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A compilation of my posts this semester

Here are just a few thoughts I've had this semester.  Most could use to be fleshed out and further explored and revised.  Still, it's not a bad jumping off point.
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Brain Research: Improving Global Harmony

Introductory Remarks
Paul Grobstein
16 November 2007

Getting Together to Tell Stories!

Day 20 of Storytelling as Inquiry:
Getting Together to Tell Stories

I. Welcome to Paul's section! Please sit alternatingly...

II. Papers due Tuesday (Audra, Meredith to me @ 9)


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The Brain and Social Well-Being

The Brain as a Learner/Inquirer/Creator:
Some Implications of its Organization for Individual and Social Well Being


Paul Grobstein
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Making Excuses for the Way We Are

When I was young, I was that kid. I was the kid who everybody hated, and who hated everybody, and enjoyed it. My peers singled me out from as early on as I can remember. Having very few friends, I developed a hobby, bolstered by an overactive imagination, of sensationalism and overreaction; some time around the fourth grade I decided I was an alien from outer space.

The story was elaborate: my alien parents had switched me with the real Rachael, and used the human child's DNA to make me an exact copy of her. My real self, the alien, had blue skin and eyes on long stalks, and seven fingers on each hand.

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Soldiers in the Evolutionary War

Soldiers in the Evolutionary War

...and all the people that you made in your image

see them fighting in the street

'cause they can't make opinions meet

about God...”

~ Dear God, XTC

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The Brain and the Unconscious

The Unconscious: A Neurobiologist's View

Paul Grobstein
30 October 2007
for Story Telling as Inquiry

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