The Worst Disease You Can Get: Fatal Familial Insomnia and the I-Function

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Pierluigi Gambetti, one of the discoverers of the condition known as fatal familial insomnia (FFI), claims that it is "the worst disease you can get." (5) Given the vast number of diseases in the world, Gambetti's claim seems farfetched at first glance, maybe even selfish; who wouldn't want to take credit for discovering one of the worst diseases in the world? But a quick overview of the disease presents solid evidence in favor of the claim- and some interesting insights about the many tasks of the I-function.

FFI has been discovered in only 28 families worldwide; it is an autosomal dominant gene mutation, meaning that a parent with the disease has a fifty percent chance of passing it on to his or her child (2). That much is predictable. But every other aspect of the disease is wildly unpredictable, forcing family members to make difficult decisions. If parents have such a high chance of passing on the disease, one might ask, why don't they simply choose not to have children? The answer: FFI , unlike many other fatal genetic conditions, doesn't appear until the victim is middle-aged, and tests to see whether parents carry the FFI mutation only recently became available (1). Here the first questions of the I-function, and the first paradoxes of the disease, appear. If this disease occurred in childhood, natural selection would have long ago done away with it. Because it does not strike until middle age, however, parents who may be carriers must make difficult decisions about childbirth. Paradoxically, it is in the parents' best interest to have more children, in order to ensure that at least some live FFI free into old age. More children, however, also means more potential FFI cases- a tough paradox for the I-function to work through.

Next, the symptoms. FFI baffled investigators for years, because certain symptoms resemble encephalitis, end-stage alcoholism, and dementia, among other conditions (1). But the hallmark of FFI, which the aforementioned conditions don't necessarily show, is the complete inability to sleep. The brain wave patterns that appear on FFI patients' EEGs go up and down wildly, in a pattern completely unlike the normal sleep-wake cycle; they may still show patterns indicative of REM sleep at night, but they do not pass through the sleep stages that typically precede REM, and they can still move while in the REM stage (5). There are also unbelievable highs in pulse and blood pressure, excessive sweating and an eventual loss of coordination and other gross motor skills (including speech) before the victim finally falls into a coma-like state and dies (1). But, most horribly, the thinking portions of the I-function remain intact, even as the rest of the body deteriorates (4). Because FFI is invariably fatal, patients understand that they will die, can talk and write freely about their coordination deteriorates and understand their fate up until their death (5). Some diseases, like Alzheimer's disease, are tragic because their victims lose the ability to describe their decline; in these diseases, the I-function deteriorates along with the physical body. But FFI is tragic for precisely the opposite reason; it leaves the I-function intact, even when its victims are clearly in physical agony.

Even the agent that causes FFI defies conventions. It is a prion, a form of infectious protein. Humans naturally produce thousands of intricately folded proteins, and the vast majority of them are harmless. But if one protein happens to misfold in a harmful way, it can trigger a chain reaction, leading other proteins to produce similarly harmful forms; the immune system cannot counteract the chain, since it does not see the proteins as infectious agents (4). The exact mechanisms behind this process, and the reasons why it should be fatal, aren't well understood. The effects of prions on the brains of FFI victims, however, are well-documented. In most areas of the brain, FFI victims show remarkably little damage. The thalamus, however, is utterly destroyed, full of holes (3). Given this evidence, one might try to make the argument that the I-function cannot be located in the thalamus; after all, FFI victims remain completely able to think and comprehend the world, even as the prions destroy that part of the brain. However, the I-function isn't limited to one section of the brain, and it does not only control thinking and speech. Indeed the sleep-wake cycle, so damaged in FFI victims, is also regulated in part by the I-function; people simply tend to forget this fact, because sleep feels like such a natural part of our existence. Only in unusual cases, like the severe insomnia of FFI, do we remember the I-function's role in this cycle.

FFI, then, presents yet another example of why it's useless to try to pin down one precise area where the I-function lies. One can see from FFI victims that the parts of the I-function that have to do with language use and comprehension, with naming people and objects in the world, probably aren't located in the thalamus. But the thalamus must play some role in the sleep-wake cycle, judging from FFI victims' brain damage, and the I-function aids in sleep-wake cycles as well; one cannot give an exact location for a function that performs so many diverse tasks.


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Jesus healed me from severe insomnia

I suffered with severe insomnia for 5 months. It was horrible. I was full of fear, had panic attacks. I tried going to doctors and they gave me meds but I always stopped taking them because I didnt want to be on medications. After the 5 months, I went to a psychiatrist and was put on medication to go to sleep and began to sleep but was miserable. I didn't want to be on meds and didn't know how I was going to be a mom while I was on meds. I believed Jesus could heal me while I was going through the insomnia but I didn't know how. A man contacted me while I was on meds and talked to me about Jesus and obedience to Him and then another man told me how to wean off the medications. I began to repent and turn from all willful sin and weaned off the meds. In a little over 2 weeks I was off all my meds and sleeping. My psychiatrist said if I ever got off my meds then all the symptoms would come back but I was able to get off them in a little over 2 weeks. Jesus healed me and He can heal you too. There is nothing He can't heal.

Please contact me at my email address above, . I know how horrible not sleeping cen be. Jesus can give you rest and peace. Please contact me. I am living proof that Jesus can heal you too. Be blessed.

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Please talk to me about fatal insomnia

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This is prion disease

i lost ability to sleep in april 2013, i tried all types of pill but nothing works also in same time i lost sense of pain than in juny i lost all emotions ( i cant laugh, cry, feel happy or be sad...) and lost all humans senses like sense of smell and taste , feel hot or cold im, my thinking its only part of brain that works. i was very nice boy, but this disease changed me tottaly im not like earlier my character has changed and i only know that im alive nothing more...this is mistery in medicine and mistery of whole world. wish i was dead than living like this i have group on faa c e buk called fatal insomnia cjd so all people with similair problem can join...

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familial insomnia awareness newbie

I chanced across this page whilst looking for something else...I had heard about this condition before but did not realise what a debilitating and frightening illness this is, my heart goes out to you my friend.
Its one most truly tragic aspect might be its saving grace, the support group you have formed may lead to better understanding and treatment of the condition if one is to be found.
but to see your comment here?
right under a vivid description of the condition.
Iwould hope to be so brave in the circumstances and i really couldnt blow more smoke up your ass if i tried.
Good on you Mensur.
however selfishly it may sound
You just made my world a better place by proving that us humans?
we are pretty amazing creatures in any circumstances should we choose to be.
and i, for one am glad we still have you.
And take a look out the window at the world...its still beautiful to you i hope!
Thank you for having the strength still to try to help others in the same position.
I shall certainly visit the group to learn more...
take care Mensur.

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My friend's mother was

My friend's mother was genetically linked to this disease. She passed away two years ago in April. God has nothing to do with it.. You must understand that there is no God that can stop this disease. She believed in God and prayed but she knew that she was going to die. There's no use in clinging onto idols who'll only drag you down like anchors..

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Im suffering with it

Kim crutchfield's picture



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to the preacher

I believe in Jesus Christ, in the name of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. But I had a head injury in 02. I know I don't have FFI. But it feels like it. I don't sleep without meds. Trust me I have prayed with all my friends. Don't criticize.'s picture

Sorry about your head injury

Sorry about your head injury :( do you obey Jesus?

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gluten intolerance and gmos

i think gmos are to blame for this disorder. it only happens in genetically susceptible individuals, but it also can affect one member of a family but not others. i believe this is because of varying factors. personally my parents have no food allergies but i suffer debilitated by them now. they began several years ago at around age 28. i am sure i am going to die. everytime i have a cramping constipating diarea flare up, i get insomnia that lasts days. it makes you just want to die.

parasites caused from gmos and bacterial imbalances and all that also contribute to debilitating insomnia. i do not realy believe in this 'genetic insomnia' ala fatal familial insomnia. there are simpler explanations and we are potentially all susceptible. it is a screwd up era we live in. when ive gone to the hospital in these kinds of states they just send me home. they wont do crap for insomnia even if its life threatening. i hate doctors. i have lost all hope. i wish i was rich enough to afford alternative medicine, but theres just no way. if you are rich, i highly recommend seeking out alternative medical help. there is alot that can be done.

good luck. i hope i make it through this flare up. :( heh.

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I'd suggest the hitchhikers

I'd suggest the hitchhikers guide. don't panic.

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and the lost chapters/alt

and the lost chapters/alt versions they are going to release this month....
just saying...

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Brain Disease

Months ago I stopped eating properly and spent day after day sleeping continuously. I lost the ability to function properly and my brain seemed to stop working. My thinking was not affected, but I am unable to perform normal everyday tasks such as washing myself or using the washing machine . I was sent home from work last july because I could no longer perform tasks I have been doing for over 40 years. I am sure that the part of my brain that gives me direction on everyday tasks has been destroyed. I have not slept at all in months and my brain won't let me enter the sleep mode and I just lay in bed with eyes shut but remain conscious and awake throughout the night. I have lost loads of weight and have noticed both my sense of smell and taste have deminished considerably to the point that I can no longer appreciate the taste of food chocolate or cigarettes. I just wish someone would take my symptoms seriously and not consider this to be a mental problem. I have seen the psychiatrist and given the drugs a go but the problem keeps getting worse. I know that parts of my brain have been damaged and can never recover. I can't function as a person anymore and just wish I was dead.

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chocolate- stimulant
cigarettes- stimulant
and no doubt coffee too?
if you were to remove these then you might find some respite.
just dropping the coffee first might help...i can tell you drink it from your writing style...but watch for the crippling headache of withdrawal---ease back and then stop...
the headache will still hit you but not as hard as just stopping.
no cigarettes after six...and a chocolate addiction will kill your kidneys.
its toxic.
8lb of dark chocolate will send your average human into toxic shock that will and has killed.
1lb for a dog...and they cant get enough of the stuff- it gets them higher than it does us.
sexy chocolate? christmas and birthdays only- i really cant believe they give it to kids.
in south american culutres it was adults only i seem to have read.

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Same problem

Hi Chris,

i have same problems like yours, i lost ability to sleep, smell, taste, feel hot cold, feel pain, lost emotions and feels like im dead but alive. i think too that many parts of my brain are destroyed and that cant be recovered, this is some nano micro small malignat virus that destroy all chemistry in brain. we must to talk please write your email here or join to our fa cbo ok group called fatal insomnia...

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Sporadic fatal insomnia

Hi. I just read your post and I completely understand what you are going through. I have Sporadic Fatal Insomnia and nobody believes me. I've been awake since last August and it's so awful and scary. I know I'm going to die and I'm just so scared all the time. Over this past year, I've become a Christian and have been baptized and tried respenting of all my sins. I'm having a very hard time with this illness and understanding God. I must live by faith because I can't feel things and I used to feel God all the time although I pushed him away prior to this disease and lived a life of sin. We need God and that's it. There's no other cure or help that matters. I'm homeless, staying with my dad sometimes and a Christian family the rest of the time. This disease makes me feel so alone and unwanted. I lost all emotion mostly, never feel any happiness, only sadness for myself which is bad because I feel like I've lost the complete ablility to love and connect. Please help us God. If you ever want somebody to talk to, please call me at 615-955-1447. Let's continue to pray together.

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I forgot to mention feel so

I forgot to mention feel so alone (isolation) and unwanted (unloved)...trademarks of the thief.

I also apologize on behalf of all christians if you any of you who do not believe in Jesus were belittled or spoken to in a dis honoring manner. This is not an accurate representation of our Creator. The God I know welcomes our doubts and questions. He gave us our spectacular minds and certainly wants us to use them along with our other senses.

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There is great HOPE

Hi Kara,

Words in your post...scared all the time (fear), believing you are going to die (death), no sleep (no rest), awful (no peace) has the forever trademark of the enemy/father of lies/the theif. The thief comes to kill, steal, destroy. Does this resonate with your situation? You are the one who would know.

Good news, Jesus came to save, heal and deliver. It sounds like you could use some help discovering wounds and lies that have built a wall of isolation around you. If you're interested I recommend to find the nearest sozo ministry in your area, who with the help of the HOLY Spirit walk you through to freedom. This ministry works for believers of Jesus and all non believers! Give The Creator a try!!

Reject the lie you have to live in fear, you are offered peace. Reject the lie you will have an untimely death, Jesus offers LIFE and peace. Don't worry if some of you have doubts about God...he is not upset with your doubts or unbelief. Tell him everything - he can handle it. Receive his love. Again, if you need some help with this idea I suggest you look for a sozo ministry in your area. They can gently walk you thorough. You are valued. You are loved. God has beautiful truth and rest for each of you. I work in the Sozo ministry so I know what happens :)) beautiful things!

Peace to you all,


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I guess I'm the odd one out

Good night guys time for my nightly 7-8 hour sleep.


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insomnia on the way out

I am getting worst with the insomnia I can feel my body is shutting down I'm on the way out
I feel what a waste of a life. I can't do anything. It's either me drop dead or just suicide which I am leaning towards
other parts of the body is n Po t function well. Anyone got suggestions?
Doctors are hopeless. I am losing my faith as well.

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Re: insomnia on the way out

I hear you are in pain. You need to talk to someone right away. Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) (the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline)

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Do you know where I can get tested for this disease?
I live in nh.near mass. Thanks.

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fatal familial insomnia

I think I have this disease. I can't sleep at all. My body is wasting away. Can someone help me, I've tried drs. And thier pills. Nothing worked.

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Hi I can relate to that too.
Insomnia. I have tried pills after pills.
Other parts of my body not working well.
sometimes I feel that one day I may just take my own life away.'s picture

Luke, can you please contact

Luke, can you please contact me if you would like at my email address above. I would like to talk with you.'s picture

Jerry, please contact me also

Jerry, please contact me also

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I finally started sleeping:)

I finally started sleeping:) celexa and xanax with 3 beers. Works for me. God bless you all and try to sleep ♡

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Randomly came accross this article and I'm not gonna lie, these comments are entertaining.
1) If you have the disease mentioned, you will DIE. If you have no family history of the disease; YOU DON'T HAVE IT. It's genetic. You can't catch it like a cold.
2) If every doctor you've seen thinks you need to see a psyciatrist and that you're mentally unstable, you probably are.
3) Jesus won't save you from shit. It's a genetic disease that you're born with.
Not meaning to be a negative nancy but this article has been almost ruined by all the uneducated, poorly punctuated comments below it.

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there is Jesus!

There is a Jesus and he is a healer.I've seen it on my own body.All you have to to is have faith go to a Church and get pray for with anointing oil in the name of Jesus.

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Thank you! I generally feel bad for the ignorant, but these comments just can't hide the crazy. I have a rare genetic disorder, too--thankfully not this one. I am, however, a raging insomniac. It's true that it is impossible to go months without sleeping without dying, hence the word "fatal" in this disease's name. It is not a curse, and you can't pray it away. To my fellow insomniacs who have posted... You are likely getting small "microsleeps" or you would be dead already. For those of you who keep invoking Jesus, please name one person you know (and I mean a real person you have met) who has been cured of a genetic disorder through prayer--yours or anyone else's. It is cruel to suggest to people who are suffering from an incurable disease that they have brought this on through some brand of sinful behavior. Shame on you! Have you ever read any book other than the bible?

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God can heal this disease. He

God can heal this disease. He can do anything. Jesus has healed people, got people of their meds, off drugs, I even heard of Him healing a person of HIV before. HIV is known to not have a medical cure right? So how can this be explained? "Genetic" diseases are from generational sins from the person's ancestors, the curse came down the family line.. That's why they are born with it.. it's just the truth. The medical industry and the world has been pushing its lies about disease and the use of medication so people just think its true, the devil doesn't want people to know that Jesus can heal them of anything but they will have to follow Him to recieve His blessings. I don't want anyone to have to go through the misery of any disease and doctors and medications.. Jesus can heal anything. If a person chooses not to believe that then they have made their choice. If you would like to see my testimony about how I can to Jesus and how he healed me, please YouTube search: Chris Lasala Paige
The video should come up. Be blessed.'s picture

Anon, Jesus can heal anyone

Anon, Jesus can heal anyone of anything. Those who lack faith deny the power of God. This disease may seem "genetic" but it is only "genetic" because it is a curse that has come down the family line due to past sins or an actual curse that someone has put on the person and their descendants. You don't have to believe me, I know what the truth is. Why would you think God, the creator of you and me and this entire planet- everything, could not cure something like this... It is easy for Him to do, a person just has to get in line with His will.... And if it is His will, He will heal them... If you seek Jesus, you will find the truth.
Be blessed.

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Look guest,
I had a head injury in 02 ever since than I don't sleep. I know I don't have FFI but I can empathise with those who do. I know it's very rare. I prayed for years to sleep. I am a Christian :) but have many medical problems too. Just a few i have 3 kidneys along with three adrenaline glands, a tumor on the putitry gland, plus many more. I take my meds and I sleep finially.

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three kidneys? three adrenal

three kidneys? three adrenal glands? wow! sounds cool - most probably definitely isnt.
i had no idea you could gbe born with multiple kidneys, despuite all the titus flavius (aka jesus) beliebers i have learnt many things today. thank you
may iask ?
im going to anyway...
does having three adrenal glands have any psychotropic effects?
does it actually mean you produce more adrenaline?
im interested in the implications of being born with multiple organs.
i kniow its very personal but my one adrenal gland (i think) causes me great happiness and sometimes disaster because of its overactivity..
on the adrenaline scale i measure "give me the parachute nooooooow!" or "700bhp" if you prefer the road going scale. somewhere between dodge viper and 12 cylinder f1 car

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If you seek Jesus, you will find what is already there you moron

I am in High school Biology and I understand the way genetics work from the smallest level possible (With still being smart, of course) This article was great in that it backed up it's sources. Can your Bible back up it's sources? An actual curse?? An. actual. curse. Okay, you go fly back to the Middle Ages and I will stay here enjoying my knowledge. I can't believe people actually live like this in the world and because it is so incredulous I had to make this comment. As Bill Nye once said "SCIENCE RULES"

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Knowing the truth and believing in something are two far different things, sorry. I know The Flying Spaghetti Monster watches over the Earth and that is fact. Believe as you wish and take care!

Serendip Visitor's picture

If you guys want to not

If you guys want to not believe in Jesus and that He can heal you from insomnia and are not even open to the idea then how can I help you? Why do people want to stay in their misery when they can be free? Why not even give Him a chance to heal you? If He is not real then why did I get healed by Him and got free from using all my meds when my doctor said if I got off my meds the symptoms would come back..... How can science explain that?

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I have no Idea wether I have Insomnia or I think like that

I was sleepless for a month due to too much negative thinking on diseases so naturally I lost my mind I turned violent due to lack
of sleep I can sill remember those my rough days In Hospital then I was diagnoised by a Psychatrist then I got a real relief he did inject me a kind of Injection which sent me to deep sleep for continue 2 days. I am okay now but still sometimes I get depressed due to lot of tension I cant sleep well on daily basis but I discovered myself that if I make myself bussy in something I feel sleepy I get slept for more than 7 hours in a day. its been 7 years now I don't take any Pills or medications. Because sleeping tablets can let you go to sleep but it makes your Insomnia more worser even I heard sleeping pills are not good for male because they have a lots of health side-affects so I don't rely on pills but I researched on sleep that there is a few chemicals in our brain which promotes & maintain our sleep & good mood one is Tryptophan & Serotonin. probably you guys can take Red meat, pea nut, spinach, cheez, Milk before go to bed & brown Rice in your diet which will help you to give these two necessary chemicals or Amino Acids. I heard Turkey meat is a good meal which will make you fall in asleep because its rich in one chemical Tryptophan. One more thing if you get depressed very often my suggestion would be for you always try to sit under Sun light because during night our body produces one Enzymes or chemicall called Melatonin which helps to make us fall in sleep so yeah... Warning : Before you take my advice for granted do your own research too & I won't be Responsible for your problem later & Thanks. You can email me because Its just to explore the knowledge & share my story & Real History of my Sleeping Diagnosed & problem. My Email : & May God bless & help everyone who is not getting sleep properly & for those who is suffering from FFI Amen !!! Love you All

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You don't have FFI

If you had FFI, you would be dead by now. It usually takes 7 to 36 months to die from it and the disease develops with four stages:

1) increasing insomnia, resulting in panic attacks, paranoia and phobias. This lasts for about 4 months.
2) hallucinations and panic attacks become more noticeable. This lasts for about 5 months.
3) Complete inability to sleep along with rapid weight loss for about 3 months.
4) Dementia is the final progression of the disease, lasting for 6 months until the patient dies.

These times are all averages, but you definitely don't have it. If you did, all those sleeping pills and barbiturates wouldn't help you at all, in fact if you have FFI they are more likely to worsen your symptoms, oddly.

(NB. FFI is not just hereditary; random mutations can occur at any point and you can get it, but it is extremely unlikely.)

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Can you contact me. I know I have disease. Help

Kim's picture

Sporadic fatal insomnia

For those who have never gone months with no sleep, keep your opinions to yourself, if you do not sleep and you cant get relief from anything.... You may as well understand that drs dont believe you... I pray and im standing on Gods word that i get healed.... Anyone is welcome to comment

Michael's picture

email me

like anyone to email me about their symptoms

Serendip Visitor's picture


I have had these symptoms for 3 years. No kids help. Sure I have finally drs say I would be dead by now. Horrible . No sleep. Panic. Do u think I have it? Are you a Dr.

Serendip Visitor's picture

My doctors have all given up

My doctors have all given up on me... I feel like i could have this but maybe i'm over thinking. My insomnia is geting progressively worse. Sleeping pills exacerbate things, i'm sweaty, chest stagnant paints, my brain feels like a old sponge. My memory is cutting out, speech is variable... excessive stage 1 sleep if any sleep at all and almost no delta.... the only thing different is that I had this over the course of 14 years... and i'm at the end of my rope... is there a way to get tested for this?

Serendip Visitor's picture

not able tosleep

last couple weeks no sleep noinsurance total stressed out don't know what to do help ! thanks mike

Serendip Visitor's picture

If anyone thinks they have

If anyone thinks they have this, they should try the paleolithic or vegan diet with no refined carbohydrates or processed foods. The chemicals in such foods can be harmful to us and there is the simple fact that many of these foods are not designed to be beneficial to us. Corn, no longer natural is a gmo that is found in almost every processed food. I know people that have become cured from serious health problems by going off these foods. You should research it.

Richard Smart's picture

Prion diseases

I think that prion diseases are the worst type of disease extant today. They are absolutely horrible, totally un-treatable, and always fatal. I lost a friend to familial CJD a couple of years ago, and it was terrible watching him suffer and eventually die from it, absolutely heart-breaking. Perhaps if it does transpire that there is an as-yet unidentified mass epidemic of variant CJD dormant in British people, a cure will be found, but until one is, prion diseases are a death sentence, and a horrible way to die.

Holly's picture


I don't mean to be rude, but fatal familial insomnia does not have a cure or even a treatment. If you have it, you will die 100% of the time. Going in a diet is not going to change that. Please stop trying to diagnose yourselves - FFI occurs in less than 1 in 30 million people, it's inherited, it's 100% fatal, and it's only been found in about 40 families around the world. Odds are that you have something else.

And please stop spreading misinformation about this disease, like "Try the paleolithic diet, chemicals in food make people sick!". It has nothing to do with food. FFI is a fatal degenerative prion disease that is completely unrelated to diet.

Elina's picture

You know what the problem of

You know what the problem of many of the commenters here? That you believe if a disease has the word “genetic” in it no one has a chance to overcome it. I will not proclaim that it’s possible to overcome it, but I surely won’t declare that whoever says it’s possible must be 100% wrong.

I’ve had high cholesterol at a young age due to inheriting it from both my parents. I was (and still am) very thin, tried diets to get the cholesterol down but nothing worked. Then I started doing energetic exercises while eating regularly. After three month my cholesterol dropped to normal.

I’m not suggesting that doing what I did will heal anyone from this terrible disease. I realize, this disease is incomparable to cholesterol, but I’m simply giving an example to a genetic condition that was treated with an unconventional method. So don’t simply disregard what others are suggesting because none of us know everything there is to know about our body. The limits of what possible and impossible are unknown to 99.9% of the population. So let people talk, maybe someone will find it helpful.

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fatal insomnia

I have fatal insomnia. I haven't slept in nearly 8 months, brain/body burn, psychotic, confused, apathetic, went through early menopause at 38. Unfortunately, I'm broke and don't have medical insurance. I live in Nashville, 'TN with my father who just thinks I'm mentally ill. That's not the case. I stopped sleeping in July. Is it true that changing your diet can cure you of fatal insomnia? Please explain this more to me. Thank you.

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