Chemical Castration: The Benefits and Disadvantages Intrinsic to Injecting Male Pedophiliacs with Depo-Provera

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Chemical Castration: The Benefits and Disadvantages Intrinsic to Injecting Male Pedophiliacs with Depo-Provera

Katherine Amlin

Child molestation is a serious problem in the United States. The legal system is lenient with pedophiles, punishing them with insufficiently brief prison sentences that are further abbreviated by the option of parole. Some child molesters are released back into society after serving as little as one fourth of their prison-time (1). Recidivism is extremely high among child molesters; 75% are convicted more than once for sexually abusing young people (6). Pedophiles commit sexual assault for a variety of reasons. Some rape children because of similar instances of abuse in their own childhoods (1). Some view the act of molestation as a way to gain power over another individual (1). Some pedophiles act purely on sexual desires. No matter what causes these heinous criminals to molest children, their crimes are inexcusable. Unfortunately, utilizing prison as a punishment for child molestation creates only a Band-Aid solution for the issue of sexual assault and other resolutions need to be investigated.

Alternative options for the punishment of male pedophiles are being explored in the status quo. Scientists have observed the link between testosterone and aggression and concluded that high levels of testosterone correspond with increased violent and aggressive behavior in men (5). "It is the reason that stallions are high strung and impossible to train, the reason male dogs become vicious and start to bite people. It's why boys take chances and chase girls, why they drive too fast and deliberately start fights. In violent criminals, these tendencies are exaggerated and carried to extremes" (8). In an effort to stop male pedophiles, male child molesters have the option of being chemically castrated in some states. "Chemical castration is a term used to describe treatment with a drug called Depo-Provera that, when given to men, acts on the brain to inhibit hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone" (2). Depo-Provera is a common birth control pill that containing a synthetic version of the female hormone progesterone. Advocates of chemical castration hope that injections of Depo-Provera will prevent men from molesting children.

However, some experts argue that Depo-Provera is ineffective and will not prevent molestation. Forced castration may have the adverse affect of angering a criminal, increasing his violent tendencies and lead to additional sexual abuse (2). Additionally, Depo-Provera is reversible. Therefore, unless injections are mandatory and monitored, pedophiles will not be "cured" by the drug therapy. The child molester will have renewed sexual fantasies and high levels of testosterone if the injections are discontinued (7). Joseph Frank Smith, a convicted child molester, became an advocate for chemical castration after undergoing the therapy in the 1980s. Smith stopped using the injections in 1989. In 1999, he was convicted for molesting a five-year old girl and immediately returned to prison (3). Depo-Provera also has caused side effects in some men "including depression, fatigue, diabetes, [and] blood clots" (2). Chemical castration may cause some detrimental effects in child molesters.

Regardless, Depo-Provera has been proven to inhibit the abilities of pedophilias to assault children. The progesterone in Depo-Provera counteracts the biological tendencies that lead men to rape children (4). By lowering testosterone, Depo-Provera reduces sex drive (6). Males can have sexual intercourse (7) but do not want to. Depo-Provera also decreases aggressive tendencies by reducing testosterone. "[T]he castrated criminal would be more docile and have a better opportunity to be rehabilitated, educated, and to become a worthwhile citizen" (1). Castration removes the biological and chemical tendencies that are intrinsically linked to the desire to rape in males.

Depo-Provera also reduces recidivism rates. When used as a mandatory condition of parole (6), chemical castration decreases the occurrence of repeat offenses from 75% (6) to 2% (1). Prison is less desirable because it serves no rehabilitative purpose for sexual offenders. Pedophiles who spend time festering in a prison cell are given extensive downtime to concoct new sordid sexual fantasies involving children. These horrific visions are translated into terrifying realities once the criminal comes back into contact with children following his inevitable release from prison (1). Prison simply produces sneakier criminals. Pedophiles do not want to be incarcerated again so they think of new ways to rape children that will avoid detection and future detention (6). Prison increases aggressive tendencies in male pedophiles while chemical castration addresses the root causes of sexual assault and decreases further sexual deviance.

Although chemical castration is not the perfect solution to inhibit child molestation, it discourages sexual assault better than incarceration. Injections of Depo-Provera decrease the aggressive tendencies that lead to rape in males. Castration also discourages sexual fantasies and eradicates sexual obsessions. Pedophiles are reduced to apathetic pacifists. Regulated chemical castration should be encouraged as an alternative to prison for male child molesters in order to stop recidivism and decrease instances of sexual assault.



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12/13/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I agree with the use of chemical castration, becuase incarceration seems like its not a harsh enough punishment. The paper described the sex criminals are repeat offenders. People commit these crimes cause of abuse in their child hoods and power struggle of felling dominant. This punishment may not be the cure but it works better than just incarceration.


Additional comments made prior to 2007

I'm currently enrolled in a Community College and working on my final research paper, the topic I decided on was "Is chemical castration an acceptable treatment for sex offenders in the United States?" thus far, I've found that there are a plethora of articles on the topic however accessability to case studies seem to be lacking on the recidivism rates of offenders.

In my research, although there are references to the list of 6 US states that have currently inacted a law which requires chemical castration, I'm not aware of what those states are. From what I know and understand I've compiled a list of 5 states (California, Florida, Maryland, Montana, and Texas.)

Of the people I've asked, regarding their personal view the majority agree that chemical castration with Depo Provera or MPA are completely acceptable and viable options for repeat sex offenders. In my personal opinion (because this treatment is reversable) I believe that it is a light sentence in concideration of henious acts of sex offenders. However, I question if the "trade off" of probation and a lifetime of antiandrogen injections is too light of a sentence.

We all have human rights, but in the end some rights (from what I've seen of our government) are quickly taken away when we greatly endanger the human rights of others. Sadly some individuals hear treatment and think, if its manditory, how can it be effective, and somehow they seem to forget that it is also a punishment for the acts of deprevity on innocent individuals ... Twixy, 2 May 2006



seems to me that prison term and lifetime chemical castration should make the impact we need. the chem. castration is not double jeopardy or even additional punishment but required, ongoing therapy as a condition of release. life in prison, no possibility of parole or chem. castration with possibility of parole. as a matter of fact, i think all male inmates should undergo chem. castration while in prison as is evidenced by the conditions they create there ... D.M. Christensen, 24 August 2006



I see a problem here. You are mixing paedophilia with Pederasty. Paedophilia is a mental sickness, it is not illegal. And acording the studies by the UNICEF, very few paedophiles became child molesters. Although they can became consumers of child pornography, which is ilegal, they can be teached to not do it. So far the paedhophylia, like most paraphilias, can not be cured, but it can be controlled. What is illegal is pederasty. That is, the abuse of minors. Most of the pederast do not become paedophyles. Also , while a high level of testoterone can became a male, more agresivity, it does not mesns he will became a raper, or a child molester. The links are not clear. My point is, paedophyles should be given the oportunity to get treatment (not punishment)... before they became a treat. Pederast, on the other hand should be punished, as an example to others. Chemical castration should be considered a punishment, not a way to release criminals on the streets ... Nanahuatzin, 29 November 2007



While I haven't completely decided one way or another on this issue, the change from 75% of repeat offenders to 2% is absolutely staggering. Thank you very much for writing this. It helped me a lot with my college presentation ... TJ, 3 December 2007



I don't care if it can help reduce the rates of repeat offenders, it doesn't stop them all. I don't care if they rot in prison, because they deserve it! I myself am a victim of a rape and know how it feels on that end. I have to live with the memories forever and do believe that real sex offenders (not the young guys having sex with capable girls who know what they are getting into) should suffer as much as the victim and everyone associated with the pain caused by what they did. Maybe if we just shipped them somewhere away from all people that would fix the problem ... Kayla, 18 March 2007


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Chemical castration

I have been taking cyproterone for 4 months and it really works !!!! I have no sex drive and my testicles have atrophyed nicely.... no erections and penis size has shrunk from 8 down to 3 inches.....great product :O)

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What is the dosage?

I'm glad you are satisfied with the product, however and am curious of the dosage. Do you mind telling me what it is?

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How do you get it?

How do you get it?

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Di-ethyl Stilboestrol

Back in the 1950s when it was illegal to be gay, my loving parents, concerned that I was more interested in Ballet than Football had me chemically castrated with D.E.S. It was a matter of 'Take your pills'. It stopped me growing, but it also stopped my sex drive. Not having this at the onset of puberty meant my sexuality never developed. I got off the drug in my early twenties, as an adult, but the damage was done. I've always had a very low libido. Manage to self-stimulate about 3 times a year. Could sing soprano until about 60 years of age. Could lactate. Never had much interest in women, men, or boys. Didn't understand risque jokes. Until recently, wasn't aware that people had strong sexual agendas. Socially, it's a bit like having Aspergers syndrome. So it's a strange life, but I can concentrate on task and not be deflected. Some people don't understand what it is like to be a eunuch. In many ways, I am childish. I don't read adult books or like romantic films. I find them boring.

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Dear Serendip Visitor, I am

Dear Serendip Visitor,

I am doing research for a three part history series. I wondered if I might talk to you about your experience. Please do contact me.

Many Thanks

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chemical castration

i believe that sexual offenders should pay for what they do to their victims. there is a lot of hurt that comes with being rape and the memory stays your whole life time.

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Chemical Castration

How are things going now? Are you still taking cyproterone? If so, have you noticed anything unpleasant?

Also, I am looking for information of the long term or even permanent effects of chemical castration? Is there a way to shut down testosterone production permanently through chemical castration?

ANy help would be appreciated.

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Chemical Castration

We don't read much informations about the permanent effects of chemical castration and doctors tend to prescribe anti androgen without telling theirs patients, same for Proprecia, an anti androgen to prevent hair lost. After 1-2 year of use it can be irreversible which means the man will be permanently castrated. All men should know this fact before considerning chemical castration. I've been voluntary chemically castrated for 8 years. I've found out to late, I'm an eunuch now. I was not a pedophile nor an agressive man. I've used anti androgen to lower my sex drive and it worked. It is not recommandable for all men but some men find this benefitial at least at the beginning. Castration is not that bad but there are side effects that are hard to deal with. The side effects can take up to 2 years to slowly appear and they will go from bad to worse. Now, I am on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, like most eunuchs I've chatted with, excluding those who fight prostate cancer, to counter those side effects. If you want to see what it does to you, try it 6 months, if you quit, there should be no lasting effects, 6 more months then it can be permanent.

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I myself am writing a paper on punishment for pedophiles. I find it very interesting that almost every reply to her paper has been someone who is in better words sexually disturbed or dealing with someone who is. Magazine articles can be used if she is discussing both the advantages and disadvantages because those are opinions. Opinions of whether it works or it doesnt. Though it could have been strenghten with medical information I do find this to be a good paper.

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no sympathy

Okay I'd agree with this but in my opinion I see no reason why some one who does horrible things to children like this should ever get the chance of rehabilitaion. They should server a mandatory life sentence. Maybe we should stick all the child molesters together and let them have a go at each other. Teach them a lesson or two. I have NO sympathy for ANYONE who touches a child in any kind of sexually abusive way or in any kind of abusive way. These people are sick and do not deserve the kindness of good people. They are sick and deranged.

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is it really fair?

although i truely believe that the real sex offenders do need harsher punishments in most situations, i do not feel that chemical castration is a good idea for all. i am currently dating a wonderful man who was wrongfully accused of a sex crime (they have the "victim's" confession on tape) and cannot honestly think for one minute that he would have ever deserved to have a punishment like that. please do not misunderstand me or think that i am taking up for other offenders but men like my boyfriend have it hard enough as it is with having to register, nieghbors and community members treating him unfairly, not being able to continue his education for fear of persicution, etc. i think that punishments need to be handed out on a trial by trial basis and if the accused has done their time and is off paper then they need to be let go to live their lives. someone who may have been 18 and their girlfriend 16 having consentual sex and a parent gets mad doesnt deserve the same punishment as someone convicted of serial rape or child molestation.

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IT IS EXTREMELY CRUEL,SICK,TORTUREST AND INHUMANE to purposely decrease a humanbeing's sex drive by an injection or other means. Any people who are guilty of sex crimes must simply be seperated from society members that they may harm for a lifetime, to prevent them from harming again.

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Isolation from socirty isn't

Isolation from socirty isn't sick, torturest or inhumane?

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Things we must controll

I think, what we must get it under controll is sex drives. If we could, that will give us benefits in so many ways.

Boys can save time by eliminating the sex drives which make them watch pornograhy when they need to study. There so many things we can't see because our attention is on oppsite sexs. Men,,,I would love to be chemical castrated.
But in my country, it is not as popular as is in US. I hope someday it will.

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Im a Sophomore and i am

Im a Sophomore and i am doing a essay on male petafiles. Well chemical and physical castrastion is a must i think cause if someone wants to harm a child like that then they should be punished.

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chemical castration

I would like to know:

1) would chemical castration decrease my sex drive as I have
been diagnosed as a sexual addict with behavior that is affecting my marriage?

2) Would chemical castration decrease my love for my wife?

3) Will it affect me emotionally?

4) is it reversible?

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chemical castration

to anonymous poster of fri 10/31/2008 yes depo provera will decrease and eliminate your sex drive.... yes it will affect your sex in bed with your wife ..only if you use the injection method... the only and most powerful way to rid you of your addict behavior ..because provera has a chemical that shuts down all your testerone which means you will not have a desire for your wife or anything but the good news it is reversible so if you want it to return just stop the shots but there are side effects talk your doctor before making a decision. you may have to choose either success over your addiction or negative side effects which drugs seem to have.

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to anonymous poster

to anonymous poster 11/20/2008:

I am doing this research for a paper on chemical castration and the chemicals found in Depo-provera will not completely remove the sex drive. It does lead to a significant decrease, dependent mostly on dosage.

There is more then one way to approach diagnosed sexual addiction, including therapy as well as chemical castration.

to Anonymous on Fri, 10/31/2008:

as previously mentioned, yes it will decrease your sex drive.

No, it will not affect your emotional love for your wife (though a side-effect is mild depression). It will effect your sexual love life with your wife, as previously stated it is dependent mostly on dosage and delivery.

It does have effects on emotions including a possible side-effect of depression as well as the stress of dealing with the changes in your body(including other side-effects of the depo-provera)

Depo-Provera is completely reversible and you should regain your normal sexual state, including testosterone levels, within two to three months of stopping the treatment.

A note to consider, testosterone levels also effect sperm production and this therapy would most likely not be a good suggestion if you and your wife are attempting to get pregnant.

Ask your doctor before taking any action involving the medication

Thank you

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Agree 100%

Well you posted this years ago, but I agree 100% plus with you. I used Depo Provera and later Mesigyna as easier to buy here. It takes about 3 months or so to wear off. I used it with some estrogen (birth control pills) and got some physical changes, loved it and mental changes which were the best.

You hit the facts very good.

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Chemical castration

I have been wondering about this with my father who is a pedophile who has turned to woman with alzheimers.Why would this happen at the age of 80?

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chemical castration

I agree that chemical castration is not the perfect solution to inhibit child molestation. I think that the best solution for this is to educate people the effect of child molestation as soon as an individual is mature enough to understand this.

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This makes a whole lot of

This makes a whole lot of pragmatic sense, and if it's true that recitivism goes from 75% to 2%, the numbers certainly seem to give ample support to using Depo. However, I think there's something a little scary about the government saying "take this medicine regularly or we'll lock you up." What are the long term effects of Depo? What about the 25% that doesn't offend it fair to chemically castrate them because the other 75% is hopeless without Depo?

Where does this end if we do this? I'm sure there are all sorts of medications that reduce the urge to commit criminal behavior. Are we moving toward a time when we dope up criminals instead of jailing them? Is that necessarily a bad thing?

This is a really tough call.

Nick from Avvo

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castration for sex offenders

Many non-violent sex offenders, after arrest on a first offense, are anxious to control their abnormal sexual urges. If castration will help them to prevent a recurrance of the offense, then it should be offered as an option before sentencing. While chemical castration is a viable method, it does have certain drawbacks as mentioned previously. I would propose surgical castration as the true solution to prevent sex offender recividism. Surgical castration would have to be a voluntary choice on the part of the offender, however.

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I agree

I agree with you! Chemical castration is reversable and physical castration is not! These individuals should not have the opportunity to commit sexual offenses again!

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Human rights

While I do not disagree with you, these people are afforded constitutional rights, and even if the crime is truly heinous, if the constitution is bent to go against them then who is next? The 8th amendment gives them the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment and many feel that surgical castration is exactly that. However currently the State of Texas gives offenders the choice of castration method, even if they are not sentenced to undergo castration for their crime.

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Not all women play the

Not all women play the victim in court and are you suggesting sending sex offenders to therapy instead of jail?

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I know someone who is taking Provera orally, 10 mg daily for about three months. He says he still has high sexual fantasies and has not felt a decrease in his libido. How long does it take for provera to work and what is the normal dosage. Will this cause a man's breasts to grow like a woman. I can't find any articles for men who use provera.

Thanks in advance,


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pill or shot

to answer your question williams taking 10mg pill of provera will not work you will need a injection shot in order for it to be instant and effective . i suggest 300mg a week 1 shot of 150mg monday and 150mg saturday.

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I have a friend who lives in

I have a friend who lives in Tx who tales 150 a week and started with 300 for the 1st week, he is doing quite well and only has a decreased sex drive and is more relaxed calmer nd kicked back.

He has been doing quite well can still have sex at the dosge just not agression and sexual agression, so this has helped him out his dosage is being increased and he is apprantley starting to get more sexual urges and it was agreed he would remain on this treatent due to the problems he has had with sexual agression and other simiar issues.

He is happy to be on it and is positive about controlling his problem, he just started to pick his sex drive up a lot after about 3-4 weeks follwing the 2nd shot with the first of 300.

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How about psychological help for some?

Many times people speak so loud that they don’t even hear what they are saying. Lady, have you read what you said about why some of these persons do what they do? You said the following “Pedophiles commit sexual assault for a variety of reasons. Some rape children because of similar instances of abuse in their own childhoods.” Do you see what’s wrong with that statement and what you and other are pushing for?

For crying out loud woman, here you have a person who is a molester because he was molested himself as a kid and instead of helping him psychologically, you want to pump him with drugs…come on!

When I hear people saying the dumb things they do, I often wonder about their level of intelligence. Unfortunately, some of these people are so called “experts.” It’s funny how any idiot with a diploma can become an expert over night.

Part of the problem is that we as a society have become too dependent on science to fix all our problems. Unfortunately, science is like a drug, it has side effects. Just look at the way we are destroying the planet and ourselves. Just look at how our drinking water is polluted, how the meat we eat is full of hormones and antibiotics.

What people like you propose, is to punish some of these people for being victims themselves. Because yes lady, they are victims too! Hell while we are at it, why don’t we chemically castrate all violent criminals? Including violent female criminals. Let’s used drugs instead of real therapy to help these people.

I’ve always wondered why accused child molesters don’t use the victim role like females do when they step in the court. Because I find it very interesting that quite a bit women have killed or physically assaulted and injured their husbands and have stepped in a court room and claimed that they did it because they were victims of violence. The funny things is that in many cases, walk away with a slap on the back of their hands. Yet a child molester, who was abused, who is a victim, gets slammed in jail and now pumped with drugs. Why not do the same to these women who claim to have been victims. You know what they say, two wrongs don’t make one right.

Now, I understand that some molesters have never been victims themselves. They have never had a traumatizing experience that could explain their actions. These people have no excuse for doing what they are doing, but sadly, that is not true for all. We need to stop turning our backs on these victims and give them the psychological help they need. I know what you may be thinking, just because they are victims, that doesn’t give them the right to hurt others. Well, that is true, but that is also true for all other acts of violence, including the violent acts committed by the so called “female victims.”

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There is no way someone who

There is no way someone who has not been molested, been a victim of molestation can argue that chemical castration is not a good idea for someone who molested a child. It is at epic portions one of the worse human crimes I feel one can commit. It ruins a child's life as well as set that child on similar path as the molester. Chemical castration is a great idea, it saves someone's child, it saves a child's life, and it saves the public money.

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chemical castration

I do agree that chemical castration for violent sex offenders is a great idea. I also would like to say that if there is a way to do the same to women that commit the same offense it should be done. For those of you that are saying that it isn't fair to do this to men as they might have been victims of some type of sex offense when they are young, IT DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT! When you make these comments let me ask you a question, "Were you raped by a 16 year old brother of a friend when you were 4? Was your 15 year old daughter sexually molested by her stepfather with a video camera hidden?" Well, I was and my daughter was so let me tell you, what they get (although the 16 year old got nothing as this happened 41 years ago and at that time you just didn't do anything) as I have to live with the image for the rest of my life or as long as I have a memory!

Anonymous's picture


So for references, it looks like we have nothing more than the viewpoints of politicians and the un-referenced "research" of other authors, one of them a student herself, and at a community college, no less.

When I entered the words "recidivism rate for sex offenders" into Google, the very first listing was a page of statistics from our very own Bureau of Justice that strongly contradict your 75% estimate of recidivism. It took me 30 seconds to find that information. I would have expected better research from a Bryn Mawrter.

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Although I do feel that

Although I do feel that there are benefits to chemical castration I completely disagree with the author who feels that imprisonment will do nothing for recidivism rates. It will make them sneakier, but to not put them in prison at all would be extremely unjust to the victims of these heinous crimes. These people should absolutely be put away and then once they have spent their time based on their offense, they should absolutely br forced to undergo chemical castration. Of course, if there is a mental illness involved, these people should be put somewhere away from society and be given the proper therapy or treatment before being let back into society if ever at all.

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The author of this article

The author of this article needs to bone up on their research skills. Sex offenders recidivate at a rate of 17%. Where did you come up with your 75%? Thin air most likely.

CitizenSmith's picture

Based on nothing but venom

The original articla and most of the comments on here are based on nothing but mindless hatred. The recidivism rates for child sex offenders (and people here don't seem to be so bothered about offences against adults) are amongst the lowest for any category of crime. Just look it up, people!

Chemical castration is no solution for most offenders. The laws in the rich countries have become so excessive that many people are convicted for things which shouldn't really be crimes. Michigan, for example, has two 9-year-olds on its 25 year sex offender registry. Can that be right? For those who say it must be, what about the inconsistency between convicting a child of a sex offence - but saying also that no-one can consent to sex until they are 18?

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Depo Prevera

I'd like to know if the use of this drug on an aggressive autistic 18-year old with extremely high testosterone levels would help in reducing his testosterone levels, thus reducing his aggressive behavior, and also reducing the amount of masterbating he does. He also fixates on people who are nice to him and gets overly attached to them to the point where he fantasizes about them.

mr .polo's picture

to answer the question of

to answer the question of the autistic 18 person yes provera will work instantly and effectively with a injection shot of 300mg ....pills take long or wont work...shot can take secs to mins quicky reducing and eliminating the testerone levels but there are side effects talk with your doctor for making a decison because you may have to choose either success over the sex drive or negative side effects which all drugs have.

Indigo Jo's picture

DP not instant

Depo Provera is *not* instant - depending on how much is administered in one go, it takes days or weeks to have any noticeable effect. If it was effective instantly, it would wear off as quickly; it's a slow- but long-acting drug.

Anonymous's picture

Depo Provera

I have just had my 30-yr old mentally disabled son receive his first injection. He had gotten suspended in Aug. for 90 days from the county bus system which provides rides to the disabled because he'd masturbated on the bus. This is not the first time we've had problems with him acting inappropriately on the bus. I felt like this was my last resort!!! Oh, how I hope it helps!

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(for the third time, this web site is not stable)
I read your story with great interest as I am similarly afflicted. All my life I have had sex where ever it was available, tall, short, fat , thin, nice, ugly, prostituts, anything with a hole and all caution thrown to the wind, at at what ever risk. It has cost me 3 marriages and many relatonships but at over 60 I need to settle down and save my present relationship. She has put up with things no woman should do and yet she is still with me and now I have to make sure I dont do it again, so depo provera seems a solution, well at least a help. So I have already decided to use it and i see you you took 300mg by ijction per week. How did you come by the dosage, was this advised to you of just your judgement.
You also said you stopped taking it and in 2 months you could feel it wearing off, so what would you recomend the time period between taking injections, as if it takes 2 months, maybe a shot every month would be ok, what thoughts do you have on this. I have never used a hypo on myself, when you inject this type of drug, where do you do it, into a vein or just in the arm muscle.
Thank you for your article, I tink there must be a lot our there like us.

Regards Richard

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Poor paper, no real references

I agree with the other comment regarding your references being incredibly poor and inadequate. It seems to me you are writing purely from opinion, only including references to give it viability. Unfortunately, other students' papers and online opinion pieces don't prove anything. Seriously, you could use google and end up with better refs in 5 minutes.

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Depo and sex drive

I am a 53 year old male. As long as I can remember I have been experimenting sexually on my self and sometimes without much success tried to involve my wife. I am not a sex offender, but my experiments often posed a threat to my own health. I was constantly mentally occupied contemplating what I could and wanted to try but knew could be dangerous to my own physical well-being.
Some time ago I obbtained 8 vials of depo provera 150mg. And I started injecting 300mg per week. After two weeks I started feeling sexually more relaxed. My constant thinking about sexual experiments had seized, no more daily masturbation, etc. Sex was no longer on my mind. No frustration when my wife did not want to have sex. Not to mention the time I saved by not exploring the web for sexually explicit pictures. I stopped using DEPO 2 months ago. The urge is returning and I am not happy about it. I should try and get more.
Depo provera should be freely available. It would limit the number of frustrated men and women.

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my husband seems to never be

my husband seems to never be happy,,,, he cant get a hard on been with him 16 years he is 57 im 37 .... i do everything for him.. daily but he leaves for a month and goes on to be with prostitutes... one everyday.. i dont understand it it hurts me i dont think i can do this anymore... how do you get this drug? maybe it would work for him.... please help

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How does he leave you daily

How does he leave you daily for a month. That makes no sense. You're twenty years younger than him, did you really think he can still get a hard on at 57 years old. This page is about castrating men who are child molesters. Obviously he is (was) one because he is with someone 20 years younger. That didn't alarm you in the beginning? Hello??? Depo Provera does not make you hard, it inhibits sexual arousal.

Wake the hell up!!!

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you know, some stuff just can't be solved naturally, especially when the bent is SO BIG on the bad side...
a lot of stuff has spiritual roots you know, like, outside evil spirit influences that make your husband act like that 24/24.
I would suggest, since it sounds as you have tried EVERYTHING, to give the healing rooms in Redding California a shot. They are located on 933 College View Dr. Redding Ca. 96003 (530) 246-6000

I don't know where you live, so, I just gave you this random advice. IF you don't live near that area, you could try that number and ask them where else you could go.

I wish you well!

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being chemically castrated

being chemically castrated should only be reqiured if the male criminals are actively engaged in sex crimes. It is true that molestors should face the consequences of the problems they caused. not only should males, also females(if possible). it shouldn't matter if they rot in jail but it should be used in prison too. the reason why there are so many prison breaks is because being raped in jail may be the problem. if they(prisoners) are castrated it will probably stop the rape and stop the rape in the outside world...

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I know this guy who uses depo

I know this guy who uses depo provera he is injected with 150 mg a week and started with 300 mg, he would always go around having sex with any girls and sometimes sexually abusing them.
He is in his early 20's as myself, the diffrence between us is I am married and contorol my Testosterone agression and he does not.
He is doing quite well now and still is able to have soe sexual intercourse sometimes we work out when he is around this way, he eats a good diet exercises and the effects have been minimal besides his sex drive being much lowe rand him being able to concentrate on other things.

Depends on the person some benefit especially the ones who wish to benefot from it.

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You're going to have to go back and do this again because none of your references is anywhere near adequate. You cannot use online magazine articles as references; they are opinion, not fact. In addition, if you trace the references of those articles, they refer to other opinion pieces and not factual studies. Your other references are broken.

My advice: research this topic properly by studying adequate sources, such as academic journals.

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