Thursday morning ...

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It's Thursday already, wow it flying by -- Tom Cortina provided a most interesting and engaging experience with the group, it's fun watching people "be" a binary digit (bit), and binary birthday cake, and even a parallel sorting exercise outside (the weather really cooperated) -- I get the sense that people might be able to incorporate CS Unplugged exercises into their classes, albeit indirectly.

Well, I introduced today as "CS Plugged" -- my friend Dan Falabella visited from Albright College and is presenting a much more technical, but more realistic, experience with computing that students will expect.  Dan is exploring how to use media to get students to think computationally.  Right now the group is trying to make sense of what we in computing call "state."  Wow, they are passionate group -- nice, Dan is connecting the discussion to Tom's exercise about binary representation yesterday.


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What I Loved ...

What I loved about CS unplugged, was how it challenged my preconceived notions of what computer science is. It appears to be more like information science, logic, or problem-solving. Great to step back from technology and technical difficulties. Alternatively, the idea that there are other forms of technology than personal computers. Made me consider the history of computer science and how the discipline has evolved with technology.

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