestled with guy in practise. Im not particulary gifed in athletics, but just do it for fun and to stay in shape, and society has changed to accept females in contact sports ... Reader on the web, 5 December 2006



hey ya i think its so ture what the girls wrote we should be aloud to play football caus im a female and i love to play football iv been playing since i was 5 im 16 now and i still play. no girls think about messing me with and well u get know know alot of guys and they are cool about me playing with them they love it one year i didnt play cuz i broke a arm and they missed me ... Lee-Anna, 6 February 2007



I agree with the first person because most girls are tough like boys! I want to play football but the coaches are against it! I also love wrestling to but thier is no teams and of course the coaches won't let me try out! Any ways I soooooo agree with u! P.S girls are just as tough as boys! ... Elizabeth, 10 April 2007



Hi i am a female,some people think tht football is a game for boys only but is not,i am an african i love playing football but here in Cameroon most dont play i often play with the boys so i get stronger ,y dad supports me but my mom dont even think of it so i am pleading with any one who reads this which can help in any way to jon my fellow girls play should just mail me please ... Taka gina lor, 21 July 2007



I am 18 years old, and am currently coaching an all boys hockey team. I have been playing hockey from the time i was 5 and couldn't be happier. Yes i was playing on a all boys team for 12 years, but i think that it made me better at the sport becasue, i was challenged. I loved playing the sport and made some amazing friend threw it. I tried playing for a girls team but i missed my "boys". yes they do get pissed when they realize a girl just knocked them on thier butt but on the other hand it gave me more confidence as a girl playing a boy sport! MUCH LOVE! ... Stephanie, 12 November 2007



Im 14 years old and love to wrestle!! when i say i want to wrestle with the school!! they told me no cause i was a girl!! theres a couple of wrestling teams in the town that i live in!! but my parents say the only way i can is if i wrestle with the sschool team!! if there are other schools that r like mine i think its bull that they wont let u!! im already one of the girls that most people look at like o dont mess wit her!! ive wrestled before but now that im older i cant wrestle wit the clubs! but i hope i have a chance wit sumthing!! ... Page Slater, 13 November 2007



I have played soccer fo rthe last 8 years of my life and girls have been on my teams for my whole soccer "career" i dont see the problem with girls on my team i also wrestle and do cross country on my cross country team my best friend is tougher than i am when it comes to a pace and this is my first year wrestling and last year there was a girl on our team that lost only one of her matches and i have lost all of mine so anyone has no right to say that girls arent as tought as the men. i'm only 12 years old and i have many friends that play way harder in many sports that i play i think girls can play any sport they want to ... Austin, 6 December 2007


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guys&woman should be on the same team

Hi I'm 14th years old I think guys& woman should play on the same team.God made us the same.

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I love soccer!

hey, my name is Megan and I'm 13 and 1/2 years old. I agree that girls should be able to play whatever sport they want and not be judged about their gender! Girls are just as strong as boys! Some boys at my school saw me walk onto the soccer feild one day and asked me "what do you think your doing" and i said "Playing soccer, you got a problem with that?" anyways if you boys don't have the balls to play and/or get beaten by girls than you should go Sniff It!!! Girls rule too!!!

Madison's picture

worth it??

Hey I’m madison. I’m a 16 year old and I’ve been playing on the boys baseball and soccer teams for about 6 years now. I grew up playing with girls, so when I switched because we didn’t have any girls teams for those sports at school, I noticed the difference right away. Its not that guys are better, they just have different ways of playing the game sometimes! Girls can be just as aggressive as guys though! My baseball team didn’t want to be shown up by ‘a girl’ so they pushed me hard. It took me a while to learn to play like them, so I wasn’t doing so great at first. They would play jokes, swing right at me, and make me look like I had no idea how to play. I finally cracked though, after the oldest guy on the team, and the team captain, duct taped a bright pink bra to my batting helmet. I wore it through the whole game just to prove I had the balls to take whatever they’d throw, and they left me alone after that. But really, girls, watch out. If you get too confident on an all guys team, especially if you’re older, like high school, guys get pissed. Off the fields, some guys don’t think they have to ‘respect their teammates’. One of the guys and I got in a fight after practice one day and I was hurt and couldn’t play for a couple weeks. He got suspended from the team for starting the fight and I was so scared of the whole team after that. They blamed me. Everything’s good now though. We are a great team. And anyone who thinks guys can’t do what girls can, BULLSH*T!

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I am 15 years old and i play

I am 15 years old and i play hockey, people always tell me that im crazy..and when they dont know me they would never think that i love hockey and play it..
just because i act like a girl doesnt mean i act like a girl on the
i love playing and i really want to play on a coed team..everyone thinks i cant do it, but i want a challenge..i wish that a lot of people wouldnt think that you cant do something just because your a girl..

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Courtney's picture

hey it's me again Courtney.

hey it's me again Courtney. i really need your opponions on this whole thing for my speech.
thanks for your help! btw thomas i agree with you, i think we should have a boy and girl volleyball team. i mean we all work together in the classrooms, why not on the field?!

Thomas's picture

so, i'm 17 and i strongly

so, i'm 17 and i strongly feel that men should be able to girl sports and girls can do male spots. i'm a boy and i do cologuard witch is considered a females sport but there are alot of guys who do this and i belive it makes it more entertaning to watch. as well as girls plaing football or doing other guy sports

Courtney's picture

Should girls be able to play on boys sports teams, YES!!!

hi, i'm courtney im 15 and im a sophomore in an illinois school. I have to do a persuasive speech for speech class and i handed out a survey asking the students if they think girls should be allowed to play on boys football and wrestling teams. Most of them (boys and girls) say that girls should not be allowed to wrestle with boys but they should be allowed to play football! Is there really a big difference between football and wrestling?! Most of the students also said that girls should be treated like a boy to an extent. Some girls said that they wouldn't want to wrestle with boys. I understand that but we should atleast have a right to choose! We have a powderpuff team (girls football team) but it is completely different from the boys team. We have 2 games where the seniors play the freshmen and the sophomores play the juniors and the winners from those games face off. Plus the boy football players coach the girls! I always go to the girls football game since we only have one and not many people show up. So what do you guys think??

marleny's picture

they let girls play whatever

they let girls play whatever they want it not fair !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous's picture


alright listen people!! this is absolutely ridiculous....girls can not play with the guys. in some sports that are jus girls yea but not with alll the guys. it is a proven scientific fact that girls do not have as much testosterone than guys and are not as strong or as physical. they might want to be but it will never happen. if i saw a girl across from me on the football field i would first laugh and then i wud put her right on her butt. and not feel bad about it. i have had a girl play against me in sports....she thought she cud handle it too!!
untill of course we made her look like the little girl that she really wuz!!! GIRLS CANNOT PLAY FOOTBALL......BOTTOM LINE!!!

Anonymous's picture

thats a shame you feel that

thats a shame you feel that way. guess what, i proved you wrong. im a senior chick and gave up a college volleyball scholarship to prove people like you wrong. i made it as the only girl on the high school tackle football team. i did everything the guys had to, including hell week. so you might wanna change your bottom line, because GIRLS CAN PLAY FOOTBALL

Tony's picture

I hate this

I hate how boys believe that girls cant play male sports. I'm getting really sick of this and i agree that females should play on male teams because they should be able to express how good they are in that sport. For instance my friend Monica she playes soccer and shes on of the best players i know. Even better than me. So boys and girls should just learn to get along with sports....

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Girls Playing Hockey With Guys

I'm a 14 year old Canadian girl, and I play on a Midget boys team (15,16,17 yrs old) and I am "surviving" the "fatal for girls" team, for every person who thinks girls can't do sports with guys is because they are scared of girls, they are scared of the the chance of being knocked over by a girl therefore "ruining" their manhood. I debated this with my class last week, one guy said the so very original "boys are stronger then girls" sentence, I was so very discourged by him, specially when he's a skinny tall thing. Anyway, just because I am girl, it doesn't make me worse than a guy. Most guys don't even see me as a girl I'm just "one of the team". I have no problem with a non gender based system, so instead of a girls team and a boys team, it shoud be a "b" and "a" team. I'm happy that there's a girls hockey league but I just personally prefer playing with guys. But don't get me wrong, the girl's "BB" and "AA" team are very good.

bob joe's picture

male are cool

it is my belaive that girl do not have the talant or the body matueraty to play on males sports teams because they are ruff and the girls will get huert to easylay so i say no to gilr playing on girls sports tems

Mickey <3's picture


Wow you guys are really stupid!! who says a girl isnt as tough as a guy. ya so guys are normally more into sports than girls but who says that girls cant play sports? heck! if i wanted to play football i could do it i would not care if a guy nocked me to the ground a thousand times! i would get right back up and try again! and also! about the wgole guys cant hit a girl thing! guys come on get over yourselves!! stop using excuses on why you cant hit us! all it does is make us think your are to weak to embarrass yourself! If you are so strong why dont you stop the smack talk and get up and prove it! cause i dont beleive you!!! Yall are so lame! any guy that says he cant hit6 a girl is just stupid!! If a girl hits you are you just going to stand there and let the girl hit you??? no!!! get up and hit her back!! if a girl hits you! she deserves to get it right back! if your playing sports against a girl do me a favor and dont freakin hold back thats what a girl hates the most is a guy that holds back! If you havent cought on by now i am a veryyyyyy competative girl and nothing ticks me off more than guys that talk smack about girls!! and when a guys holds back against a girl! come on for real if we didnt want competition or some one to play hard and attempt to beat us do you think we would really be there???!!!?! no!!!!!! i dont think so!!!!!! we are there to play!! dont hold back!!!! theres nothing i find more unattractivein a guy, than a guy that holds back because he is up against a girl! it makes you look so week!!!!! and btw for any guy that agrees with me and thinks girls should be able to play with the guys and have the same equal chance.....well you are amaziung!!! that is so awesome to have a guy on our side! well gtg just thought you should here my side!! laters!!!!!

Serendip Visitor's picture

It's all about respect.

No offense,but I personally think that your wrong on one thing"Hitting Girls.".I was raised in a home where we were taught to respect everybody.I am a teenage boy who is in High school.A lot of people who know me thinks that I am a pacifist.This is true.I don't believe that violence is the answer.When people fight at school,all I see is a bunch of little kids who needs to grow up.Don't get me wrong,there are times when you need to stand up for yourself,your family,your friends and you're rights.But just fighting just to prove a point,well let's just say that there are more "civil" ways of handling it.Now getting to the point,you may think that guys are weak when they don't hit girls back,but you got to understand the"Real Men" from the"Real Boys".Let me explain the differences.Real men are the guys[young or old] that have the decency and the respect of girls not to hit them.They will protect themselves if they have to,but they will never hit a girl.This is the legacy I stand for.My dad taught me this and I abide in this.Now the real boys,however,is the total opposite of real men.Real boys will disrespect girls in the uttermost ways.They will talk about you,God forbid abuse you,and do other feceshese things.So when you ever see a boy that truly respects a girl after she hits him,think about this:is he really a weak, unattractive little boy,or is he a real man that really respects girls enough not to hit them and is going to become a real gentlemen when he gets older.Think about it and Take care!

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A Guy's Opinion...

I think there are definite physical differences between girls and boys, which leads to parents and coaches trying to put girls off of participating in 'guy' sports. Particularly in contact sports like football and hockey there's an emphasis on strength and size, which guys tend to have more of. In sports like soccer or basketball where there isn't any contact, strength is measured more in terms of how well you can move, instead of how well you match up against the opponent in raw push and shove, so I think it'd be easier for girls to compete. Past the high school level, though, men will typically have a huge advantage over women (hence the separate leagues). But even if there is a gap between the natural ability of men and women in a sport, some guys just have more ability than other guys and some girls have more ability than other girls. There's definitely an overlap, so there will be girls with more ability than guys. There's also the fact that there are a lot less girls seriously playing sports which is really too bad. I think any girl who can beat me on the court is totally hot (and I do know a couple who can...)

shannen's picture

ur so rite

im w/ on this one! when i wuz little my brother wuz in baseball so when he practiced i would practice w/ him and i luved it! so in about 3rd grade i played softball and it was so stupid because half the girls didnt want 2 b there and most of the rest didnt play their hardest, so the next year i played it again to c if it was any better..... NOPE it wuz worse! the next year was the same and the next year, so i was goin 2 make a fall softball team of only girls that i knew were good and liked the game and gave 110 percent but i only got 7 ppl so i asked my parents if i could play fall baseball w/ the guys and they said they didnt want me to because it would be to rough on me and stuff lik tht but i dont think so and i also think it would help me bat better because they pitch faster! so now im screwed unless they magically change thier minds! soooo stupid btw im 12 almost 13 and im 5 ft 6in and slim but muscular, i mean cummon iznt tht lik the perfect size 4 sports? tall, muscular, athletic, and im not really a wuss i can take being hit w/ a baseball or a guy getting a little rough! txtr. call, e-mail, IM, wutevr but i lik ur attitude! lol

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I just do not understand why people do that

Anonymous's picture

There's nothing worse than

There's nothing worse than pushy parents trying to live their dreams through their children. Try track and field - that way you can be part of a team and still be yourself.

Anonymous's picture

i'm 11 year old girl and i want to play football

i would love to play football ,but my mom doesn't want me to get hurt! My dads all for it.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Don't give up

Check me out on YouTube video: I'm # 77

Anonymous's picture

Coed water polo

Our son plays water polo. He is 14. His teammates weren't prepared for the disaster that they met when they player a coed water polo team. The team mostly stocked with girls beat them 15 to 5. The girls seemed to score most of the goals and the goalkeeper for our squad was almost helpless.
A lot of the times, the girls were more masterful in making our boys cough up the ball. They could tread and swim faster. Our boys commented that they could not even cheat since unlike the boys bathing costumes, the girls suits were fast and almost impossible to grab onto.
At the end of the tournament though one of the girls came up to our son Philip and said he played well and she blew him a kiss.

Anonymous's picture

Girls and Boys Waterpolo

We play water polo and we play a lot of guys teams and we can often win. Guys shold not take it hard cuz a lot of girls swim better than them. Our coach says swimming is easier for girls to learn and we can do as good as the guys.

Anonymous's picture

My son is 13

My son is 13 and wished to play volley ball. He was told he could not play vollyball because in Iowa there is a law that only girls can play boys sports, but boys can not (by law) play girls sports. We thought this was insane and that someone was making this up. They weren't. I do not understand all of the legal aspects, but it was hard to tell my son that yes, even though his classmate Kailey ( a girl) was playing on the football team, My son could not play on the vollyball team. I think this law is unjust. Some women are just as strong as men. The law was inaccted so the girls teams would not have overpowering men on their teams for an addvantage. Does this law mean that they think women are so weak, that we can not give the mens teams advantages from us?
I guess the main point I am trying to make, is that no matter how you look at this law, it is unfair and needs to be changed. Girls can get into boys scouts, but the boys can not get into girl scouts. I am upset that my son can not play a game that he really enjoys. No, they do not have boys vollyball teams in Iowa.

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Title IX

I believe that law was passed in Illinois. Years ago when Title IX was first passed there was a high school in Illinois that had bowling as a girl's sport. Since Title IX said that girls could go out for boy's teams if the school didn't have a girl's team in that particular sport that it would be alright if it worked the other way, So 5 boys tried out for the girl's bowling team.They all made the team, 4 as starters and 1 as an alternate. They went to the state tournament and won easily. The mothers of the girl's on the losing teams raised such a stink that the "officials" that handle that sort of thing had to revise the law to say that boys could not play on girl's sport teams. That's the trouble with women. They don't want to be equal. They want to be more than equal to make up for their deficiencies.

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guys can play volley ball

guys can play volley ball they do in our school and we live in iowa there really good to .

Anonymous's picture


my parents tried to get me into hockey before i could skate, and i couldn't do it. they put me through three years of toture in figure skating before i could play again. i started late, around nine years old. but i love it, it's my greatest passion. my first year i played on a boys team, that was nice, ecspecially when you show them up. (; after that, my dad made me switch to girls, at first i hated it, i didn't consider it real hockey. a lot of people think it's not as hard, or challanging. but go watch a aaa travel, or mid west elite team, and it really is just as good as boys. i'm happy that i am so privliged to play such a great sport, even though it's not traditional for women.

REAL GUY's picture

Stop discussing this fake

Stop discussing this fake matters! you all who are saying that girls can play well than/with boys want to confirm that you didn't have real boy/man in your country so you need the real one; a real guy who never gets beaten by girl/girls. You also says that the people living in your country have lost the ability to give birth to real boys/man. You all are insulting your own country, parents and relatives.

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Real guys

Actually, REAL guys admit that on a team your gender doesn't matter, what matters is who's a good player.

vivien 's picture

excuse me ima a girl who

excuse me ima a girl who mede it 2 champz once and ima do it again

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Boys and Girls in Swimming

I was 8 when I learned to swim. All of my swim classmates were girls since the only swimming classes in my town were run by the Girl Guides. Most of the girls were taller and faster swimmers than me. When it came to water games I even learned to do some simple synchro figures. We would be given games where we would dive for coins. Only one difference, the girls were allowed to stuff the coins and candies in their swimsuits where as I was given a small nylon sack to salvage my loot on the bottom of the poo. There again I found a lot of the girls better swimmers and athletes than I was. Boys shouldn't sweat it.

And boys should also acknowledge that girls can be better at sports. When you lose a swimming race to a girl who is more talented, it is just that talent and ability. I am amazed now at swim meets the greater number of girls who can better boys times even at the older age ranges.

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girls playing football

that is a good joke girls cant play football and you all know it you would get rocked and then the guys would feel bad for merking you

Anonymous's picture

Ok,.....u listen here

Ok,.....u listen here buddy....GIRLS CAN PLAY FOOTBALL!!! I have played and guys think i am pretty good. I am not preppy..i can go contest all the guys and even if i get hit i stand right back up agaian and dont say a word. girls are as strong as or even sometimes stronger and tougher than guys

Anonymous's picture

i cracked a grl in a

i cracked a grl in a football game and she didnt get up i thought she was hurt thats y grls shouldnt play but it your choice so if u want to get hurt it up to u

Cassie and Elise's picture

Yeah it is our choice and

Yeah it is our choice and just because there is a girl on the opposing team doesnt mean you have to hit them harder than you would hit any other boy. Plus before u hit the girl she probably could have taken you DOWWWNN! The only thing that girls dont do that boys do is touch eachothers butts after games saying good job!

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if the girl knows she can why is it such a big deal to boys if a girls on thier team. if all they know the girl is better and stronger than half the boys on his team. take me for an example i'm the quarter back on a all guy team and one of the best players on my whole team. So i think boys should just be a man and deal with fact that some girls may be better than the boys.

Anonymous's picture

oh no you did NOT!!!

no!!! girls can TOATALLY play football! they can do anything that boys can do. UM
two words: POWDER PUFF FOOTBALL! geez...

TKD lover's picture


Girls can do alote but most cant do what i do... and thats tkd wtf sparring fulll contact kicking eachother face body etc... i get discouraged cause when i fight a girl i have to pull my kicks so i wont hurt them

Fighter by heart's picture

I know what you mean Ima

I know what you mean Ima boxer and I got paired up with girl in my class and felt like I had to hold back. Then I dodged a punch and hooked her in the ribs and she started crying I felt like the biggest jerk.

sport lover's picture

wanna bet

girls can do anything that guys do sure guys may be better at some sports but girls are better at some to im a 14 year old girl and i play b ball and my team is undefeted and the rest of the b ball teams have not won one game so what does that prove

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I have been playing sports with the guys every since I was little, and I always beat them. People used to always tell me to just let the guy win because they don't like it when a girl beats them. Well, I always play my hardest because I want to prove that I am just as good as them if not better. I have played many sports with guys, and all the guys really seemed to enjoy playing with me, even if I were to beat them. I don't think they really care, just as long as you play your hardest and prove to them you can do it. Don't just let them win or just stand there, because anyone can play sports. It is an awesome feeling to know that you played with they guys and you're one of the top best players; better than most of the males. A lot of sports really don't have as much to do with strength as they do with skill, and anyone can have skill. So, all that talk about girls not being strong enough to play with the guys is not right. Of course guys can get a little rowdy at times and play extremely tough, but girls can do the same back. It is unlikely that you will get hurt unless you just stand there and let them tromple all over you. If you play your hardest too, and do get hurt, it's alright. It's not like guys don't get hurt. But, competition feels good, especially when you know you played your hardest and proved yourself to others.

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I love football!!!!!!!

Ya so last year I was in 6th grade and I tould the football couch that I was going to play for him next year. He laughed at me and then he found out that I was serious. And told me girls will NEVER be able to play football and all this other CRAP. trashed him to every1 and hated him all the rest of the year.But I totally encourage a girls to play football and get out there with the guys and so them wat God has given you which hopefully is pure talent.

Kick_ass_canadian's picture

oh yea!

Ok i totally think this is so true and that boys are just complete morons and all but i need some negativity because im doing a debat and my teach decided that i have to be negative so if you guys cud help me out that would be awsome! thank much love and keep it up


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Yes we should be able to play.

I think girls should be able to play with boys because everything really depends like everything it depends. Some girls are very athletic and some aren't. same goes for guys.Some like to play video games and some play sports. I think you should have to try out to play on a boys/girls team.Also the fact some people feel more comfterable around people their own gender so you should be able to have the choice of a boys or girls team.
I have a 7 year old cousin that use to play hockey on a all boys team so yes she was the only girl on the team. She was very good.. but she quit. She didn't want to play on a all boys team because she was teased. She is 7 years old. A seven year old girl shouldn't have to quit something she liked cause other little boys didn't like having a little girl on the team. At such a young age kids shouldn't be taught that boys and girls shouldn't be on the same team because when they get older they will learn it is okay to have more then one gender on a single team.

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girls shouldn't be able to

girls shouldn't be able to play with us men. they'll get their heads taken off easily. I am 14 and I play hockey and lacrosse and if girls played, THEY WOULD DIE!!! GO MEN!!

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girls can easily take down guys

okay listen here i play hockey lacrosse football soccer and track im considered very athletic most boys are afraid to play against me cuz they know i will easily beat them. no im not some buff chick who take steroids. i am 13 and more than half the girls in my grade could easily take down a tiny boy who thinks hes all that in that case u

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so what do you think it means

so what do you think it means when they say equal rights?

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I could beat you

Actually, I could probably beat you in arm-wrestling. I beat everyone in arm-wrestling. And if you think like that, you're not a man, you're a little boy who needs to GROW UP.

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how dare u

girls can do anything that boys can do i know this girl who was on the best football team at my junior high team and yet she was one of the best players i guess and so dont be messing with girls we can knock any boys down!

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