Two days down, ...

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CSESI does go by fast, so take notes (or post to a blog .. like this :-).

I just had a nice meal with my friend and WED presenter Tom Cortina of CMU, this after a great day with Monisha, Nikill and Scratch, you can check out the online demos at the Scratch website.

Monday went even faster, Paul worked on getting teachers to at least be skeptical of what they perceive, and Dora lived up to the "Drinking from the firehose" analogy, presenting many videos and examples of Information Science Applications onlline.

see all in the am.


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The teachers really got

The teachers really got engaged with scratch. It was wonderful to see how long it captivated them. If they are thinking about it this much now, I am sure they will continue thinking the program. Looks like we will be seeing scratch used in many more classrooms this fall.

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