Mifepristone..."The Abortion Pill": The Facts

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Mifepristone..."The Abortion Pill": The Facts

Sujatha Sebastian

On September 28, 2000 the Food and Drug Administration after several years of research approved Mifepristone, better known as the "abortion pill", for distribution in the United States. The FDA's decision will have a definite impact on women's health care in the United States. There will be social and medical repercussions. The drug has caused controversy not only in antiabortion groups, but in Pro-Choice groups as well. Critics are worried that an abortion available in pill form will be "too easy". They are worried that use of the pill will be abused. What many people do not realize is that while Mifepristone will be beneficial to women's health care, it is not without side effects. In light of all the recent coverage that the "abortion pill" has been given in the media, and all the misinformation surrounding it, I decided researching that Mifepristone would be interesting and helpful. The purpose of my paper is to discover how Mifepristone works, how it is administered, and to look at its side effects. I want to demonstrate the benefit Mifepristone will be to women's health care, while showing that it is not an "easy" solution to abortion.

"Mifepristone, formerly known as RU-486, is a medical alternative to aspiration abortion."(1) It works by blocking progesterone from being absorbed into the uterus. When this happens the uterus sheds the endometrium (lining in the uterus, therefore inducing menstruation. (2 When Mifepristone is used as a method for abortion is it administered as part of a three step process. The first step is that 200 mg of Mifepristone is given orally in a doctor's office. Then within 24 to 48 hours the patient is given 400 mg a drug called Misoprostol either orally or in a suppository form. Misoprostol, which is a synthetic hormone, is used to get the cervix to soften and dilate as well as getting the uterus to relax. The embryo is then expelled.(2) This is supposed to happen approximately fours hours after the administration of the drug. The final step is an examination by a medical professional to make sure the abortion is complete. (2)

There are restrictions as to who can use this medical method of abortion. It is only intended for women to use up to nine weeks after their last menstruation period. Women who are under 18 or over 35, epileptic, diabetics, or suffering from heart, lung, kidney, liver, stomach or intestinal disorders are ineligible. As are women who have taken steroids within the past 12 months, or deemed overweight or a heavy smoker. Women who have used an IUD or hormonal contraceptive within three months prior to conception are not allowed to take Mifepristone as well.(2)

Like any drug or medical method there are side effects to using Mifepristone and Misoprostol. It is the number of side effects and degree of each that critics argue about. The FDA has determined that taking Mifepristone does cause various degrees of pain. Short term physical effects can be pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue.(2) There are psychological side effects as well. In some cases products of the conception are visualized. (3)

The use of Mifepristone will have a definite impact on reproductive freedom in this country and the world. (3) It is seen as less invasive procedure which gives the woman more freedom and privacy. In the United States it has been reported by the Alan Guttmacher Institute that eighty-nine percent of the abortions occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Mifepristone will allow women another option to terminate a pregnancy in its early stages. (2) Twenty-four percent of the world's population lives in places where abortion is not legal. (3) As a result a significant population of women perform their own abortions or receive illegal abortions which kills them. The medical method of abortion would allow women in these areas of the world to receive a safe method of abortion.

A major issue that critics of Mifepristone have is that they feel that the drug will allow abortions to become "too easy". But the drug is only administered in a medical office and requires at least three visits. The last visit is an examination to see that the abortion is complete and that the mother is in good health. Before the patient is given Mifeprex tablets (Mifepristone) she must sign an agreement in which she acknowledges that there are side effects, that there is a three step process, and that 5 to 8 women out of every hundred do not have successful medical abortions and need surgical abortions . (5) Critics worry that the drug will cause an increase in the number of women who have abortions. Supporters of the drug cite the fact that in France, where the drug is manufactured and was first administered, there has not been an increase in the abortion rate. (2)

Mifepristone will change the way that abortions are administered. This method gives a woman more autonomy and does not require her to go through surgical procedure. It can also prevent pregnancy by taken as soon as a day after she has had intercourse. This new method will allow more women to have access to safe abortions. Mifepristone opens the door to a new area of medicine in which previously surgical procedures are now approached in a medical manner. Whether in support of or against Mifepristone one has to recognize the new technology the drug represents.

One of the problems I had when researching information was finding unbiased information. Both pro and anti Mifepristone groups used "research" and statistics to their benefit. Distinguishing the difference between opinion and fact was difficult. This is especially true because there is not a lot of accurate information about Mifepristone published by reliable sources. This is due to the fact that Mifepristone has just recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Mifepristone that will be beneficial to women's health care and medicine. But one must realize that it is not without side effects and cannot be seen as an "easy" solution to abortion.


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6) www.nrlc.org/ru486/propsedFDAregs.html, RU486 *Please note that some of the sources read during my research were from biased sources (the National Right to Life Committee web site for example). Facts were not used from these sources in my paper. These sources were instead used to discover the arguments anti-Mifepristone groups had and to see the false information they were publishing about the drug.



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08/06/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I took that pill and almost blead to death now i have have to say it's not as easy as it sounds it is very painful like child birth but more blooder atleast for me i now have endromitrious and may have to have my women parts removed i had nothing before i took those pills i'm 37 so i'm just saying better think it out before you take it because it's dangerious i have a son who is 18 it was easier for me to have him then go through childbirth than taking those pills becuse i'm still not well and it has been 7 months

10/10/2005, from a Reader on the Web

For what it's worth, I though I'd share my personal experience using Mifepristone almost a month ago.. After having made the difficult choice to abort, I learned of this pill as an alternative option to having the traditional surgical procedure. Of course, as anyone would, I opted to try the pill because it seemed -less- painful and was something I could do in the privacy of my own home. After having been given the first pill, Mifepristone, at the doctors office on a Friday afternoon, I finished out my day at work with minimal side-effects at that point. The Mifepristone made me slightly sick to my stomach, but compared to the ongoing morning sickness I'd been going through, it wasn't so bad. (ha ha) Misoprostol was the next step, given to me in the form of 4 tablets, to be inserted vaginally myself at home. I was also given a full bottle of Vicodin, as well as a bottle of 800mg Ibuprophen for the pain the doctor anticipated I would encounter (this worried me a little). Late Satuday afternoon, I'd say around 4:30pm, scared to death not knowing what to expect once everything started, and knowing I couldn't turn back now, I inserted the tablets and took 1 Vicodin as directed. About 30 minutes from the time I did this I began to have cramping comparable to what you would feel during a typical menstrual period.. but not for long. Within an hour I had severe cramping.. I'd been warned the pain could equal that of actual child-birth contractions, and this must have been it. (I've never had a child, so I can only imagine) I was to the point of feeling like I would pass out if the pain didn't let up when I passed the first, and largest, portion of what -was- the pregnancy.. Many people will tell you that all you'll see is blood and clots, and it's unlikely anything will look like actual tissue.. but mine sure did.. Large masses of gray tissue were expelled for the following numerous hours. Somewhere close to midnight that night I felt relief enough to know it was over.. or so I thought. 4 days after this, while I -should- have been feeling more or less back to normal, I began to experience increasing pain in my abdomen. I called and spoke with my doctor about this, but felt as though she didn't seem concerned at all. No more than 2 hours after hanging up the phone I developed a fever that shot through the roof out of nowhere, and my heart began beating unbelieveably TOO fast. The "increasing pain" in my abdomen now had me laying in bed, hardly able to move. I called my mother who left work and rushed to my home to get me. I couldn't even get out of bed to let her in when she arrived I hurt so bad. I ended up in the emergency room that afternoon with a heartbeat of 143 beats/min.. (Check your own and then you'll see just how high 143 is) and a 103 temperature I ended up fighting to keep away for the next 4 days. To make a long story short, that first afternoon I spent over 8 hours in a treatment room in the emergency area before they got my vitals under control and discovered the cause of everything.. The abortion pill I used began attacking my own body in a sense, and began a horrendous infection in my uterus. In the end I spent a week in the hospital on 3 of the most potent anti-biotics available, as well as some heavy-duty narcotic pain killers, while specialists from the surrounding hospitals kept watch over me constantly. It's now been almost a month since then, and I still have to have blood work done, as well as ultrasounds every now and then to keep monitoring my recovery. I have constant sharp pains in my abdomen and have been told the scar tissue left over from the infection may now keep me from becoming pregnant in the future.. It's all so much to deal with, and honestly, I don't think I've come to terms with everything yet. It still feels like a bad dream. Regardless of my experience with the pill and side effects it caused me, I can still step back and look at the broad picture of things.. The majority of women who use this method have no problems, and for them, this is a good way to go. I really do think it's a better choice for most, than to have the surgical abortion.. BUT - be warned.. It's not "easy" using the pill, and there's no way to know how you're body will react to it. I never knew I'd go through the things I did because of it. This is definitely not something to be looked at as the "new contraceptive" either, as some are saying. It's so risky, putting your body through something like this. It could take a toll on you that will effect the rest of your life. Like me.. Will I ever be able to have kids after everything that happened? Every woman out there should begin by being aware of how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy from the start. Such as life happens, and most protection only offers 99.9% effectiveness, we forget that's NOT 100%.. If you still become pregnant and choose to abort, do your homework.. read about all possibilities, and all side effects for each.. then decide what's best for you. I think the pill is a great option.. but be careful, it's certainly not without it's flaws.


Additional comments made prior to 2007
It has been almost 2 months since I had made the painful decision to get an abortion. I am only 18 years old so you could imagine hoe scary it was for me. After they examined me and told me how far I was they put me in this rome with a female doctor so I can take the oral pill that actually determines the pregnancy. When I took that pill, I felt fine until I had to get something in my stomach, I couldn't even eat my stomach was turning so bad. the doctor told me that I could insert the four pills vaginally anytime between then and 48 hours after the visit. I decided to insert them that night to get it over with and about an hour after it was literally hell. I was vomiting,bleeding perfusely, and experiencing pain more severe then I had ever felt before. To make a long story shorter, it has been about 2 months and I still haven't exactl stopped bleeding. I am young and afaid to go get checked because of it, and my life will never be the same. I had no choice my situation at the time wasn't what I wanted and now I will always regret it ... Reader on the web, 12 August 2007



I used the pill around february of '07. I was 6 1/2 weeks and I guess I didnt really know what I was getting myself into. I took the first pill which I had no side effects to. When I took the second one the next day, it was almost immediate cramping. Basically the worst cramps I had ever had. I was puking, had diarrea, and was in so much pain I was balled up on the couch crying. I guess I was a "lucky" one because my horrible cramps only lasted about an hour until I passed the birth tissue and then they subsided. Although I bled for a month after that (most of it not heavy), I completly regret it to this day. All I can ever think about is a perfectly beautiful child is now in a sewer somewhere. It's horrible, but thats how I think of it now. I wish I could go back and change things. I wish I never did it. All I hope is that it didnt hurt my chances of having a child in the future ... Reader on the web, 13 September 2007


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i am 25 and this is my third

i am 25 and this is my third abortion...in the last two abortions i had my periods for 16-18 days but this time it is too much. i m still having my periods,its 21 days running...i m not suffering from any side effects, its just like my normal period but the days seems to be longer. so i m little scared..is it normal to bleed for so long?? what is the normal days for bleeding after the medication?

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20yrs 4wks

This is for the one thats had 3 and 25.... im just asking did you use the abortion pill every ?rtime

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i am on here becaus ei have to get an abortion for medical reasons but damn go on some birth control cuz an abortion isnt and that just sick

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I didn't know you were God

Post your hateful comments on another site.

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Sex after Medical Abortion

Okay Ladies i had the MA on 12/9/2011 thats when i took the first pill, second four was 12/10/11.. every thing seemed to work out about and hour half later i passed the fetus it was wierd tho cause i looked at it and i though i had twins..???, but a few days later i felt very weak like i been running around and i was only taking a few steps. like a 3 weeks after i felt abdominal pressure while watching my god daughter give birth.. and i passed another clot big 1 too just like the 1st time!!.i took pictures of it. jus incase. but now im ready to have sex, but i cant:
seems like every time i want to or i get the urge, i get the clear discharge and bam i start bleeding and clotting..its very frustrating i been to the doc about 2 weeks ago and everything is fine as they say. im left to use a toy.. which isnt that fun when u know your gonna start bleeding and clotting.. help me plz.. is anyone else going thru this!

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Take it easy

Maybe you could try just taking a break from sexual activities for a little while. Your body maybe better, from your Doctor's view, but your emotions don't heal the same way. How about taking up a physical activity (biking, running, swimming, rock climbing, etc.) to keep endorphins flowing & the body moving? After taking it slow & things still don't seem right; you could consider seeing a psychologist along with your doctor.

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dont be afraid

I was 5 weeks 2 days pregnant on taking the abortion pill,I took the first at 11am then returned 6 hours later for the 4 tablets that I had to insert between my cheeks and teeth,they didnt really dissolve and I swallowed the remaining tablets 30 mins later.
I got home and took a bath expecting the pain and blood to come,it didnt -infact nothing happened at all,nothing happened for 2 days!! in which that time i beat myself up thinking the worst that the tablets hadnt worked and i would have to go in for the surgical,i even thought about keeping the baby until i researched the damage that would have been done,but thats another story.
once i started to bleed,i had mild pain like a heavy period,i passed clots every time i went to the toilet the biggest on the first day being the size of a 50p but it was in no way painful, i am ashamed to say this is my second abortion and i found the surgical very traumatic and personally would never be able to go through that again,this i did find more natural and less upsetting.I have got 2 children and this is nothing like childbirth,i believe the earlier on you are the less painful it will be but do not be afraid whatever your reasons for being here the relief you will feel afterwards will outweigh any of the uncomfortableness - good luck girls

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Did it

As we all know every women is different. I was pregnant about 6 weeks and even had a huge fibroid which I was surprised by.
But i took half a tablet at women's center and drank half a cup of yellow liquid. Nothing wrong when I got home. Today, Saturday, I inserted 5 pills up my Vagina and my story begins. I had mild cramping for the first hour however then at 12 i started cramping up. Never before have I experienced cramping this bad. I felt like I was getting stabbed in the abdomen. I took a hot shower no baths because it can cause infections and felt so much better amd so sleepy amd took a nap. Woke up an hour later to a really bad pain amd went to the bathroom as I sat there I heard a loud "plop" in the toilet. I didn't dare to look but after that I felt so much better. I'm thinking it was the sac and I'm done. I still have to insert 5 more pills tomorrow but I feel so much better now.
I am not yet ready for a child and I'm 19. If you're not ready then you're not. Know that whwn you have an abortion you're going to need a narrow mind and a narrow focus to that goal. My boyfriend was the one that thought of it and we both agreed to it. Here he is feeding me junk food and giving me lots of water.
Everyone is different. I feel bad for doing this but there was no way I could do this. Ignore those people who says abprtion is bad. We claim that all cells are living things so that includes bacteria which we kill everyday. So don't worry I think I made a great choice with this procedure. I'll do a update once I get my checkup next week.

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We can only do our best @ the time

Hello there!
I went through this last year (Feb 2011, & I was 22). After reading your post I feel that you are much wiser than I was @ 19. However, I don't believe that it takes a narrow mind to "focus" on going through with aborting. Yes, the people who scream & yell their beliefs about OTHERS choices don't have credibility because they have no concept of other peoples situation, or life for that matter... So their voices can be overlooked. But when my boyfriend & I were faced with this decision we were anything but narrow minded. We educated ourselves & made sure we knew all of our options, prayed about it (nonstop for me), & realized what our BEST choice was at the time. Once we knew we were doing what we believed to be the BEST for ourselves, no "focus" was needed. Because, in life, all we can do is what we think is right in the moment. I know in my heart that my choise was right (& as a Christian, I Know God was with me in every step... If you are not Christian than I'm sorry if Im coming off preachy. Just know that if you & your boyfriend believe you did what was BEST, than IT WAS! Be confident in your best decisions! I hope this becomes easer & easer with every passing day!
It sounds like you are a super strong girl already, & you can surpass Super Woman's powers if you wanted to.

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Thank you so much for your comment!!! You made me so happy reading your post!!! I always thought I would be a bad person for doing this but when you're put into the situation... Man, your life just gets so scary and you just have to do what's right for yourself. Yes I do understand that researching is important and I did that too, but my main narrow mindedness was more for ignoring those anti-abortion people but I understand what you mean too. Also you're not preachy at all!!!
But my main thing was to give another update...
When I went back for my second check up I found out that I didnt pass all the tissue. Only the sac was gone so once again I had to insert 5 more pills. This time I was more scared because I didnt want to go back for the procedure.
Took the second set of pills as instructed and waited for the pain. Guess what? There was no pain at all!!! I ended up passing all the clots and I was done within the first couple of days. They were all the average size of two quarters but that was it. I went back for my final check up and everything was done. Now i'm patiently waiting for my period. I know it'll take awhile for my body to readjust from pregnant to not so don't be alarmed!!! My Doctor told me it'll take about 2-3 months or 6-8 weeks till my next period!!!

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All I can say is.... That was it?!?!

I took the first pill at 5 weeks on 1.25.12 - this of course was at doctors office. After 24 hours I placed the other four inside of my mouth ( lower cheeks) ... I let the pills sit for 45 mins. Then I drank some water swallowing the residue. Within the first 15 mins after putting pills in mouth my body was relaxing and began to feel tired. Decided to leave the local library & head home and prepare for the release process... not to mention cramping.

Like many woman looking for answers researching online is what I did prior to deciding on these pills, let me just say SOME of the experiences on this site sound like labor. I have a five year old.

Anyway the bleeding process started yesterday and I watched one movie. I drank lots of water, ate sushi and made myself a fruit smoothie later in afternoon. Overall the process felt like a regular period for me. I had no cramping and certainly was not sick. The only uncomfortable part was at one point I went to the bathroom and after pulling yoga pants off a ridiculous amount of blood released. It stained my toilet rug. BUY pads that absorb - mine were way too thin. The blood clots were just sitting onto. Today I have had just spots of wall tissue and a little blood. Next week in the one week check-up - hopefully the little bean in gone! :)

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just wanted to know what the coure of pills you took were?

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Finally, a positive story!

Finally, a positive story! Thanks for posting!

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major relief

thank you so much for sharing your experience,i am due to take my tablet on wednesday,i have 2 children and was feeling so scared of what was to come next week, i now feel more calm and prepared-better night sleep for me tonight,thanks again

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hi there everyone.. read all

hi there everyone.. read all the comments n suggestions... m 24 n i was 4 weeks .. wen i realised that i had concieved.. my fiance n i decided to terminate it this tym as we had decided to get married after 2 years n didn want to worsen it.... so i went to the doc.. she gave me the 1st pill n the nxt dose 48 hrs later whch she put..... after her putting merely an hour later i started bleeding wid all the cramps.. n after 3 hours the fetus came out.. i bleeded heavily for the nxt two dayz with the cramps but after that my bleeding became normal.. i had to travel coz of work.. n after the journey.. i had bad nausea .. my head was spinning badly.. but m feeling strange coz my bleeding almost seems to stop .. today is the 6th day.. n it seems that its stopping now.. but m having severe headache.. m quite wrrid as dunno why its happening.... rest everything was ok... ya the cramps were there but guess thats the price i had tro pay for this harsh decision... newayz cn ne one help me with this early stopin ???? m assuming maybe i missed just 1 of my periods so.....???? plz help

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Make the right decision for you.

I was on this before I even made an appointment at the Family Planning Clinic. I was shocked, horrified and scared. The stories I read here managed to discourage me. But deep inside, I knew that I wouldn't have been able to provide for this baby. I wasn't ready. It wouldn't have been fair. As much as I was raised in a loving STABLE home I want the same for my kids.

The right thing for me was to get the abortion, me and my boyfriend had only been together for like a month, I'm a student I have absolutely no means of supporting myself let alone a child. In South Africa abortions are legal even to 14 year olds, so as a 20 year old, there were no legalities or anything. I filled in a form and my appointment was booked.

I came on the day they said I should, armed with information I got off the net. I had my questions ready. I was prepared. Took the first pill in the offices, took the others home. The next day I went to my boyfriends in the morning took the others orally and we sat in bed watching movies, the pain started then.

I've never been one for heavy periods so it was all new to me. Cramps like mad after about an hour. Up and down to the bathroom. Feeling light headed. Bleeding now. Passing a clot after an hour and a half. The cramps WORSEN, I'm on the toilet seat unable to move. The bleeding gets more. The diarrhea. At the climax of the pain, I almost passed out. All this happened in about 2 and half hours. The worst was over, the rest of the day was cramps and movies. My boyfriend was amazing. Keeping me hydrated, helping me stay positive. Massaging me. The next 10 days was just blEeding often with cramps but light. The bleeding subsided after finishing almost 3 packs of pads. After the physical pain began the emotional, I never cried till about 3 weeks later when my boyfriend told me he dreamt , the baby was a little girl. It hurts. I'm scarred emotionally. A deep pain that noone understands not even my boyfriend does.

Overall.... I don't regret it. I'd do it all over again. But because I'm never having sex till I'm married again, Ill make sure of it. I loved the fact that I did it in privacy. With a loved one around.

Make the right choice for you. Remember God won't stop loving you. He is a forgiving God.
Love and Light!

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God & love

I wanted to comment on your last sentence... I found it comforting. Because when I went through this (last year, Febuary 2011) @ my lowest point, I actually googled "will God still love me" out of desperation. Ofcorse, I didn't recieve my answer with google... God told me himself. There was/is nothing I could/can do to loose God's love! I explored all my options & made the right decision at the time... & God was with me every step of the way.
I just thought it was fitting that I happened to read that while skimming these posts. I wish I could have read it when I was unsure... But I'm hopeful that this sentence reaches a girl who will find it comforting & reassuring in a desperate time. Thanks for posting.

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The Pill

Well ladies and maybe gentlemen whether your unsure or positive about this desicion it is yours in the end and noone can influence it ok i took the pill im only 18 and the experience wasnt at all how i have read about previous women i mean of course you experience heavy to mild cramping the pain can be alot but it will not kill you as for the blood well 4 days and its done and i feel healthy and better. put it this way it is like a period with a lil bit more pain and bleeding but its ok thats why your doctor should prescribe you tylenol 3 and motrin they helped me and drink plenty of fluids when doing do i dont recommend eating for this may lead to regergatation so plenty of fluids will also help ureniate faster so the unborn fetus may pass thru the cervix smoothly the rest is easy from then.
well good luck ladies i wish u all the best

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It didn't work!

I had a surgical abortion two years. It was really horrible and I said I'd never go through it again. I didn't get my period in August, but I was on a diet and very busy getting ready for college so I didn't worry. When I didn't get my period in Sept. I took the test. My roommate showed me how to order the abortion pill online and I took it according to the directions. I had really bad cramps and bled all over the place for four days. Then it stopped and I thought it was over. I had a period in October and November, I wasn't worried until I came home for Christmas and none of my winter clothes fit. I definitely looked pregnant. I took a test and it's positive. How could this happen! It is too late now to have the surgical and I'm going to have to tell my parents.

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I just came across your post!
Did you have the baby

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Not a good idea!

I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go through this. I have two beautiful healthy children of my own and became pregnant with my third. My husband and I decided that "timing" wasn't good for our family and chose abortion. I'm not surprised that you found the pill online but this was a huge mistake. I went to Planned Parenthood and found that you get one pill from your doctor and the balance of the 4 pills you get to take home, hence a "home abortion". I just did this yesterday and feel it was a success. However, the one responder is correct. What was the pill you received on line? Not only that, but a follow up visit is required by your health care practitioner to ensure the abortion is complete. The abortion pill can cause sever birth defects. My thoughts are with you and the baby you have on the way.

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I'm sorry to hear what

I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. I find it very shocking though that you were able to order these pills on line. Anyway, I was told by the doctor at Family Planning (and by my own research) that once you take Mifepristone it stops the development of the embryo and if it doesn't cause you to expel the embryo you should get a surgical abortion because the fetus can have serious brain damage and other kinds of complications. Also, you may want to get checked with a doctor and have an ultra sound you may not be pregnant anymore. You will still have the pregnant hormones though that will last for a while. That is what happened to me after I took the pill and everything came out and I went to my check up appointment and had an ultrasound and everything "looked fine" which meant I wasn't pregnant anymore but yet I was still showing positive pregnancy tests and that's when the doctor explained the whole hormone thing.

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My experience was not bad!

I have read a lot of these posts about women being in extreme pain and I find them difficult to believe. I understand that everyone has a different pain threshold, but seriously, the pain is equivalent to period cramps, not even very heavy cramps at that. I was only four weeks from the time of conception when I took the medication to end the pregnancy. I took the first pill and experienced almost no side effects. I started very lightly spotting about 36 hours after the first pill. Approx 48 hours later I ate, took two vicoprofren for pain, waitied one hour, and then tucked the four misoprostol tablets into my cheek and waitied. I felt some very very light cramping about twenty minutes later. I swallowed the rest of the tablet that didn't dissolve and continued to wait. I was so nervous after reading some of the horror experiences on here, but nothing like that happened to me. I had a family member with me and we spent the day talking and eating junk food. I felt sick to my stomach all day for the most part but never threw up and never had diarreaha (sp). I stayed laying on the couch the whole time and it was a little bit boring. I never experienced much pain, just a bit like period cramps, but not even as bad. In fact, I asked the person that was with me if I should maybe try walking around so that it would get some contractions going because I couldn't feel anything much going on. An hour after I took the four tablets I took another pain killer and a half of an hour after that I took an advil. I think this may have been overkill. I felt sick to my stomach from the four tablets plus all of the pain killers. Anyway, I checked once about two hours after taking the four pills to see if I was bleeding and I wasn't yet. Then, about five hours after taking it I got up to use the bathroom and looked at my pad and there was nothing. HOWEVER, as I sat down to urinate I felt and heard a gush come out, and even though I was warned by people on here not to look, I looked. It was weird, about one cup of mucusy blood came out at once with no bleeding before or even right after. This is a bit graphic, but I think some of you might feel better to know this. I waded through the matter that was expelled to find the yolk sac and I did find it. I rinsed it off and inspected it so that I could get an idea of how developed an embryo is at four weeks after conception. The sac was the size of a dime and I looked inside, but whatever was there must have been so small that I couldn't see anything, it looked empty to me. I later read that the embryo would have been the size of a sesame seed or even a poppy seed. So, just a speck really or not much bigger than one. Anyway, I didn't bleed at all after that for about two or three hours. Finally, my pain killers wore off and I noticed I was still having some cramps, still mild and eventually I started to bleed like a normal period. I have been taking it very easy. Not moving around much and doing as little as possible. Please don't be nervous. I don't know why some women say it is so awful. Maybe they are much farther along, which would probably make it worse. Also, the counselor at the women's clinic I went to explained that some women do not experience hard or heavy periods so they are surprised by cramping and bleeding equivalent to a heavy period. Anyway, it was really a super gentle process. It barely hurt. Don't be afraid.

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I think every experience is going to be different...

Thank you for sharing your experience. I think it is a testament to how effective medical abortion can be in early pregnancy, and why it is considered a viable option to surgical termination. However I also think that all experiences are going to be different and should not be minimised irrespective of a person's tolerance to pain.

As it was explained to me, women that have previously given birth may find a medical termination to be less painful and easier than women that have not as the canal is already stretched. There are also women that have a termination further on in pregnancy, meaning the embryo is larger and the attachment to the uterus is stronger. This along with other variables such as age, normally heavy or painful periods, smoking status, living situation/support structure and conditions such as endometreosis, blood disorders, depression and anxiety can all impact on the physical and emotional pain a woman may experience.

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abortion pill

Well all i can say is you were very very lucky to have had such an easy experience.
I had my experience yesterday and the passing of the pregnancy was 3 hours of absolute agony.. never felt pain like it.
im just glad that it is over.

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Nobody is the same

You may have a hard time believing it but it gives you no right to doubt. I am in the process of expelling now and this is the first time I've been able to do as much as lift a finger. I'm in horrible pain! I have a high pain tolerance and never expected to hurt this bad. I can suck it up but I am not even walking and dread going to the toilet. Everyone and every pregnancy is truly different.

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almost same experience

Hi! I'm 6 weeks pregnant, I got 5 medication pills, the first pill mifeprex I took it orally, but nothing happened within 12 hours. I read some post that I have to wait 24-72 hrs to take the misoprostol. I was really worried, After I took the 1 st pill in 12 hrs, i took two misprostol and i started bleeding. within 4 hours its not that heavy bleeding but i can see blood clots when i urinate. I cant sleep that time, because of cramps, dizziness and vomiting. I woke up, i took the pills every 12 hours. And my boyfriend told me to take the last pills again, and i'm hoping for much bleeding than the 1st misoprostol that i took. I'm still on process, i dont now if its successful.

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Not bad

I had almost the same experience. The pain was a little worse than period cramps & I was fine the next day. That was a year ago last month!

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my abortion pill story

I'll just cut to the chase and tell you how my experience went when I decided to take the abortion pill. I was just at about 9 weeks. On Thursday 12/15/2011 I took the first pill at the clinic, felt fine no side affects went about my day... The following day (24 hrs later) took my antibiotics in then took my second set of pills inside my mouth and let them desolve... I felt sleepy from the pills so took a nap. Woke up an hour later nauseated and took the anti nausea pill but that didn't help so threw up and felt crappy. Finally the cramps came in, just felt like severe cramping on my first day of a period. BUT did not feel like I was dying or anything like that...Finally felt like my water broke and went to the toilet and the baby came out. All the pain went away finally. Then started bleeding and had the blood clots that day and the next like they said I would. Did the maxi pads and a week later finallly used tampons!! All in all the baby came out in only about 3 hours. Continue taking my antibiotics and ibuprofin and I'm doing good. I didn't have sex til about 3 weeks later (new years) When for a check up few days later and everything was good and got on BC. I am STILL bleeding which is normal. I hope to get my period in a few weeks. ANY questions reply on here and I'll write back, I didn't really go into detail but thats pretty much how it went.

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Incase anyone wondering I

Incase anyone wondering I finally got my period last month March 6 n I took the.pill in December, it was light and lasted 4-5 days. Hope my cycle is Normal now!

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I have a question

I noticed u took the pill 12/25/11 I took the pill12/2/11amd my experience was similar to yours but it's 1/24/12amd I'm still bleeding but it's not heavy but it's like how ur pad looks at the end of your period are u still having a bloody show or have you stopped I was told that it can take up to 6wks for the bleeding to stop and I know for everybody it different but I'm just doing my own study because my experience was crazy something came out like 4hrs after taking the other pills that you dissolve in your mouth and about a week and a half ago something else came out I called my doc and it wasn't helpful I think maybe this easy way is really the hard way

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abortion pill

My boyfriend is an Indian, we got the medication pill in India with the doctor's letter. The pills that i have says mifeprex and misoprostone, it consist of 5 pills, they told me to take the 1st large pill Mifeprex, i dont feel any. I was worried, after 12 hrs i took the 2 pills of misoprostone, then i started bleeding. I peed and i was surprise it like a water came out from me, I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I can see blood cloth, but its not that heavy bleeding.Im just really worried, its my 1st time, lot of things running in my mind. When i took the misoprostone was nauseated last nigh, i felt heavy cramps, i cant sleep and i was vomiting. And then i tried to sleep, when i woke up theres no bleeding that much. I read several articles that says women experienced heavy bleeding, but me its like regular period with blood cloth whenever i urinate. I took my last 2 pills of misoprostone today 12 in the afternoon, hoping I'm goin to experienced much bleeding compare last night.. I'm realling hoping its goin to be successful. :(

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update* on my abortion pill story part 2

Ok I'm spotting still. So frustrated.:(. Well I hope it stops soon. This is week 5.

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I'm on week six and am beyond

I'm on week six and am beyond frustrated

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update* on my abortion pill story

5 weeks after I've takin my pill and I've finally stopped bleeding! I was 9 weeks along. I hope to get my period soon.

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I am going this Saturday to a

I am going this Saturday to a planned parenthood and I have off work until Tuesday. Do you think two days is enough recovery time for the cramping and etc? I am about 4 weeks... I also feel bad doing this, pretty guilty. I know I have to though. Has it been hard coping since or have you gotten threw it okay? And how do you know you passed it for sure? Thank you in advance.

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You're early, so by Tuesday you'll just bleeding. And I knew when I passed it because it was a bigger mass and I looked at it..I just knew.because after it came out the cramping stopped.

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You're pretty early so your experience might not be that bad....i had mine done (the 4 pills) on tuesday but the dr. told me not to go back to work until friday....cramping differs. But 2-3 days is sufficient. Just avoid heavy lifting and heavy activity. You wont kno for SYRE sure until the follow up appointment but most likely when all that....mess....comes out in one big mass....you'll know.

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When you go in again for your

When you go in again for your check up they will make sure that you are no longer pregnant.

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A little worried

Hi I'm 20 and just found out that I'm 5weeks 5days today at the clinic. I opted to do the medical over the surgical. This is my first abortion so I don't know what to expect. Yes I know I was irresponsible and I now I regret my actions because I'm in no state ready to have a child. I'm a student and still have many plans for myself. Coming from a christian background I know and understand the consequences of my choice but in the same breathe I know that He still loves me regardless. So I don't expect anyone to judge me thanx! I took the first pill today at the clinic (Marie Stopes) and had minimal side effects.... I'm a lil worried because I threw up ±32 minutes after I took the FIRST pill at abt 11:50 this morning I've been having nausea all day since then. I want to inquire if I can still continue with the 4 pills tmrw or has the vomitting spoiled the entire process?

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Hello to all, I have been reading and besides for all the judgmental comments I have prayed for all of you and wish you the very best.
After like others, deciding to take the plunge with this procedure I am nervous. My appointment is in 4 days and I've been trying to research this topic like a mad dog. Thus brings me to my question, ##
In y'alls opinion if I have the choice to take Mifepristone (PILL) and misoprostol ORRR Methotrexate (INJECTION) and misoprostol which should i choose?
Did anyone that had better luck with the procedure use a certain type of pain medication they would recommend?
I have been feeling shitty and have not had any appetite, if you do not eat the days of will it make matters worse?

Many thanks, other recommendations are happily taken.
As for judgmental comments please toss those out the door.

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about 29 days ago from today 29-12-11....i have sex with using precautions method .......but till now my period has not came yet......as i have intercourse 5 days later from my period (27-11-11).....i am very sad and full of fear....pls help me out by giving suggestion to me.......which pill is used after intercourse of 1 month...is unwanted72 is helpful in this afterintercourse of 1 month or any other pills....pls suggest me right ,other wise i will kill my selp but i dont want to give p my family..plsssssss help....


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Take a pregnancy test or see

Take a pregnancy test or see a doctor

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i took the abortion pill

i took the abortion pill yesterday. at first the cramps werent too bad, just like a heavy period, but after four hours i hadnt 'passed my pregnancy' so they gave me two more pills to swallow. about half an hour after that i was in the most hrrendous pain. i puked, codine wasnt helping and i really thought i was going to faint. the clinic i went to discharged me and said i would pass it in the next day or two. as it happened, i passed while i was still on the ward, into the bedpan they had told me to use while i was there. as i was cleaning my self up after using the pan i accidentaly put the tissue into the bedpan instead of the bin. because they needed to see what was in the pan i had to take the tissue out and put it in the bin. i realy wish i hadnt now. i saw the sac and the little pink embryo lying there in the pan in the pool of blood. i came out of the toilet thinking good, its over now, everything will be alright. this was at about eight oclcok last night. its now half six the foloowing night and i have just wept and wept. i dont regret my decision because im not in a postion to be able to even carry never mind give birth to or look after a child at the moment, but that day will still haunt me for th rest of my life, as will the image of that bedpan.

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After reading some of thse

After reading some of thse comments on here I was unsure about going through with the medical abortion. However....I am 48hrs into the process and believe me girls, as long as you take your medicine as directed there won't be any problems. Sure there were some cramps and I had a little bit of an upset stomach but all in all it hasnt been bad. I am very pleased with this whole process and I wish you luck.

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I Took The pill ,Its Not working,Plz Response me

I'm 21 n I'm 3 weeks pregnant...
..I was take fist pill yesterday at 14:00pm. and I was all the time waiting in my house .buts there was nothing hapen,i dont feel any pain i dont get any bleeding.and .next day today i was get second misoprost. and also nothing happen.and again after 4hours i get 3rd procss.i still waiting for ,I still dont feel pain .and i did not get bleeding ,Plz any one can reply me ,

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i am thinking about the pill

i am thinking about the pill but not sure to take it after reading all of this. if anybody has any advice please reply thanks

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Hello, I'm actually right

Hello, I'm actually right next to my girlfriend right now as she is taking the four misoprostol pills. I'll update with how she is after it is complete.
So far though, after she took the first pill at the planned parenthood office, it made her feel pretty weird. About an hour and half later she ended up vomiting quite a bit. I called the emergency number they gave us because I thought maybe she had thrown up the pill and ruined the process, but they told me that as long as she kept it down for half an hour she'd be fine. Since then she has felt pretty nauseous and vomited a lot today. Although we think it was because of the antibiotic pill they gave her as she usually has bad side effects to antibiotics.
Anyway, so far she's feeling fine. She took two tylenol and codeine pills that they gave her and she's a bit drowsy. I think the best is to just medicate yourself before hand and you should be good.

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Abortion V abortion Pill

In my opinion im sorry you all had to go through that but the pill is no different from the real thing. You decide if you are ready to have sex on your own. no one is pressured to do it unless your a gun or nife point or getting raped so if thats the case you can stop reading this. for everyone else when you decided to have sex you know what would become of it if you was not careful. when you have abortion you are killing a life. e murdering another human beings that is apart of you. most women dont realize that they are stronger then 10 men and do a hell of a lot more then what you can do with a sorry excuse of a man. if they cant take on responsabilities they are still little boys and you dont need them. when you have a regular abortion you experience the same thing as the pill. bleeding, cramps, pain, depression its all to be expected. in other words im saying if you not ready to take on responsibilities girls keep you pants zipped and guys keep your sex sticks in your pants. in reality getting any kind of abortion mean your truely not ready and need a little more or a lot more time to grow up.

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I did it

I did it. I was 6 weeks and 4 days and I took the first pill 2 days ago. I was scared and panicking about the whole process...but let me tell u, it really wasnt so bad. Really important tips...I took a tylenol 400 right when I inserted the 4...drank plenty of fluids like water tea and Gatorade. Had soup and watched a movie. Practice relaxation and breathing exercises and PRAY. It was vertually a pain free experience. Just sit on the toilet whenever u feel a flow and you'll use a lot less pads. God be with u all. Have faith and courage. Know you're not alone.

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