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Discomfort with in-betweens

In thinking more about and sharing the images we read in class on Tuesday, I found that the in-between nature of the images seemed to cause discomfort to me and others. Why should the existence of in-between objects elicit disgust? Similarly, our readings mentioned historical attempts by Westerners to either make other cultures' literary works fit into Western genres or establish those other cultures as deficient for not matching the Western pattern closely. Why is maintaining the open mind to the evolution of genre that Dimock and Owen call for so difficult? Do we need computers to do this for us?

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Alternative perspectives on randomness and its significance

Interesting lunch conversation with Mike Sears over winter break, following up on issues that have arisen in the evolving system open discussions.

Neurobiology and Behavior, Spring, 2010, Home Page

Welcome to the home page of Biology 202 at Bryn Mawr College. Pleased to have you here. I'm looking forward to an interesting,enjoyable, productive semester of "getting it less wrong", and hope you are too. Let's have some fun, and see what we can all make out of it together.


Neural and Behavioral Sciences Senior Seminar

Neural and Behavioral Sciences Senior Seminar

Bryn Mawr College, Spring 2010

A discussion of contemporary understandings of the neural and behavioral sciences, likely directions of future work, and their reciprocal relationship to broader social and cultural activities. Students will participate in on-line forum discussion of papers on this general subject, as well as lead discussions and write web papers on topics of particular interest to themselves.  Others are welcome to join in the conversation by way of background readings and on-line forums.  

Learning objectives:

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Evolving humanity: towards a "third way"

Rationality and social wisdom/cohesion clearly play important roles in inquiry, in education, and in human affairs generally.  But there are problems with relying on either alone, and with the two in combination as well.

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Parsing Cancer Metaphors

Scientists, physicians, and patients use metaphors to understand the complex condition called cancer.  These metaphors direct the process of research and treatment.  It is sometimes useful to make explicit existing metaphors and their problems and to suggest new metaphors that might overcome them.  Thinking of cancer in evolutionary rather than military terms offers new possibilities in connection both with research and treatment.

Cancer as a Metaphor:

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