Dynamic Constellation

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Just saw that you commented!

As I was trying to put my portfolio together...

In terms of answering your question about the constellations, what I had in mind was the idea of improving our 'communications' with one another. (I use the quotation marks because I know that the term communications is highly interpretable.) This served as the framework, or in my terms, constellation. Our goal is always to communicate and pass on information better. The reason why it is dynamic is because the mode through which we convey information is constantly changing.

Sorry its a little bit confusing...


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stars abound

I appreciated your use of quotes from your classmates and being in conversation with one another!--and I enjoyed the metaphor of information as a dynamic constellation.  Your history certainly calls out its transformation over time.  The constellatory nature of it was less exemplified, and I wondered what association you had in mind.

I also was intrigued by the theme of revolutions fueled by communications technology and wondered how far that idea could be pushed.  It's connection to today's current events is certainly strong.

But, I got confused by the last slide....was that the constellation connection?

Very happy to see this example of presentation.

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