Mifepristone..."The Abortion Pill": The Facts

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Mifepristone..."The Abortion Pill": The Facts

Sujatha Sebastian

On September 28, 2000 the Food and Drug Administration after several years of research approved Mifepristone, better known as the "abortion pill", for distribution in the United States. The FDA's decision will have a definite impact on women's health care in the United States. There will be social and medical repercussions. The drug has caused controversy not only in antiabortion groups, but in Pro-Choice groups as well. Critics are worried that an abortion available in pill form will be "too easy". They are worried that use of the pill will be abused. What many people do not realize is that while Mifepristone will be beneficial to women's health care, it is not without side effects. In light of all the recent coverage that the "abortion pill" has been given in the media, and all the misinformation surrounding it, I decided researching that Mifepristone would be interesting and helpful. The purpose of my paper is to discover how Mifepristone works, how it is administered, and to look at its side effects. I want to demonstrate the benefit Mifepristone will be to women's health care, while showing that it is not an "easy" solution to abortion.

"Mifepristone, formerly known as RU-486, is a medical alternative to aspiration abortion."(1) It works by blocking progesterone from being absorbed into the uterus. When this happens the uterus sheds the endometrium (lining in the uterus, therefore inducing menstruation. (2 When Mifepristone is used as a method for abortion is it administered as part of a three step process. The first step is that 200 mg of Mifepristone is given orally in a doctor's office. Then within 24 to 48 hours the patient is given 400 mg a drug called Misoprostol either orally or in a suppository form. Misoprostol, which is a synthetic hormone, is used to get the cervix to soften and dilate as well as getting the uterus to relax. The embryo is then expelled.(2) This is supposed to happen approximately fours hours after the administration of the drug. The final step is an examination by a medical professional to make sure the abortion is complete. (2)

There are restrictions as to who can use this medical method of abortion. It is only intended for women to use up to nine weeks after their last menstruation period. Women who are under 18 or over 35, epileptic, diabetics, or suffering from heart, lung, kidney, liver, stomach or intestinal disorders are ineligible. As are women who have taken steroids within the past 12 months, or deemed overweight or a heavy smoker. Women who have used an IUD or hormonal contraceptive within three months prior to conception are not allowed to take Mifepristone as well.(2)

Like any drug or medical method there are side effects to using Mifepristone and Misoprostol. It is the number of side effects and degree of each that critics argue about. The FDA has determined that taking Mifepristone does cause various degrees of pain. Short term physical effects can be pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue.(2) There are psychological side effects as well. In some cases products of the conception are visualized. (3)

The use of Mifepristone will have a definite impact on reproductive freedom in this country and the world. (3) It is seen as less invasive procedure which gives the woman more freedom and privacy. In the United States it has been reported by the Alan Guttmacher Institute that eighty-nine percent of the abortions occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Mifepristone will allow women another option to terminate a pregnancy in its early stages. (2) Twenty-four percent of the world's population lives in places where abortion is not legal. (3) As a result a significant population of women perform their own abortions or receive illegal abortions which kills them. The medical method of abortion would allow women in these areas of the world to receive a safe method of abortion.

A major issue that critics of Mifepristone have is that they feel that the drug will allow abortions to become "too easy". But the drug is only administered in a medical office and requires at least three visits. The last visit is an examination to see that the abortion is complete and that the mother is in good health. Before the patient is given Mifeprex tablets (Mifepristone) she must sign an agreement in which she acknowledges that there are side effects, that there is a three step process, and that 5 to 8 women out of every hundred do not have successful medical abortions and need surgical abortions . (5) Critics worry that the drug will cause an increase in the number of women who have abortions. Supporters of the drug cite the fact that in France, where the drug is manufactured and was first administered, there has not been an increase in the abortion rate. (2)

Mifepristone will change the way that abortions are administered. This method gives a woman more autonomy and does not require her to go through surgical procedure. It can also prevent pregnancy by taken as soon as a day after she has had intercourse. This new method will allow more women to have access to safe abortions. Mifepristone opens the door to a new area of medicine in which previously surgical procedures are now approached in a medical manner. Whether in support of or against Mifepristone one has to recognize the new technology the drug represents.

One of the problems I had when researching information was finding unbiased information. Both pro and anti Mifepristone groups used "research" and statistics to their benefit. Distinguishing the difference between opinion and fact was difficult. This is especially true because there is not a lot of accurate information about Mifepristone published by reliable sources. This is due to the fact that Mifepristone has just recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Mifepristone that will be beneficial to women's health care and medicine. But one must realize that it is not without side effects and cannot be seen as an "easy" solution to abortion.


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6) www.nrlc.org/ru486/propsedFDAregs.html, RU486 *Please note that some of the sources read during my research were from biased sources (the National Right to Life Committee web site for example). Facts were not used from these sources in my paper. These sources were instead used to discover the arguments anti-Mifepristone groups had and to see the false information they were publishing about the drug.



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08/06/2005, from a Reader on the Web

I took that pill and almost blead to death now i have have to say it's not as easy as it sounds it is very painful like child birth but more blooder atleast for me i now have endromitrious and may have to have my women parts removed i had nothing before i took those pills i'm 37 so i'm just saying better think it out before you take it because it's dangerious i have a son who is 18 it was easier for me to have him then go through childbirth than taking those pills becuse i'm still not well and it has been 7 months

10/10/2005, from a Reader on the Web

For what it's worth, I though I'd share my personal experience using Mifepristone almost a month ago.. After having made the difficult choice to abort, I learned of this pill as an alternative option to having the traditional surgical procedure. Of course, as anyone would, I opted to try the pill because it seemed -less- painful and was something I could do in the privacy of my own home. After having been given the first pill, Mifepristone, at the doctors office on a Friday afternoon, I finished out my day at work with minimal side-effects at that point. The Mifepristone made me slightly sick to my stomach, but compared to the ongoing morning sickness I'd been going through, it wasn't so bad. (ha ha) Misoprostol was the next step, given to me in the form of 4 tablets, to be inserted vaginally myself at home. I was also given a full bottle of Vicodin, as well as a bottle of 800mg Ibuprophen for the pain the doctor anticipated I would encounter (this worried me a little). Late Satuday afternoon, I'd say around 4:30pm, scared to death not knowing what to expect once everything started, and knowing I couldn't turn back now, I inserted the tablets and took 1 Vicodin as directed. About 30 minutes from the time I did this I began to have cramping comparable to what you would feel during a typical menstrual period.. but not for long. Within an hour I had severe cramping.. I'd been warned the pain could equal that of actual child-birth contractions, and this must have been it. (I've never had a child, so I can only imagine) I was to the point of feeling like I would pass out if the pain didn't let up when I passed the first, and largest, portion of what -was- the pregnancy.. Many people will tell you that all you'll see is blood and clots, and it's unlikely anything will look like actual tissue.. but mine sure did.. Large masses of gray tissue were expelled for the following numerous hours. Somewhere close to midnight that night I felt relief enough to know it was over.. or so I thought. 4 days after this, while I -should- have been feeling more or less back to normal, I began to experience increasing pain in my abdomen. I called and spoke with my doctor about this, but felt as though she didn't seem concerned at all. No more than 2 hours after hanging up the phone I developed a fever that shot through the roof out of nowhere, and my heart began beating unbelieveably TOO fast. The "increasing pain" in my abdomen now had me laying in bed, hardly able to move. I called my mother who left work and rushed to my home to get me. I couldn't even get out of bed to let her in when she arrived I hurt so bad. I ended up in the emergency room that afternoon with a heartbeat of 143 beats/min.. (Check your own and then you'll see just how high 143 is) and a 103 temperature I ended up fighting to keep away for the next 4 days. To make a long story short, that first afternoon I spent over 8 hours in a treatment room in the emergency area before they got my vitals under control and discovered the cause of everything.. The abortion pill I used began attacking my own body in a sense, and began a horrendous infection in my uterus. In the end I spent a week in the hospital on 3 of the most potent anti-biotics available, as well as some heavy-duty narcotic pain killers, while specialists from the surrounding hospitals kept watch over me constantly. It's now been almost a month since then, and I still have to have blood work done, as well as ultrasounds every now and then to keep monitoring my recovery. I have constant sharp pains in my abdomen and have been told the scar tissue left over from the infection may now keep me from becoming pregnant in the future.. It's all so much to deal with, and honestly, I don't think I've come to terms with everything yet. It still feels like a bad dream. Regardless of my experience with the pill and side effects it caused me, I can still step back and look at the broad picture of things.. The majority of women who use this method have no problems, and for them, this is a good way to go. I really do think it's a better choice for most, than to have the surgical abortion.. BUT - be warned.. It's not "easy" using the pill, and there's no way to know how you're body will react to it. I never knew I'd go through the things I did because of it. This is definitely not something to be looked at as the "new contraceptive" either, as some are saying. It's so risky, putting your body through something like this. It could take a toll on you that will effect the rest of your life. Like me.. Will I ever be able to have kids after everything that happened? Every woman out there should begin by being aware of how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy from the start. Such as life happens, and most protection only offers 99.9% effectiveness, we forget that's NOT 100%.. If you still become pregnant and choose to abort, do your homework.. read about all possibilities, and all side effects for each.. then decide what's best for you. I think the pill is a great option.. but be careful, it's certainly not without it's flaws.


Additional comments made prior to 2007
It has been almost 2 months since I had made the painful decision to get an abortion. I am only 18 years old so you could imagine hoe scary it was for me. After they examined me and told me how far I was they put me in this rome with a female doctor so I can take the oral pill that actually determines the pregnancy. When I took that pill, I felt fine until I had to get something in my stomach, I couldn't even eat my stomach was turning so bad. the doctor told me that I could insert the four pills vaginally anytime between then and 48 hours after the visit. I decided to insert them that night to get it over with and about an hour after it was literally hell. I was vomiting,bleeding perfusely, and experiencing pain more severe then I had ever felt before. To make a long story shorter, it has been about 2 months and I still haven't exactl stopped bleeding. I am young and afaid to go get checked because of it, and my life will never be the same. I had no choice my situation at the time wasn't what I wanted and now I will always regret it ... Reader on the web, 12 August 2007



I used the pill around february of '07. I was 6 1/2 weeks and I guess I didnt really know what I was getting myself into. I took the first pill which I had no side effects to. When I took the second one the next day, it was almost immediate cramping. Basically the worst cramps I had ever had. I was puking, had diarrea, and was in so much pain I was balled up on the couch crying. I guess I was a "lucky" one because my horrible cramps only lasted about an hour until I passed the birth tissue and then they subsided. Although I bled for a month after that (most of it not heavy), I completly regret it to this day. All I can ever think about is a perfectly beautiful child is now in a sewer somewhere. It's horrible, but thats how I think of it now. I wish I could go back and change things. I wish I never did it. All I hope is that it didnt hurt my chances of having a child in the future ... Reader on the web, 13 September 2007


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My doctor never mentioned antibiotics!!!

I read a bunch of posts saying you have to have them or you will get an infection!!!! Is that true??? My doctor never said a thing about them and I never got a prescription for them! Maybe it's because I'm only about 3 weeks pregnant? Idk, but now I'm nervous as hell! I just took the pills about 20 mins ago! Should I have antibiotics too?? Help!!

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taking the pill what can you eat that don't have Folic acid

well hello i have some question i just left the doctor and they told me not to eat no food that dose not have no folic acid what is the food that i can eat please HELPPPPPPPP thank you

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I took the first pill

I took the first pill yesterday and was fine today I took the four and a half hour later i was flowing like a river. no cramps lots of clots dizziness and I feel weak. I have a 4 month old and no one to help me to take care of her, and she just got her 4 month shots today and is not feeling good she is constantly crying and wants me to stand up with her for long periods of time but everytime im standing up with her I start to bleed more and more and pass hella clots. what should I do

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I will be taking the first

I will be taking the first pill on June 21st and the next ones the following day and some of these testimonials are scaring me even though I know some may be fake. I cannot afford to take too much time off of work...only the 21st and 22nd....I'm hoping on the 23rd I wont be bleeding all over the place at work and hopefully not in pain....I need to know what I should expect from taking this abortion pill.

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The emotional and physical

The emotional and physical pain associated with Mifepristone is under-emphasized but two days off of work should be plenty. It is surprising how much blood you lose, but it will not hurt you. The worst and most common side effect is bacterial infection.. only if you do not take your antibiotics! The hours after I took the second pill was the only time I really felt like I needed to be alone. A pad will work fine for anytime after that. You can always call Planned Parenthood with questions and concerns.. before you start panicking! You will be okay. :)

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i took the first pill on the

i took the first pill on the first and the other four on the secound. i took 4 days off work. i am still bleeding heavily and have had the cramping since the 2nd. and its only gotten worse. i go in for my follow up tomorrow. but from my experience you will need more than those two days off. i've been in tears the last few days from the pain. i've had a daughter and the pain compares to the labor contractions i had. i couldn't take very many days off of work either but im glad i did.

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no bleeding

5 weeks pregnant I have 3 kids already and I am 35 yrs old not ashamed just annoyed at myself anyway now i am worried got the injection and had 4 tablets bacully and 2 vaginally and nothing is happening blood wise diarrhoea and mild cramps any advice?

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What may happen if I take the

What may happen if I take the pills before I'm 5 weeks pregnant?

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Anyone know how long after

Anyone know how long after taking the pills test can still show positive? I wasnt able to make my followup appointment because the closest center where I had the procedure done was over an hour away, and my car broke down. I was able to go to a local store and pick up a test but it still shows positive. It will be 3 weeks exactly tomorrow when I took the pills, I am still bleeding, but very lightly, its almost a brownish color, and has remained that way for about the last two weeks. Is it just the pregnancy hormone its detecting since i am still bleeding and it may not have passed everything? Im worried because they said they can still get me in, but I am afraid that I am still carrying thru with the pregnancy... I wouldnt have bled as much right? I passed some pretty large clots. Any answers would be much appreciated!

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positive test

You will still be positive after only 3 weeks since the procedure. Try again in another 3-4 weeks. You should be getting a regular period anywhere from now to over the next 3 weeks (between 3-6 weeks after the abortion). That will let you know you're not pregnant anymore generally.

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thanks! I did actually start

thanks! I did actually start bleeding pretty heavily almost the day after I posted this, and i would compare it to a little heavier than my normal period. I think its my period but I ended up passing a clot that was pretty big, way bigger than the tissue i passed during the first day or two after I took the pills. Is that normal? I havent felt sick, I am not bleeding profusely or "soaking through two pads an hour" alot heavier than Id like, but I havent really got any cramping, there is no odor or so they said to look for with infection, so I think I am ok? they were able to still get me in to the follow up appointment this coming wednesday which is good, but I want to know if i should be concerned that this is something that could be dangerous, or if I may have just actually gotten my period. P.S. this bleeding sucks. its not painful, but its just annoying. When I can I expect it to stop?

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not a good idea

soo this is sadly my second abortion, the first time i did the surgery so i decided to to take the pill since it seemed easier than going through surgery..boy was i wrong it was so painful i almost couldn't take it, it was probably the worst thing i have ever gone through, about a week after i had gone back to the dr for my checkup everything seemed fine and then i started bleeding heavily to the point that i passed out , hit my head, and busted my lip, and had to go to the ER and get a blood transfusion. They ended up having to give me a surgical abortion and diagnosed me with " incomplete abortion" so after all that trouble i still had to get the surgery, which i can honestly say was not painful at all. i would not recommend the pill to anyone. The doctor told me i couldve died if i had waited any longer to go to the hospital.

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What happened to ME

I got on this site before I decided on the pill a couple months ago. I read the horrific stories, scared the hell out of me, then read the other posts saying they were lying. Well all you people saying they were lying- Screw u! Invalidating other peoples stories doesn't make it true. I went through hell with mine, and if yours was nothing short of a heavy period-good for you.
I went to the clinic and took my 1st pill on a Thursday. Fine until Friday, I took the other 4 pills and 5 minuets after I could feel my temp. raising and started sweating really bad. I was by myself and ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and felt like puking. The undescrible pain was so bad I remember thinking, I wish I would just pass out already. I called my friend and he came over and had to bring me my pain meds from my bedroom because I was too afraid to leave the toilet. After I took the pain meds I got cold chills and shivered uncontrolably. It was 2 hrs of hell before the pain was tolerable and was able to lay down and fall asleep. The Doctor told me to start my birth control that Sunday so I did and I was starting to feel normal again. The next day Monday I was fine until that night I starting having horrible cramps that felt almost as bad as that Friday when I orally took the 4 pills. I called the 24/7 number planned parenthood gave me but no one answered, I was scared and the only thing that helped was letting steaming hot shower water hit my stomach and couldn't sleep at all that night there were so bad. I called the office the next morning and they said everyone is different and I should be fine and go to ER if I get a fever. I had blood clots the size of golf balls and blood and cramps that entire week and they said that was a little uncommon but I was ok. I knew something was wrong because I couldn't hardly stand or lay on my sides or put any kind of pressure where my uterus is because I would get sharp pains and it felt like something was ripping inside me. Felt nausious all the time and was out of all my medicine except antibiotics. The next Friday (a week from when I took the 2nd pills) I started feeling dizzy and puked and started getting a fever and got to the bathroom and right before I started to pee, this flat grey thing the size of the palm of my hand came out and I instantly felt better. In the middle of the grey thing was another grey thing attached to it the size of a tampon. I called the clinic again and told them that I thought I had just now passed the embryo- 7 days after I was supossed to. They said that was uncommon but I would be ok until my 2 week check up. My check up was fine, I told the nurse practiscioner about all this and told her that I think the birth control is what caused all of the complications. The 1st pill sends a signal to block a growth harmon, the 2nd set of 4 pills sends a signal to dispel the embryo, then taking the birth control pill sends a signal to the body that makes the body think that it's pregnant and hardens the wall in the uterus. How can it dispel the remains if the wall is thickened? And why did I have to figure this out for someone that is licensed in this? She said it was possible that that caused it. My 1st suggestion is use the surgical type. 2nd suggestion, if you don't, at least wait until you are positive you have passed it before starting birth control. I thought I passed it before since they said I would within 8 hrs after but I didn't. I seriously thought and felt like I was going to die for 7 days.

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pill has been okay so far

I found out yesterday I was 4 weeks pregnant, so I opted for the abortion pill. I took the first tablet yesterday and I was 100% fine. Today I took the other four tablets, and within 30 minutes the cramps started. There has been a little bit of bleeding and the cramps have subsided a bit after taking 3 painkillers.
I hope that it will continue to be this easy...
All in all, a not so bad experience.

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Not the best night ever...

Im 22 and actually got my pills on the womenonweb website as abortion is illegal where I live, they were really helpful and any questions I had were answered almost immediately. I took the first pill on sunday. Then 24 hours later I took 4 bucally (in between your gum and cheek for half an hour so it will absorb in your body) which was perfect because about half an hour later I got sick. Just had slight cramps then, nothing much. Then 4 hours later I took the last 2 tablets. About 15 minutes later I was writhing around in my bed with pain so I said Id better move rooms so noone would hear me. I could barely walk but did it in between what I would call quite strong contraction pains. I got some ibuprofen and said Id probably be better to go sit on the toilet. As I did my water broke. I just made it to the toilet so that was ok. The pain continued so I rocked back n forth to try and ease it, then I realised this would probably be the time to push, Il be honest I nearly passed out with the pain but I just concentrated on breathing and getting it over with. I felt the tissue coming out (I was over 9 weeks pregnant which I know is over the time but I had to chance it) This continued for about 45mins I kept pushing... I stupidly looked between my legs to see if it was all gone, and Il say this loudly. DO NOT DO IT. I nearly got sick, I wont explain what I seen but it hasnt left my mind so Im warning everyone just dont. Anyway after a short while the pain eased and I sat for another hour, just breathing. I couldnt get off the toilet for fear Id see something in it so I flushed it at least 10 times. I finally got up n everything was fine. I went to bed. Found it hard to sleep as I couldnt stop thinking. But my body just felt tired and like I was having a normal period which was such a relief after the night Id had. Unfortunately for me I was alone when I did it as I couldnt tell my family or anyone. But then again maybe that helped as I didnt have anyone asking questions or anything after? I really wish whoever is doing this the best of luck, dont be scared, just be cautious. Everyones bodys are different so it mightnt be bad atal! If anyone wants to talk about it email me no bother. X

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where did you bought the pill

Hi, I am 5 weeks pregnant, I want an abortion but like you, abortion is illegal where I live, please help. what is the website where you bought the pill? Thank you

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how far past 9 weeks were u?

how far past 9 weeks were u? im 14 weeks & worried about having an incomplete abortion :s

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dont do it hun.i had a

dont do it hun.i had a medical abortion at thirteen and a half weeks,after hours of pain (same as actual labour) i gave birth to a fully formed little baby it moved its arm by this point i was crying uncontrollably my heart just broke by the time i gave birth to the palcenta just a few pushes later i looked down it was perfect i touched it ,it was dead it has been the most horriffic experiance of my life -traumatising.x

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heyyy just took the damn

heyyy just took the damn pill, and i just wanted to say to every single dumba** b*tch on here that said it was so bad, stop LIEINGGG it is NOT cool to spread such vicscious and horrendous stories about something that was literally like a really bad period, yes there was bleeding, yes i saw huge clots and yess the cramps came in waves and i had to hold my breath because of the pain, but it was not "unbearable", i took the first pill and then today just took the 4 intravaginally, i swear to u, don't believe the retards on this post, i was just as scarred as u all were i cud barely sleep last nite, but im done and it was literally FINE....goodluck to all!

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pain and bleeding

I'm about to take the pill and your post is the only one that sounds like it wasn't hell to pay. Can you please tell me more before I go through with it.

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My experience...

C'mon people. Everyone is different, which for you ladies out there that have taken this pill, your doctor most likely told you that. They told me about twenty times! I have a friend that took it years ago, and was in bed for a week, in pretty bad pain. For me, I took the four pills earlier this afternoon. Waited thirty minutes after to take an ibuprofen. I'm feeling fine. I've even gotten out of bed several times. I get antsy. My boyfriend is here to help but so far have only had him bring me a cup of tea, and deliver a fresh pair of panties to the bathroom. I did have some huge clots, but that's to be expected. I have no delusions of what it is here that I'm doing today. Trust me, I'm not to insensitive, or not trying to be, simply realistic. Do real research about this procedure, then do your very best to make the right decision for you, not us ladies. It isn't easy, just as having a surgical abortion isn't. Or the most difficult, raising a healthy, intelligent, well supported child into adulthood.

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Took the pills yesterday!

I was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant,i already have a 13 month old and thierfore i would not be able to cope with another atm,I read some stories on the net an i must say that my experience was Not bad at all.i think some of these people just write dramatic stories to scare people.
I took the 1st pill yesterday at 8.40 an then went back to the clinic the same day at 3.30 for the 4 other tabs to be inserted,about an hour an half later i started gettin cramps ( exactly like period pains) but i must say they did get a little bit more painfull and i started to bleed,but it was bareable plus i was only taking paracetmal,About 7 hours passed by an i finally passed the baby,After this all the pain eased off and now im just bleeding like a period an feel fine.I feel abit guilty about it all but i suppose thats normal etc,but please girls dont read into thins on the net because it really dosnt help,Everyone is diff and i found this experience not that bad at all.anyone who wants more detailed info feel free to email me x

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Need ur help

I have missed my period for 5 days now and am thinking of going for a test and if it positive l will have an abortion. Please tell me all l need u to tell me more abt the pill. Thank

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The pill

I am cosidering getting the abortion pill, im really freaked out about it and i am scared because i have to hide it and i cant tell my partner because he would force me to keep the baby and i already have one 2 year old and im not ready for another one... is the pain something you can pass... i know the bleeding will be a problem though, as i heard it lasts for a couple weeks...

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Its almost been 4 weeks for

Its almost been 4 weeks for me and I am still bleeding. This sounds horrible, but if you could fake a miscarriage, that would be your only way. This is not something you can pass off as a normal period.

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Ive done the pill once before and it wasnt more then a heavy period with cramps. The cramps are not much worse then the ones you have when your on your monthly. You can pass it off saying you think you had a miss carriage. Just look up the symthoms of mis carriages incase he questions you. Youll be fine, dont worry about it. Do not put in a tampon after, wear a pad bc the medication is still up there. You dont want it to go into the tampon and not work correctly for you.
What I did was insert tge tablets and I fell asleep right after. You might wake up a few times during the night bc of cramps, but just find a comfortable position and try to go back to sleep. Saltine crackers helped with my cramps
Hope this helps.

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Abortion - The pill

My dear, it will be like a miscarriage if he sees it. That early they can not stop it but if he does take you to the ER there might be small chance he finds out you took it since it will be in a blood test. They also are not allowed to tell anyone without your permission but you never know. If he leaves you alone with the staff you can tell them what he is like and that you don't want him to know. Yes there will be pain but it is bearable but you also get a 24/7 number to call in case you bleed to much or worry. Planned Parenthood have a very good page on their site explaining what is bleeding too much etc. And there are painkillers to take. The bleeding can start as early as 30 minutes after you get the last pills and it usually goes on for 5-6 hours and sometimes even longer.

And legally he can not do anything. Legally his rights to a child does not start until the baby is born. If you are in a abusive relationship which it sounds like, please seek help. This is not good for you or your child.

Good luck!

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Hi.. just wanted to say that

Hi.. just wanted to say that the pills do NOT show up in a blood test! Only way they can know is if YOU tell them!

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is it norml when the whole water bag comes out of vagna but the fetus remain? i took two vaginally and four orally and another two.. i fel severe crams and try to push and the whole water bag just comes out..i still feel severe cramps right now

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After 3 months

I realized that im glad wit my choice but i will avoid it forever. I did really freak myself out too.. I had a horrible experience I was 7 wks. Yeah I felt guilty n felt like my life wasnt worth shit cuz I felt so weak for I had the abortion pill. In my case I ended getting a D&C procedure cuz I started bleeding where if I would stand in the shower I could juss see blood flowing after my 2 week checkup. I dont wanna scare yu. But it felt horrible to wake up to see all my bed full of blood,even my matress got blood. when I was asleep for 2 hrs. I dont wanna scare yu. But this is wat I experience. And noe yur fucking your body up your metabolism.. .Do wat yu have to do to be Happy.. But just please take care of yourself.. No ones else IS going to! Now my last 2 periods have bin wit more cramps than I Usually had... Be safe girls.

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OK so I am going in 2morrow to discuss with my doctor the options of the pill. I am sooooo scared about the stories that I have been reading and don't know what to think. How much does it cost and is all this pain serious?
WILL you please respond....

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reply: HELP

I just went through this experience myself this past weekend. I'm not going to lie, the pain was pretty bad for a few hours but some things helped. I had stuff to keep myself busy (movies mostly), took plenty of time off work, and the people at Planned Parenthood gave me a prescription for Vicodin (this is standard procedure)as well as advice for what over-the-counter meds to take like Dramamine for nausea and Ibuprofen for the cramping. I felt very informed and knew sort of what to expect. After I took the misoprostol, within an hour I experienced heavy cramping which got worse during the process. However, those severe cramps (yes,it's worse than a period) only lasted for a short time and then tapered off as the day went on. By about 7 hours, the worst was over and I actually felt well enough to go to bed. During the process, what mostly helped was staying distracted, taking a few short walks, and YES! The Vicodin. Seriously, take all the medicine they say to take. I skimped on the Ibuprofen and wish I hadn't. It's been three days and the bleeding and cramping continues but really just feels like a normal period. Emotionally, I'm more ok than I thought I would be, and I believe it's because I was able to be a part of the process, take time to deal with it, and mostly because I didn't have to go through a surgical procedure in a doctor's office which felt barbaric and cold to me. It also really helped that my fiance was able to be with me, distract me, and support me - this is so important. Having someone you trust be with you can help a TON, both physically as they can assist with making you comfortable, getting medication for you, etc. and as emotional support. As far as cost, in my state the total cost from planned parenthood was $425. That includes an ultrasound to make sure you're under 8-9 weeks, the physical to make sure to fit the criteria, and all the medication. I believe this also covers the cost of the 2-week follow up but we'll see on that one. If I had to make the same choice, I would do it again. Hope this helps.

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update after a week and a half

I took the first pill at the clinic on Tuesday, May 10th. I was so nervous after reading all these stories and having anxiety already, I almost could not bring myself to take the pills. I took the 600mg IBPROF and my pain killers an hour before I took the pills. The doctor instructed me to take it bucally (between the gums and mouth) for 30 minutes and then I could swallow it so if I threw up the medicine would still be in my system and I literally thought that I was going to get ready for the most painful experience later.

About an hour later, some pretty extreme cramps kicked in for 3 hours. I would suggest buying a heating pad before and make sure you take the pain killers. Being that I was 4 weeks pregnant, maybe my experience was a tad bit easier than everyone elses. The next day I felt better and everyday after that. Don't forget that your body is going through something really extreme and you will feel cramping in some areas. Make sure you take the antibiotics!

Honestly for me, the worst part was the emotional pain I suffered. I feel ashamed for letting this happen to me but now being a week and a half since the procedure I think I am slowly forgiving myself and understanding that I made the best decision for me. My anxietys so bad I had to go to the doctor because this slight back pain was causing me to think something was really wrong. I ended up getting two ultrasounds and they said everything is really normal and going as expected with a miscarriage. Today I am happy to report is the first day I have not bled and finally feel normal. I'm actually going to attempt to go to a party tonight to lift my spirits. Good Luck to All of You!


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yesterday i took the pill they give you in the clince today i was suppose to take antibiotics but everytime i take them it only takes 30mins and i throw up is this normal? and im also bleeding before i have taken the other two pills is that normal? should i be worried?

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It's normal some ppl have the

It's normal some ppl have the side effects from the first pill. You will most likely bleed for month and keep your antibiotics down for at least 20 minutes with orange juice, try you best not to vomit. You will absolutely get an infection if you don't take them.

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what happens if you dont finish all the antibiotics? I just need three more to go but they are making my heart go so rapid that I dont want to finish my last three.

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is it normal

yes bleeding b4 u take the pills @ home is normal though you should take the nausea pills and pain at once with orange juice to help it stay down u need to lay down

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I took the pill yesterday at the clinic n today i was suppose to take antibiotics today but i can't keep them down and i already started bleeding and tomarrow i have to take the two pills. Should i be worried?? Is it normal??

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Easier and lighter than most of my periods!

I caught my pregnancy very early about 2-3wks, so early my sonogram showed nothing so my doctors wanted me to wait a week and come back for another scan. They couldn't give me the pill just in case it wasn't showing cause it may have been ectopic (outside of the uterus). Of course I was instructed to go to the emergency room if any cramping or bleeding occured that week.

Anyway, nothing happened that week, I went back for my scan and sure enough a tiny little black dot was there. I was very early a little over 4 weeks. I had signed up for the pill the week prior so all I had to do was take the pill (mifeprex) at the clinic and since I have type negative blood also a shot in the buttocks.

So then they gave me 3 prescriptions, one was an antibiotic called Ampilcillin and I was instructed to begin this one immediately to go ahead and get that in my system. Tramadol for pain which I was told I could mix Ibuprofen with it if needed. And of course Misoprostol which was to be inserted into my vagina 24 hours later or so. A rite aide was right across the st from the clinic so I wasted no time getting my prescriptions a vitamin water and took my first antibiotic pill.

I felt fine all afternoon and night a lttle tiny cramping latelate and I know that if u get NSAID's and pain killers in your system B$ the pain really kicks in they work better, so I took my first prescribed pain killer and 2 ibuprofen.

The next day I prepared my entire house for me to be able to complete relax in asuper clean safe and peaceful enviornment. I got a stack of movies and my laptop plugged in! Candles lit and some inscense burning.

I inserted my misoprostol pills. I noticed I was already starting to bleed quite a bit, but felt no pain. I took some more pain killers just in case and ibuprofen. I didn't want to feel anything! About 4 hours in I'm almost positive the bulk of it was finished. I felt small amounts of cramping and took my pain k's and ibuprofen and antibiotics on the clock. I felt hardly any pain at all, I did throw up once after eating a sweet sandwich w jelly, but did not feel bad, it just happened suddenly and that was it. I actually felt very blissful and high and sleepy, but my boyfriend gave me some of his medical marijuana too, so that may have helped, (maybe we ahould get prescribed that!) I'm still bleeding a small amount now and it's been 21 hours. I feel no pain. The Tramadol can be addictive but I only have 20 pills and still have 12 left. Those pills may have helped me the most I'm not sure, but I definitely felt blissful and happy or hours even though I was bleeding.

Oh also in between using the restroom I used some foaming ant-bacterial soap from Bath & body works to clean the outside of my lower region, the Ph is not to be disturbed inside the vagina due to possible infection, also all my towels and sheets are clean, dishes and bathroom.

To eat I bought Vitamin water, black currant juice, Chicken and wild rice soup, regular white crackers (which have always helped me w nauseua...hangovers) And turkey sandwiches. I had a rainbow popsicle too...*

All in all I just wanna stop bleeding now, I feel no pain but still bleeding. I hate pads. I just want my life to go back to normal!* The relief I feel is so nice, Seriously my body complete flipped out and felt horrible when I was pregnant, it was worse then the abortion by far, my breast swelled up enormous and felt like there were sharp knifes inside of them, my stomach was bloated all the time, i couldn't stop eating and I got nauseous everyday. I quit my job and felt like I was going insane. I am either getting Mirena (IUD) or the new Essure procedure which is permanent sterilization. I have never wanted children since I was 12 yrs old and I'm 30 now and still have no interest in doing that process to my body nor taking care of children. I have no maternal instinct and have studied up on the subject very well.

I had an surgical abortion when I was 23 and it was quick, yet painful. I wasn't put under, just local anethesia and pain medicine. The pill was a cake walk in comparison. I will get back here later after the whole thing is complete and over.

Thanks for having this website.

Another website I have found where u can get the pills sent to your house and the donation is only $70 total (well plus the pills which are only around $20) is here...

This site can save u tons of money!!! I found it after I had already paid nearly $600 for my medical procedure!!! I don't know about how they go about the antibiotics or pain meds, but I recommend TRAMADOL, it was very nice.

Again thanks for having this website and goodluck to all the ladies experiencing this problem/pocedure, It will all work out in the end.

lOve & light!*

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Just Wondering

I don't know if I am pregnant or not a week before my period I had unprotected sex he came in me but then I started. I cannot take BC or I definately would anyway I had unprotected sex a couple days ago and I think he did it again. If I am pregnant I want to look into the pills. What is the website for a $70 donation? These pills seem so expensive would insurance cover this at all. Idk if I could even have an abortion. I am just looking at all options just in case... Any replies would be much appreciated.

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Pain, Sadness, and Hope

Dear Anna From A Month Ago,

You just found out you're pregnant. All you can do is scream and cry and your heart is absolutely sinking with guilt. You are a young girl, a second year student in college, with a new boyfriend and not a lot of financial or emotional security. You are deciding what to do about this situation when you stumble across this page full of reviews.

You read about the pill and are shocked with how bad some of them seem. You cannot fathom the amount of pain you will go through should you have this procedure and you do not want to risk the complications if something goes wrong. That said, you know you are not ready to have a child. You are a small girl, about 110 lbs and 5'6" and anemic to boot. You can barely support your own physical health what with your rigorous course load and you know you can't support a baby as well.

You talk it over with your peers, boyfriend and parents. The decision is made and you will have to accept it as you swallow the first pill in the Planned Parenthood office. When the doctors leave, you start sobbing. All you want is what's best for this unborn baby, and you know that this is what's best. You can feel it in your heart, but it doesn't make the emotional pain any less.

That was a Thursday. You go about life as usual for the rest of the day and prepare for a weekend of torture, if you are to judge from what you've read and heard. You won't remember the weekend. All you will remember are bursts of time when you'll wake up from your sedated slumber (a result of a moderate dose of an oxycodone-tylenol mix) absolutely crippled with pain. Your boyfriend won't be able to touch you or make you feel any better, but will have to wait it out with you as you moan and wait until four hours passes and you can take the next pain pill. Though every time you wake you will change your underwear and into a new pad, you will soak the sheets with blood. Your boyfriend will notice but won't want to rouse you from your sleep, as it is the only time you are at peace.

This will last for two days. If taken correctly, your nausea and antibiotic pills will do their jobs and you will be alright after those two days. On the third day, you will be bleeding almost the same amount as the past few days, but with much, much less pain. You will perhaps only have to take one tylox pain pill and will feel good enough to get up by the end of the day.

Today is Monday. The hardest part is over, or so you think. You are back in classes and ready to get back to being human again, when suddenly, you feel incredibly dizzy and have to go home because the room is spinning so quickly. You're not sure if it's a panic attack as a result of the undue amounts of stress you've just gone through, but you figure the best thing to do is just to go home and get some sleep. You get home and are ready to take a nap, however, you have to use the bathroom beforehand. You look down into your underwear and see a tiny mass, essentially a blood clot, atop the white pad. When you lift them up to look, you see that it looks like a bloated tadpole, and in the light there is a tiny, round indentation that looks like an eye socket. You are absolutely frozen as you realize that this is the aborted embryo, your child, in your hand. All the guilt that you had not been feeling as you started to recover rushes back into your chest and you absolutely dissolve.

Your friends will try to comfort you. Your boyfriend will be there to help you to dig the hole where you will bury it in a beautiful box you made. Your parents will share your tears as they too lament the passing of the entity. But no one will feel your pain. You are it's mother, it's home... or you were. A tiny little chunk of your heart, your soul, will always be with it, wherever it has gone. The tears you cry at night are for naught, because what has happened is past. You must pick your head up every day and move forward for the good of the little life that could have been.


This is my story. For all of you who will criticize this post, call it a fake, it is not. I had an abortion this past week, on May 5th-7th 2011, to be exact. I am a Christian, but a liberal one. I have always been on the fence about abortion but when I got pregnant with an ex-boyfriend's child, I knew I couldn't carry it, especially considering my lifestyle. I knew what I had to do, and I did it.

Every day I cry for what I truly believe was a person, with a soul. I have gone through a lot of pain, emotionally and physically, and I regret the poor decisions that lead me here. Never again will I have sex with someone without considering the consequences or using ample protection. I got pregnant because the condom broke and we didn't know that it happened. I now know that in the future, I will only be able to maintain peace of mind by using two methods or more.

For those of you about to go through this ordeal: please do not take it lightly. It is a decision that may very well change the rest of your life, like it has mine. That being said, I know that when I took the first pill that Thursday, I made the right decision. In my case, bringing a child into this world that has no definitive home, no real place, would have been incredibly irresponsible. For me, it was as bad a decision as having an abortion.

Make the right decision for you. Pray or meditate over it as long as it takes for you to have some sort of gut feeling as to what may be the best thing to do. Everyone is different. People will judge you regardless of your decision, and you will have to be stronger than you ever have been before. This is the result of engaging in adult activities- you will have to make adult decisions and learn to be incredibly resilient. I've grown up a lot faster than I ever wanted to. But at the end of the day, you will make the right choice, and you are not alone. Be strong, have hope, and make the right decision for you and your unborn child alone. <3

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I was seventeeen when I decided to take the abbortion pills, I'm eighteen now, about five months have passed and I really regret it. To start off I had the worst pain ever, I was crying in pain from about midnight to five in the morning. I was throwing up all the vicadines they gave me therefore I was in pain all morning. Now I have been pregnat again but the abbortion pill is still in effect, so its like the same process again with less cramps. This is something I regret

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Of course it hurts but still

Of course it hurts but still nothing compared to childbirth. And no, the abortion pill is not still in effect, Idk who told you that but that is not true. Of all normal pregnancies about 1/3 ends in a miscarriage and that has nothing to do with a medical or surgicla abortion.

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I would just like to thank

I would just like to thank all the women that posted untruthful stories about the abortion pill being so painful. I went in last Tuesday and took a dose of the Mifeprex, 24 hours later I was instructed to take 4 tablets bucally and let them dissolve for 30 mins, then swallow them. Because of all the horrible horror stories, I was expecting to literally be dying, but no. The bad cramps came within an hour and the next 24 hours was spent with me laying on a heating pad. I did not get sick, did get a little nauseaus but that was because of the antibiotics and the pain pills (i have a weak stomach.) Now it is Sunday and the bleeding is comparable to a period, with the occasional bad back cramps, but nothing described on here. If anyone wants to talk to me about it, feel free to leave your e-mail and I can go more into detail.

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Could u, email me on a little more info I'm curious.

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How far along were you?

How far along were you?

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i want to know how to take pills...

hi i want the whole procedure and the extent of pain which happens coz my wife is pregnent and we dont want a baby right now.
i am having confusion about that how to take that pills coz i dont want to go to a doctor. . .

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I just took the first pill.

I just took the first pill. Im 14, about 7 weeks pregnant. These people are scaring me.. I need some comforting advice or something. Help?

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