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On Genes and Determinism: A Reaction of Sorts to Bio 103

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Feminism, Or How I Learned to Breathe

Here is my reflection/explanation of my final project:


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Lecture/Discussion Notes Addendum

Biology 103, Fall, 2009, Bryn Mawr College
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Replacing blame with generosity in classrooms, inquiry, and culture

Interesting conversation this morning growing out of, among other things, "The Design of Learning Environments," Chapter 6 of How People Learn, together with some college student comparisons of experiences in their own courses with observations of elementary school classes at a local K-6 Quaker school.  The upshot was, for me at least, a clearer understanding of what one needs to do to create not only more effective learning environments in classrooms but more humane exchange environments generally.

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Dance is hard to see ... the purest form of knowledge?

A month ago I spent  several hours watching an opening session in the development of the dance piece "Dance is Hard to See," and talking with choreographer Kathryn Tebordo and the dancers about what I had seen and what dance was, or might be, all about.  "Dance is the purest form of knowledge" emerged from that conversation, which was a rich experience for me, one I have been mulling ever since.  I'm very much looking forward to this coming Sunday's performance of "Dance is Hard to See," to seeing how it has evolved and talking more with Kathryn, the performers, and other audience members about, among other things, what it says about what dance is (see

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