Class Goals and Structure

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    Joyce Hubert-Theriot

Bayard Rustin High School

Science Class Goals and Structure




Differentiated Instruction using Project-Based Learning

  • Communication through continuous collaboration
  • Leadership Development
  • Demonstrate Peer Review Skills
  • Construct Chronological Electronic portfolios
  • Convey Content understanding using products and/or  models
  • Experience Technology Integration


Chemistry 1st Semester Projects:



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Multiple Intelligences

Hi Joyce,
I have a great interest in Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. A while ago I came across a video on the site Teachersnet about a New York high school teacher named Benna Golubtchik. She uses the multiple intelligences approach in her class. I thought I'd share it with you. If you'd like to view the video, go to:

Then scroll down to "How Are You Smart."


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