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I run alone.
Keeping my distance.
Pushing through pain on a glacial moraine.
Of knees, fog and false friends
And it takes five miles for the endorphins to kick in.

No one believes it and the rest can't see
I really am what I pretend to be.
You break it down to rebuild it
But every day is exactly different.

I'm my own worst enemy and my one true friend.
It's another day in paradox, 
But the world was still then
Partly black and white when I was born
So I don't need your facebook platitudes.

I was once built for comfort,
Never for speed, but I'm now made to last 
because it's what I need. 
Too young to get old
But nothing will rust on the moon
I am told.

Don't want to be your accountant. 
Not going to curl your hair.
Don't need to track your position.
Dispose of your dossier there.


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