Artist Profile: John Schenk

The Brain Constructing the World
A collaboration between Serendip and Painted Bride Art Center,
associated with the Synesthesia exhibit, April 3rd - May 16th 2009


John Schenk
aka Tantrum Tonic


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Artist profile

John spins every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at the 700 Club with his project: Slipping into Sublimnity. Slipping into Sublimnity comprises John Schenk (turntables), Gloria Justen-Schenk (Violin), Ben Morgan (Sitar), Schwa (korg synth-guitar), Jesse Beuhler (synthesizer), and other guest musicians. He also plays records regularly at Sonic Eletrique, a Wednesday evening spinfest at Silk City under the name Tantrum Tonic.

Schenk has a terrific breadth of electronica knowledge which makes his sets both a pleasurable and learning experience. John's work has encouraged other local clubs to accept more experimental and improvisational live performances. The success of Slipping at 700 has translated to more ambient gigs at Silk City, La Tazza, and Upstages.


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