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Connecting Past and Present (and Future?)




By the end of the morning, I began to intertwine
the previous days' discussions with today's...

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Photo Gallery One

Photo Gallery One:
Us and the Maps we Shared,

Locating Ourselves in the World

Science and a Sense of Place, 2007



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Some Theory about Science and a Sense of Place

Some Theory about "Science and a Sense of Place"

Randal Holly, last summer's institute:
"What aspects of their world do our kids care about?
What would it distress them to lose? (Anything made of marble...??)
Can we use that as an incentive to learn?"

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Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion


Have you ever wondered how an archer is able to aim their arrows “just right” in order to hit a target several (even hundreds) of meters away? Or, why soccer players kick the ball differently based on how far away they are from the goal? Both of these cases are examples of projectile motion- explained in detail by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century A.D.


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