Adderall: College Students' Best Friend-- Or Worst Enemy??

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Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a neurologically based behavioral disorder that afflicts children and adults alike (1). Characterized by inability to pay attention, hyperactivity, and impulsive actions, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, or ADHD for short, this disorder has become a popular diagnosis for students who claim that they are unable to concentrate or focus on their studies (2). Much research has been done in recent years regarding ADHD, its neurological basis in the brain, and how to treat it effectively (1). Many prescription drugs have been released onto the market that effectively target the levels of certain hormones which in turn enable one to counteract the symptoms of ADHD (3).

However, drugs such as Adderall, which were developed solely for those properly diagnosed with the disorder, are beginning to be used recreationally by those whom admit to not having ADHD, but either find that they perform better with its aid or simply enjoy the high of the prescription drug (4). What does this mean for college students? Is recreational use of this drug dangerous physically? Mentally? Does the use of Adderall by those not diagnosed with pose the threat of an addiction? Is an addiction to a drug that seems to make you more efficient a bad thing?

To begin to answer these questions and more, one must understand a few of the basics of the neurobiology behind the disorder ADHD and the science behind drugs that treat it. Like many neurologically based disorders, scientists are not 100% sure of all of the complicated functions that play a role (1). However, by using state of the art brain imaging techniques, several studies have deduced that brains afflicted with ADHD malfunction in the frontal cortex (1). The frontal cortex is involved with primarily executive functions like reasoning, planning, focusing, and problem solving (1). It is in this part of the brain that dopamine, an important neurotransmitter, has been found to be deficient. Without proper concentrations of dopamine in the frontal cortex, these executive functions suffer (5).

To treat this disorder, prescription drugs like Adderall may be prescribed to patients. Adderall is a cocktail of several active ingredients that include amphetamine salts, an active ingredient in many ADHD medications. These amphetamines are thought to treat ADHD by blocking the reuptake of  dopamine from the neural synapses and increasing the uptake into subsequent neurons. The increased dopamine flow in the frontal cortex then allows the brain to carry on its executive functions as a normal brain would, thus counteracting the effects of ADHD (6). But what happens when a brain whose executive functions work properly is treated with such a powerful stimulant?

The answer to this question lies in the 1 in 5 college students that admit to using this drug and not having ADHD (7). Why? Athletes have steroids, depressives have “happy-pills”, and those who wish to do it all, and do it fast, have Adderall. A person with a perfectly normal, functioning frontal cortex and dopamine levels will experience a heightened sense of motivation, focus, and concentration. Presumably this is the perfect mood to pull all-nighters, read hundreds of pages at a time, and write pages and pages of that final paper (8). “I didn't feel like I was becoming smarter or even like I was thinking more clearly. I just felt more directed, less distracted by rogue thoughts, less day-dreamy (7),” states Joshua Foer, a journalist who, after consulting many doctors, decided to try Adderall for himself. “I felt like I was clearing away underbrush that had been obscuring my true capabilities (7).” Before performing his experiment, Foer discussed his decision with psychiatrists who informed him, to his surprise, that when taken in small doses, irregularly, with or without a prescription, Adderall is most likely harmless (7). Other scientists beg to differ, and it is these accounts that are of particular interest.

The general consensus is that stimulant amphetamines like Adderall do indeed increase performance in those that do and do not have properly diagnosed ADHD. The promise of a better GPA with less effort is promise enough for college students across the board to obtain Adderall by any means necessary. Many students admit to actually seeing doctors and purposefully exaggerating symptoms of ADHD to acquire medication. Others simply pop a generously donated pill from their pals (8). The danger lies in the possibility of dependence and the rarely considered effect of the drug on those that have preexisting medical problems that can deteriorate with prolonged use (8).

Since many students assert that they use Adderall only for studying for large tests and completing important assignments, the risk of dependency is high. “I don’t think I’m addicted…..I just can’t imagine not taking it (8),” says student Susan. Says student Steve: “I attend a major university….I take two pills when I have a ton of work to do….Without Adderall I failed one class….I began to take Adderall again and saw a huge improvement (9).” The long term effects of using Adderall in this manner are relatively unknown, however it is well known that those that use amphetamines in larger doses by snorting or inhaling can very well be diagnosed with addiction. Just one example of an amphetamine of this nature is speed (10).

Other side effects of this drug include being irritable while under the influence (8) and feeling as though one’s creativity has been stifled in the name of creating order out of disorder and doing the one task at hand (7). “These medications allow you to be more structured and more rigid. That's the opposite of the impulsivity of creativity,” says Dr. Heiligenstein of the University of Wisconsin (7). Is this just a small price to pay for an “A?” Can one sacrifice their creativity for a few hours in the name of passing Chemistry?

There is even more to this issue than menacing side effects, however. What is it about academics today that have students popping pills to succeed? And is it fair? Athletes that use steroids are kicked off their sports teams because they are assumed to have an unfair advantage—so isn’t this the same general principle? Many students, especially those that actually suffer from ADHD reply “Yes.” “It’s the kind of medication that can help anyone,” says ADHD afflicted student Josie, “For people with ADD, it just makes them normal, and for people without ADD, it makes them above average. If both me and someone without ADD were both on Adderall, I could never outdo them (8).”

So, as a stressed out college student striving to succeed in school and boost my GPA, I sit here wondering how much faster and more efficiently I could have written this paper had I been taking Adderall. A nagging suspicion tells me that yes, maybe I would have finished before 2 am. Maybe I would have stopping pausing to check my e-mail and Facebook. But my gut tells me that this is the wrong thing to do. Not being afflicted with ADHD, I do not have a good reason to take a pill to succeed other than to counteract my own inability to “get down to business”, as they say. My motivation for writing this paper was to find out whether or not unprescribed use of Adderall was dangerous. It appears that though it is not. The risk of dependency, however, is real, and can be seen in those students that can no longer finish assignments without the help of this drug. My question now is whether or not it is morally correct for college students to continue taking this drug as a stimulant—a question that is up to the reader to decide for his or herself.

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How is it possible that a

How is it possible that a drug with as many negative side effects as adderall can be legal but I can go to jail for smoking a joint to treat my anxiety? Hypocrisy!

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I do believe it was taken off

I do believe it was taken off the market in Canada in 2005 due to several heart failures and sudden deaths associated with Adderall. When I was younger I was put on Concerta, then Ritalin, and I did try Adderall for a few days. I stopped when I kept getting weird heart palpitations..

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Adderall isn't 'legal'. You

Adderall isn't 'legal'. You can get it through a prescription, but if you are caught selling it to people or if you are caught in possession of it without a prescription you'll be arrested (I believe it is a felony charge as well). If you don't want to go to jail for smoking weed, then do what everyone does with adderall and lie your way into getting a prescription for it.

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I am not in college yet I guess I am a youngster and I don't have adhd but like most ppl that have commented on here I take it for studying and tests freshman year of high school I was an high c low b student but started to make lower and lower grades until I realized I was so close to failing for the year and then one of my buddys with adhd gave me 2 of his pills and man was it great I felt good and I was completely focussed so I kept takin them for important days and my grades improved big time I got my homework finished and turned in on time every day and a small headache every now and then is a small price to pay

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Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

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tryed adderall one time and

tryed adderall one time and decided to search it... not sure if it is ok or not but will deffinetly think about it! sure did make me focus just dont to want to get hooked or have eny side affects

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I am doing this project for

I am doing this project for my health education class, and i was wondering if anybody was on and wanted to participate in this blog about adderall abuse in college?

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Willing to Participate

I am a college student who was diagnosed with ADHD 5 years ago and I have been taking Adderall very regularly for the past two years. I am prescribed the highest dosage and I still take 3-4 of them a day. I have learned all of the side effects very well and I feel like I could contribute much insight for your blog. Let me know if you are still interested.


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I took it for the first time

I took it for the first time yesterday and had a great experience, college is defiantly the right place for this drug. Keeps you up, keeps you studying, perfect right?

I spent some of the day reading up on adderall today, just to learn more about it ( great experiences tend to lead to curiosity)

I can see it being very addictive because of the boost, but if you used this drug for exams,tests, and those *ugh* moments. I cant see you taking it more than twice a week. Addiction and side-effects from such little doses should be minimum to none, from my non-professional opinion ( although I could site some things, im very lazy) I don't see using this drug as a problem.

Typical the bad cases are people taking more than two a day, or even 60 caps a week.

Using this drug once or twice a week, seems perfectly fine to me. I am in college, there is a *cheating* aspect to it. But if I have a edge and you don't, you can say "cheaters aren't cool" all you want. I think that topic is kind of silly anyway, the work I turn in, is still mine.

I'll continue to broaden my horizon on this drug, maybe I am blowing smoke and it is truly evil. an Open mind to agruments never hurts

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The drugs don't make people

The drugs don't make people smarter. It just allows your mind to be stimulated, thus alert and focus. For individuals who suffer from ADHD, it gives them the ability to focus and concentrate on school work the way regular students can. For those taking the drug when they do not have such a disorder, merely to boost their energy level and focus, in a way is cheating. Unlike ADHD students where no matter how much effort they put towards their studies they will only end up right when they started. However, for regular students cutting back on parties, latenights and to spend more time with their studies they would be able to achieve the grades they want via the grades with the drug. But it doesn't really matter if those taking it does not mind the side effects or the potential harm when addicted, who are we to judge.

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upcoming doc on the subject

These are some good points, to hear more about this check out our upcoming film on the subject: "A is for Adderall"

On Twitter, @aisforadderall
On YouTube,

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Everyone is so sassy!

I was diagnosed with Severe Adult ADD at the age of 19.

College with Adderall.....Prett Amazing :)

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It is what it is. If you don't have ADD/ADHD, don't use it.

I've been prescribed ADD stimulant type medications since I was very young. To this day, it does help with the symptoms of ADD. I'm not here to glorify it, by the way. My friend became addicted to Adderall and got a prescription for 90 pills every month- at 20mg a piece. He would take about 10 of these a day...He often used the whole prescription in about a week. Me? I use the dose I'm prescribed- no more than that. The point I'm trying to make is if your abusing it, stop and get help. Its for people diagnosed with ADD-yes it helps us mentally. If your using it to out-perform peers in sports and to stay skinny and be hella smart- sorry but this drug does not make you smarter. Think of it this way: The drug, when properly taken and prescribed, acts like a "pair of glasses" for people with ADD/ADHD. That is all. Just be careful people and ask yourself why your taking it. Peace

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Adderall + Studying = Super Effective Studying

Adderall does indirectly make you smarter if you study while you're on it.
Study 4 hours without it- learn ABC
Study 4 hours with it- learn ABCDEFGH

In addition you can study longer without a problem.

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dude i agree with this

dude i agree with this statement, things came quicker to me when I used to take it to study.
I rarely stopped to check facebook and would continue studying all hours of the night.
I don't think I would have graduated from Penn State without buying adderol from friends...

Note: Check out vyvanse, it is amazing

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I use adderall to study for

I use adderall to study for mid terms and final exams. It's impossible to get addicted to because it's expensive and hard to find someone whose willing to sell it. I do actually have a non-verbal learning disability, this is sometimes seen as very high on the autism spectrum. They refuse to prescribe me anything, even though the disability shows many of the same symptoms of ADHD as well as many other symptoms, however because so little is actually known about my type of disability theres nothing out there to help me. What else am I supposed to do?

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Reply to "I use addeall to study for"

You are completly misinformed that there are no side effects. I live with someone on this (he does not have ADHD) but is prescribed by his Dr. to be on Adderall for the energy benefits to combat a different medication that makes him tired. Well, let me tell you... when you run out.. this absolutely is life-altering. You are in a sleep coma for over a week. you wake to pee, sometimes eat a little, but pretty much you just sleep all the time. It takes your body a whlie to get off of this stimulant, and the crash is soooo severe. This will start happening to you if you start using this drug every day... just a warning. try some coffee and energy drinks, its much safer! orrr.. plan ahead and sleep some, or plan your time better.

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non verbal disability

does your disability have to do with your corpus callosum? I was wondering b/c my daughter was diagnosed with a callosum disorder but many people are unaware of such disorders. i wanted to know if adderall could help her. thank you for your time.

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This is a response to the person with asbergers.

Then find a doctor that will sit down with you and listen to your concerns, your problems, and y'all together can come up with a course of action that will benefit you. If you are going to a doctor that doesn't listen to you, and won't do anything to help you with a disease, then that is the same thing as just talking to a lay person about the disease, except you have to pay the doctor for nothing. It is very hard to find a doctor who actually cares in these days. I had one in Georgia that would sit down and talk with me for an hour if needed, when I moved away, it took two years of talking to people that I knew to find another doctor like that, and because of that we have been able to get rid of my chronic lower back pain, get me to quit smoking, and get me on the right path with my body and mind. I feel and look better then I have in 20 years. People used to guess my age in the late 40's, near to 50. I'm 37. Chronic pain, chain smoking, and never being able to focus for more then a few minutes really sucks. I was drinking 4-5 pots of coffee a day and didnt realize that my body was trying to do what adderall would do for me in very low doses. It is amazing. Good luck.

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Not so bad

I've been taking adderall for 2 months and other than feeling tired later in the day this is a marvelous drug, I have tried vyvanse and can say adderall is still much better.

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im not the best student, im always zoning out im mostly a 70's low 80's student, so i asked my friend to get me some adderall, the first time i used it it was amazing, i was focused and was actually DOING work in class and was thinking and getting the answers correct and got a 100 :D (yay!), i loved it, but i told myself im only taking it when i NEED it like, like reviewing in class or for a big test. the first time i used i took 2 right after lunch, it took awhile but i didnt really eat too much so when it kicked it it was great, i was actually able to FOCUS in math and science, when i got home i wasnt hungary at all, i just didnt feel like eating, i had a ssllighttt headache and my mouth was really dry, and a day or so after i took it (like today) ive had a bad taste in my mouth. i can see why people think its so bad, but i think if you have it under control, youll be fine.

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I am a sophomore in college,

I am a sophomore in college, i have probably had 10 adderall since i started college. I have always had problems focusing and procrastinating to the point of not doing the work at all, small assignments do not bother me at all i can get those done easily. When i have projects or finals or papers though i get overwhelmed and i feel like i can never get all that work done. But when i take adderall all that work seems like nothing and it just gives me the motivation to get my work done and to do it right. People who say adderall makes you smarter and its like cheating are full of it, and probably haven't tried it. taking adderall just help you focus and be more motivated.

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Where do you get adderall?

I was wondering where you get adderall?
and do you need a prescription?

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Yes, of course you need a RX

Yes, of course you need a RX for the "Medication". It is a controlled substance meaning, generally a drug or chemical whose manufacture, possession, and use are regulated by a government. All you have to do is go to your PCP, say you can't focus and guess what? Like magic, you get the prescription! Really, you can get it if you REALLY want it. Just sayin. I work in the medical field.

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It really isn't that hard.

All you have to do is tell them you are trying to be a good student, but not being able to focus makes it even more difficult. You read the same paragraphs over and over and cannot retain the information, you can't focus during lecture, you zone out consistantly, blahblahblah. Or if someone won't sell it to you, offer to trade them. Anxiety meds are MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to get out of your doctor. I always trade a 10mg Lexapro for a 10mg Adderall and 2 in the morning and 2 before supper will hold me over all dayyyyy. The only downside is when you are exhausted and want to sleep, you just can't. 9 hours after i took 20mgs @ supper yesterday, i still could not sleep a wink. But i am a rather tiny girl, and it doesn't take too much, luckily for me. And it's great, because it makes me not hungry at all, so I'm losing weight :) But keep water handy at all times.

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You either need a

You either need a prescription or know someone that has one and is willing to give you some.

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How do you get a prescription?

Thanks for responding. How does one go about getting prescribed to take adderrall?

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Go to the Doctor...

Go to the Doctor...

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Of course if you abuse Adderall it can and likely will turn into a dependence that will control your life. so will smoking and so will coffee...learn how to handle it and its a marvelous tool. I agree with the authors point on "stifling creativity" so you can focus; pity that's what our education system demands. And as for the first few comments on, "just get over it and study" I'm actually and A, 3.9 GPA student all on my own, but unfortunately not all of us have perfect lives and there are things that take away from your ability to perform like it or not. At those moments, when the choice is between five cups of coffee and an enormous headache or an Adderall I'll go for the Adderall.

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that's funny.

Just a side note, Coffee does not lead to dependence.

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What's funny is how wrong you are! Not only is it possible to become dependent on caffeine (as in a mental addiction), it is also very possible to become physically addicted to it, and have withdrawals when you stop taking it.

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People become addicted to the caffeine in coffee all the time. When someone dependent on it tries to ween them self off of it, they typically get headaches and can be irritable.

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yes it does!!!!

yes it does!!!!

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You are has a

You are has a dependent feel and it also is incredibly bad for you amd your heart but also as weird as it seems healthy for you slows aging an has benefitd..just like everything in life..everything has good an bad benefits

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RE: Abuse

I couldn't agree more. Anyone who complains about Adderall being an unfair advantage in studying is a dumbass. If Adderall is an unfair advantage in cramming for a test, then so is coffee or energy drinks. I took Adderall to study for most of my major assignments in college for 3 years mainly because it freed up so much time for the social nature of college. I have never once taken it to do anything but study, the highs and lows of it are very unenjoyable if you don't have ADD. As far as dependence goes, I haven't experienced any kind of physical addiction to Adderall, an Adderall-fueled finals weeks takes a TOLL on your body and sleep cycle. Mentally is a different story though, I wouldn't say that Adderall decreased my confidence in studying without it, but definitely my willingness to. It takes some time to get used to but I am 2 years out of college and am studying for the CFA exam (probably the toughest exam in all of finance) without Adderall.

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Re: Abuse

Adderall IS an abuse, not like caffeine. Caffeine is something that can be consumed legally without a prescription. It is available in grocery stores, the mom&pop diners, crowded cafeterias. Can you become addicted to caffeine? Yes, absolutely. You can also become addicted to adderall. I would not, not, not take adderall if you do NOT have ADHD. Abusing perscripton drugs is dangerous. And abusing perscription drugs is NOT the same, you're stealing the adderall from someone who needs it, essentially. It is an unfair advantage, and someone complaining about it does not make them a dumbass, as you've so elegantly called them.

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"I would not, not, not take

"I would not, not, not take adderall if you do NOT have ADHD. Abusing perscripton drugs is dangerous. And abusing perscription drugs is NOT the same, you're stealing the adderall from someone who needs it, essentially. It is an unfair advantage, and someone complaining about it does not make them a dumbass, as you've so elegantly called them."

Too much of ANYTHING is dangerous. And stealing adderall? Pff, yeah, i'm sure the facilities that produce that drug really run out! Cause pills = money, and you know what that leads to!? HAPPINESS! And we all looooove that. Unfair advantage? Please. I don't ingest any type of caffeine or nicotine like 80% of Americans. So what's wrong with taking a pill to enhance performance, people take Viagra, yeah? If there is no intention to sell or abuse, there's really no problem. But after all,


You live life once, have fun. Irrelevant but proving a point, I smoked Marijuana for the past 4 years and I have received a 3.0 GPA above through High School and College.

If you can handle your drugs, do them. Everyone is different. And no one has ANY right to tell who should do what.

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I beg to differ....

Ok but just because something is "legal" doesn't make it right (or wrong for that matter). Abusing ANY drug, legal or illegal, is dangerous, so is abusing of anything, so this is just a general rule. Deciding to take it or not is a matter of opinion. People take coffee to make it through the morning, or they smoke to assuage anxiety, maybe they drink to "loosen up." who is there to judge? We all have different motivations. Only thing I agree with is responsibility and moderation.

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Gee Mom, I didn't know you checked this forum.

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For all of you college students...

I am a senior in college, and have never taken any adderall in my life. I know what it's like to be in college, work two jobs on campus, and still have above a 3.5 GPA. My major is not easy; in fact it is pretty demanding. For all of you college students bitching about "You don't know what it's like to be a college student now, you need adderall HERP DERP". Seriously? I mean seriously? I am that, and you are fucking weak, lazy, quick fix excuses.

If you don't have a prescription get off the shit. Plus, good luck passing that drug test. I'm pretty sure of the pages and pages I read on this post, at least 75% of them are addiction stories. Is that a sign or what?

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La De Ta De Da

I am earning three degrees, two of which are very difficult and all of which are science which dont interlace, Im a senior in college and will graduate my fifth year. I have a 3.0 GPA, am a member of MENSA, in a fraternity, work two jobs, and do all of that WITHOUT being on adderall..

However, my friend recently gave me an addy and I cant say I could ever sit for four hours and do nothing but read slides. Can I do it without addy? yea sure I can. Its just EXTRA hard.

I dont care what you say, to be successful in life, you can either do things the easy way or the hard way. You can keep your morals and your pride. Ill take a few more addy when I need to study for a hard test and take that six figure job offer I have been given when I graduate. Why carry 100 bricks up a mountain when you can put them in a truck and drive them. Makes life just a bit easier.

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Just wanted to let you know

Just wanted to let you know that amphetamine is not methamphetamine and does not show up in common drug tests. Plus the drug passes through your system within 2-3 days if you are healthy and stay hydrated. lmao!!!1

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Oh please, write me a sob story. You do not know what goes on in anyone elses life. I take adderal when I need to, and is that seriously your problem? I can tell you that I am the farthest thing from "fucking weak, lazy" or a "quick fix excuse." First, if you are so well educated you may want to double your grammar and punctuation. I'm pretty sure we learned that punctuation goes inside of parentheses in elementary school. Second, clearly you still have a long way to go in your maturity level, and hopefully your great education will help you figure out how to use repect and decent language. You can get addicted to just about anything these days. Welcome to the world sweetheart! Im sure your major is sooo stinkin hard, but do me a favor and don't generalize your words when you truthfully have no idea what you're talking about. Go get back to your two on campus jobs. Haha I bet they really take the life out of you and your 3.5 GPA.

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Just for fun thought I'd point out that "quotations" are not the same as (parentheses). Lol. No hard feelings.

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Adderall makes me feel alive,

Adderall makes me feel alive, enough said. Everything in this world is not good for you like the sun. If you tan too long then your gonna get uv cancer. The air is polluted, the foods now days are maiking people fat. Adderall is a great drug and if you want to concentrate go ahead and get that Adderall pill that makes like so much more easier to handle.

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I'm 22 and I have maybe taken adderall 5 times in my life. I realize how easy it is to depend on it, so I am always very careful about whenever I choose to use it. Court Reporting school is one of the toughest majors to pursue with a dropout rate of 90%. Besides academic classes, all we do is practice, which isn't always the most interesting thing to do. If I've had a bad day, week, or month, I will take an Adderall because it boosts my confidence and always seems to get me back on track. I don't take it unless I need that boost, and I don't depend on it to keep my focus.

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I took Adderall for school for about 3 years and it took something from within me, I can't describe what it took but all I know is there is an empty space from where it once was and I'm not the same anymore. It feels like I'm emotionally numb, and I want it back.

damaged's picture

"all I know is there is an

"all I know is there is an empty space from where it once was and I'm not the same anymore"...
You took the words right out of my mouth.I was prescribed Adderall almost 4 years ago and have not been the same since. No it's not because of addiction, the something it takes is something that was there long before the drug. I was off it for 9 months and my something never came in fear of failing my last semester, I'm back on it. Not sure what's left to take.

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is that because you are no

is that because you are no longer taking it? my friend, welcome to addiction...

Sammie's picture

Actually it is very likely

Actually it is very likely that because you took it so long it will take your body a little while to be able to produce the normal dopamine levels on it's own. No it is not addiction. One way to prevent that from happening is instead of immediately stopping the consumption of it, you wean yourself off taking smaller doses every other day allowing your body to begin creating the dopamine again. I am on an SSRI for my depression and it is the same way. It is not that you are addicted to it per se, your body just becomes use to the easy access of dopamine.

I am clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety and even with my antidepressants it is extremely hard for me to sit and focus on what I am doing or do a large assignment without becoming overwhelmed and anxious. Adderall has helped me return to my full potential that I have been trying to reach again for years.

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