Poem 1

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Give it time they said
But two plus two is a hundred and two
And gravity bends space
So in a singularity, I lost my place
No matter,
relatively speaking


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A Million Words

I'm re-reading this poem in it's new form and loving it.  With my photography background, I'm interpreting the text-background color reversal as the negative of a photo.  Or in this case the negative of the poem.  Very heavy irony here.  I think the visual element really enhances the meaning of the words.  I'd love to see more of this play between image and word in your writing.  If a picture is worth a thousand words and you already have a few good words, then you have a lot!

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playing it by ear

Thank you, jrlewis. I never thought I'd be writing poetry just a few months ago, but I am enjoying this. I'm reaching into new parts of my brain. I'm not sure where to take it, feeling my way through. Verbal, Aural, Musical, Visual......? I will pay attention to the visual, I've got a little experience with visual. Your feedback is music to my ears.

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A Poem of a Picture?

I only know of one visual poetry form, concrete poetry.  The words of the poem are arranged to form a picture of the subject of the poem.  I suspect that there are many other interesting ways of incorporating visual elements into poetry.  I'd be curious to see what you can do with digital photography and some editing software...

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A picture of a poem

of a perception?


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