Colloidal Silver: Miracle Elixir or Plague of the Living Dead?

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Colloidal Silver: Miracle Elixir or Plague of the Living Dead?

Christine Traversi

If someone told you that they were in possession of something that could cure any illness almost instantaneously, would you believe it? If you were told that there was a small risk of permanently changing the color of your skin, would you be willing to run the risk and take it anyway? The name of this elixir is colloidal silver, and it is concocted by suspending microscopic silver particles in liquid. Colloidal silver has been claimed to be effective against hundreds of conditions and diseases, including cancer, AIDS, parasites, acne, enlarged prostate, pneumonia, and a myriad of others. However, long-term use of this silver can lead to a conditional called argyria, where a buildup of silver salt deposit on the eyes, skin, and internal oranges change the skin permanently metallic ashen-gray, making the individual have permanent death pallor. Does colloidal silver really carry the medicinal cure-all properties it is claimed to have, or is it just risk without benefit?

Silver has been used for hundreds of years as both a medicine and preservative by many cultures around the world. The Greeks used silver vessels to help keep water and other liquids fresh. Pioneers put silver coins in the wooden water casks to keep the water free from the growth of bacteria, algae, and other organisms, and placed silver dollars in milk to keep it fresh. In 1901, a Prussian chemist named Hille and Albert Barnes discovered a method of preparing a true colloid by combining a vegetable product with a silver compound and patented it as Argyrol, the only non-toxic antibiotic available at the time. Another scientist, Crede, advocated the use of colloidal silver to fight bacterial infections because colloidal silver is non-toxic and it carries germicidal properties and through his work introduced colloidal silver into medicine (1). The colloidal state proved to be the most effective means to fight infections because it demonstrated a high level of activity with very low concentrations, and also because it lacked the caustic properties of salt. By the mid 1930s there were more than four-dozen silver compounds on the market, although there was a wide variation of their effectiveness and safety. The first reason for the vast differences is that the compound was available in three forms: oral, topical, or injection form. Second, some were true colloids and some were not, with some containing 30% silver by weight and others hardly had any. Third, the freshness of the colloid, the time elapsed since manufacture, had a lot to do with the effectiveness of the compound (2).

In the 1940s, the use of colloidal silver in the medical field began to taper off mainly due to the advent of the modern antibiotics, but also due to three other reasons. The first was the high cost. Even in the depression era of the late 1930's, colloidal silver was reported to have been sold for as much as $200 per ounce (in present day dollars.) The second reason was that many of the silver products available at the time contained toxic forms of silver salts or very large particles of silver related to the available technology of the time. The third reason is that in 1938 the federal Food and Drug Administration established that from that point forward, only those "drugs" which met FDA standards could be marketed for medicinal purposes (1). In 1999, the FDA banned the use of colloidal silver or silver salts in over-the-counter products. Silver products can and are sold as "dietary supplements" in health stores only if they make no health claims, but many advertisers ignore the last restriction and still promote the benefits of the use of colloidal silver.

Prolonged contact or too much of colloidal silver can result in argyria, which produces a "gray to gray-black staining of skin and mucous membranes produced by silver deposition" (3). The normal human body contains about 1 milligram of silver, and the smallest amount of silver ingested reported to cause argyria ranges from 4-5 grams to 20-40 grams. The silver is deposited on the face and diffused all over the skin, and as the individual is under the sun the silver darkens as a result of being oxidized by strong sunlight, thus producing the silver/blue/gray complexion (4). There are a few physical signs that suggest the onset of this condition: the first is a gray-brown staining of the gums, later progressing to involve the skin. The color is usually slate-gray, slightly metallic, or blue-gray and may appear after a few months of silver treatments. The second sign is that the hyperpigmentation is most apparent in the sun, with the exposed areas of skin, especially the face and hands. There are different theories to explain the blue-gray pigmentation to sun-exposed sites, but there are no definite explanations. The third sign is the hyperpigmenatation of the nail beds. The fourth sign is a blue discoloration of the viscera, which is apparent during abdominal surgery (3). While the majority of the individuals using colloidal silver will never developing argryia, some individuals are at a higher risk than others. The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that people with low vitamin E and selenium levels are more susceptible to argyria, as well as individuals with slower metabolisms. People with slower metabolisms have the rest of their natural eliminative systems working more slowly and can be more easily overwhelmed (4). Cases of argyria were most prevalent when silver medications were commonly used, the 1930s and 1940s, and have since become a rare occurrence. The famous "Blue Man," who was exploited in the Barnum and Bailey Circus sideshow, had a classic case of argyria. The most recent case of argyria is Stan Jones, Montana's Libertarian candidate for Senate. He started taking colloidal silver in 1999 for fear that there would be shortage of antibiotics due to Y2K disruptions. People ask him two questions: if his blue-gray skin is permanent and if is he dead. His usual response is that he is practicing for Halloween (6).

Advocates of colloidal silver believe there is a call for urgent action for the use of more natural alternatives than antibiotics due to the increasing difficulty in treating infections. Colloidal silver is argued to be the best alternative, safe for pets, children, plants, and all multi-celled organisms. From his own bacteriological experiments, Dr. Henry Crooks supports the use of colloidal silver, claiming that all known disease-causing organisms die within six minutes of the ingestion of silver. Medical promoters of the use of colloidal silver allege that the presence of colloidal silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or any single celled pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme, or its chemical lung, so to say. Within a few minutes, the pathogen suffocates and dies and is cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems (5). People in the medical field against the use of colloidal silver argue that just because a product effectively kills bacteria in a laboratory culture does not mean it is as effective in the human body. Products that kill bacteria are actually more likely to cause argyria because they contain more silver ions that are free to deposit on the user's skin.

There are compelling arguments both for and against the use of colloidal silver as an alternative to antibiotics. However, very little research has been done to test the effectiveness of the use of silver in the human body to fight infections, and the risk of argyria increases as the number of people using silver increases while the amount of information known remains constant. If I had an infection of some kind and had the option of taking an antibiotic or drinking colloidal silver, I would choose the antibiotic. For starters, there is more information about the drug. Many scientists have performed experiments with the drug and know a lot about its effects in the human body. Not much is known about colloidal silver, and the risk of taking too much and permanently changing the color of my skin outweighs any benefits the silver may contain. As more research and testing is done about the effectiveness of colloidal silver, it may be discovered that it is a wonderful alternative to antibiotics, but until it is proven safe and effective with low risks involved, then I believe that people should stick to the safe side and take something they know will be effective and not make them look permanently dead. Furthermore, I find it a little disconcerting that colloidal silver kills all bacteria within five minutes. I would worry if it was doing some other damage along the way and I would worry about other possible long-term effects. I believe that too many people are jumping on the bandwagon concerning colloidal silver; I think an extra measure of caution is necessary due to evident health risks involved. In conclusion, I see a need for further research to be performed regarding colloidal silver, its usage protocol and clinical issues.



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2) A Brief History of Silver and Silver Colloids in Medicine

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5) Colloidal Silver: Risk Without Benefit

6) Blue is the Color of My Candidate's Skin



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10/17/2005, from a Reader on the Web

You must work for the FDA!!!! Why don't you read Natural Cures they Don't want you to know about, and see what a "wonderful" government we have.


Additional comments made prior to 2007
I been using colloidal silver for 21 years. My skin is flawless. Because of my proven user of the colloidal silver, my whole family is on it. People who experience blue/gray skin Does Not necessary the cause from colloidal silver.

The FDA has NO document records of any danger from colloidal silver.

I wrote to the FDA under the Freedom of Information Act. I requested all information in the agencyís files that showed deaths, allergic reactions, harmful drug interactions or argyria resulting from colloidal silver use. This is what the FDA has to say:

...we have searched the records FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) and

has been unable to locate any cases that would be responsive to your request....

Now, how anyone dare to make such a claim that ARGYRIA cause by colloidal silver?

After 21 years of using the CS, my life has never been better. I would recommend people to keep on using it as long thing think they needed it. If knowingly that they are sick that is.

PS. If you think Rosemary story is true. You are being trick by the FDA and the Pharmaceutical people ... Nit Ron, 28 August 2006



I agree with the last poster. You must work for the FDA! ... Carol, 1 September 2006



I have been taking Colloidal Silver now for over Six years, I use it for everything and anything. When ever my dogs or cats are not up to par I give them colloidal silver. I produce my own CS, using only distilled water, .9999 Silver and an electric current. My friends, family and myself have found it works wonders on cuts, bruises, dry eyes, colds, flu and anything else that is caused by a one-celled pathogens, without damage to tissue-cell enzymes. Thru my years of use, we have cured parvo, we have dissolved cysts, after falling down have prevented black eyes and stopped infection in open scrapes. I truly believe that this natural antibiotic is one of the true natural drugs. From what I have read the disease you are talking about was not caused by "True Colloidal Silver", but from Colloidal Silver and another agent, usually choride. So for my own use I will never go to a doctor for colds, flu, artiritis etc., because I am living proof that it works. No Colds, Flu or any kind of virus in the past 5 years. Not bad for a 53 year female. Thanks for letting me vent ... Roxanne Robinson, 14 January 2007


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Obviously the author of the article is highly uneducated in this matter or is working for the FDA....There is a difference though between Nano Silver and different types of Silver solution. My advise,Do serious research before writing any articles....because the people who take responsibility for themselves ...have also a lot more common sense than you think. Sad that common sense is not so common anymore. Get Sovereign Silver or contact : Dr rima Leabow from the natural solution foundations...God Bless you all in your search for truth. Emilienne-Practitioner

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is colloidal silver good for glaucoma?

i have glaucoma for a few years now and to be truthful i am afraid to use any kind of prescribed medication i prefer natural remedies...i would appreciate if you would send your response to my email..god bless you.

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anecdotal evidence

anecdotal evidence is accepted in a court of law, to deal with serious issues like justice, but medical science won't accept it because it only deals with issues like, say, life and death.

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There is one guy Paul Karason who made his silver INCORRECTLY... he used tap water.. your supposed to use DISTILLED WATER... he "over cooked" it, ie 1hr per 8oz of distilled water @ 27volls dc with two 4" .999 pure silver electrodes SO his silver particles were TOO BIG, then he chose to drink BUT ALSO WASHED his face with this to cure a skin blemish. In one video HE ADMITS he made his silver incorrectly AND washed his face directly with it for 10 years!!! Even still he had NO ADVERSE HEALTH ISSUES other than blueish / grayish skin... His larger particles got trapped in the skin of his face and just like silver grains in a photo, they turned blue... He died last year at 62 from a stroke, heart attack and pneumonia, plus he was a smoker and looked overweight. I used to get bronchitis / pneumonia every year UNTIL i bought a nebulizer and inhaled my C.S. haven't had bronchitis yet in 4 years!!! I used to get antibiotics, flu shots, that was the sickest point in my life!!! Yes you can take too much C.S. , get an upset stomach etc. If your treating a specific thing.. you can take up to 2 oz a day for say a month then go back to 1oz a day the rest of your life!! I've done this for 6+ years. If you google dr Bob Beck you can educate yourself on Colloidal Silver, then google SOTA instruments & find a good machine and make SAFE CHEAP C.s.

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colloidal silver

Colloidal silver IS 100% the real deal, I use it, my kids use it, my wife uses it, and i use it for my pets if and when needed. Pharmaceutic colloidal silver, can turn your skin blue if not correctly made/ingested too much. I have been using silver daily for 5 or 6 years straight, no issues or any complaints or side effects. Works for so many things, without side effects, and for less than a doctor visit or prescription. Pink eye, food poisoning, stomach flu, infected cuts, cleaning mold, diaper rash, you name it, it at least helps, and never hurts. There are no side effects, that i have read about or ever seen personally. Unfortunately many people see one bad thing about it and dismiss it from their thoughts, but then will turn around and use a prescription that has dozens of side effects and most likely will not work or cause other issues. I honestly do not have anything bad to say about colloidal silver, and like i said i have steadily used it for several things, and taken it daily for 5 to 6 years with no issues.

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please can you post a link because i find it very hard to find the real stuff. thanks

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Colloidal Silver and Lyme's Disease

What blows my mind is the FDAS claims. There are far more testimonials of success than blue man syndrome, as far as pharmaceuticals go why don't they publish Stephen Johnson's Syndrome, full blown 10s. That is a side effect of Antibiotics, Advil and many other drugs. This is an allergic reaction that is way more common than Agryia . This condition burns you from the inside out. Do they ever tell us about the serious side effects of pharmaceuticals ? It is clearly motivated by greed. I have been suffering from Chronic Lyme's Disease for 4 years, after 4 months of antibiotic use, and many supplements and Microbial's, Still not completely better. Found ACS200 extra strength, after 2 weeks I have had more improvement than Ever. I am starting to feel like me again. I got scared for a few days because of all the warnings? I now realize that regaining my health and vitality is way more important to me. Not to mention how much money I spent on the Never ending Meds?

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Curing Lymes with Colloidal Silver!

May I ask you how much of the Colloidal Silver you took daily?
What were your symptoms?
I* have started taking it for my Lyme condition, but not sure how much to take a day.
I hope in the mean time you are now Lyme free,

Thank you Kristina

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Cat pyometro cured by Colloidal Silver

We just adopted a female cat who had a litter of kittens 2 months ago. It has been week 2 and she started bleeding from her private. She was very very tired and lifeless. I googled heavily to see what it could be. Pyometra kept up over and over again as a match to her symptoms. It's strongly suggested to take cat to a vet for emergency spay and heavy antibiotic treatment or cat will die. I did not have the money. I gave her ,only yesterday, about 2 and a half dropperfuls of Sovereign Silver four times last night. A few hours later she was her usual self bouncing off the walls and play fighting with one of her kittens, she still has one left. We used the 10 ppm's. We have her on it still today. I read of another family cat who also cured pyometra on Silver at a similar dose 3x's a day for 3 weeks. I will be doing the same. I have been giving my own family Silver for years for many different illnesses. This stuff is safe and it is amazing. Using a reputable brand is key. Sovereign Silver is an excellent one on the market.
Peace and good health to you and yours and your critters as well.

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Has anyone ever cured or controlled prostatitis with colloidal silver? I was wondering how much colloidal silver I should take and what brands would you reccommend? It appears that I have a bacterial form of prostatitis even though nothing shows up in my urine? It started when i noticed a very mild burning sensation when I urinated, which i believe started out as a urinary tract infection. After about three months of this on an off mild burning sensation and living and working in Florida, I went to a General practioner there and had my psa tested and it came back 10.9 which is very high. Putting me on Cipro at 500mg twice daily, he sent me to a urologist to figure out why the rise in my psa. The urologist was not understanding of my symptoms and put me through alot of expensive test and office fees and wanted to do a biopsy on me. During this time and while on cipro and feeling really alone and scared and facing a biopsy and not understanding why my urologist never had my psa re-tested to see if there was a change in my psa as a result of being on cipro, I took matters into my own hands and went to a independent lab there in Florida and had my psa retested. It showed my psa came down to 8.6 then over a course of several weeks my psa came down to 6.5 then 5.6 then 3.6. Showing my urologist that my psa was coming down he decided that he still wanted to proceed with a biopsy scheduled for the following month. Deciding to seek a second opion from my doctor in Michigan, I came back home. By the time early June came and back home in Michigan my Psa was at 1.89. My family doctor here, who understanding my psa was coming down definately felt this was an infection and not cancer. He also felt I was on cipro long enough and I might be developing a resistance to it and switched me to bactrim and I've been on this for one month and now going on my second month. Having a recent psa testing even lower at 1.25 was clearly a indicator to him that this was an infection and the antibiotics were working. SO......., I cant help but wonder what the possibilitys would have been if I would have known about colloidal silver and a general practioner who knows how to administer it right from the start??? Would it have produced the same results if I were on colloidal silver instead of the antibiotics and there risky side effects??? Will I develope a resistance to antibiotics should the prostatitis return??? Which by the way , is a real possibility? In closing, I"ve decided I need to be prepared and so I am looking for an alternative !!! I am really becoming alot more proactive with my health and would like to hear from others who have dealt with Prostatitis using colloidal silver and perhaps other herbs. I also would like find a good analytical Physician who is interested in both current forms of western medicine and alternative medicine. Someone who actually cares and shows results. Thanks for taking time to read and i hope to hear from you!!!

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colloidal silver

Hello JJJ, I have only good things to say about colloidal silver and prostate, including reoccurring UTI's. For about 20 years now I have fought the battle with both of these. Saw palmetto and antibiotics worked for about 10 of these years and one day it just stopped working. My body just rejected it I suppose. Anyone who deals with Prostate and UTI knows within 2 weeks that it's back with all it's pain and worry. So at this point even after thinking I might have gotten a bad batch of Saw Palmetto, the manufacturer sent me their most recent product and still no relief. So the search was on again... you know the doctor visits, research, different products, PSA etc..... .My pastor has a wellness center and showed me lots of research articles for colloidal silver and he also pointed out that we use to get this small amount of silver in our eating utensils etc... . At this point the antibiotics were taking so long to heal the UTI's and still feeling bad all the while I needed to give it a try. Well I am pleased to say it worked, and I take a very small amount of it. What I take is just Distilled water with 5 PPMillion,and I only take about 30ML ( or a cough medicine measuring cup ) a day. I have not had a UTI for about 5 years now and my PSA is a '1' as of yesterday. I am grateful to say that there is this option available. If there is a side effect to this small amount of silver ,I have a feeling the long turn use of antibiotics would be worse. Also JJJ it does cure my old cats UTI's every time and I can tell by the look on her face she is grateful also. :) PN6STRING. God is good.

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With Properly made and dosage of colloidal silver IT WORKS!

1. Make sure you're taking a properly made product.
Pure distilled water and .9999 pure silver, no additives.
Proper voltage and current.
Proper length of time.

2. There is a formula based on EPA data for how much you can take daily.

As you see the formula calls for less than an ounce a day. And you don't take it every day, only when you have an infection.

(ALL of the stories of 'blue people' I read were taking at QUART a day or more, sometimes for years, and it wasn't pure colloidal silver, it had salt added which made it silver chloride, which NOT the same thing.)

I have been fighting severe lung infections most of my life (since age 8, I'm 61 now).
I lost 2/3 of right lung age 14 (surgically removed).
Pneumonia dozens of times.
In my mid 20's the cause was diagnosed as what is today called CVID. Common Variable Immunity deficiency.
Years of infections, antibiotics and steroids have severely damaged my lungs.
In the 90's I was diagnosed with Pseudomonas aeruginosa in my lungs. Dr's said it was very difficult to get rid of (they were right about that.)

My routine became to take an antibiotic for 10 days, stop. Within a few days my lungs would flare up again and I'd take another antibiotic for 10 days, etc. I was rotating 3 or 4 and I was taking them more and more often.

I tried colloidal silver for a brief time 15-20 years ago. But it was too expensive then and I also got scared off by the 'Blue Man'.

Over the years much more information was available on the internet so on June 11, 2012 after leaving the doctor's office with yet one more antibiotic prescription, I opted instead to go to the Health Food store and buy a bottle of Colloidal Silver.

It was a local area brand with little information on the bottle besides 15ppm.

I put 6cc (1 & 1/5 teaspoon) in my nebulizer, twice a day. Within a day or two I began to improve!
By the end of a week I was more clear than I had been in months.

Fast forward 19 months (1/17/2014). I am 19 months antibiotic FREE! Not bad since previous years I had to take as many as 20 10 day rounds of stuff like TOBI, Levaquin, Doxycycline and Cipro... and Prednisone, lots of it.

In the last 19 months I have average about ONE 8 ounce bottle of colloidal silver per month (85% particle/15% ionic). That's less than 1/2 ounce a day. About 2 6cc nebulizer cups, or just under a Tablespoon.

In August 2013 I suspended my semi-weekly IV's of immune globulin. For 25 years, every 2 weeks I was getting an IV to try to boost my immunity. Yet I was still fighting lung infections.

After I got the lung infections totally under control, I opted -- with my Doctor's approval -- to suspend the IV and see how it goes. It goes fine! :)

Colloidal Silver is not a 'cure all' for me. It is a treatment. My lungs are still damaged, they still collect mucus, but it is manageable and not infected. My sinuses cleared up after a few weeks and I rarely have to blow my nose more than once a day now. (I could barely keep it open before.)

So take your studies and your FDA rulings and your nay expert opinions and put them where the sun don't shine.

Colloidal silver works for me, as I need it, in the proper doses.

Note I've chosen not to buy a generator for making my own brew, as least for now. First I wanted to give it a year and see. I've passed that now, but I still have little confidence in the home generator market. There are too many conflicting 'experts', and I believe most of the generators make mostly ionic colloidal silver with a small mount of nano-partical colloidal silver. (although I use both kinds -- just to cover all bases). I would rather buy it than worry about my 'mix' all the time.

I found what I view as a reliable and reputable supplier and by buying in bulk I've gotten my cost way down and far below what I was paying on my co-pay for antibiotics, which makes it practically free. :)

ps. One other note. I used colloidal silver exclusively in my nebulizer for the first 6 months. About a year ago I started sipping up to an ounce twice a day for 2-3 days when I started getting a lung flare up or a cold. I do this along with the regular inhaled treatment. I pour 1 ounce and sip about a third of it, holding it under my tongue for as long as I can (target is 2 to 10 minutes.), swishing it around my mouth and throat occasionally, then swallow. Repeat for 2nd and 3rd sip. The long you can hold it under your tongue the faster it gets into your bloodstream and off to where the infection is.

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RE: JJJ prostatitis

JJJ, this comment on CureZone might be of interest to your scenario:

"My experience shows that prostate difficulties can develop with a kind of protein poisoning syndrome, with undigested proteins causing high blood ammonia levels that can poison any tissue, including the heart, and putting the prostate at risk. I'd suggest wiping out high blood ammonia levels with B-6, espcially the metabolized form called P-5-P. You don't need a lot, just regular doses. Stay hydrated as this can concentrate ammonia levels that will harm tissue. Absolutely monitor protein consumption, we really just need a little, and especially watch seemingly harmless forms like soy, particularly indigestible. Then run the standard high zinc (sunflower seed), Saw Palmetto protocol or use one of the informercial-type prostate products."



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Alarming Misinformation

There is no information to confirm that colloidal silver causes argyria. In fact, the "Blue Man", Paul Karason, had NOT been taking colloidal silver prior to his skin turning blue. (

You should do some research before you perpetuate lies in an article you purport is for the purpose of educating the public.

Your references refer to more trite, ignorant, biased and unfounded garbage. The onus is on you to prove these preposterous allegations. You have not done so here.

Until you can provide fact-based information to support your ridiculous notions, I suggest you stick to topics that you might know something about. Like "how to comb hair" or something you might actually have experience with.

from "Truly Disgusted"

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colloidal silver

I came across this blog, or whatever it is, and was eager to read more about colloidal silver. Good and bad, I am always thirsty for more data, more input.
I have been a regular user of CS for 3 years now, having come across it when I had a urinary tract infection. Someone told me about it, and because I am very skeptical, and fearful of antibiotics, having had some very bad reactions in the past, I was motivated to give it a try. Well, it fixed me up in short order, and thus began my research. Since then, I have obtained my own very high quality generator, and now produce my own CS.
In these last few years, many, many family members and friends have tried it on a myriad of troubles, and infections and the like, nearly always with unparallelled success! I find it ironic in no small sense that the same government which refuses to allow any scientific data to be made available to the general public regarding silver, yet allows every citizen to pump their own gasoline and diesel fuel with no training or permit...perhaps not a sterling example, but the sentiment is apparent here.
Arthur Conan Doyle, in his Sherlock Holmes books, had Holmes quote " When in doubt, Watson, follow the money. Invariably, it will lead to the culprit."
I have found this to be sage advice over the years, and used it to solve many a mystery...

While the 'blue man' still reigns as the supreme fear mongering device to ward off CS use, it seems apparent to at least me that with 10 million users in North America, there ought to be more smurfs around...
Many attempts have been made to patent certain formulae of CS, but since it is so simple, and that one cannot patent an element, they have failed. And thank goodness, or Johnson and Johnson would own CS, and control its distibution, and even more importantly, it's pricing...making it once again available only to the very rich!
It would seem to be a strong example of legitimacy to find CS in use in the Space Station for purifying the water...imagine, chlorine is NOT good for you?
It would also seem to be another supportive example to find that it is in use in Mexico City, where water treatment trouble has been an issue for a very long time. If we check, I believe we will find a drastic improvement in the last year or so...
Interesting also is that on newborn babies, their eyes are wiped with a silver solution to prevent infection, and also that every major burn clinic has silver lined blankets for burn victims, to guarantee against infection...
Recently, in third world countries, CS has been used to treat outbreaks of conjunctivitis, often requiring only one or two treatments. Which, by the by, consist of no more than literally spraying the CS solution directly onto the eyes...
My doctor friend, who is a wealth of knowledge regarding natural treatments and medicinal properties of herbs and plants, has suggested to me that in order to turn into a 'smurf', one would have to drink gallons of CS daily over a period of years! Which, ironically is just what that 'blue man' did! Not only that, he was using ordinary water, not distilled water, and was without doubt obtaining some interesting salts in his process...
Just some food for thought, people. I care not a whit how you feel about CS, or even whether you use it or not. I care only for the truth, in whatever form it takes, and the proof for me, is in the pudding...

There are so many more examples of CS use I could cite here, but as they are merely observation and hearsay, I will not. Suffice it to say that those people, having been cured of their maladies, are the ones who's opinion counts. From acne to yeast infections, I have seen with my own eyes what I need to see, and it is enough. I rue the day then the FDA manages to strangle the public into being force fed their brand of cure, which incidentally kills more than 10,000 people every year...nevermind the endless list of side effects, ranging from headache, to nausea, to anal leakage!!! Who is kidding who?

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Recommend a reasonably priced machine to make my own CS

Please recommend a good machine! I want to buy one but have no idea how to know if it works properly.

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my experience

I come from Germany and I have googled alot on the CS topic. I use it myself for about 2 years and I can say DAMN IT WORKS. It helped me out by gum infection and some bad colds. I make it myself with a device from Russia. It has two silver electrodes and the adapter, to be operated from 220 V Current. I have also noticed a remarkable effect on wounds and cuts. It heals up 3 times faster than usual and no scars remain. Paracelsus said : "All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose permits something not to be poisonous." So it is about CS. I wouldn't say it is a universal cure, but it's a great medicine. which has helped so many people. No matter what the FDA say, in Europe, especially in Germany many people use it and I have never seen any "blue man" walking around. But if this thing helps me to stay alive, I don't care if I even get purple, most important I feel GOOD!

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mold in the bathroom

We had mold start growing in the basement and it grew into our bathroom. It was all over the walls and ceiling. I sprayed colloidal silver around the frame of the window. The mold just ran down the wall. I cleaned the rest of the bathroom with straight bleach. About 8 months later the mold was back where I cleaned with bleach. Yet the window frame where I sprayed the CS had absolutely no mold. So now when I clean the bathroom, I clean with CS.

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Can this colloidal silver truly cure hsv. Not just suppress but cure?

Love this stuff's picture

I thought this was a hoax as

I thought this was a hoax as well. My mother kept pushing ASAP Silver Solution on me and I decided to try it. After the first month of taking it I broke out in a boil like rash that would clear up in 3 weeks then move to another spot. This lasted about 4 months. I went to my GP to find out what was wrong and he said it was an allergic reaction. I made an appointment with an allergist, $5K in test later and all they could find was EBV and I still had the boil like rash. After 4 months of taking Silver Sol my rash disappeared and I started having panic attacks. I never had these before and it scared me. After about 3 months of non-stop panick attacks they started to go away. Prior to taking Silver Sol I had all the symptoms of Lyme disease, I also have had cold sores since I was a child. I truely believe Silver Sol was killing my Lyme disease and cold sore virus. I have tons of energy now, no rash and not one cold sore ( I use to get them about 4x a year). I have asked my doctor to schedule another EBV test to see if I still have it. Also if I have any stomach or gut issues I take a dose of Silver Sol and it gets rid of the problem. It also works on my dermatitis on my face. I love this stuff!!

Tom D.'s picture


I went into a herbal store and asked the owner what's the best thing for skin, eyes, and colds? Without hesitation he gave me Silver Sol. He called it "The cure-all ointment." I didn't realize how expensive it was (25 bucks for 5oz). However, if it was indeed the cure-all $25 is not that bad.
He began to sit me down, take his time, and tell me what SS has done for him and his family. Talk about being impressed! I ended up buying it and the DVD it came with. Unfortunately, I used up the bottle to the point of squeezing the very last drop. But as I was doing that, The caution label on it said, Do not use this product for long usage. I wonder what did that caution message mean because the herbal guy and you and other satisfied SS users have used it for years and years.

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Colloidal Silver: Miracle Elixir or Plague of the Living Dead?

I always stop reading a "credible" article when the spelling is bad. I stopped reading this one at "internal oranges".

Serendip VisitorJulia Williams's picture

colloidal silver

Thank you for the comment about misspelled words. If someone doesn't take the time to proof read their research, I quit reading it as well.

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Colloidal Silver Proven to kill HIV

University of Nuevo Leon, in Mexico, have done exhaustive and conclusive studies and clinical trials in “Laboratory Conditions” proving that silver indeed does kill HIV-1
Conclusions From the Study:
Finally, we propose that the antiviral activity of silver nanoparticles results from their inhibition of the interaction between gp120 and the target cell membrane receptors. According to our results, this mode of antiviral action allows silver nanoparticles to inhibit HIV-1 infection regardless of viral tropism or resistance profile, to bind to gp120 in a manner that prevents CD4-dependent virion binding, fusion, and infectivity, and to block HIV-1 cell-free and cell-associated infection, acting as a virucidal agent. In conclusion, silver nanoparticles are effective virucides as they inactivate HIV particles in a short period of time, exerting their activity at an early stage of viral replication (entry or fusion) and at post-entry stages. The data presented here contribute to a new and still largely unexplored area; the use of nanomaterials against specific targets of viral particles.
Before anyone downplays the report, what must be understood that is that University of Nuevo Leon is the most respected Research Institution Latin America and highly respected in EU, Mexico and Latin America.
Finally we have scientific proof that colloidal silver does work!
Their Clinical Trials have been published and are there for the world to look at and download. (See the link at the bottom)
Now that we know that silver works, we have to determine our options:

Colloidal Silver atoms Colloidal Silver atoms have the smallest particle size on the planet, highest PPM, and made with NO chemicals.

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Argyria and Laser

Well, eight years ago, I ingested colloidal silver more than my body could get rid of and I unhappily turned gray on my face because of it. Some people noticed it and some people didn't. Anyway, here I am knowing I have what they call Argyria. Colloidal silver has helped a lot of people keep their bacteria and virus' at bay, but is it worth the side effects of turning a different color? My bedridden mother was able to heal her bedsore with colloidal silver when absolutely nothing else seemed to work though she wasn't ingesting it, just applying it.

I've read that laser can really help minimize the gray or blue colored skin caused by Argyria on some individuals. I searched and found a doctor experienced in using the right kind of laser, thank goodness he was willing to help me. This doctor also removes tattoos which is kind of what Argyria is, a tattooing of the skin from ingesting too much colloidal silver. I found Dr. Steven Popkow MD in Los Angeles, California. He is a very gentle and understanding doctor which is so important when it comes to such a sensitive issue. For those seeking help also, his business address is: Skin Laser Center, 12027 Venice Blvd., Suite B, Los Angeles, California 90066 The phone number is: (310) 915-8060

I've had 2 treatments so far and yes it is quite painful, but so worth it. I've got my original color back before I had Argyria and I am completely thrilled. With additional laser treatments, Dr. Popkow can treat the rest of the spots that get missed here and there. I feel what Dr. Popkow charges is very reasonable. The cost is around $200 hundred a treatment.

So, for the people on the west side of the United States, there is a doctor who helps with the discoloration of Argyria and for those who live even further who might want to travel to see Dr. Popkow.

Today, I don't have to walk around worried about who might be wondering why my face is gray because it's not anymore. I think being ashy made me look like I wasn't well even though I felt completely fine. The embarrassment of having someone say something about the gray color of my face felt uncomfortable even though I was completely frank. I'm not a person that likes to hide, so I just went on living, but I feel the relief big time now thanks to Dr. Popkow. He has definitely changed my life for the better. The joy I feel is immeasurable.

I take chlorella everyday to help chelate metals out of the body internally. The silver is not just in the skin so cleansing is very important.

This is my journey and my BIG lesson and I hope that I may be of help somehow to others.

I can't speak for everyone with Argyria as I know some people with Argyria are darker gray or bluer than others, but for me, the laser treatment worked at lighting my skin color to a more natural skin tone. I hope it can help you also though there are no guarantees. I'm completely happy with my results and I feel normal again. I would love to see relief for others as well. I know what you all are going through.

Serendip VisitorSusan's picture

Coloidal Silver

Thank you for your very honest story. So often all I hear from the folks promoting colloidal silver is that only those who use it incorrectly can experience argyria. This just isn't true, yet I hear it repeated over and over. Glad the laser treatments worked for you.

I just can't imagine that taking an antibiotic for 7 days to rid one of an infection would not be preferable to ingesting a potentially toxic metal for who knows how long. It makes no sense.

Leon's picture


Thanks for sharing your experience. I have read a lot of warnings about this side effect but have not come across any one person talking about it. I have been told and believe that if you take the colloidal silver made in the right way it will never turn you blue. I take a lot for everything and haven't turned blue yet. We give it to our 4, 5 and 6 year old sons and they have not turned blue we use Smart Silver brand.. I want to ask what kind di you take? How long did it take for you to turn blue? Also I am a new blogger and I am trying to build an audience will you visit my site and comment on silver with your experience. here is a link to the article where I talk about silver effectively treating an abscessed tooth in our 5 year old.

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I would never give something

I would never give something to a loved one without 100% proof that it was safe. Testimonials aren't enough, it needs a clinical trial to get past me. Don't buy into scams! Notice there is only one brand and they don't do any independent testing?

Serendip Visitor's picture

would never give something

100% proof that it is safe??? You can't say that about ANY medicines your traditional Western doctors, or doctors would prescribe to you. The medicines that you have taken yourself, and that you have given to your children - the prescribed ones and the over-the-counter ones - did you have proof that they were 100% safe" and could not produce ANY undesirable side effect? No, of course you didn't. You took a chance, because you trusted your doctor or pharmacist.

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independent testing

Rarely are testing or clinical trials done independently. Most the time it is done by biased testers

Serendip Visitor's picture


Have you thought about how many clinically tried,
FDA approved drugs have killed thousands of people? How about all the FDA approved drugs that are being pushed on us day and night through commercials...ever listened to the long list of possible side effects? How about that one that is being pushed for depression, yet one of the possible side effects is suicidal thoughts? So who is really doing the scamming?

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Reply to Clinical trials.

If your criteria of use as safe and effective is a new drug application (four stage clinical trials) then you will never see a variety of substances as safe effective. Vitamin C, Dimethylglycine, Trimethyglycine wouldn't pass. No one would spend the money. For example Dimethylglycine, it can't pass the LD 50 study as previously no dosage could kill one lab rat let alone 50% of the lab animals. (Lethal Dosage 50%). Until you can determine a level that kills 50% of the test animal, you cannot determine a safe dosage.

A pound by mouth administered to a test subject and a 1/4 by IV of DMG caused no adverse reaction, but it is not considered safe.

Oh, by the way. Flouride was never proven safe before given wholesale to the US public. Neither was DES. The Centers for Disease Control, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Health and Human Services cited studies showing the rate of dental fluorosis (41 percent) among American teenagers is the factor in changed dosage.

The CDC and EPA did not cite the independent studies suggesting water fluoridation may also cause damage to the liver, kidneys, thyroid, bones, brain and fetus. They also neglected to mention that infants are not to consume fluoridated water until age 1. Infant distilled water is sold with added fluoride.

But as to silver, the conclusion of the ATDSR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
U.S. Public Health Service) peer reviewed by public and private institutions for the CDC determined the following on Silver: Rats had to consume large amounts of water (containing 2589 ppm or about 2.6 grams of silver per liter) at a concentration that is about between 5%-10% (male and female rat weights respectively) to cause harm or at 70 Killograms, I would have to ingest large quantities of water containing 3.5 Kilos of Silver (350,000 ppm) to cause harm. As the document is 145 pages long, I will summarize: Silver is not a carcinogen or a teratogen. Harm wasn't found in Miners breathing silver dust, except one study when a non kidney toxin (cadmium) was present, consequently disallowed.

There is one death associated with colloidal silver from status epilepticus. The status epilepticus occurred nearly three months (and 24 radiation treatments for prostate cancer) after discontinuing colloidal silver. The four neurologists concluded in their paper that silver was the cause, however neither previous or subsequent studies on laboratory animals (including argyric rats) could reproduce the condition. As 42,000 people die from SE in 30 days (the patient was in a coma for three months before death), the possibility of coincidence is very high (occurrence of SE is 40 out of 100,000).

As an estimated 8 million people use colloidal silver, and have over 10 years the less than a dozen cases reported cases of argyria is very low. Just some food for thought.

Violet's picture

So now I'm wondering...are

So now I'm wondering...are there any ACTUAL health risks from excessive silver consumption? I mean, other than enhancing my usual "Goth" look with built-in makeup? After decades/centuries/millennia, someone must know something.

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Colloidal Silver

I had a bad spider bite. I was given colloidal silver to try. Bite healed in less than a week. Months later it was still healed but I still had a large hard bump. I let a nurse practitioner look at it and she said it looked like it was a brown recluse bite. She asked what I put on the bite and I told her. She smiled and said that she could not endorse such a claim but that she believed me. I now believe in colloidal silver.

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lymphnodes swollen

over the last week i've been getting swollen glands all over my right side. My throat, my armpit and even down in my groin area all on my right side the lymph glands are swollen. Is CS the best idea for this problem. Response appreciated!

Anonymous's picture

topographical use

What are the effects of long term topogrphaical use? I use it for odor control by spraying under my arms etc.

Anonymous's picture

colloidal silver in use to erradicate TB

i have "old/dormant" TB which despite the doctors reassuring me it is old/dormant STILL has destroyed terribly me in a great many ways,-personality,confidence,body- all my muscles have simply disappeared and my stomach is so swollen like I'm 4 months pregnant (yet i'm a guy) ,energy (Energy the worst side effect as i used to be a real human dynamo). my quality of life is so bad now compared to what it used to be. I find it increasingly harder to live like this.It happened at 36 and it is still no improvement seven years later.I feel like a frail 90 yr old too often.Are there ANY known cases of CS reducing it's (TB) affects/hold on the body? please help me.

wmcarterelliott's picture

Colloidal Silver Cures MDR-TB

Colloidal silver is, indeed, your best friend if you have TB. See: I've consumed over 5 gallons of 10ppm Colloidal Silver with no ill effects. It kills everything from the common cold to abscessed teeth to Ebola. It's great stuff, and a bargain, esp., when you buy it by the gallon (~$75 delivered).

spencer jones's picture

Colloidal silver and argyria

Argyria (skin greying) from taking colloidal silver is an extremely rare condition.

I’ve been taking colloidal silver daily for 12 years now, and my skin is still as white as ever. It is all in the dosage.

I watched Mr. Paul Karason -- the so-called "colloidal silver blue man" -- on television and he was demonstrating how much he takes to stay infection-free. It is WAY too much. Like twenty or thirty times the normal daily dosage. No wonder he turned blue.

I was fortunate enough to find a “safe dosage” report at, which explains a simple formula based on EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) dosage figures for determing the right amount of colloidal silver for your body weight, so you can use it safely to avoid infection and disease.

There's also lots of good info on safe and sane colloidal silver usage at

son's picture


My family make and sell colloidal silver for last 15 years so heard all about it as it is a constant conversation in our family. More is not better and do make sure you only take the recommended dose. A certain member of my family I think has argyria as a the fingers nails have turned blue/gray colour and his complexion has bothered me the last few years and looks unaturally grey though he has always been a suntaned person as working outdoors. If I mention it to him go see a dr I know I will get the story of the silver is colloidal it cant happen etc. The silver has been tested for correct nano particle size etc. So not not going there with him. My family beleive it can cure any disease including aids. I have a unbiased opinion but do say to them the body is not a petri dish it is more complicated than that. Silver is turning into a growing business and people make money from it. We are free to buy it and it is readily available and if someone was cured from something like aids you would know about it by now. What I can say from my family is they drink redicolous amounts of silver it is nothing for them to down a glass or two a day. I also can see that they are constantly complaining about headaches and continue to get bugs colds on a very regular basis. At one point they thought they where not taking enough that is why it is not working. I think they have slowed down their consumption now as the quantity still has not stopped them from getting the common cold 3 times a year.

I dont know what to say about silver other than what I have observed from my family, if it works for you then good but don't go thinking insane quantitys is better.

Kurt Lippmann's picture

Colloidal Silver Testimonial

Hi folks, I just stumbled over this page and wanted to give it my $0.02.

I am a beginning/intermediate bodybuilder and a beginner student of medicine at the University of Utah. My personal trainer drinks colloidal silver every day, only uses and drinks bottled water for everything (even brushing his teeth), and won't even touch milk because of the stuff they feed cows to make them lactate more. It is a little extreme, but whatever he is doing works, because he is a beefcake, is always in perfect health, and almost never gets sick. I told him once that I was struggling to get rid of my acne with antibiotics, and he gave me a $5 tube of gelled colloidal silver made my ASAP.

I was sceptical, but I went home, did some research, decided it was safe and slathered it all over my face. I went to bed. When I woke up I was shocked to see that the acne had diminished by a factor of about 1/3. I was amazed. I did the same thing for 2 days and my acne was GONE. I can imagine the acne as a 17 year old 120 pound nerd and the colloidal silver as Mike Tyson. The acne didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell.

A few weeks later I had some kind of stomach flu. I got really sick and once again my personal trainer recommended colloidal silver. I went and got a bottle, drank about a mouthfull, and within 4 hours I was feeling great! Putting it on my face was one thing, but ingesting it and having it work was another. Now I am a firm believer, and I put it on every scratch. The scratches heal about twice as fast and never get infected. Amazing. Simply amazing. Here is a scale for you to look at:

Colloidal silver:--------------------------------------------------HERE


Not a believer? Try it. I wasn't either, as I usually view holistic medicine as garbage. More and more, however, I am seeing the FDA as the big bad goliath and natural remedies a threat to goliath and his puppet masters, the pharmaceuticals. I have done some research on the FDA and I am starting to think it is time for a good ol' fashion lynching of the board of directors. I hope this information helped, and if you wanted to know a product that works, go google "ASAP SILVER".

PrivateSi's picture

Just be aware all studies on

Just be aware all studies on the effect of silver on rodents have caused cancer. I don't trust the FDA either but most studies were not FDA commisioned, all countries agree - silver, like other heavy metals is a difficult to remove carcinogen..Conversely NO follow-up studies comparing cancer rates to silver consumption in humans have been performed. You're on your own, legally speaking...
There is plenty of research showing that silver does promote a heightened immune response towards the silver AWAY from bacteria/viri that are actually causing an illness. It's hit and miss, possibly beneficial if it accumulates near a center of infection so good for wounds and possibly gut infections if ingested but note the CANCER RISK...
I certainly don't trust the various pyramid selling schemes associated with silver health products...

Knox's picture

It raises my suspicion that

It raises my suspicion that "not much is known about colloidal silver" if it was a popular remedy in the first half of the twentieth century. They didn't have the data-collection abilities we have now, but I don't think they were stupid then, and surely would have noticed ill effects (or no effects). Just a thought.

vicki's picture


I have a ten pounds daschund that is almost 16 years old. She has had a milky film over her eyes for at least six years. She also had a condition that she would cough, hyperventilate about every half hour. I started her on the silver and within two weeks she almost completely stopped the coughing. To my suprise I discovered yesterday that her eyes are pure brown again!! The coating has gone. We are also giving it to our other dog and we take it too.

Erik's picture

I have studied colloidal

I have studied colloidal silver for about 6 years now and have been taking it on and off for about 2 years. I never believed the testimonials I read on the net because they sounded to good to be true. I wanted to know for sure that this stuff wasnt fake so I found testimonials that the person left their first and last name along with an address and looked them up on the yellowbook white pages site. I called each person and asked about their experience. Each person said they had remarkable results from colloidal silver. This convinced me to try it. During the time I have taken colloidal silver ive had one cold that I can think of that didnt get bad enough to bother me. About a year and a half ago a friend told me that her parents were both sick and had been for about a month. I had just purchased 2 gallons of colloidal silver for about 80.00 (make it myself now for the price of distilled water) I gave them a 32oz bottle of 30ppm colloidal silver. Within a couple days her dad was feeling much better, but her mom refused to try the colloidal silver instead she took antibiotics, not only the ones that her doctor gave her but also ones that friends gave her from their previous infections. It took her about 3 more weeks to recover from a severe respiritory infection. My wife had success twice in eliminating tooth and jaw infections. She has only tried colloidal silver maybe 10 times max. She just swished the colloidal silver that I made at home for basically nothing around in her mouth form a minute or two and then swallowed it. Its not like she ever took it everyday for more than a couple days she only uses it when her tooth hurts or she has a bladder infection. Just 2 weeks ago she complained everyday for about 5 or 6 days that her bladder infection that she had just gotten off antibiotics for which was resistant to antibiotics had spread to her kidney. I have only been making it for about 10 days now (just recieved a colloidal silver generator) she took the silver the first night I got the generator (really cheap tester, silver wire, 9v batteries, laser pen, distilled water) the next day I called her at work to ask her how her kidney felt and she said she hadnt even though about it. That to me is a miracle. She since hasnt had any pain whatsoever. She said her jaw was infected, swollen and sensitive to the touch, those symptoms are also gone. What im telling you is completely true!!
One other experience ive had is not with colloidal silver but 35% h202. I had a planters wart on my pinky when I was a kid that would not go away. This thing was right down at the base of my pinky on the backside of my hand. I had it burned off, cut off, froze with dry ice, then finally liquid nitrogen killed it. All of these are very painfull. I do not recomend the liquid nitrogen, it hurt pretty bad and i got a giant blood blister + scar from it. That being said I Started noticing a bump forming on the front side of my pinky right in the crease of the joint of my pinky. I scratched at it and finally pulled the bump off my finger. It came back and I could not scratch it or pull it off. It turned into a planters wart. I had it for months. The only one that knew I had it was my wife. I had 35% h202 that I used for a supplement so I scratched the surface of the wart and applied some h202 with a qtip. It burned a little but I still did it a couple more times for the next couple days. The wart is completely gone with no scar. 100% true


Gretta's picture

My little Guy

I am disgusted at the number of times his doctor and others who have seen my son have simply given me a prescription for antibiotics. I'm even more disgusted at the number of times I listened. My son is 16 months old and for whatever reason, when he teethes he gets a cold. This cold lasts for weeks. I bought colloidal silver in a homeopathic immune system booster for children. I for once feel like I've made a decision I'm comfortable with.

This is a great article and wonderful responses, the two are perfect beside each other.

lm's picture

colloidal silver

I have a horrible staph infection on my face. It is itchy, dry, red, scaly, swollen, the works. I have tried so many natural remedies. I want to try colloidal silver instead of antibiotics, which is what my doctor wants me to do. Which brand does everyone recommend? I have to order it online since I don't live in U.S. I've done alot of research, have even used it before, but want to know what people have had success with personally. Thanks for your help.

Marty's picture

colloidal silver

i tried it once on an infected sore in my mouth & it cleared it up really fast.

i recently did a many hour research on colloidal silver. the most extensive article i found was: Silver Colloids-scientific information on colloidal silver.

I would up buying from online. I trust their products & they carried one of the brands the report recommended.

I used the CS twice today: both times topically on a saturated qtip - I've had very scratch in my ears & also sniffles for weeks. both the scratching & sniffles have settled down tremendously.

since then I started with a couple droppers in my drink. i've had intestinal upset for several weeks now. I'll see how it helps.

good luck

JJ's picture

Colloidal Silver

Although I appreciate Ms. Traversi's findings on this topic, it appears that she did NOT spend enough time on research regarding Colloidal Silver and it's many benefits. I too would not be surprised if she works for a pharmaceutical company or the likes of one. The FDA, and the Pharmaceuticals are in cahoots with each other and any progress reached in possible cures for Chronic, or Life Threatening diseases are downplayed, overlooked, or in the case of "Royal Raymond Rife" simply destroyed.

These pharmaceutical companies are extremely greedy with only one thing in mind 'Profits'. They don't care about the well being of anyone and are only interested in money. The main purpose of their existence other than money is to make an ill patient dependent on their drugs. So instead of being a drug for one time use, or maybe for a couple of months or so, it becomes a drug that you will need for life. Most medications used to help you with a particular problem in most cases will cause additional problems due to side-effects. Therefore, you find yourself taking additional medication to subdue the side-effects caused by the medication that's suppose to help you in the first place, but really doesn't. All it does is provide temporary relief, then you take more medication to subdue the side affects of the medication used to subdue the side-affects from the previous medications and so on....and on.....the cycle continues, and the more medication they put you on, the more dependent you become, the more money they make.

No wonder very sick patients find themselves using 20 or more medications on a daily basis. What a sick world! with sick, greedy individuals. The only thing that brings me any solace to this horrendous act of human nature is the fact that all these men & women will some day meet their maker, and many will find themselves reaping what they sow. Karma! is a hell of a thing...


Serendip Visitor's picture

well said !

well said !

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